Chapter 1084 - Soul Sect’s Backer

Chapter 1084 - Soul Sect’s Backer

Ji Ruyan’s face went stiff, following which she lowered her beautiful neck. “So you… really knew about it. But… but there’s no way that a superior existence such as the Divine Martial Realm would truly attach importance to a mere lower star realm sect. The Flame God Realm is a top-notch existence even among middle star realms, so it’s certainly unlikely that the Divine Martial Realm would offend the Flame God Realm for the sake of the Black Soul Divine Sect.”

“Heh,” Yun Che sneered, “Since a higher star realm wouldn’t be willing to offend a middle star realm for a sect of lower star realm, why would a middle star realm offend a higher star realm because of this lower star realm sect…? Besides, the Flame God Realm has no personal grudges with these parties! Don’t you think it’s extremely ridiculous to ask for such a thing!?”

“Furthermore, if the Divine Martial Realm truly looked down on and disdained the Black Soul Divine Sect as you say, then why was the Black Feather Merchant Guild unable to gather enough power to try to struggle free during this entire period of a thousand years?!”

“I…” Ji Ruyan bit down hard on her lip, with nothing to say in reply.

“For your own safety, you’re dreaming of having the Flame God Realm take the great risk of clashing with and offending a higher star realm to help you… Why would you even expect that? How is it possible for things to so conveniently proceed according to your wish!? Hmph! I must say you’re quite pitiful, lamentable, as well as laughable!” Yun Che said without showing any mercy.

It wasn’t that he doubted Ji Ruyan’s words. If the Black Feather Merchant Guild was being coerced this whole time, it would explain the many suspicions he had held in his heart before. But after his experience of these two days, he still felt some disgust towards the Black Feather Merchant Guild even at this time.

“Because Ruyan is truly at her wit’s end, and there’s no other way to save ourselves!” Ji Ruyan said in an imploring tone, “A thousand years ago, Wu Sanzun, the Great Realm King of the Divine Martial Realm, happened to come to the Darkya Realm. He took a fancy to a woman called Lei Qianyu and took her back with him to the Divine Martial Realm as his concubine… This Lei Qianyu is none other than blood younger sister of the sect master of the Black Soul Divine Sect, Lei Qianfeng. Using this connection, the Black Soul Divine Sect made full use of the name of the Divine Martial Realm.”

“The Great Realm King of the Divine Martial Realm has countless concubines. As someone from a lower realm, Lei Qianyu had basically no standing over there. But a bit over thirty years ago, she gave birth to Wu Sanzun’s son, who was named as Wu Guike.”

Yun Che: Wu Guike…

Tortoise shell!?

Is he the child’s stepfather or what to give him such a sh*tty name!?

“Since he was given birth by a concubine, he had a low standing among all the children of Wu Sanzun. But as he grew up, Wu Guike displayed incomparably astonishing talent and thus, got attention and love from Wu Sanzun. His reputation gradually increased in the Divine Martial Sect and even in the entire Divine Martial Realm. Relying on the noble position of her son, Lei Qianyu’s standing also experienced a rapid increase in the Divine Martial Sect, reaching such heights that were completely different from the past. The Black Soul Divine Sect where she originates from, also obtained even more power due to that… and consequently, became further unbridled. If the Black Feather Merchant Guild doesn’t get out of its control soon, we’ll definitely fall into the abyss forever in the near future.”

As they say, when a man gets to the top, all his friends and relatives get there with him… The rise of a tortoise shell… oh no, the rise of Wu Guike, helped the Black Soul Divine Sect to immediately change their situation from being barely using the name of the Divine Martial Realm as its backing to a sect with an incomparable solid relation with a higher star realm. After all, the Black Soul Divine Sect is the home of Wu Guike’s mother and Lei Qianfeng, the sect master of the Black Soul Divine Sect, is his own maternal uncle.

It was already unimaginable for a lower star realm sect to have a higher star realm as its backing—to say nothing of the Black Soul Divine Sect itself being the ruling sect in the Darkya Realm.

No wonder that the Black Feather Merchant Guild was so anxious that it was looking for every possible to get out of their predicament.

