Chapter 1082 - An Odd Appointment

Chapter 1082 - An Odd Appointment

When the emerald green glow that had been flickering on his body this whole time finally dissipated, Yun Che felt a change in the condition of his entire body. It was an indescribable feeling, as if he was filled with an unprecedented amount of energy.

The lifeforce deficiency from forcibly executing Moon Star Restoration earlier had disappeared without a trace… There was no way He Lin would attempt to trick him. A lifespan of fifty thousand years… might not be rare in the case of high level beasts, such as True Dragons but to a human, it was nothing less than a miracle that only those in the Divine Master Realm could achieve.

He raised his right hand as he willed something in his mind. Immediately, a green light emerged at the center of his palm… which was emerald green like a newly grown, tender grass, unlike the dark green radiance of the Sky Poison Pearl.

The moment the emerald green rays of light appeared, the flowers and plants in the surrounding began to sway and back and forth even without the presence of wind. Afterwards, all of them turned to him as they unleashed joyful vitality.

Yun Che directed his palm in the direction of the flowers and plants ahead in an attempt to cover them with the green light. In the blink of an eye, the flowers and plants that were covered by the green light showed a growth that was completely contrary to common sense. They grew up by one-third of a meter, within a few breaths time.

Yun Che made a clenching gesture with his palm, causing the green light to vanish. Subsequently, the growth of the flowers and plants also came to a halt.

Hastening the growth of flowers, trees and all kinds of flora… He now actually possessed the miraculous ability of a wood spirit.

The power of nature!

Not only that, he could also sense a lot more things in his mind.

It wasn’t the memories of He Lin but the information about countless flowers, plants, and spirit trees.

When he was learning under Yun Gu in the Blue Pole Star, Yun Che had gotten very familiar with all kinds of medicinal and poisonous materials. He could tell the composition of an herb and even how old it was, only relying on its smell even from a distant place, with no need to see it personally with his own eyes. But the God Realm was a completely different world from the Blue Pole Star. The top-notch medicinal materials in the Blue Pole Star would only be considered ordinary in this place and he had no knowledge of the countless different kinds of herbs that could be found in the God Realm.

Right now, boundless information was carved into his memories. From the most ordinary plants and trees to rare herbs that were hard to find even in tens of thousands of years to their names and alternative names and even the geographical conditions where they appear. The conditions required for their growth, their growth period, and their various external appearances and auras according to their maturity. The medicinal, spiritual, and poisonous nature of myriad plants and herbs… and so on! It was thorough and detailed to an inconceivable extent.

Yun Che didn’t have the slightest doubt that… the information in his mind covered all the vegetation of the unimaginably vast God Realm!

This information was not granted to him by his soul or inheritance and instead seemed to have inherently existed in the Wood Spirit Orb—no! If that was truly the case, then it should be only the members of the royal family of the wood spirits that had such information in their orbs. Just this information alone, that seemed to have been bestowed by the nature itself, was a priceless treasure that even the people of king realms would yearn to get their hands on.

He had obtained a lifespan of fifty thousand years, information about all sorts of spirit herbs, affinity with plants and trees and the spirit power of a wood spirit… and perhaps, many other abilities that he had yet to discover. If it was any other time, just one of the things he had obtained would be enough to make him go wild with joy but at the moment, he didn’t feel the slightest happiness in his heart.

The thought of leaving Darkya City as quickly as possible and coming up with a way to go to the Heavenly Mystery Realm had thoroughly vanished from his mind.

If he didn’t stay for that period of time in the wood spirit secret grounds, if not for He Lin deciding to meet his death in order to not become his burden and also giving him his Wood Spirit Orb… even if he felt deeply guilty for indirectly causing their deaths for his own sake, he wouldn’t have lost his reason to such an extent and decide to take the initiative to provoke the Black Soul Divine Sect, which reigned supreme in the Darkya Realm.

But at this time, his whole body was seething with a berserk killing intent.

He took a very long time to calm down the emotions in his heart, before turning around to leave and headed, surprisingly, for Darkya City.

Before long, he sensed dangerous auras approaching from the front and stopped in his tracks. Then, his figure gradually disappeared from the place.

Very soon, dozens of pitch-black figures appeared in front of him.

“Hall Master, all seventeen of them are dead. I checked their bodies carefully but could find no clear signs of the lightning snake energy. It’s very likely… that they were slaughtered without being given the chance to put up any resistance and extremely ruthlessly at that.

The black-robed person, who was called “hall master,” had a stiff expression on his face. The aura emitting from him felt even more dangerous than the others to Yun Che.

“Hall Master, could it be that the one who did this is that ‘Ling Yun,’ who severely injured Vice Hall Master Lei Ya yesterday?”

