Chapter 401 - Bet

Chapter 401 - Bet

The red clothed man split the crowd apart and walked over. His steps were slow and leisurely, and his posture was filled with pride. A faint smile which contained a hint of disdain and ridicule hung on the corner of his lips, as though he was an emperor overlooking the many lives below him. His front chest slightly straightened, and that phoenix emblem glistened brilliantly, announcing his identity to everyone.

As practitioners who were able to make a long trip from the six nations to spectate the match, which one of them wouldn’t be high-leveled individuals with huge pride and arrogance? However, facing this disciple of the Divine Phoenix Sect, what they felt was actually an incomparably huge sense of pressure… Although the six nations and the Divine Phoenix Empire were referred to as the seven nations, even if the six nations combined their forces, it would still be impossible for them to shake the Divine Phoenix Empire the least bit. Every year, they had to give a huge amount of tributes to the Divine Phoenix Empire, and they never dared to stop doing so. To make it sound uglier, when the six nations were in front of the Divine Phoenix Empire, they would be similar to affiliated states. In front of the overwhelming power of the Divine Phoenix Empire, no matter if they were individuals with great strength and authority in the political or profound realm, when they were in the Divine Phoenix Empire, they would all have to clench their buttocks and act courteously.

And the Divine Phoenix Sect, was the absolute overlord of the entire Divine Phoenix Empire! In the eyes of the continent’s profound practitioners, the Divine Phoenix Sect, was more similar to a group which consisted of people that came from another plane and world.

Moreover, this was even the Divine Phoenix Sect’s territory!

Hence, when they faced the incomparably presumptuous and ear-piercing mockery from this Divine Phoenix Sect disciple, these young practitioners who held a bundle of pride and arrogance in their own nations, dared to be furious, however, they did not dare to speak them out loud. In the eyes they were using to look towards the Phoenix disciple was thirty percent anger, and seventy percent fear.

These types of gazes, and the feeling of a tiger herding sheeps, made the Phoenix disciple feel even more prideful and complacent. His voice also became even more ear-piercing. “You little ones from these six nations, it’s best that you scram from here as soon as possible. The Black Moon Headquarters isn’t a place worthy for you low-class people to enter. By piling yourselves here, you’re only going to dirty the ground here, and taint the air here.”

Yun Che’s brows furrowed fiercely… He had seen many arrogant people, however, it was still the first time he had seen someone who would unhesitantly humiliate the ones present here, and all of the profound practitioners of the six nations, with such an arrogant tone. He really wondered if this Phoenix disciple was initially an arrogant prick himself, or if all of the Phoenix disciples would all act the same way in front of profound practitioners of other nations.

When these words of his fell, the profound practitioners of the six nations present, undoubtedly became even more furious, and in the end, a young profound practitioner who did not even look to be twenty years old, could no longer control himself as he said furiously. “You… What are you being so arrogant for!? Disciples of every sect have their own distinctions of the strong and the weak. Even if it’s the Divine Phoenix Sect, there’s no exception… Who knows what kind of status you actually have? Who doesn’t know how to talk big? If you have the capabilities… Then open the profound array and prove it to us!”

The moment his words fell, an astonished voice suddenly came from the back of the crowd. “I recall now! He’s Feng Zhaonan, the head disciple under the thirty ninth elder of Divine Phoenix Sect! I have once seen his name on the list of top hundred in the Divine Phoenix Ranking Tournament two years ago!”

When this piece of news came, the crowd instantly burst into an uproar. The eyes they were using to look towards the Phoenix disciple instantly underwent a grave change, as they became even more frightened… And as for that young profound practitioner who spoke up earlier, his expression instantly turned terribly pale.

Not only was he a disciple of the Divine Phoenix Sect… He was even the head disciple of an elder-class figure! In the Divine Phoenix Nation’s Ranking Tournament, he was positioned in the top hundred!!

Feng Zhaonan burst out into wild laughter. “Hahahaha! I never expected that among you profound practitioners from these small nations, there’s actually someone who knows of my great name, Feng Zhaonan, as well… Heh, don’t you guys want to see if I’m capable of breaking open this Black Moon Headquarters’ profound array? Then, I shall have all of you open your eyes, and carefully look at the difference between the disciples of my Divine Phoenix Sect and the trash of your small nations!”

“Move away!”

Feng Zhaonan took three steps forward, and stood in front of a profound array. Putting out a posture very casually, he said lazily. “All of you had best open your eyes wide and look carefully now.”

When his words fell, phoenix flames speedily burnt on the top of his palm, and then, it fiercely collided towards the profound array in front.

