Chapter 1052 - Doing Yet Another Favor

Chapter 1052 - Doing Yet Another Favor

As soon as Huo Rulie and Huo Poyun left, Yun Che made his move with lightning speed. With the center of his palm pressed at the center of Huo Ye’s chest, he immediately channeled the power of the Rage God, causing the spirit energy of the heaven and earth to slowly and carefully flow into his body… It seemed as if a trickling stream was pouring onto a dried-up desert.

Huo Ye was in an extremely bad condition and there was only a wisp of life-force left in his body. Therefore, Yun Che wanted to stabilize his life force first, but he needed to be as prudent as possible… He used nearly two whole hours before reaching the point where the spirit energy of the heaven and earth started to overflow from Huo Ye.

Afterwards, his left hand shone faintly with green light as he placed the tip of his finger between his brows and used the purification power of the Sky Poison Pearl to cover his whole body with utmost carefulness.

Medically, Huo Ye’s body had completely stopped working and he didn’t have any energy left in him. His body was so utterly messed up that Yun Che was absolutely certain that he was unable to save him with his medical skills, no matter what he tried. If his condition wasn’t so serious, there was no reason for the distinguished Golden Crow Sect Master of the Flame God Realm to be able to do nothing except feeling despair at the state of his son.

But, there was one another thing in this world, besides the medicinal arts, that could save Huo Ye—the power possessed by Yun Che.

Huo Ye’s totally crippled and dried-up body could only recover with the help of the spirit energy of the heaven and earth.

In addition, medicinal arts were incapable of opening the blockages throughout his body but the ultimate purification power of the Sky Poison Pearl was able to accomplish it!

One more hour passed and the purification power of the Sky Poison Pearl finally covered Huo Ye’s entire body, with no unforeseen incident happening during the process. Yun Che felt a bit relaxed and let out a long sigh of relief. He mumbled to himself, “You’re lucky to have met me… and it’s also a fortunate matter that you have the Golden Crow bloodline. Otherwise, it would be almost impossible for me to to be capable of saving you, even if my Great Way of the Buddha had reached the fifth realm.”

“I hope that after you’re saved, the two realms stop being so hostile to each other.”

The biggest difficulty in this healing process was to successfully see it to its completion. At once, the rate of the spirit energy of the heaven and earth and purification power surging through Huo Ye’s body increased even further and his barely surviving life force speedily radiated with vitality, like a sprout being rejuvenated and watered by spring breeze and rain. As the blockages were opened, blood started to slowly flow through his vessels and his completely dead meridians began to wriggle slightly, after remaining inactive for a very, very long period of time…

Two hours, four hours, six hours…

Waiting outside the door, Huo Rulie was feeling ceaselessly irritated and anxious. Had Huo Poyun not continuously dragged on and persuaded him, he would have already rushed inside, without any concern for the instruction given to him before.

But as more and more time passed, Huo Rulie actually began to be a bit hopeful for a positive outcome… Because Yun Che was definitely not a person who would speak without thinking. Moreover, it was true that the result of his treatment couldn’t be any worse than it was.

Eventually, after a very long period of six hours, Yun Che’s tired voice resounded beside their ears, “Sect Master Huo, you can come in now.”

As if being set afire, Huo Rulie quickly pushed open the door and entered the house. Huo Poyun followed closely behind him.

Just as earlier, Huo Ye was calmly lying on the pile of profound crystals. There was no change in his posture. The moment Huo Rulie rushed inside, he caught sight of Huo Ye’s eyes… and instantly fell into a daze. Because not only did his eyes not contain the look of hopelessness that he had become accustomed to… they also appeared to be almost shining.

Seeing Huo Rulie, Huo Ye slightly moved his lips, as he said in a hoarse voice, “Fa…ther.”

Even though his voice sounded hoarse and weak, it was quite audible. Hearing Huo Ye calling out to him, Huo Rulie stood blankly in place, as if he had just heard two sudden claps of thunder. He felt a burst of dizziness and his body inclined sideways, leaning heavily against the wall on the side. If not for Huo Poyun promptly supporting him, he might have ended up kneeling paralyzed on the floor.

