Chapter 1065 - A “Difficult” Choice

Chapter 1065 - A “Difficult” Choice

In an unknown world.

Yun Che’s submerged consciousness struggled to climb back to the surface.

Where is this place?

Can’t… must wake up… Master ran out of profound strength… seriously hurt… deadly poison… only I can save her now...

If I don’t, Master is dead for sure...

I must wake up!!

The Dragon Soul Domain he had poured every ounce of willpower into had created a miracle by temporarily suppressing the ancient horned dragon and causing both its final attack and its consciousness to crumble. Otherwise, both Mu Xuanyin and him would have perished under the ancient horned dragon’s final strike.

The greatest Dragon Soul Domain ever performed in history had caused the azure dragon image to explode mid roar. Naturally, the consequences were incredibly severe.

He had never felt so tired and heavy in his entire life. He doubted that he could recover his mental energy in full even if he were to fall asleep for several days and nights straight… but the worst part was that he couldn’t allow himself to fall asleep right now.

While Yun Che struggled his utmost to wake up, the slumbering soul of the phoenix and the golden crow ignited themselves from within the depths of soul. His heavy consciousness instantly brightened and the eyelids he couldn’t open, no matter how hard he tried, shakily moved upwards.

The moment his consciousness awakened, Yun Che immediately sat up and looked around him. What entered his vision was a vast, withered world and a scene that belonged to the Primordial Profound Ark’s internal space. Yun Che’s eyes swept around rapidly before they became fixed on the woman next to him, in an instant.

Mu Xuanyin was right next to him, within touching distance.

The main sect master of the Divine Ice Phoenix Sect and the Great Realm King of the Snow Song Realm could change the world of the Snow Song Realm with one word or silence it with one fit of anger. She was the strongest woman to ever grace Snow Song Realm and the miracle granted to Snow Song Realm by the heavens.

Right now, her snow-colored clothes were completely drenched in blood and her long hair had completely lost its icy luster. Her skin was like the surface of magnificent pearls and her countenance was flawlessly beautiful. Yet, her usual fearsomeness had left her entirely. She looked so tragically beautiful that it could shatter one’s heart.

This was the first time Yun Che got to observe Mu Xuanyin so closely… and perhaps, he was also the only person who got to look straight at her from this range. Even when both her lips and her face were deathly pale, they still couldn’t hide her otherworldly beauty and icy pride that shamed all others.

Yun Che’s eyes turned blank for an instant but he quickly recovered and crouched down on his feet, pressing a hand to her snowy white neck. His fingers trembled slightly the moment he touched her… it was because Mu Xuanyin’s body was normally ice cold because she cultivated Snow Song Realm’s greatest Ice Phoenix God Investiture Canon.

But right now, she was burning hot to his touch.

His heart abruptly clenched but it was immediately followed by mad joy.

Despite its faintness, he could sense a strong life aura hanging on, inside Mu Xuanyin’s body!

Although he managed to force himself to awaken, he had no idea how long he was actually out. That was why he was terrified up until this moment… but now, the stone that was crushing his heart and soul had suddenly vanished. Even the world seemed to have brightened up a lot.

Thank goodness… Phew! I was too naive. Of course someone as great as Master wouldn’t die this easily.

As long as she is still alive… I will definitely be able to save her! At the very least, I have to keep her alive.

Yun Che quickly put his left hand on the pit of Mu Xuanyin’s stomach and his right on her underbelly. The Sky Poison Pearl’s purifying powers and world spirit energy gushed into Mu Xuanyin’s body at the same time.



Suddenly, the space around them suddenly started to shake with extremely dull rumbles… in fact, it might have been shaking since he awoke. Yun Che hadn’t realized it until now because he was focusing all of his concentration on Mu Xuanyin.

Yun Che looked up in astonishment: What’s going on? This is the world inside the Primordial Profound Ark and it’s not like it’s under siege by a spatial storm like last time. So, why…?

He immediately split his consciousness to observe the world outside the Primordial Profound Ark. He was immediately shocked by what he saw.

Is this...

The bottom of the God Burying Inferno Prison?

