Chapter 1074 - Cannot Bear To

Chapter 1074 - Cannot Bear To

It was accurate to say that Yun Che had been fleeing since his arrival in the Darkya Realm. After all, he had no one to support him here. In fact, there wasn’t even anyone willing to converse with him. Thus, he absolutely could not cause any disturbances.

Yet, even though he wasn’t looking for trouble, trouble had found him.

However, even if he wasn’t looking for trouble, it didn’t mean that he was afraid of anything!

“Right now, do you still want to me to hand him back?” Yun Che mercilessly asked, his voice quiet but cold. His eyes swept across the black snake tattoo which had been revealed due to the damage dealt to the clothes of the black clothed middle aged man.

“You…” As the black clothed middle age man opened his mouth, bloody foam spewed out. At this current time, the man felt like he had been crucified and placed in hell. The pain was so great, he wished to die. “You… will… regret… this…”

“Ah, whether or not I will regret this, I don’t know… as for you, you definitely will regret your actions!”


Yun Che’s foot flew out as he heavily kicked the black soul spear which had penetrated through the black clothed man’s body, causing him to shriek painfully as blood spurted out everywhere. The black soul spear left the black clothed man’s body and pierced into the stone wall above him. The black clothed man rolled on the ground and screamed as blood wildly spurted out from the hole in his chest like a geyser. It was indeed a sorry sight.

The person who had appeared in the domain of the Black Feather Merchant Guild was not only a foreigner but someone who acted extremely viciously. Everyone present was shocked… for someone like this, either their background was so shockingly great that they didn’t put the Black Feather Merchant Guild or the Soul Sect behind them in their eyes or… they were a downright lunatic!

Regardless of which one he was, they absolutely didn’t dare to provoke him at all.

It was at this time that Ji Ruyan’s voice once again emerged besides Yun Che’s ear.

“Sir Ling Yun, quickly flee! A group of their people are currently rushing over and there is a Divine Spirit Realm hall master in their midst! The imprisonment formation here has already been unlocked by me. You need to hurry up and flee! Otherwise, it may be too late!”

A puzzled gaze temporarily paused on Yun Che’s face… the reason Yun Che had been so vicious in dealing with the black clothed man was mainly to scare Ji Ruyan so that he could more easily force her to release the imprisonment formation here. Otherwise, if he had to forcefully break through, he would need to waste quite a bit of time.

He had never expected that Ji Ruyan would release it by herself… he couldn’t fathom why the woman would help him.

Their people?


He profoundly gazed at Ji Ruyan for another moment, then immediately arrived beside wood spirit boy. Grabbing the boy’s hand, Yun Che flew into the sky and hurriedly left.

Bang bang bang…

The profound formation was still present but it had broken the moment he passed through it. It seemed like Ji Ruyan had not deceived him. He hadn’t experienced the slightest bit of resistance as he passed through the four layers of the imprisonment formation. Yun Che executed Extreme Mirage Lightning and then rapidly increased his speed as he abruptly disappeared into the vast dark sky.

The darkness of the Darkya Realm was especially deep and profound, making it naturally easy to hide within it. Yun Che moved directly south, passing over a smaller half of Darkya City. After confirming that there was no one was tracking him from behind, he finally slowed down. Upon finding a secluded and unpopulated area nearby, he stopped and immediately used Hidden Flowing Lightning to retract his aura.

As for the wood spirit race boy who had been grabbed by Yun Che, he had remained exceptionally quiet from the moment they had fled until right now. The boy had not screamed or struggled at all and had been abnormally calm.

Not a sound could be heard around them as Yun Che pondered the words Ji Ruyan had said, as well as the words of the black clothed man. The sentence “this involves an upper star realm” especially caused him to worry. Could it be that some prestigious figure in an upper star realm had learned of the existence of the royal wood spirit? If so, then even if he fixed it now, it was undoubtedly a huge leak.

Not only had the sins of the Black Feather Merchant Guild completely come to light, it was very possible that some upper star realm would be greatly angered.

It was quite likely that as a result of this, he would be greatly pursued in the future… it wouldn’t be surprising even if the entire city were sealed.