“Senior Brother Huo Ye, you…” Huo Poyun saw an unprecedented expression in Huo Ye’s eyes. Although his face was still deathly pale, it no longer seemed to be unbearably dried-up as it had been until now… and was instead covered in a layer of clearly perceivable vitality.

“Junior Brother Poyun…” Huo Ye uttered, as a faint smile gradually appeared on his pale face. “I can finally… get a clear look at you.”

He was speaking in a very slow and low voice but each and every word of his was very audible. Huo Poyun opened and closed his lips repeatedly but couldn’t say a thing due to feeling ecstatic at the great change in Huo Ye’s condition.

“Ye’er… Ye’er!”

Huo Rulie shouted twice, as though he was in a dreamy state. He pounced forward with tottering steps and knelt down in front of the profound crystals. When he was getting near, he had even more clearly felt the aura of Huo Ye’s life force, which made him to so excited that he found it hard to believe his senses. He reached out his hand and cautiously placed it on his son. As he probed into Huo Ye’s body, he once again fell into a daze and didn’t recover his self-possession for a long time.

Not only was his body suddenly brimming with a hundred times more vitality than before, he distinctly sensed the flow of his blood too. Huo Ye’s internal organs were wriggling… and Huo Rulie could even feel his meridians!

“Father, is this all true… or is your child having a dream?” Huo Ye inquired but there was a faint smile on his face… It was Huo Rulie’s first time seeing him giving a sincere smile in the past thousand years.

Huo Ruie’s body intensely shook, after which he raised his hand and firmly slapped his own face.


The slap was extremely resounding, loud enough to be heard from a couple of kilometers away. As his cultivation had reached the Divine Sovereign Realm, it was only natural that the right side of his face has turned completely red. He stretched out his hand to his face and tears immediately streamed out of his eyes due to intense pain. Afterwards, he surprisingly began to cry hardly like a child.

“It is true… everything you are experiencing right now… is true, Ye’er…”

Due to crying bitterly and becoming extremely emotional, he couldn’t even speak a phase properly for a long while.

“This is… simply a miracle.” Huo Poyun muttered, before looking towards Yun Che and sighing deeply, “Brother Yun, you’re the most extraordinary person that I’ve ever known.”

It was only now that Huo Rulie finally recalled Yun Che’s existence. At once, he turned around his head to see Yun Che squatting in place with a tired expression. Evidently, he had to spend a huge amount of his power for the treatment. Huo Rulie wiped off his tears and said with his still trembling voice, “Young Yun, you… you… Ye’er… truly…”

Huo Rulie was so excited at the moment that he could only speak incoherently. Perhaps, he himself didn’t know what exactly he wanted to say, either. Yun Che said in a straightforward manner, “As Sect Master Huo should have already checked, there’s nothing to worry about any longer. Brother Ye has recovered quite a lot and his life is out of danger now. Junior only needs to treat him with the same method two more times and then, normal healing spirit herbs will be enough to help his body heal bit by bit. Quite likely, Brother Ye will fully recover within two to three years.”

“Ah…” Huo Rulie wide opened his mouth. The stinging pain on his face was telling him that everything he was hearing and seeing was absolutely not some dream. But such a pleasant surprise was just too huge for him to believe, making it all seem so imaginary that it felt as if was in a dream. He opened his lips a few times before asking almost unconsciously, “Then… then… can he… get married and give birth to a child?”

The thing that hurt him the most was to see the end of his bloodline.

Yun Che rubbed his nose and said in an unhurried tone, “It seems Sect Master Huo didn’t hear my words clearly. Junior said that he’ll be fully recovered, ‘fu-lly-recovered!’ Since he’ll be fully healed… naturally, he won’t be facing any sort of issue with respect to those things.”

“Ah… heh…hehe... hahaha…heh….” Huo Rulie bent over in place and laughed like a deranged person.

“Master, Senior Brother Huo Ye, that’s great! That’s really, really great!” Huo Poyun felt happy from the bottom of his heart and his eyes were also holding tears in them. He was the one who would usually stay the closest to Huo Rulie and had clearly seen the enormity of the pain Huo Rulie and Huo Ye had endured all these years.

If Huo Ye could truly attain a full recovery, it would be as good as a rebirth not only to him but also to Huo Rulie.

“However… I would like to ask Sect Master Huo to keep it a secret that it was me that treated Brother Huo Ye. Otherwise, it will very possibly bring trouble,” Yun Che said in reminder.

