Chapter 1092 Head Explosion 2

Chapter 1092 – Head Explosion ×2

Yun Che increased his speed to the limit as he dashed like a storm arrow. But the two auras behind that had locked onto him were on his tail and one of them was even gradually drawing nearer.

“Waah!” While Yun Che was gnashing his teeth, Little Jasmine, on the other hand, shouted loudly, full of excitement. “Brother-in-law, who’re those two? Why’re they chasing us?”

“Shut up!” Yun Che roared in a low voice.

Little Jasmine turned her head around as she called out to the people in the back, “You big bad guys, try to catch up to us if you can! My brother-in-law is Ling Yun, the most famous and powerful person in the Darkya Realm right now. I don’t fear you guys in the slightest.”

“…” Yun Che felt an incomparably strong urge to throw her far, far away.

Hearing the two words “Ling Yun” from Little Jasmine, Lei Kuangfeng and Lei Qinglie’s profound auras and speed once again gained an explosive increase.

Lei Kuangfeng’s profound strength was higher than Lei Qinglie’s. The speed of the latter was roughly the same as Yun Che's, while the former was slowly getting closer and closer to his target.

Seeing that his enemy was less than one and a half kilometers away, Yun Che furrowed his brows. He flung out his arm, generating a gale that carried Little Jasmine far away into the distance, screaming. Then, he stopped in his tracks all of a sudden, turned around and made his profound power surge fiercely from his entire body.


Following the explosive sound of air resounding throughout the place like surging billows, Lei Kuangfeng arrived before Yun Che in the blink of an eye. Lei Qinglie also caught up to him soon after that. The gazes and auras of the two were firmly locked onto Yun Che.

“So you’re… Ling Yun?” While looking fixedly at Yun Che, they felt at least sixty percent doubtful about his identity in their hearts.

To their surprise, the aura of Yun Che’s profound strength was only at the early stage of the Divine Soul Realm! Was it really this young man, who was only in the early stages of the Divine Soul Realm, that forced our distinguished sect into such a difficult situation by causing the loss of so many lives?

Furthermore, the speed he had displayed was also something that a person at the Divine Soul Realm should not be able to achieve.

“Heh,” Yun Che sneered, “You could have just returned and reported to your sect master. Why’re you so insistent on jumping out and seeking death!?”

Yun Che possessed an extremely strong fleeing ability. If he used his Profound Handle with Hidden Flowing Lightning, there would be a very high possibility of interfering with the locking and pursuit functions of the auras of his enemies. With the aura separation ability of Moon Splitting Cascade, the success rate would at once go up by several times. Once he got himself free from the auras locked onto him, he could hide himself perfectly, which would make it extremely difficult to find him.

It could be said that if he wanted to shake Lei Kuangfeng and Lei Qinglie off, it would be quite a simple and easy task for him.

But that was only possible if he was by himself. It was absolutely impossible to achieve the same result if he was carrying Little Jasmine along… unless he truly threw her away.

Yun Che would definitely not hesitate in the least to protect those he considered important to him, even at the risk of his life. But, he was certainly not a chivalrous person, either… To put it in other words, he wasn’t someone who would foolishly face an enormous risk that could very likely endanger his life to save a person he had nothing at all to do with.

He should have abandoned Little Jasmine straightaway and then, escaped at his top speed. But for some reason, such an idea didn’t come to this mind… and he himself didn’t know exactly why he not thought about it this whole time.

Perhaps, her forcibly calling herself “Little Jasmine” had imperceptibly affected some part of his mind.

Him saying such words was no different from personally acknowledging his identity as “Ling Yun.” A look of anger surfaced on Lei Kuangfeng and Lei Qinglie’s faces and their profound energy began to instantly seethe on their bodies, “So you really are Ling Yun! Very good… You have truly made us work hard to look for you. Let’s see how you can escape from us this time!”

“This guy is incomparably crafty. Instead of saying anything, we should catch him at once!”

Lei Kuangfeng let out an angry roar, as streams of air wildly flowed around him. Lei Qinglie also made his move right after him. The two people had launched a direct attack from both left and right sides.

Yun Che frowned while several thoughts crossed his mind… He was currently facing two mighty vice hall masters of the Black Soul Divine Sect. Lei Qinglie was at the fourth level of the Divine Tribulation Realm and Lei Kuangfeng the fifth level of the Divine Tribulation Realm. It would be barely possible to deal with one of them, so he would have no odds of winning if he were to face them head-on at the same time.

