Chapter 1008 - Mu Xuanyin’s Request

Chapter 1008 - Mu Xuanyin’s Request

As the Golden Crow flames slowly subsided, it became clear that the layer of ice in the area enclosed by the crystalline ice barrier condensed by the Ice Phoenix elders had dropped nearly three thousand meters… Moreover, the ice which had been melted was no regular ice but extraordinarily tough profound ice, which had endured countless years of cold energy.

However, it seemed as though not a single person had noticed the disappearance of the profound ice, as their gazes were all firmly locked on the figure of Yun Che.

No one knew how long had passed but the Golden Crow flames finally completely disappeared. Yun Che lowered his raised arms as the crystalline ice barrier surrounding him disappeared as well. With a flourish from his right hand, a blue light flickered as a section of ice abruptly condensed beneath him, above the newly created hole. His two feet silently landed on the ice.

“Ah… ugh…”

Huo Poyun’s body bent forward, his entire body completely red from top to bottom. At just a glance, it seemed like he had just been roasted as beads of sweat poured off his entire body. His posture was extremely twisted as he appeared to be just barely standing. His entire body was weak and exhausted. His eyes were opened as wide as they could be as his pupils bulged out and fixedly stared at the completely unharmed Yun Che, revealing a confusion which couldn’t be described.


Huo Poyun’s figure trembled as he heavily fell to the ground. However, his intensely quivering eyes remained fixed on Yun Che. In any case, he was completely unable to believe the scene he saw in front of him.

As for Huo Rulie, who stood beside him, he made no attempt to help him up because he was completely petrified where he stood, as if he had been struck by a restricting curse. Huo Rulie’s pupils were quivering even more intensely than Huo Poyun’s had been… it seemed like they could explode at any second.

“This… this… to think… I…”

Yan Wancang’s mouth opened and closed countless times but words wouldn’t come out. Under such a great shock, even he couldn’t figure out just what he wanted to say.

It was not only them, all of the members of Divine Ice Phoenix Sect were the same. None of them could utter a single sound. It seemed as though all of them had lost their souls. Even though Yun Che was clearly standing in front of them, completely unharmed… none of them dared to believe what their own eyes were seeing.

“...” Mu Huanzhi looked at Yun Che, then looked at Mu Xuanyin, as his lips moved several times but he was unable to speak.

This result was something which no one could have predicted and was one which no one dared to believe. Even Mu Xuanyin had specially sent Yun Che a voice transmission prior to this to affirm his ability. Only Yun Che himself knew that this was the inevitable result. It was impossible for Huo Poyun’s “Nine Suns Heaven’s Fury” to harm him. In fact, it wouldn’t have harmed him even if it were Huo Rulie.

Yun Che spoke, his words neither fast nor slow, “The three moves have passed. Now, it’s my turn to attack.”

Earlier, Yun Che had realized that although the pure Golden Crow flames couldn’t harm him, he also couldn’t harm the Divine Tribulation Realm Huo Poyun with his current strength. However, after Huo Poyun had released his “Nine Suns Heaven’s Fury”, he had completely exhausted his entire profound energy. It was likely that Huo Poyun didn’t even have enough profound energy left to maintain a defensive layer around his body. If Yun Che were to attack Huo Poyun in his current state… it indeed wouldn’t be too hard.

“...” Yun Che’s words caused Huo Poyun’s contracting pupils to recover some of their focus. He was currently unable to move as he kneeled on the ground… it seemed like he was already unable to stand. He slowly lowered his head as he heavily took a deep breath and said with difficulty, “There is no need… I accept my defeat…”

“...” Huo Rulie didn’t say anything as he raised his head and slowly closed his eyes before taking a deep breath. Only many moments later did he finally exhale with some difficulty.

“Yun Che… is the victor!” Mu Huanzhi finally declared.

Mu Huanzhi’s declaration contained a still somewhat out of control profound energy, causing the entire courtyard of dazed Ice Phoenix disciples to wake up as their eardrums shook. As they looked at the proudly standing Yun Che and the wretchedly kneeling Huo Poyun, all of them seemed to have awoken from their dazes as they all simultaneously burst into roars of excitement and loud cheers.

“He won! Senior Brother Yun Che won… Sect Master won!”

“So Senior Brother Yun Che was actually this strong… no wonder Sect Master chose him to be her direct disciple.”

“Nonsense. After all, it’s the Sect Master, how could her vision be wrong? Senior Brother Yun Che is indeed much stronger than Senior Brother Hanyi… and at least ten times stronger at that.”