Huo Rulie quickly nodded, like a chick pecking at rice. “Right! Absolutely right! Secret, we must keep it a secret!” Currently, he was so excited that his mind was in an unclear and disorganized state. He didn’t even know how to express his gratitude to Yun Che, so it was obvious that he would agree to his every word, “If I, Huo Rulie, speak anything of the treatment, may the heaven strike me with five bolts of lightning.”

“Brother Yun, rest easy. I, Huo Poyun, won’t speak a word about it,” Huo Poyun said with a heavy nod.

“Other than that, I also have a news that may not sound that nice. Sect Master Huo, I hope you’re mentally prepared for it,” Yun Che said in a calm voice.

Huo Rulie was taken aback at his words. Immediately, a tense look surfaced on his face.

“Junior is confident that Brother Huo Ye’s body will fully recover within three years and there will be no problem with becoming as healthy and fine as a normal person. But, it is certainly not possible… for his profound strength to recover. Furthermore, his profound veins are different from others and have been left in a dried-up and wasted condition for too long. Therefore, they will recover at an extremely slow rate. According to my estimation, Brother Ye will at least need thirty years before he can start cultivating his profound strength.”

As soon as he finished his words, the surroundings became pin-drop silent for a long, long while. Huo Rulie was slack-jawed and the expression on his face wasn’t one of regret or disappointment but an even more excitement. “You… you mean to say… Ye’er… can cultivate his profound strength once again!?”

“Eh, of course.” Yun Che nodded. “Although Brother Ye’s profound veins are severely injured and have been exhausted of power for a long period already, his foundation has yet not experienced complete damage and Junior was somehow able to rouse it. If it was someone else, it would not be possible. But Brother Ye has the Golden Crow bloodline and… it is no issue to Sect Master Huo to obtain all kinds of high level profound crystals. With the gradual recovery of Brother Ye’s Golden Crow bloodline, along with the effect of high level profound crystals, his profound veins can certainly recover in thirty years.

“...Huu…” Huo Rulie’s chest fiercely undulated. He wouldn’t have believed such words at all, if it was some other person saying them. But after seeing Huo Ye’s condition, he would absolutely believe Yun Che, no matter how inconceivable he might sound. He let out a long and heavy breath, before rushing over to Huo Ye once more. He said with incomparable excitement, “Ye’er, did you hear!? You’re going to be completely fine. Not only that, you can once again cultivate profound strength after a short thirty years… You heard that, right?”

“!@#¥%…” The corners of Yun Che’s eyes bent oddly… It seems that the time of thirty years is very short to the people of the God Realm. I was worrying in vain that such a news would be a blow to them.

Huo Ye opened his mouth, as he looked at Yun Che, “Brother Yun… you’ve done me a favor again, which I’m really unable to repay.”

But Yun Che said, “No need for thanks. It’s my master who injured you in the first place. What I did for you is far, far insufficient to make up for the pain you went through all these years. I only ask that… you don’t resent my master too much.”

However, Huo Ye lightly but resolutely shook his head, “No, I’ve never resented your master. At that time, I was full of youthful vigor and had no idea idea about the fearsomeness of the Divine Master Realm. I sneakily approached the hunting site, wanting to see the true appearance of the ancient horned dragon… Everything that happened, is the result of my own actions, so there’s no way I would resent your master. I also advised father against doing anything ill-natured many times but father had lost all reason and ended up doing what he did… It should be me apologizing to your esteemed master and Senior Bingyun.”

Yun Che, “…”

“Yes, yes, yes. Ye’er is right.” Huo Rulie promptly nodded his head. “Back then, I definitely lost all my reason and committed a big sin. Ye’er, as long as you get better, let alone apologizing to the two in person, I’d even be willing to kowtow eight hundred times to them. Alright, now you stop wasting your energy talking and take a good rest.”   

“No…” But Huo Ye shook head in response and said in a light voice, “It has been so long… since I felt alive in the real sense… Let me… enjoy this feeling for a little while longer…”

His words caused Huo Rulie to tremble intensely, as he lowered his head deeply. His shoulders kept shaking and he couldn’t say a thing for a long time.

“Brother Poyun, let’s go out.” Yun Che got up on his feet.