“It can’t be anyone else,” the Black Soul Hall Master said in a cold voice. “Since he was able to injure Lei Ya to that extent, it’s no surprise that he could kill all of them. Looks like this Ling Yun fellow… has some extraordinarily big guts!”

The Black Soul Hall Master’s chest undulated as his face turned gloomy and dark, “The kid is from the Pure Moon Realm and currently, the dimension station of Darkya City has been sealed. According to the information of the Black Feather Merchant Guild, he had already fled far away from Darkya City. Immediately use sound transmission to tell the Black Feather Merchant Guild to deploy all their intelligence network in the primary cities of the Darkya Realm and spare no effort to investigate Ling Yun’s whereabouts. “Also, inform Chief Hall Master about this matter, so that he can report it to the Sect Master and ask him to immediately send some people to the Pure Moon Realm to find out all the inside information about Ling Yun. If there’s no problem, then catch all those who have connection with him and bring them to the sect! If you find it difficult to do so, just tell them them the name of the Divine Martial Realm and have them follow your instructions!”

Yun Che thought to himself, “Pure Moon Realm again? What is going on?”

“About that… To get so many people involved for just an extremely audacious profound practitioner from another realm, I’m afraid that Chief Hall Master…”

“You don’t understand shit!” the Black Soul Hall Master said in a deep voice. “That Ling Yun is nothing more than a fool who is tired of living and is courting death by doing such deeds. The actual reason to look for him is that little wood spirit! Earlier, those people had informed us with sound transmission that they had captured the little wood spirit alive. But now, not only are all of them dead, the little wood spirit has also disappeared without a trace. If it was Ling Yun who killed them, the little wood spirit is certainly in his hands.”

“If we were to fail in capturing that little wood spirit within the time limit…” The Black Soul Hall Master slowly gritted his teeth. “I can ensure you that none of us will live to see the sun of the next day!”

The whole body of the Black Soul disciple quivered as he said in a frightened voice, “Yes… disciple will immediately do as you said.”

The Black Soul Hall Master’s gaze swept around as he looked ahead with a gloomy expression on his face. But he was unable to sense in the least that there were ice-cold eyes, that were filled with killing intent, firmly staring at him from a place less than three hundred meters away on the right.

With his figure invisible, Yun Che’s killing intent would flow out sometimes and be deeply concealed other times. Based on the oppressiveness contained in the Black Soul Hall Master’s power, Yun Che determined his profound strength to be at the middle or late stage of the Divine Tribulation Realm and hence, it was almost impossible for him to win against the other party… Besides, there were dozens of Divine Soul Realm disciples around him too.

Killing intent was seething in his heart and he was dying to give vent to his resentment. But he didn’t lose his reason in the end and slowly retreated from the place, leaving far to the north. When he arrived at a safe distance away, he undid the invisible state and flew straight to Darkya City.

The Divine Nine Star Buddha Jade, Immortal Emperor Grass, and Heavenly Mystery Realm were no longer important to him!

Although it was impossible to truly destroy Black Soul Divine Sect, which was the ruler of such an enormous star realm… he would still make sure that the sect paid a grievous price for what it did, even if he had to risk his life!!

Since Black Soul Divine Sect had determined that he was not present in Darkya City, it would actually be the safest place for him to stay. He wanted to go back to Darkya City because he wanted ask around for the sect’s location!


It had gotten dark by the time he returned to Darkya City but the city was as bustling as ever. As he stood at the entrance of the city, Yun Che’s calm eyes contained an unrepressed vicious aura in their depths, even at this moment.

Given the fact that it was the ruling sect of the Darkya Realm, the location of Black Soul Divine Sect should be known by everyone. Therefore, it must be easy to ask around for it.

His gaze swept over the surroundings. Soon after, he chose a small merchant guild that was within sight and slowly walked over to it.

It was at this time that he suddenly sensed profound aura fluctuations from his Sound Transmission Jade.

Yun Che came to a halt abruptly.

Such ordinary sound transmissions via Sound Transmission Jade were not possible to cross through star realms.

The only one in the Darkya Realm with his sound transmission imprint… was the Black Feather Merchant Guild!

Yun Che frowned as he slowly took out the Sound Transmission Jade. The voice in his Sound Transmission Jade, however, didn’t belong to that Mr. Ji but to a woman.

“Sir Ling Yun, I am Ji Ruyan from the Black Feather Merchant Guild. I would like to see you about a matter. In four hours, I’ll be quietly waiting for Sir Ling Yun all alone east of Darkya City. I request Sir Ling Yun to be sure to give me face and keep this appointment… Sir Ling Yun, please believe my words. Ruyan is your friend and is absolutely not an enemy of yours. Ruyan has also never told the Black Soul Divine Sect anything related to you.”