The moment this royal wood spirit had fallen into his lap, he had likely become entangled in some great trouble which also involved an upper star realm.

An upper star realm was an existence which was an entire level higher than the Snow Song Realm. This meant that if the situation truly worsened, then not even the Snow Song Realm would be able to protect him… not to mention that he had currently fled the Snow Song Realm and was just by himself.

At the very least, he had used a fake name and completely changed his face whilst in the Black Feather Merchant Guild. Moreover, considering his Moon Splitting Cascade which was at the great perfection realm and his high skill in the art of disguise, it was no easy task to find him… Indeed, the only thing which could possibly be used to locate him was the black jade which Huo Rulie had given him.

After all, the Mister Ji of the Black Feather Merchant Guild had known that his piece of black jade had come from Huo Rulie! Hopefully this wouldn’t cause any trouble for the Flame God Realm.

Otherwise, it would be best for him to leave the Darkya Realm as soon as possible after procuring the Wood Spirit Orb!

Amidst the darkness, the wood spirit boy’s two pupils revealed an incredibly brilliant green glow, as if they were two flawless gleaming crystals. The two brilliantly green glowing eyes were completely devoid of anxiety and terror as the wood spirit boy looked at Yun Che and said in an innocent and pure voice, “Senior… thank you very much.”

Yun Che became dazed for a moment, then sneered and said, “Thank me? Oh, you can’t truly be naive enough to believe that I spent so many purple profound stones and offended such a great force just so that I could save you from them right?”

“I…” The wood spirit boy’s eyes remained clear as he looked Yun Che straight in the eyes. Suddenly, the boy lightly laughed as he said, “It is because I know that senior is definitely a good person.”

“Little brat, you are so naive it’s funny.” Yun Che’s voice was incredibly cold. However, as he stared right back into the boy’s green eyes, his mind suddenly relaxed. He had never before seen such a pure and innocent set of eyes. It was as if he were staring into a flawless mirror which was revealing to him all of the sins within his own heart and soul and causing them to remain before him.

Yun Che subconsciously averted his eyes. He no longer dared to look back into the child’s eyes. He forcefully tried to calm himself down as he said in an unnatural voice, “A good person? The number of people I have killed far surpasses the number of people that you have met in your entire life! You yourself know very clearly that the reason why I spent such a great amount of resources to obtain you was so that I could take the Wood Spirit Orb inside your body!”

“Will you obediently take it out for me or will I have to personally take matters into my own hands?”

A thick killing intent began to emanate from Yun Che’s body.

How could a wood spirit child possibly withstand the killing intent released by Yun Che? Fear finally appeared on the boy’s face as his body shrunk back and retreated. However, his pair of now fear filled eyes were still fixedly watching Yun Che, “I… I… No, no, it shouldn’t be like this. Senior is a good person, I… I can feel it. Please… senior please let me go… I will definitely repay you.”

Observing the child’s terrified state, Yun Che’s hands silently balled up into fists. His heart tightened but he nonetheless replied in a dark voice, “Repayment? The best repayment you can provide me is your Wood Spirit Orb! N~~ow!”

“Don’t, don’t be like this…” The wood spirit boy shook his head as he kept retreating. Then, the boy abruptly heavily fell to his knees, his eyes flooding with green tears as he pleaded, “Senior, I beg you to let me go. Although I am still young, I don’t fear death but… I absolutely cannot die here because… because my sister and I are the only remaining members of the wood spirit royal family who carry the bloodline. My sister is a girl but I… if I were to die, my wood spirit royal bloodline, along with the hopes of the entire wood spirit race, would come to an end… I absolutely cannot die. Senior, please let me go.”

Yun Che’s brows slightly twitched as he coldly responded, “Those are the matters of your wood spirit race. What relation do they have with me? All I want is your Wood Spirit Orb!”

Yun Che’s chest heaved as his voice became even colder and harsh, “Little brat, that group of people is definitely looking for me right now. Thus, my patience and time are extremely limited. Now I will give you ten breaths of time to decide. Either you obediently give me your Wood Spirit Orb or you can forcefully self-destruct your Wood Spirit Orb. Pick which manner of death is more respectable for you. Regardless, the result is the same for me. Otherwise, if you force me to move, I’m afraid your death will not be an easy one!”