“Is Senior Brother Yun Che really at the Divine Origin Realm? Phew… too terrifying! A Divine Origin Realm actually defeated a Divine Tribulation Realm!”

“He didn’t actually defeat Huo Poyun. If they were truly to fight, Senior Brother Yun Che definitely would not have been his opponent. What Senior Brother Yun Che won in was the understanding of elemental laws… the rumor that senior brother descended ten thousand feet into the Heavenly Netherfrost Lake was true after all! If he’s already so terrifying at the Divine Origin Realm, his future will be unthinkable. Perhaps he will one day become as strong as the sect master.”

“...Then doesn’t that mean he will one day become the next Great Realm King of the Snow Song Realm?”

“It is extremely possible!”


The sound of cheering covered the entire courtyard for a long time. When the Great Sect Assembly had started, and when Yun Che had been received as disciple, everyone had felt all kinds of envy and jealousy. They had all been confused. Not a single person had felt any respect for Yun Che. But now, all of them were fervently gazing at him with burning eyes.

This was not only Yun Che’s victory, as due to Mu Xuanyin and Huo Rulie’s clash and bet, it had long since become a battle which affected the two realms’ relationship as well.

Huo Poyun’s talent was terrifyingly high. When Mu Hanyi had lost tragically to Huo Poyun, all of the Ice Phoenix disciples had felt despair amidst their terror… but in the blink of an eye, Huo Poyun had ended up falling at Yun Che’s hands.

Moreover, Huo Poyun had surrendered whilst laying on the ground, unable to move.

Amidst the ear-rattling shouts, Yun Che began to slowly make his way towards Huo Poyun.

Huo Poyun deeply lowered his head as his body continuously trembled. His entire body seemed to be surrounded by a thick layer of despair and depression.

Without a doubt, he was a true heavenly talent. With his level of talent, he was the greatest talent in the entire history of the Flame God Realm, not to mention the current generation of the Flame God Realm—the three great Sect Masters had all personally acknowledged this fact.

He was proud but not arrogant. Nonetheless, he was prouder than anyone else.

As such a person, he had used his most powerful ability… and still ended up losing, to someone whose cultivation was far below his own.

This kind of heavy blow… it was likely that it would become a shadow which hovered over Huo Poyun, one which would become a nightmare and obstruct his path of cultivation, preventing further breakthroughs in the future… moreover, it could become a great barrier.

Yun Che did not wish for a true heavenly talent’s radiance to diminish because of him.

“Brother Poyun.” Yun Che stopped beside Huo Poyun and then stuck out his hand, “In terms of elemental laws, I may have won but I am far from being your match in terms of profound strength. This competition was not fair for you and I am ashamed of my victory.”

“I am the same age as you but your profound strength is so many times greater than mine, I cannot help but feel both envy and admiration towards you. In the future, you will be my target, so you must continue putting in effort. Don’t let me surpass you on the path of profound cultivation. In turn, I will make sure you don’t surpass me in terms of elemental laws!”

Huo Poyun raised his head and stared at Yun Che for a moment, his gaze gradually becoming calm. Afterwards, he stuck out his hand and grabbed Yun Che’s hand as he slowly stood up.

“I, Huo Poyun, have never before accepted defeat.” The air of depression and despair disappeared like a morning fog as a smile appeared on Huo Poyun’s face and he confidently chuckled. Amidst the laughter, hints of gratitude could be felt. “Although I have lost today… there will be one day where I will win it back. Brother Yun Che, you must be careful.”

From within Yun Che’s words, Huo Poyun could feel Yun Che’s sincerity and pureness. It was not just merely some compassionate words from the winner to the loser.

“You too.” Yun Che faintly smiled.

Their hands both clenched at the same time as they mutually admired each other.

As Yan Wancang and Yan Juehai observed this moment, Yan Juehai sighed deeply, “This generation of the Snow Song Realm has given birth to an unbelievable figure.”

“The strength of one’s understanding of elemental laws determines how far one can reach. This youth called Yun Che… I’m afraid that in the future, he may even surpass Mu Xuanyin. It is indeed terrifying but it is also something that I am looking forward to.”

This was the first time Yan Wancang had ever given such a high appraisal to someone, yet Yan Juehai was not surprised in the slightest. In fact, moments later, Yan Juehai slowly began to nod his head in agreement, after some hesitation.

“Not proud, not arrogant. What a great demeanor!” Yun Che’s actions caused Mu Huanzhi’s eyes to light up as he loudly praised Yun Che.