“Sir, if you’re willing to help the Black Feather Merchant Guild get out of the Black Soul Divine Sect’s control, we’ll agree to anything you want, no matter the conditions or price. Once we have achieved our desire, as long as we’re not made to do dirty things again, the Black Feather Merchant Guild will be willing to work for you or the Flame God Realm for a hundred… or even a thousand years!”

Ji Ruyan said in a sorrowful voice and her each and every word carried the sense of entreatment. Anyone would feel pity in their heart to see an enormous guild with a history of fifty thousand years forced to such an extent. Yun Che’s gaze moved downward from Ji Ruyan’s face and he slowly narrowed his eyes, “Will you truly agree to any condition?”

Ji Ruyan’s entire body went weak and her face turned a bit pale as she sensed Yun Che’s brazenly invading gaze on her. She bit hard on her lip and somehow forced out a reply in shaking voice, “So long as the Black Feather Merchant Guild is saved, even if Ruyan has to become… a slave or a concubine…”

“...That does indeed sound good but I can only feel pity.” Yun Che shook his head with a regretful look on his face. “It’s a pity that you have mistaken a lot of things. For instance, I am not from the Flame God Realm, nor from a star realm higher than that. As for my relation with Sect Master Huo, I’ve only met him a few times. The reason he gave me the black feather stone was just to return a favor to me. Thenceforth, no more grudge or favor exists between the two of us.”

“...” Ji Ruyan raised her head, not knowing what to do.

“You’d be greatly disappointed if I were to tell you about my origin. Not only am I not from a middle star realm, I also don’t belong to even a lower star realm. I come from a mere bottom level little planet that is located in the lower realm below the God Realm. Let alone having a power behind me, I don’t even have a companion.”

“I showed no hesitation in spending so many profound stones because they were stolen by me from somewhere and hence, it doesn’t hurt me to spend them however I want. As for that person who was severely injured by me yesterday night, first of all, I didn’t knew about him at all, secondly, since I’m all alone in the world, I don’t have to worry about future troubles! I’ll make things difficult for anyone who dares to provoke me, irrespective of their identity. Simple as that!”

“...” Ji Ruyan slightly opened her lips but didn’t say a thing for a very long while.

“Therefore, it was nothing different from a gargantuan joke for you to come asking my help!” Yun Che turned away. “This is the reality and it’s up you to you to believe it or not. Considering that your Black Feather Merchant Guild is a victim too and it also took the risk of hiding my real information from the Black Soul Divine Sect, I’ll spare you and the people of the Black Feather Merchant Guild. But as for the Black Soul Divine Sect… I’ll certainly make them pay a grievous price!!”

With that, Yun Che flew up into the air, preparing to leave the place.

“Wait a moment!!” Ji Ruyan swiftly got up. Her figure flashed as she arrived right before Yun Che, “Sir, don’t… don’t tell me that you want to go to the Black Soul Divine Sect?”

“Correct.” Yun Che said in a cold voice, “I didn’t leave the Darkya Realm in order to deal with the Black Soul Divine Sect!”

“Don’t do it!” Ji Ruyan shook her head. “Sir Ling Yun, although your strength is extraordinary, if you’re truly planning to go there all alone… I ask you to completely drop the idea of doing so! Black Soul Divine Sect is the ruling sect in the Darkya Realm and an incomparably fearsome existence. It has eight million disciples in total and if we also include the number of disciples in its major branches that are located across the Darkya Realm, they would add up to tens of millions! Sect Master Lei Qianfeng is an unrivalled and powerful Divine King and the sixty-four Hall Masters are all fearsome people that are at the late stage of the Divine Tribulation Realm… You, sir, are a very passionate and righteous person who Ruyan extremely admires but you absolutely can’t just straightaway dive into the abyss and throw away your life because of a moment of anger.”

“Hmph!” Yun Che lightly gnashed his teeth. “It’s naturally impossible for an insignificant person like me to be able to shake such an enormous ruling sect. But even if I have to put my life at risk, I’ll make sure to dye the Black Soul Divine Sect with blood!”