He must carry out a surprise attack and dispose of one of them as quickly as possible!


Having come to a conclusion, he took out the Heaven Smiting Sword without delay. The abrupt leap in the force emitting from their opponent shocked Lei Kuangfeng and Lei Qinglie… Although the force hadn’t grown to a threatening extent, it should absolutely not be emitting from a profound practitioner in the early stage of the Divine Soul Realm.

Despite feeling alarmed in their hearts, there was no stagnation in their movements. On the contrary, they became even fiercer. Like ferocious snakes, two black streaks of lightning pounced towards Yun Che… However, the attacks were not meant to kill him, as Lei Tiangang and Lei Qianfeng had repeatedly told them to capture him alive.


The two lightning snakes missed the target at the same time. When they collided with each other, the enormous energy of lightning blew open like cobweb in the air and instantly blotted out the sky.

Yun Che had already arrived behind them in a flash. Before Lei Kuangfeng and Lei Qinglie could turn around, a blue light immediately sparked in his eyes, as he directly unleashed the Dragon Soul Domain.

The image of a dragon appeared suddenly and its roar shook the sky. Lei Kuangfeng and Lei Qinglie felt their bodies tremble simultaneously, after which they fell into an abyss of fear. Their power and profound energy frantically discharged from their bodies in an instant.


As he activated “Rumbling Heaven,” profound energy erupted from Yun Che and he charged ahead, as though he was a wild beast that had awakened all of a sudden. Within a moment, he didn’t ponder over choosing a better target and simply smashed his sword at Lei Kuangfeng, who was a bit closer to him.

Shivering in fear due the effect of the dragon soul, Lei Kuangfeng felt a huge danger approaching him. He instinctively tried to defend himself but could barely use twenty percent of his profound energy. He was halfway through raising his hands up, when Yun Che’s all-out swing slammed ruthlessly into his head.


As if a volcano had erupted in his head, a sky-shaking boom resounded throughout the place as Lei Kuangfeng was blown away. In an instant, his body got smashed into the ground dozens of kilometers from his previous location. It was unknown whether he was alive or dead.


Lei Qinglie was greatly shocked by the unforeseen turn of events. But right after he shouted, he discovered that Yun Che had already rushed over to him, carrying a berserk sword aura.

Even though Lei Qinglie’s mind was in disorder due to the fright he had just received, he retreated backward like lightning and quickly took out his black soul spear. Having witnessed the fearsome scene from just now, he didn’t dare to take his enemy lightly in the slightest. The black lightning on the black soul spear reached to its utmost strength in no time and he directly aimed for Yun Che’s chest amidst the deafening metallic sound.

Following a swishing sound, the tip of the black soul spear rapidly increased by over a hundred meters as it pierced through Yun Che’s body… But the only thing left after was a shattered afterimage. Lei Qinglie’s reaction to it was incomparably fast and there was no pause in his movements, even for a second. The lightning entwined around his black soul spear swept across behind him like a python using its tail.

The superiority of a spear-type weapon was completely displayed at this moment. As the lightning swept across the place, the surrounding several hundred kilometer area was shrouded by the image of a spear and the light of lightning.


When spear and sword collided, the energy contained within the two broke out at the same time.


A huge sound was produced, quaking the earth and shaking the mountain. Yun Che was immediately blown away by the terrifying energy storm while Lei Qinglie’s body shook intensely as it was forced straight into the ground. He somehow stabilized his posture, as a mouthful of blood almost gushed out.

Why… does he have such fearsome power!?

Lei Qinglie was frightened in his heart, but before he could take a breather, he suddenly felt a dangerous aura pressing down on him. High above in the sky, Yun Che’s entire body was burning with fire. He plunged downward, producing a long air-tearing sound on the way, the image of the Phoenix crimson and dazzling.

Lei Qinglie opened his eyes wide, completely unable to believe that Yun Che could counterattack so quickly while still in the air and especially in a situation where he was blown away. As the image of the flame rapidly enlarged within his pupils, the feeling of his soul being suppressed grew even more terrifying. While lifting the black soul spear in his hands, the fear in his heart became even greater at a very fast rate. He actually avoided directly facing Yun Che’s attack and instead smashed the black soul spear fiercely onto the ground to utilize the impact to at once retreat as far away as possible.


