Chapter 1056 - A Clash of Divine Masters

Chapter 1056 - A Clash of Divine Masters

“That is the Snow Song Realm King?”

“Wha, she looks like a goddess… wow!” a male Golden Crow Sect disciple dazedly said aloud. When he realized what he had said moments later, he hurriedly covered his mouth as his body quivered.

Flames billowed and flooded the skies within the God Burying Inferno Prison, reminiscent of the descent of a final doomsday. As Mu Xuanyin appeared, the fiery scales covering the ancient horned dragon’s entire body stood on end as its aura instantly surged. The surrounding five hundred kilometers of the Inferno Prison also crazily exploded.

Amidst the raging Inferno Prison, the ancient horned dragon’s roar rang as it said in a voice full of anger and resentment, “It’s you again! You ugly and greedy humans, one day, you all will suffer heaven’s condemnation!”

“Hmph, perhaps but you will not live to see that day!”

Mu Xuanyin was expressionless as her cold voice rang through the sky. A blue light erupted atop her body. Abruptly, the raging sea of flames created by the enraged ancient horned dragon was completely settled. Even the flames billowing high above, which covered the sky, were completely stilled. Afterwards, icy blue lights radiating out from below Mu Xuanyin’s feet shot out towards the dragon at a shocking speed. At the same instant, this icy blue light also completely obscured everyone’s vision.


The three Flame God Sect Masters who were fixedly staring at the image projected by the profound formation all simultaneously burst out in cries of horror. As for the younger disciples and elders of the three sects, their eyes all bulged outwards in shock… They watched as the raging sea of blood colored flames was suddenly turned into a silent sea of blue ice by Mu Xuanyin with a simple wave of her hand!

Even a wide expanse of blue had emerged in the eternally crimson sky.

Yun Che’s mouth also hung open… if the shock had been any greater, his mouth might have fallen off. This was the Inferno Prison, the God Burying Inferno Prison where the most extreme blaze energy resided. This sea of flames was not ordinary in any way, yet it had suddenly all been turned to ice!

The terrifying power of a Divine Master was being completely demonstrated. Every single move caused results which changed heaven and earth. If any ghosts were present, it was likely that their souls would also be trembling from shock.

Even though the young disciples of the three Flame God Sect Masters had long since heard rumors of the Snow Song Realm King’s great power, they had absolutely never imagined that her power would have reached such an extent. The power demonstrated by the Realm King within the projection was something they couldn’t imagine, not even in their wildest dreams.


The ancient horned dragon roared as it was encased in ice. At the same time, the frozen Inferno Prison abruptly shattered the ice covering it and the skies were set ablaze once again. “You despicable greedy humans, this noble one will let you all be buried here for all eternity!!”

Boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom!!

It was as if tens of thousands of volcanoes were erupting at the same time atop the Inferno Prison. Tens of thousands of flames began to roil and surge, turning into flying dragons of fire as they thunderously crashed towards Mu Xuanyin. The ancient horned dragon itself also moved at this time, charging into the sky before viciously slamming downwards with its enormous tail that was even longer than its own body while also releasing a stream of dragon fire.


Regardless of how terrible and violent the dragons of fire were, they were all stopped before they reached within a couple hundred meters of Mu Xuanyin. As for the tail, which seemed to be able to destroy a continent, Mu Xuanyin silently watched as it descended before finally, casually, reaching out with an outstretched palm.

Although the ancient horned dragon’s strength was incredibly terrifying, the length of its entire body was only one kilometer. Within the dragon race, it could only be considered “petite”. But that was only in the dragon race. To Mu Xuanyin, this giant tail was still undoubtedly a huge existence. As the tail descended, it cast a shadow over Mu Xuanyin’s entire body. Facing it was Mu Xuanyin’s soft, delicate, outstretched palm. It was like a young tree trying to block a collapsing mountain.

The moment the two sides collided, a heaven shaking rumble permeated the prison.



Mu Xuanyin’s body slightly wavered as the ancient horned dragon abruptly raised its tail again and moved its body from amidst the Inferno Prison back into the sky with a harsh, ear shaking cry. Mu Xuanyin’s figure blurred as she used Moon Splitting Cascade to instantly appear in front of the ancient horned dragon, her snow white hand pressing onto the dragon’s head. Her eyes were indifferent and cold as streaks of blue light began to flicker within them.


The Inferno Prison crazedly exploded as the ancient horned dragon was blasted flying through the sky. Cries of pain rang out as it flew thousands of meters before crashing back into the Inferno Prison.

“Good!!” Huo Rulie couldn’t help but exclaim.

“In just a short span of a thousand years, the Snow Song Realm King’s profound strength has increased to this extent. She has been suppressing the ancient horned dragon since the moment she appeared. In the past, this has never happened before… truly terrifying.” Yan Juehai’s expression became intense.

For a Divine Master level expert, a distance of a couple thousand meters was nothing. Mu Xuanyin closed the gap in an instant as an icy white sword appeared in her hand.