“It’s for the debt owed by them!”

“It’s also for the debt I owe!”

“The debt of blood must be repaid with blood!”

“...” Ji Ruyan blankly looked at Yun Che. A profound practitioner of the Divine Soul Realm, without any backing or even someone he could call his companion, actually wanted to proactively “punish” an enormous sect that ruled a star realm!

It should feel absurd, laughable and stupid to her but the aura seething on Yun Che’s body caused her to sense deep suffocation. To her surprise, she clearly felt that he wasn’t talking nonsense or being impulsive.

As the young head of the Black Feather Merchant Guild, she came into contact with far more people than an ordinary person. Despite that, it was her first time feeling so frightened by the domineering aura of a young man.

“Sir Ling Yun,” Ji Ruyan said sincerely, “I have a way to safely send you away from the Darkya Realm. I can guarantee that you wouldn’t be discovered by the…”

“Not necessary!” Yun Che decisively refused her and again prepared to leave.

“Sir!” Ji Ruyan promptly got in front of him. “If you’re determined to go to the Black Soul Divine Sect… Ruyan is willing to help you.”

“Hmm?” Yun Che revealed surprise. “You want to help me?”

Ji Ruyan let out a faint sigh, “Since it’s your first time to the Darkya Realm and you knew nothing of the Black Soul Divine Sect until yesterday either, there should be very few things you understand about the Black Soul Divine Sect right now. You might not even know the location of the sect.”

Yun Che, “…”

“In Ruyan’s opinion, your intention to confront the Black Soul Divine Sect by yourself is no different from going to meet one’s death. Ruyan can’t provide much help but at least in the Darkya Realm, I am one of the most knowledgeable people about the Black Soul Divine Sect. Some time later in the night, I’ll send the information related to the Black Soul Divine Sect to your Sound Transmission Jade… I hope that after knowing more about the sect, you reconsiders the decision to face it alone.”

“You answer a question first,” Yun Che said all of a sudden. “At the trade fair last night, why did that person of the Black Soul Divine Sect suddenly cause trouble and tried to forcibly seize back… the wood spirit?”

“That’s because of… the Divine Martial Realm.”

Mentioning the distant, fearsome and the far superior Divine Martial Realm, Ji Ruyan found it difficult to maintain calmness in her eyes.

“Go on,” Yun Che said.

“I myself came to know about the reason some time ago. Originally, when the people of the Black Soul Divine Sect ascertained that the little wood spirit that they had captured was the legendary royal wood spirit, that had already become extinct, they immediately informed Lei Qianfeng about it with sound transmission. Lei Qianfeng was first happy to hear the good news but soon fear took root in his heart. He didn’t dare to use it for himself or even offer it to the Divine Martial Realm. Of course, he didn’t dare to keep it for long and wanted to immediately deal with it via my Black Feather Merchant Guild. But who would’ve thought that the first half of the sound transmission was heard by Lei Qianfeng’s wife from far away. She didn’t know about the value of a ‘royal tribe wood spirit,’ and even more unfortunately, it was precisely Lei Qianyu’s birthday. When Lei Qianfeng’s wife sent sound transmission to Lei Qianyu in the distant Divine Martial Realm, she casually mentioned this matter.”

“That’s roughly how the situation played out. It’s easy to imagine the reaction of the Divine Martial Realm when they found out that the Black Soul Divine Sect had captured a royal wood spirit. But unexpectedly, by the time the Divine Martial Realm knew of the matter, that royal wood spirit was taken away by Sir Yun… At the moment, the task of retrieving that royal wood spirit is being treated as a matter of prime importance by the Black Soul Divine Sect. If the Black Soul Divine Sect fails to succeed in the end, there’s no doubt that the Divine Martial Sect will be furious. They might even send someone to personally come to the Darkya Realm.”

“They can forget about finding it, now or ever.” Yun Che slowly clenched his hands. “As if I give a sh*t about the Divine Martial Realm. Even if they were shielded by the Heavenly King himself, I’d still paint the whole Black Soul Divine Sect with blood.”