He finally realized what had happened. After he fainted, the Primordial Profound Ark must have fallen naturally from the top of the Inferno Prison straight to the bottom because his soul was no longer controlling it.

F*ck! Hong’er’s sleeping during a critical moment, again!

The bottommost part of the God Burying Inferno Prison was a terrifying domain that was beyond the three great sect masters of the Flame God Realm and even a peak Divine Master’s abilities to reach. It was the historical remains of a Primordial True God and Yun Che had every reason to believe that its heat could only be endured by a Primordial True God.

Now that the True Gods were gone, he was the only living being, aside from the ancient horned dragons that were born from the God Burying Inferno Prison, who could survive this place.

As for profound arks… any other profound arks—even the strongest ones from upper star realms—would’ve burned into dust in the blink of an eye.

But the Primordial Profound Ark was a creation of a primordial god clan. Before Yun Che woke up, it had literally burned at the bottom of the Inferno Prison for several hours.

The fact that its internal world was shaking seemed to indicate that it had reached its limit.

Oh shit… I can’t take this risk!

Yun Che regained control of the Primordial Profound Ark with his consciousness and in an instant the ark moved swiftly to the surface until it escaped the Inferno Prison entirely, hovering in the red air.

The shaking of space finally came to a stop.

Yun Che didn’t have time to check if the Primordial Profound Ark was damaged, however. He focused all of his thoughts on purifying the horned dragon’s poison in Mu Xuanyin’s body and healing her.

The amount of poison in Mu Xuanyin’s body was tens of times greater than the amount Mu Bingyun had to bear with but because it had only circulated for a short time inside Mu Xuanyin’s body, it was actually easier to purify than Mu Bingyun’s poison. In just fifteen minutes, more than half of the poison was purified by the Sky Poison Pearl. The miraculous spirit energy of heaven and earth also helped stabilized her internal and external injuries, causing her life aura to grow steady and strong.

However, even after she had fully recovered, it would take a very, very long time before her near depleted profound strength and slumbering ice phoenix blood would recover. Moreover, it was said that her cultivation would decline because she had unleashed a forbidden ice phoenix formation and lost a large amount of blood essence.

It would take some time but he could help her recover her blood essence with the power of the Rage God. He could do nothing about her decline in cultivation, however. He could only hope that Huo Rulie’s words were just false rumors.

A long, long time later, the deadly poison in Mu Xuanyin’s body was finally purified in full. Yun Che exhaled loudly and sat down heavily. The true threat to Mu Xuanyin’s life was, without a doubt, the horned dragon’s poison. As long as it was completely purified, death was a difficult concept for Mu Xuanyin despite her empty reserves and severe internal injuries. Her incredibly vast cultivation foundation ensured that that was the case.

Finally relaxing, the wakefulness that Yun Che had forcefully injected into his consciousness immediately became as thin as a thread. He was just about to close his eyes and allow himself to faint… when he abruptly opened his eyes once more.

Wait a second. The horned dragon’s poison had been completely purified, right? So why is she still burning up?

Yun Che looked towards Mu Xuanyin and put his hand slowly on her snow white neck. He immediately realized that the heat that was burning at his skin earlier almost hadn’t declined at all.

What’s… what’s going on?

While feeling confused, Yun Che suddenly noticed Mu Xuanyin’s eyelashes fluttering once lightly. Then, she slowly opened her eyes...

“Master, you woke up!”

Yun Che hastily called out to her but Mu Xuanyin didn’t react to his call at all. Her cheeks looked unnaturally red and her eyes were misty and distant. Her vermillion lips parted slightly and the breath exiting her mouth was unusually soft. Yun Che could sense that the breath touching his face was burning hot, however.

What… what’s this!?

Wait! Could it be!?

Yun Che abruptly recalled something.

He recalled the time he had just completed the discipleship ceremony. At the time, in order to force him to snatch Mu Feixue’s ice phoenix vital yin, Mu Xuanyin, in a fit of rage, had forcefully injected a drop of horned dragon’s blood into his body!

The horned dragon’s blood was the culprit!