The sword was thin and long, with its widest part no more than several centimeters. It completely reflected all light and had no luster, like a cluster of pure snow.

“The Snow Princess Sword!” a Vermillion Bird elder quietly uttered.

The horned dragon angrily roared, causing the skies to tremble and the earth to shake. At this moment, its strength abruptly soared to its limits due to its anger. Its entire body became enshrouded amid the flames which reached to the sky as the flames of the Inferno Prison, which began to burn even more intensely due to the dragon’s madness, completely engulfed the figure of Mu Xuanyin.

The Snow Princess Sword in Mu Xuanyin’s hand gently danced, encasing the sky full of flames in countless layers of ice before completely shattering them. Afterwards, the power of the Ice Phoenix, along with its world sealing powers, was used to mercilessly envelop the ancient horned dragon.

Fire froze to ice and ice melted back to fire as a human and a dragon danced. The clash between the two strongest existences in the Snow Song and Flame God Realms for their lives had begun. Due to the clashes between the two Divine Master level beings, the entire five hundred thousand kilometer God Burying Inferno Prison descended into chaos.

Boom… Boom…

On the northern shore of the Inferno Prison, wind wildly gusted as waves of flames crackled and raged, inciting cries of terror from the Flame God disciples. If not for various of the elders of the Flame God Realm guarding the sides and keeping it firmly sealed with their powers, the entire group would have long since been engulfed by the roiling tides of fire.

The area of the clash was a full tens of thousands of meters away from them… but the fluctuations of energy created by the clash were still able to reach them!

A clash between two Divine Master level beings… and it was one where they were both fighting for their lives. In the entire God Realm, this was already a sight which not many profound practitioners would be fortunate enough to see. If it weren’t for the Vermillion Bird Sect’s Will Projection, even if they knew what was happening, they would absolutely not be able to see it… because it was completely impossible for them to approach to a suitable range for viewing.

The sky within the Vermillion Bird projection was sometimes crimson and sometimes icy blue. Every time the two sides clashed, they would both fly back hundreds of meters. The two were like two shuttles flying back and forth every instant. As Yun Che watched this unbelievable scene unfold before him, he was suddenly reminded of when he had exchanged blows with his master, causing his scalp to abruptly turn numb.

It was clear that when exchanging blows with him, his master had not even used one ten thousandth of her own power… otherwise, even a hundred thousand lives would not have been enough for him.

Although he couldn’t sense the powers and clashes at his current level, he could still clearly tell that Mu Xuanyin was holding the advantage… and that she had quite a large advantage. The ancient horned dragon was pretty much being pressured at every moment. As for its occasional counterattacks, they were being easily guarded against by Mu Xuanyin.

Yun Che could also see that although Mu Xuanyin was hitting it heavily countless times… nothing atop the dragon seemed to be changing. Not even a single drop of blood could be seen.

This was the defense of a dragon’s body which was recognized by all as the strongest body amongst all living beings!

“It feels like something is not right,” Yan Juehai suddenly said.

Yan Wancang glanced at Yan Juehai as he said, “It seems like Sect Master Yan has also discovered it.”

Yun Che, “???”

Yan Juehai slowly nodded, “Its dragon fault contains no traces of any injuries… it is so strange. It if were the other parts, it would not be so strange for the injuries to recover but the dragon fault, how could it be possible for it to recover to such an extent in just one thousand years!?”

Yun Che’s gaze focused on the Vermillion Bird projection… concentrating his mind, he stared at the image. Very quickly, he saw an area centered within the ancient horned dragon’s abdomen which was a deeper crimson color than its surroundings.

That was the horned dragon’s dragon fault!?

“Ah?” Huo Poyun confusedly turned around, “How could it be? Shouldn’t it be impossible for the dragon fault to completely recover in a thousand years?”

The injury which the horned dragon had suffered a thousand years ago was an important factor for their success in killing the dragon this time.

However, as of this moment, the dragon’s dragon fault… was completely devoid of any injury, as if it had never been injured in the slightest!

“This…” Huo Rulie expression also changed.

“It seems like we miscalculated,” Yan Juehai sighed. “For a normal horned dragon, it might not be possible for it to heal its injured dragon fault in a thousand years. However, this ancient dragon is no ordinary horned dragon. It is one which was birthed by the God Burying Inferno Prison. Thus, it should naturally be able to use the power of the God Burying Inferno Prison to help it restore its dragon fault. If it’s like this, then it’s not entirely impossible for it to heal its dragon fault within one thousand years. Only, we always ignored this possibility in the past.”

This was indeed the only possible explanation.

The three great Sect Masters all simultaneously tightened their brows as the atmosphere around them also became somewhat depressed. Because the horned dragon’s dragon fault had recovered, the possibility of them successfully killing the dragon had also plummeted and if it couldn’t be killed, then Huo Poyun’s breakthrough attempt would be impacted… meaning the entire future of the Flame God Realm could be affected!