Over ten short mountains in the vicinity were razed to the ground. Firelight soared into the sky, reaching such heights that it wasn’t possible to see its end.

The instant the flame exploded, Yun Che’s figure shot out like a shooting star. He had no intention to give him the time to even breathe properly. The Heaven Smiting Sword launched forth an attack once again, as the image of Heavenly Wolf covered in Phoenix flames rushed straight at Lei Qinglie.

Lei Qinglie had yet to balance his body because he had evaded the previous attack in a flurry but the image of the Heavenly Wolf had already arrived before him with a whistling sound. His eyes enlarged as he made his entire profound energy surge from his body and firmly resisted the image of the Heavenly Wolf with the black soul spear. Then, he let out a loud roar and somehow canceled the power of the Heavenly Wolf Slash… But when the image of the Heavenly Wolf dispersed, Yun Che came smashing down with his sword, like a shadow chasing after the soul.

At the time he was drawing near to Lei Qinglie, his eyes were shockingly scarlet in color.

This guy…

Let alone being able to gasp for a breath, Lei Qinglie didn’t even have the time to ponder over anything. He let out a loud shout as if giving vent to his frustration and swiftly withstood the incoming attacks with his black soul spear.


It was obvious that a heavy sword was the most difficult weapon to handle but he was frantically launching attacks like a hurricane. Lei Qinglie kept on retreating while resisting the attacks in a flustered manner. Every time he blocked the sword, it felt as if he was being struck by a mountain, causing all his internal organs to almost rupture due to being continuously shaken. Yun Che’s eyes were crimson and his arms were covered in blood but the berserk force emitting from him and the power of his sword didn’t show any signs of weakening, which made Lei Qinglie feel more and more danger with every attack he warded off.

His initial joy from finding “Ling Yun” had now turned to an increasingly deepening fear. But facing Yun Che’s crazy attacks, it was impossible for Lei Qinglie to even get away from the place at this time, much less initiating a counterattack.

Yun Che was giving his all in every attack. His body was also getting hurt due to the shock with every swing of his word but he couldn’t take a break as it wasn’t possible for him to maintain the “Rumbling Heaven” state for too long. More importantly, Lei Kuangfeng was a powerful profound practitioner at the fifth level of the Divine Tribulation Realm, after all. Although Yun Che did succeed in smashing his sword firmly into his head, it would at most injure him very severely and wouldn’t cause him to lose his life.

It would be for the best if he passed out. In case he didn’t, even if he could only use half of his strength, the situation would get several times worse if he joined hands with Lei Qinglie against him.

Therefore, he had to finish Lei Qinglie as fast as possible… Even if it meant putting his life on the line!

The longer he maintained the Rumbling Heaven state, the more burden it put on Yun Che’s body. Lei Qinglie was only defending and had no power to counterattack but he still got covered with injuries due to his own energy.

Li Qinglie’s face became more and more pale, as the fear within him grew stronger and stronger. Blood was flowing down from his arms that were holding the black soul spear and they had begun to go numb.

It was at this time that an agitated and angry roar came from the distance, “Ling Yun… I’m so going to kill you!!”

A human figure jumped high into the sky and like a deranged wild beast, pounced over carrying along a soaring murderous aura.

Lei Kuangfeng!

His mouth and face were completely covered in blood and he seemed to be in an extremely sorry and miserable condition. However, on his body was his seething, quite chaotic, but still shocking profound energy.

A slight changed appeared on Yun Che’s face and his movements also slowed down a bit.

Lei Qinglie, who was on the verge of collapse, didn’t miss the opportunity and launched his counterattack at this moment. All his fear transformed into the catalyst to increase his ferocity by several times as his black soul spear suddenly shot out six black streaks of lightning. The incomparably terrifying auras shot straight towards Yun Che’s chest.

Almost at the same instant, Yun Che’s Heaven Smiting Sword smashed down fiercely… He actually didn’t attempt to dodge the six fatal streaks of lightning and instead faced them head-on… It was obvious that forcibly doing so was very risky and dangerous!!

Lei Qinglie’s pupils shrank at his action but they immediatey turned ferocious, “Die!!!”