Instantly, all of the phoenix profound energy was completely taken in by the profound array. Almost in an instant, the red, orange and yellow colors on the crystal pillar lighted together. The blinding light continued to rise, and it hurriedly lighted up the green color… Yet, it still did not stop, and instead, continued to rise at a decreasing rate. In the end, the blue colored glow was barely lighted up as well, and only after maintaining for about three seconds, did all of the glows fade away.

The profound array spun at high speed, and then, the shape of a transfer gate slowly formed. The color of the door was blue, and Feng Zhaonan’s body was being enveloped by a layer of blue glow as well, which meant that this blue-colored transfer gate, could only be entered by Feng Zhaonan.

Green, represented the right to enter the Black Moon Headquarters, and this color, also meant that the people of this color would all be absolute geniuses in the eyes of the Black Moon Merchant Guild! Not only did Feng Zhaonan have the qualification to enter the Black Moon headquarters, he was blue, a level higher than green. This judgement represented that in the standards judged by the Black Moon Merchant Guild, he was a genius among geniuses! All of the profound practitioners from the six nations were dumbfounded, and every single of their faces were turning red.

Feng Zhaonan retracted his hand, and a hint of complacency flashed past his eyes. However, his demeanor was as casual as before, and he then said very casually. “Mn, it was just a casual blow, but it’s still acceptable. You trash from the small nations, do you know what this blue color means? Tsk tsk, let’s forget about it. Because, let alone the third and fourth levels of the Black Moon Merchant Guild, all of you are only able to wish to enter the most basic first and second levels in your entire lifetimes. You all had best hurry and scram. Stop blocking this place and prevent anyone from walking over. You’re all really shameless.”

After saying that, with extremely belittling eyes, he swept a glance at the furious profound practitioners of the six nations, laughed out wildly, and walked to the transfer gate at the front. Just when his front foot was about to step into it, from behind him, an extremely disdainful voice sounded from the crowd behind. “And here I was thinking just how capable a head disciple of a Divine Phoenix Sect Elder was, it seems it’s not really much either. But, your arrogance, has surpassed your strength by countless times.”

When these words came, the entire crowd was instantly in an uproar, as they looked towards the one who spoke up, one after another. Feng Zhaonan’s steps stopped, and his entire body slowly turned back. His gaze landed on Yun Che, and after casually inspecting his profound strength, his face revealed an extremely disdainful expression. “The person who spoke earlier, was it you?”

The person who spoke earlier, was indeed Yun Che. Yun Che was not someone who was willing to cause much troubles for himself, but, more so than that, he was not someone who was willing to be ridiculed in silence. Feng Zhaonan’s earlier mockery was towards all of the profound practitioners of the six nations, and that naturally included him… But this was still secondary —— What Yun Che was definitely unable to bear, was when there was someone more arrogant than himself, standing right in front of him!

Like Feng Zhaonan.

Feng Zhaonan’s imposing aura was naturally astonishing, however, how could Yun Che be affected by his imposing aura? He coldly laughed, and said. “That’s right, it was me.”

“Hahahahahaha!” Feng Zhaonan laughed out wildly, as though he had just heard the funniest joke in the world. “And here I thought which big figure it was, so it’s just trash from a small nation… Oh, no, it’s something that can’t be even fit to be called trash. This level of profound strength, is but a pitiful Earth Profound Realm. In my eyes, it’s just trash, yet you dare to talk arrogantly in front of me? Your guts really aren’t small.”

He narrowed his eyes, and stretched out a finger with a smile. “Do you believe that if I want to kill you, I simply require a single finger? But, what a pity, this place is the territory of Black Moon Headquarters, and private battles are not allowed. After all, I have to give the Black Moon headquarters face, otherwise, just by those ridiculous words you said to me earlier, you would have already been a corpse by now! After dying in my hands, even if you’re a royal prince from some nation, or even the crown prince, I will still guarantee that your emperor will obediently dispatch men to collect your corpse. Other than that, he wouldn’t even dare to give another damn.”

Among the young profound practitioners present, those who had higher profound strength than Yun Che could be found anywhere. When Yun Che called out, they were initially pleasantly surprised, as they thought that someone, who could put down this Phoenix disciple’s prestige, had appeared. However, when they found out that Yun Che’s profound strength was merely at the Earth Profound Realm, all of them were extremely disappointed, and there were even someone who questioned if he was insane… With strength merely at the Earth Profound Realm, he actually dared to challenge a top-class disciple of the Divine Phoenix Sect.

“However, if you were to kneel and give me three sounding kowtows now, then call me your grandfather three times, I can still consider sparing your life, and allow you to leave Divine Phoenix City safe and sound. After all, as my own grandson, how could I, your grandfather, bear to lay my hands on you? Hahahaha.” Feng Zhaonan belittling and arrogantly said.