When the ancient horned dragon was knocked back by his sword and when Mu Xuanyin’s sword had pierced through the dragon fault, the sky had literally rained with dragon blood. Naturally, Mu Xuanyin and him were both covered in the dragon blood. However, he was unaffected because he was unharmed and the dragon blood didn’t enter his body. On the other hand, Mu Xuanyin was injured all over, so of course the dragon blood had entered her body.

In fact, the amount of dragon blood that had entered her body should be considerable!

Dragon breath contained deadly poison and dragon blood invoked incredible lust! Yun Che knew from experience just how scary a single drop of horned dragon blood could be, so the effects of a large amount of dragon blood was unimaginable even to him. If Mu Xuanyin was in her normal state, it would be all too easy for her to remove it. But now… even a drop of dragon blood could be fatal to her!

Dragon blood was not poison, so the Sky Poison Pearl couldn’t cleanse it from her veins. It was also impossible for him to remove it with his profound energy or he wouldn’t have forced himself into that miserable state that day. Thus, the only way to cure the dragon blood was...

“~!@#¥%…” The second the thought flashed through Yun Che’s mind, cold sweat broke out on his head and his heart came to a sudden stop.

That dreamy whimper that entered Yun Che’s ears was like the inviting moan of a witch. It instantly made Yun Che feel like his soul and his bones were melting inside his body.

While feeling utterly confused, he stared blankly at the beautiful hand being raised up and behind his neck. Her arm felt very soft and completely powerless and her eyes were misty and completely unfocused. As the horned dragon blood rampaged inside her body, she was instinctively, uncontrollably, and unconsciously seeking out Yun Che’s manly scent.

Yun Che’s heart began to beat several times faster than usual… no… I can’t… she’s my master… she’s the Great Realm King of the Snow Song Realm… If I did it...

She’d definitely kill me when she wakes up!!

He remembered the killing intent that had erupted from Mu Xuanyin after his accidental blasphemy that day as clear as yesterday. If Mu Bingyun hadn’t arrived in time, he might very well be dead already.

If that was already the consequence of touching her body, then… even if the reason he did it was to cure the dragon blood in her body, she would still tear him into countless pieces and no one could save him this time!!

Still… if he didn’t cure the dragon blood now, he had no doubt in his mind that she would die in her current state!

What should I do… what should I do!?

While his mind was warring against itself, his upper body was unconsciously pulled closer towards Mu Xuanyin by her arm. At this point her warm body was almost sticking entirely against his and although she was currently as weak as a kitten, the horned dragon blood drove her body to move here and there like a water snake. Her lips opened and close repeatedly as wet, warm air that smelled like flowers was exhaled.

The moans that sounded like lovely, dreamy murmurs instantly sucked away every last drop of moisture in Yun Che’s mouth. Lust raged inside his body and he abruptly clenched his teeth and roared in his head: I can’t, I absolutely can’t...

He abruptly tipped his head downward in order to avoid Mu Xuanyin’s unfocused eyes. However, it resulted in his gaze invading her half torn clothes, slipping down to her jade-smooth collarbones, onto a pair of trembling, well-shaped mounds.

Yun Che’s eyes were instantly spellbound as the raging heat in his body climbed near its boiling point. Then, determination slowly settled into his eyes.

My life or Master’s life… well, of course my master’s life is more important than mine!

Now, armed with a righteous cause, every bit of struggle instantly departed his body. He grabbed Mu Xuanyin’s snow white clothes with both hands and tore them apart in one move.

Rip. In that instant, when the gorgeous, alluring sight that Yun Che had only dared to dream about in his head presented itself clearly before his eyes, every drop of blood in his body nearly rushed into his head. Yun Che’s eyes turned into saucers, his ability to think departed his brain entirely as his body temperature closely rivaled Mu Xuanyin’s.

He opened his mouth but was unable to utter a word from his throat. He should be handling the unconscious Mu Xuanyin—whose body felt softer than a common girl—with incredible care… but when thought actually translated into action, he was a beast completely out of control.

As for his certain death that was sure to come some time in the future, he had long since thrown it out of his mind.