As he got directly struck by the six black streaks of lightning, Yun Che bent the upper part of his body backward. Six bloody holes tore open on his chest but none of the streaks of lightning succeeded in piercing through his body. Seeing such a scene unfold before him, Lei Qinglie’s shrunken pupils enlarged once again, as he found himself unable to believe his own eyes… It was at this time that Yun Che’s full powered swing firmly hit his body.



Lei Qinglie let out a miserable shriek as his chest area ripped apart. He was blown away like a damaged blood bag and spattered blood on the way. It was as if heavy rain was suddenly pouring down.

Lei Kuangfeng had arrived behind Yun Che by this time. The black soul spear in his hand had all his energy gathered on it.

Yun Che suddenly turned around. Without bothering about the injuries all over his body or giving a glance to the blood flowing out of his body, he confronted Lei Kuangfeng head-on. When they were around thirty meters apart, the blue light that forced the latter into the abyss of fear earlier flashed in Yun Che’s eyes once again.

Dragon Soul Domain!!

It was his second time using the Dragon Soul Domain in such a short period of time and hence, the frightening power of the second time was far inferior to the first. But Lei Kuangfeng’s condition was also far worse than when he had experienced its effect the first time. When the sky-shaking roar resounded once more, Lei Kuangfeng’s pupils discolored instantly and his profound energy speedily dispersed like an unrestrained, powerful current of water.

Yun Che increased his speed abruptly and his sword came smashing down… Lei Kuangfeng raised his head with difficulty as a frightened roar escaped his mouth. He brought his black soul spear up in front of him, while trembling in fear.

But Yun Che’s figure suddenly disappeared at this time. He appeared behind Lei Kuangfeng as though he had teleported and mercilessly struck the latter’s head when he turned around.


An almost ear-piercingly clear sound of bones breaking could be heard amidst the huge noise of collision. A booming sound came from Lei Kuangfeng’s head, after which, his body spun in the reverse direction and fell head first onto the ground. At the place he fell, a pit dozens of meters deep and wide was smashed out.

Yun Che, however, didn’t show any signs of stopping even for a second. Carrying along his still berserk profound energy, he swiftly flew towards the back.

Lei Qinglie’s whole body was dyed with blood after being severely injured by Yun Che’s sword. He was struggling to turn his body over, when he caught sight of Yun Che flying over, with that nightmarish huge vermillion sword in his hand.

“Ahh!!” Lei Qinglie shouted loudly in fright. As his black soul spear had been smashed away earlier, he instinctively raised his arms to block the attack.


Blood spurted from Lei Qinglie’s mouth as well as his body at the same time. The Heaven Smiting Sword ruthlessly pierced through his hands and again penetrated his body. When the profound energy on the sword burst out, all his internal organs were destroyed into a broken mess.

Lie Qinglie’s eyes popped out as the back of his head hit the ground. Afterwards, his body remained still without moving in the slightest.

As he undid the “Rumbling Heaven” state, Yun Che’s profound energy suddenly lessened. His body swayed from side to side and eventually, he had to get down on his knees. After breathing heavily over ten times, he finally managed to slightly gather enough energy to seal the injuries throughout his body.

The six bloody holes on his chest looked frightening but the damage had barely reached bone. It was fortunate that he didn’t have to worry about lightning itself and it was simply the profound energy that hurt him. Otherwise, his current injuries would absolutely have been several times more severe.

In comparison to his injuries or the consumption of his profound strength, the mental burden from using the Dragon Soul Domain twice repeatedly was a lot more serious. His head was feeling heavy, as if lead had been poured into it and he was feeling an incomparably strong desire to fall into a heavy sleep.

Having continued to gasp for breath for a good long while, Yun Che stood up and took out the Heaven Smiting Sword, as he walked over to Lei Kuangfeng with swaying steps.

At the center of the huge pit, Lei Kuangfeng was still lying in a pool of blood, several clearly visible cracks on the top of his head.

His face was smeared in blood and his eyes, in particular, were covered with a thick layer of blood. It should be impossible for him to see anything but it was clear that he had still not lost consciousness. As if he had sensed Yun Che approaching, his body began to shake and a feeble sound came from his mouth.

He was already aware of the terrifying might of Yun Che’s heavy sword after being hit on the head twice. Although he was still alive right now, he might not able to survive the next attack.