All of the surrounding profound practitioners looked at Yun Che with pitiful faces… Even though he did not possess the strength to back himself, he still came out to act tough. How could the Divine Phoenix Sect’s iron plate be so easily kicked!? They could already predict the tragic end of this person.

“Kowtow?” The corner of Yun Che’s lips slightly tilted, his expression did not carry the slightest of fear, instead, he lightly smiled. “It seems to be a pretty good idea. Then, Feng Zhaonan, why don’t we make a bet? I hold a very big interest towards this Black Moon Headquarters, and my purpose here today, is to enter and take a look. If I don’t have the capabilities to enter the third and fourth floor like you, forget about kowtows, you can do whatever you want with this life of mine. If I’m able to have this crystal pillar’s light shine above the blue color, heh… Then you shall obediently kneel in front of me, give me three sounding kowtows, and call me your grandfather three times… This bet, do you dare accept it?”

When Yun Che’s words came out, everyone gasped out in shock. The profound practitioner from Black Fiend Empire that was deflected away by the profound array earlier, loudly reminded. “Are you crazy!? Hurry and take back the words you said earlier. Forget about blue, getting the green color to light up is even harder than stepping onto the heavens! I’m at the early stages of the Sky Profound Realm, a mere Earth Profound Realm like you, you’re basically… basically humiliating yourself.”

“Forget it, Senior brother Yin. Don’t bother him, he should be a lunatic.” His sect companions hurriedly said, as they feared that he would be targeted by Feng Zhaonan out of anger.

“You? Make a bet with me? Higher than blue?” The corner of Feng Zhaonan’s eyes twitched, his face spasmed. Then, he laughed out wildly, his body rocked back and forth, and he could barely catch his breath. “Haha… Haha… Hahahaha… This is basically the best joke I have ever heard in my entire lifetime… An Earth Profound Realm trash… actually has pipedream of hitting above blue… And even wish to make a bet with me… Hahaha… Hahahaha…”

The eyes the surrounding profound practitioners were directing at Yun Che, had already changed to as though they were looking at a pure idiot. Yun Che coldly looked at Feng Zhaonan’s wild laughter. When he finally managed to stop laughing, Yun Che lightly said. “Do you dare or not? If you don’t dare, then good, I’ll let you off. My time is extremely precious, and I don’t wish to waste it excessively on an arrogant trash.”

Feng Zhaonan’s wild laughter stopped, his expression instantly darkened. “You’re saying I don’t dare? Heh… Even till the end, you’re an idiotic trash who doesn’t know the difference between heaven and earth. With you alone, you’re not qualified to make a bet with me. But, my mood today suddenly became really good, so I shall play with you. If you’re able to strike higher than blue, forget about three sounding kowtows, and calling you grandfather three times, it’s not even a problem for me to give you ten thousand kowtows and call you grandfather ten thousand times at all. Come, come. Hurry and strike it, show me. Allow me to properly witness how you’re going to strike it above blue… Hahahaha…”

“Very good.” Yun Che nodded. He suddenly raised his head, and looked towards the far top in at the front. “Since this bet has already been made, and it’s even made on the territory of this Black Moon Headquarters, then, why don’t we have that senior on the seventh floor, who has been looking here all this while, bear witness to this?”

At the seventh floor of Black Moon Merchant Guild, an elderly dressed entirely in purple was standing by the window. Standing stationary like a statue, he had been silently watching the plaza below for a very long time. When Yun Che’s voice came sounding from afar, the elderly’s entire body shook for a moment, and his face revealed an astonished expression… He carefully looked at Yun Che’s gaze, and realized he was actually looking straight at his own position, there was not even a single difference in angle!

He’s actually able to discover me? Astonishment and disbelief filled the purple clothed elder’s heart...

The seventh floor of Black Moon Merchant Guild was more than a thousand and five hundred meters away from ground floor, and the horizontal distance from the crystal stage of the plaza to the Black Moon Main Hall was several hundreds of meters away as well. At the same time, the Black Moon Merchant Guild’s viewing window was sealed by an incomparably precious unique material, which could allow one to view the outside clearly, but prevent one to see inside even the slightest bit from the outside. Adding that the purple clothed elderly’s profound strength was incomparably powerful, even if a Throne was merely a few hundred meters away from him, it would be difficult to discover his aura.

…But this Yun Che, whose profound aura was clearly merely at the Earth Profound Realm, was actually able to discover my presence!? And he even knew that I had been looking at them all this while!

In actuality, the one who found out that the purple clothed elder had been looking at them from the seventh floor all this while, naturally, couldn’t possibly be Yun Che, instead, it was Jasmine.