“Se… senior! Please senior… please let me go. I truly cannot die.” The wood spirit boy knelt on the ground as he pleaded in terror.

“Eight!” Yun Che didn’t move as he produced a single, ice cold, and indifferent word in response.

“Senior, my wood spirit race has never brought harm to any other living organisms. We have also never done anything evil or unforgivable. Even when… even when you humans have practically killed our entire clan, we still have never committed any malicious acts towards humans out of our resentment and despair…”

Yun Che, “...”

“So many of my clansmen have died. My mother, in order to protect me, also died at the hands of humans. Even my sister… my last relation, has become separated from me. Perhaps I will never be able to meet her again in this lifetime… Why? Where… Just where did we commit so many mistakes for you humans to do this to us!”

“...Five!” Yun Che looked up as he took a deep breath.

“Senior!” Two crystal clear tears slowly slid down the wood spirit boy’s face. “My mother told me once, that although humans are massacring us, much of humanity is actually made up of good people. I know that senior is one of these good people. Because when I am beside senior, I do not feel afraid at all, unlike when I was with those bad people…”

“Three!” Yun Che’s breathing became slightly unsteady as he faintly gritted his teeth.

“Senior… please let me go… If I die right now, I will not have the face to see my parents… if… as long as senior lets me go, I will definitely repay you… whatever you want me to do, I will… I will try my best to accomplish it.”


Yun Che’s malicious gaze landed on the wood spirit boy. “I gave you an opportunity but since it still came to this… it seems like I can only personally take action after all! This is your fate and the fate of the entire wood spirit race! If you have resentment, then resent us all you want!”

Yun Che’s body abruptly turned as profound energy surged into his right arm and he went straight for the wood spirit boy’s chest with a clawed hand. The force was more than enough for him to easily penetrate through the wood spirit boy’s weak body.

“Senior!!” the wood spirit boy cried.


Currents of air were heavily torn apart as the wildly surging explosive energies suddenly became chaotic and dispersed. The palm of Yun Che’s hand stopped against the wood spirit boy’s chest like it had been blocked by an wall.

I… what am I doing? Just what am I doing right now…

Was he truly willing to forgo human morals to extinguish the life of an innocent wood spirit who held no hatred or resentment just for the sake of a possibility of receiving a Universe Penta Jade Pellet?

Moreover, it was only a child…

A child who carried the future of the entire wood spirit race on his back.

No… in my two lives, because of my resentment and anger, the number of innocent people have that died because of me is not small… if not me today, he will still end up dying at the hands of someone else. Moreover, I expended a great deal of profound stones and offended a powerful force to obtain him. It should be right for me to determine his fate without any qualms as I have completely gained the eligibility to do so…

His body carries the Wood Spirit Orb that I most desperately need… If I miss this opportunity, perhaps I will not be able to find another suitable Wood Spirit Orb before the Profound God Convention. I will not be able to meet Jasmine again!

“...” Yun Che’s chest heaved fiercely as complex and chaotic emotions emerged in his eyes. His palm which was almost touching the wood spirit boy’s chest had actually begun to violently tremble. Time and time again Yun Che justified his actions to himself but his palm, which should have easily been able to take the boy’s life at any moment, was no longer able to gather even the slightest amount of profound energy.

I… what is there to hesitate about…

“Hah… hah…” For a long period of time, everything was silent. It was as if the world had stopped in place around the two. The terrified wood spirit boy watched Yun Che, his face still pale white with terror. He didn’t dare to move at all. It was only after the icy cold night wind gusted by again that Yun Che’s breathing abruptly became heavy, as if he had just completed fighting a battle for his life.

Yun Che slowly clenched his hands and then gradually relaxed them.

“...Go… Leave at once!” As he turned around and raised his head to look at the dark night sky, his vision began to blur. However, for some reason, his heart and soul had become filled with calmness.

Why did it become like this...

Where have I changed!?