All of the elders and palace masters nodded in agreement as their expressions displayed their approval… Yun Che had indeed brought a lot of face to their Divine Ice Phoenix Sect in front of the three great sect masters from the Flame God Realm!

In the past, the disciples, as well as the elders and palace masters, had all felt confusion towards Mu Xuanyin for her decision to take Yun Che over Mu Hanyi, yet now, all of them praised Mu Xuanyin for her wise choice and were ashamed of themselves for doubting her.

“Yun’er, come back,” Mu Xuanyin coldly said.

Yun Che obeyed Mu Xuanyin’s words and returned to her side. Mu Xuanyin’s frosty gaze turned and landed on Huo Rulie’s figure, “Huo Rulie, now that the winner and loser have been decided, you haven’t forgotten your own words have you?”

Huo Rulie fiercely raised his head as he faintly clenched his teeth and coarsely said, “A loss is a loss! Mu Xuanyin, do not worry. The words that I, Huo Rulie, say are ones which will never be taken back even if the heavens collapse and the earth tears! If it is my life that you want, I will even die neatly here and now in front of you… I will even vow that Golden Crow Sect will never pursue revenge! Are you happy?!”

“Master!” Huo Poyun cried in shock.

“Your life?” Mu Xuanyin sneered, “As Bingyun suffered in torment from the flame poison all those years, this king has indeed dreamed about taking your life! But now that Bingyun has recovered, this king no longer has the selfish intention of causing two realms to be eradicated because of this king’s own hatred. To this king, your life already has no more value. Even if you give your life to me, this king can’t be bothered to take it.”

Huo Rulie became slightly dazed as he solemnly said, “Then what do you want from me!?”

“This king only wants one thing!” As Mu Xuanyin spoke, a blizzard once again began to fall over the courtyard. In the blink of an eye, the burning aura wrought by “Nine Suns Heaven’s Fury” was completely devoured, returning the world to its normal state of frost.

“This king wants your Golden Crow Sect’s complete Golden Crow’s Record of the Burning World!”

“...” Yun Che’s pupils quivered.

“What?” Huo Rulie trembled. He had never expected Mu Xuanyin to make such a request.

“This… Snow Song Realm King, please let this Yan speak.” Yan Wancang solemnly spoke, “The Golden Crow’s Record of the Burning World is the core profound art of Golden Crow Sect and cannot be transferred. Moreover… one can only cultivate it if one has the bloodline or soul of the Golden Crow. It is completely impossible for anyone not part of Golden Crow Sect to cultivate it. Furthermore, your sect’s ice profound energy is the direct opposite of it. This Yan would like to know why Snow Song Realm King wants to see the Golden Crow’s Record of the Burning World.”

“This king has no obligation to tell you my goal.” Mu Xuanyin rudely said, “Huo Rulie, are you going to give it to me or not!?”

It wasn’t just Yan Wancang and company, the entire Divine Ice Phoenix Sect was thoroughly confused and curious as well. No one could understand why their sect master had, under the conditions of “not going back on his word” and “accept any request”, requested for Huo Rulie to provide the Golden Crow’s Record of the Burning World.

As a primordial god art, it was natural for a profound cultivator to want to get a glimpse of it… However, in the end, it was only looking at it. Without the Golden Crow’s bloodline or soul, it was impossible to cultivate it. Moreover, Divine Ice Phoenix Sect cultivated ice attribute profound arts, making it even more impossible.

Yan Juehai furrowed his brows and at the same time, sent Yan Wancang and Huo Rulie sound transmissions, “For someone like Mu Xuanyin, who has reached the Divine Master Realm, it is extremely hard to advance even another small step. If she wants the Golden Crow’s Record of the Burning World, it should be to just try and comprehend something from within it. Although she can’t cultivate it, it is still a primordial god art after all and contains True God laws and True God truths.”

Yan Wancang silently thought for a while then slightly nodded. This was indeed the only explanation he could come up with.

The lines on Huo Rulie’s forehead faintly quivered. After a bout of rough breathing, he said in a deep voice, “I, Huo Rulie, am a man of my word!”

As these words were said, a cluster of flames abruptly appeared amidst his hand. With a simple flip of his palm, they were sent flying to Mu Xuanyin.

Mu Xuanyin caught the cluster and immediately extinguished the flames, suddenly revealing a jade scripture which flickered with a crimson gold radiance. She didn’t open it and look within but just simply put it away as she indifferently said, “Sect Master Huo is indeed trustworthy. This king will now look at you in a higher light.”

“Hmph!” Huo Rulie heavily snorted. It seemed like every pore on his body was about to erupt with flames.