Yun Che didn’t continue to attack and instead said while panting heavily, “Remember to pass my word to your sect master. Tell him, I’ll only give him three days’ time!”

“This is the sole opportunity I’ll be bestowing him!!”

With that, Yun Che didn’t stay any longer. He froze the wounds on his body with a layer of ice to prevent leaving behind the aura of his blood that could be later used to track him down. Then, he channeled the last of his profound energy and swiftly flew away.

Heading in the direction he had pushed Little Jasmine away to, Yun Che quickly found her particularly conspicuous multicolored figure. Then, he picked her up before she could open her mouth and sped up as he flew to the western part of the Black Soul Mountain Range at an extremely fast speed.

“Brother-in-law, where’re those two bad guys? Don’t tell me they were taken down by brother-in-law? Wow! Brother-in-law is really powerful and not as useless as I thought.”

“Ah! Brother-in-law, so much of your blood is flowing out. Does it not hurt…? Hmm! You look so gross!”

“Eeh? Brother-in-law, why don’t you say anything? Hey, hey, hey… say something already!”

“If you ignore me any longer, I’ll get angry again! Last time you left me by myself and I’ve yet to vent my anger at you for that!”

“…” Yun Che didn’t utter a word and his face had on an unsightly expression too.

Upon arriving at the western part of the Black Soul Mountain Range, he further continued to fly for a long while. When he finally arrived at an area where he could ensure his safety, Yun Che stopped in his tracks. Afterwards, he threw Little Jasmine on the ground without the slightest show of gentleness.

“Wuah!” Little Jasmine groaned in pain, before immediately jumping up to her feet. She was just about to express her anger when she caught sight of the very fearsome look in Yun Che’s eyes.

“You may not have asked for it and it might as well be me meddling in other people’s business, but that still doesn’t change the fact that I did save you! So why… do you want to harm me in return!?” Yun Che coldly asked with a dark face.

“Harm you? What are you talking about? When did I ever harm you?” Little Jasmine put her hand at the place where she got hurt due to the fall. “After intentionally hurting me by throwing me down, you’re actually scolding me!? Oow… It hurts so much.”

“Don’t you try to act pitiful again!” The look on Yun Che’s face became even more terrifying. He turned over his hand as he raised a finger and said in a heavy voice, “That place earlier was the territory of the Black Soul Divine Sect. During this period of time, they have laid countless profound formations and arranged a large number of ambush teams in order to catch me at all costs. Even I need to be very careful when I go in there! But not only did you appear all alone in the Black Soul Mountain Range before, which in itself is extremely abnormal, this time you even crossed the western part of the mountain range and also travelled as far as the depths of its eastern part completely safe and sound… Something like this is simply impossible with your ability.”

“You either have someone secretly protecting you at all times or you have some profound weapon on you that can deal with everything. Do you really take me for a fool!?”

“I don’t want any explanation!” Yun Che interrupted her words with a cold voice. “I don’t want to hear about your identity or background, nor am I interested in them. I’m even less inclined to know your relation with me! The only thing I know is that I saved you but you purposely made noises to alarm those two people, causing me to almost lose my life… Do you understand how dangerous it was just now!? Fortunately, there was no one else in the surroundings. If one more person had rushed over, I might have quite likely died there. Do you get it!?”

Little Jasmine lightly blinked her eyes and said in a low voice, “It wasn’t on purpose. My nose was feeling itchy at the time… Eeh? You say that I purposely did it, then why’re you still helping me leave this place? Wouldn’t it be much easier to escape by yourself?”

“…” Yun Che stared blankly for a good long while before roaring, “I’m helping you… so that I can scold you. Do you understand!?”

He turned away from her, “It’s just me meddling in other people’s business once more. The next time we meet, I won’t bother with you even if you are on the brink of death. You can also drop the idea of again getting the opportunity to have fun at my expense.”

With that, Yun Che flew up into the sky without any hesitation.

“Ah! You can’t go! I still have things to say! Ah! Hey!!”

Yun Che didn’t pay any attention to her and flew far, far away in the blink of an eye.

“Oof! Seriously! So fierce.” Little Jasmine pursed her lips but soon her eyes sparkled as her fine eyebrows cutely bent upwards. “However, he sure looks amusing! Heehee…”

While giggling, the multicolored robe of the girl had begun to flutter lightly in the wind. She was actually flying in the same direction as Yun Che.