This was the first time and very likely the last time, in all history where one would be able to enter the Eternal Heaven Pearl to cultivate for three thousand years. If one missed this opportunity… it might never come again.

“Nonetheless, we do not need to be so pessimistic just because of this.” After a short bout of silence, Yan Wancang slowly said, “You two have also seen the Snow Song Realm King’s power. Compared to a thousand years ago, her power has increased by more than just a single level! As for the ancient horned dragon, it is already clearly using its full power, yet it is still being completely suppressed and pressured by the Snow Song Realm King. This has never happened before.”

“A thousand years ago, we were also fighting against the ancient horned dragon with an unharmed dragon fault. If not for the sudden, unforeseen occurrences and the dragon’s quick escape upon completion of its shedding, it is likely that we would have already succeeded. This time… considering the Snow Song Realm King’s strength, there is no reason for us to fail. Perhaps… in not even twenty hours…”

“No! It ought to be shorter than that!” Yan Juehai smiled, “In theory, the density of a human’s energy cannot be compared to the density of a dragon’s energy. Thus, in a fight, the Snow Song Realm King will have consumed a greater portion of her energy than the dragon after several hours, resulting in a gradual weakening. However, the Snow Song Realm King has always been diligently progressing her profound strength. It is not even certain… if that horned dragon is able to last that long. In this case, not only are our chances of success much higher, the time it should take will greatly decrease as well.”

“Good!” Huo Rulie vigorously shook his head as his previously crestfallen face abruptly became filled with deep hope yet again.

Amongst beings of the same level, the dragon was an absolutely invincible being. To kill a dragon was more than ten times harder than killing a person of the same level.

And this dragon’s large, unparalleled body and vitality had both reached the Divine Master level. Unless the power used was enough to completely crush it, it would take quite a long time. Based on Mu Xuanyin’s current showing, it would take a comparatively long time for her to kill it.

However, they only had twenty four hours to kill it. After twenty four hours, it would finish shedding its scales, allowing it to reenter the depths of the God Burying Inferno Prison again without becoming incinerated to ashes. Once the twenty four hours were up, it would be able to safely escape.

But, as Yan Juehai had said, when comparing the density of profound strength between humans and dragons in theory, dragons were much better off. Although the ancient horned dragon wasn’t as strong as Mu Xuanyin in terms of power, its energy reserve was much denser and deeper… and many many more times at that. Thus, if twelve hours were to pass and not a single severe injury had yet to be inflicted, the possibility of successfully killing the dragon would gradually diminish, as Mu Xuanyin would have consumed greater than seventy percent of her energy while the ancient horned dragon would not have consumed even half of its energy.

The conversation between the three sect masters caused Yun Che to inwardly exhale. At least, their conversation had provided him with some peace of mind.

The three sect masters all agreed that his master’s profound strength was much stronger than a thousand years ago and that she was currently completely suppressing the dragon. There was no way they were wrong.

Thus, regardless of whether or not the hunt was successful, at least his master would not be in any danger.

The sea of flames continuously writhed without rest. Through the earth below them, they could feel constant tremors. Everyone’s eyes were firmly locked onto the Vermillion Bird projection. No one dared to look away even for a moment, because it was likely that this would be the only opportunity in their lives for them to experience such a scene.

An hour passed but the fierce fight in the middle of the Inferno Prison had not eased at all. Instead, it had become even more intense. Mu Xuanyin’s pupils had brightened to the point where they seemed to be releasing frost and her snow white clothes were still free of any stains. As for the ancient horned dragon, its body was already covered in sword wounds and stained in its own blood. Moreover, almost thirty percent of its scales had already been broken.

Yan Wancang, Yan Juehai, and Huo Rulie’s faces were all becoming increasingly joyous with every moment as they all clenched their hands in excitement. Although these wounds were still a minor matter for the ancient horned dragon… it had taken Mu Xuanyin a full two hours to inflict wounds to such a degree last time.

But this time, it had taken no more than a hour!

The lowered spirits brought along by the horned dragon’s dragon fault recovering had already completely disappeared without a trace. As more and more wounds appeared on the ancient horned dragon’s body, they all began to see an increasingly clear image of success.

In the past, they had been deeply afraid and unaccepting of Mu Xuanyin’s power but now, they felt extremely fortunate because of it.

“Brother Yun, your master is truly…” Huo Poyun gulped, “is truly too strong. This time, we should be able to do it.”

“Hehe,” Yun Che laughed and then suddenly said, “Brother Poyun… as well as the three sect masters, this junior feels that it is a bit… unendurable. I might have to leave for a while.”

Yun Che’s words caused all three sect masters to simultaneously turn their heads and look at him. Their focus had previously all been concentrated on the Vermillion Bird projection but now, as they looked at Yun Che, they realized that his face had become a fiery crimson red and that his body was drenched in sweat.

At this time, they finally remembered that Yun Che was a disciple of the Snow Song Realm whose cultivation had only reached the Divine Origin Realm. It should have been impossible for him to have endured the aura of the Inferno Prison for so long.