After the voice, the information about a location was transmitted to him, too.

Ji Ruyan!?

Yun Che, “…”

Yun Che’s first reaction to it was—she was leading him to a trap.

But if it was really a trap, then it was absurdly obvious. Furthermore, why would Ji Ruyan determine that he was still in Darkya City? Didn’t the Black Feather Merchant Guild inform Black Soul Divine Sect that he had fled from Darkya City?

Thinking back to yesterday night, he had received a sound transmission twice from Ji Ruyan at the trade fair and the people of Black Soul Divine Sect believed him to be someone from a place called “Pure Moon Realm.” Unexpectedly, no one mentioned a thing about the Flame God Realm. He once again felt that the relationship between Black Soul Divine Sect and the Black Feather Merchant Guild was not as simple as it seemed on the surface.

However, beside it being a conspiracy against him, Yun Che couldn’t think of any other reason for Ji Ruyan to want to meet him.

“Alright! Let’s see what exactly you have up your sleeve!” Yun Che mumbled to himself.

As someone who had Moon Splitting Cascade, he had no fear of being conspired against.

Yun Che changed the direction he was moving in and headed straight to the east of the city.

It was gradually nearing nighttime and at some point in time later, it had already gotten so dark that one couldn’t even see the five fingers of their hand.

As opposed to the shine and glitter from ice in the Snow Song Realm, the night in the Darkya Realm was particularly dark.

The place where Ji Ruyan had arranged to meet was still within the territory of Darkya City but it was an extremely wide and abandoned piece of land. On the thousands of meters long dried-up land, there were only a few cottages that were in a dilapidated state. Besides that, there was nothing else to see other than the spacious and empty land that was covered in withered grass and could be seen clearly and completely, at a glance.

There was nowhere to hide oneself, let alone be good enough for a sinister person to scheme something.

Yun Che arrived at the place at an earlier time and then, made a few rounds while invisible. Much less an unusual aura, he couldn’t even catch sight of a passerby.

However, Yun Che didn’t lower his guard and stayed invisible. When it was less than fifteen minutes until the time of appointment, he sensed an aura of the Divine Soul Realm speedily getting closer to the place. Yun Che raised his head to see a lithe and graceful white figure high in the sky that was flying over from the west.

It was only one person.

Ji Ruyan was dressed simply in a plain and long white skirt. She had a calm expression, which was at least completely different from how she had deliberately tried to appear charming last night.

She very lightly landed before Yun Che but the moment her feet came into contact with the ground, she purposely made them produce a pretty heavy landing sound.

Yun Che didn’t make himself visible and continued to coldly look at her.

Ji Ruyan looked around. Then, she just silently stood in wait. Time quickly passed in the dark and silent night but there was no sign of any auras approaching from the distance the whole time.

“Sir Ling Yun, Ruyan knows that you’re here. I ask you to show yourself.”

Suddenly, Ji Ruyan said in a soft tone.

Yun Che didn’t respond to her in the least.

“Sir Ling Yun, I ask you to believe Ruyan. Ruyan will absolutely not hurt you, nor is there any reason to do so. Ruyan requested for this sudden appointment today to ask for a favor and hope that Sir Ling Yun helps Ruyan with it.”

Her voice contained sincerity and even a sense of entreatment and loneliness. It didn’t sound like she was faking it to Yun Che.

Yun Che raised his brows as he finally spoke, “I’m behind you!”

He undid his invisibility as he spoke.

Ji Ruyan suddenly turned around. Seeing the ice-cold face of Yun Che, an expression of pleasant surprise surfaced on her face, “Sir Ling Yun…”

“How did you know that I was here?” Yun Che asked.

“Intuition,” Ji Ruyan replied with a faint smile. “A woman’s intuition is always very accurate.”

“Intuition?” Yun Che said with a cold smile, “Then use that intuition of yours to guess whether you can go back alive tonight!”

Yun Che’s voice resounded abruptly as his figure shot forth. Taking advantage of the fact that he was right in front of Ji Ruyan, he instantly shaped his palm into a terrifying eagle hook and mercilessly grabbed onto her slender, snow-white neck. The abrupt release of his enormous power almost broke her neck.

The cultivation level of Ji Ruyan’s profound strength was the same as Yun Che but the difference between their strengths was worlds apart. In an instant, her face turned deathly pale due to experiencing intense suffocation and pain but she didn’t show any signs of trying to struggle out of her predicament.

Her eyes were filled with pain but there was no trace of panic or confusion in them. She didn’t beg for her life either and instead said in a light voice, “It’s certainly true that… even death would be too good for… Ruyan… It’d be also nice to… die by… your hands...”

With that, she lightly closed her eyes.

“...” Yun Che clearly perceived a feeling of being set free from Ji Ruyan’s voice.