Chapter 1048 - First Step into the Flame God Realm

Chapter 1048 - First Step into the Flame God Realm

“There must be no issue if Sect Master Yan says so,” Yun Che said before continuing, “Junior feels that Master will very likely succeed in the hunt.”

“Oh right, may I know about the exact location of the dragon fault on the body of the ancient horned dragon?” Yun Che asked curiously. After all, it was the first time he had heard that the horned dragon had such a weakness like the dragon fault.

“It’s located right in the center of its belly,” Yan Wancang replied. “Actually, not all dragons have a dragon fault. The horned dragon not only has a dragon fault, it also exists at the most conspicuous place among the dragon race. The reason behind such a difference might be related to its inability to take the shape of a person. However Young Yun, do keep in mind that if you ever get forced into a situation where you’ve no choice but to fight a true dragon, even if it’s a horned dragon you’re facing, do not ever attempt to proactively aim for its dragon fault. It will only lead to an increase in the danger.”

Yun Che gave a deep nod, “Junior thanks Sect Master Yan for the enlightening instruction.”

“Hah…” Looking at Yun Che, Yan Wancang let out a deep sigh all of a sudden, “It’s such a pity that you’re still too young and the Profound God Convention is right around the corner. If it was to be held ten-odd years later, allowing you sufficient time to grow, it would be absolutely possible for you enter the top thousand. Even I am unable to fathom what heights you’ll reach before the next convention three thousand years from now… It’s really so regrettable.”

He shook his head heavily, as he sighed from the bottom of his heart.

Yun Che, “…”

“Now that someone like Poyun has appeared and the Profound God Convention is going to be held soon, the horned dragon hunting this time is extremely important to our Flame God Realm. So long as the hunt turns out to be a success, with the combined efforts of us three sect masters, Poyun will definitely be able to undergo a thorough transformation once again. Consequently, his odds of entering the top thousand in the Profound God Convention will also greatly increase. It’s extremely likely that… his experience in the Eternal Heaven Divine Realm will be of great assistance to him in becoming the first ever Divine Master of my Flame Divine Realm.”  

Yan Wancang raised his head. It was easy to make out that he was really looking forward to it and was also feeling very tense. “We need to succeed this time at all costs… and everything depends on your master. Although it has been decided that both parties will take whatever they need after the hunt, the Flame God Realm will certainly remember the favor, if we are able to attain our goal perfectly.”

The air around them abruptly grew restless. Yan Wancang slowly got to his feet, “Looks like we’ve arrived at our destination.”

The Flame God Realm was similar and yet quite the opposite of the Snow Song Realm. It had been a burning hot realm since time immemorial, with an extremely high density and activity of fire elements. The hot temperature was far beyond the endurance limit of an ordinary person but it was a paradise for the inheritors of fire attribute bloodlines, fire attribute profound beasts and cultivators of fire attribute profound arts.

The Flame God Realm was formed on an ancient flame vein. Similar to the case with Snow Song Realm, the flame vein had already existed there since the ancient Era of Gods. At the core region of the flame vein, there was a vast sea of fire spanning an expanse of nearly fifty thousand kilometers—the God Burying Inferno Prison!

The inhabitants of the Flame God Realm held the utmost reverence for the flame vein and the God Burying Inferno Prison. Furthermore, they had never stopped exploration of the God Burying Inferno Prison during these countless years. Unfortunately, none of them had ever managed to reach the bottom of the God Burying Inferno Prison… just as no one had ever reached the bottom of the Heavenly Netherfrost Lake.

As the God Burying Inferno Prison was far, far greater than the Heavenly Netherfrost Lake, whose end could be seen at a glance, it could be even considered as an ancient miracle.

When the profound ark stopped and Yun Che got out, he was suddenly met with a blast of hot air. The air of the Flame God Realm was completely opposite to the chilly and calm air of the Snow Song Realm. It was scorching hot and agitated, as if they had stepped into a burning furnace.

The sky was astonishingly deep crimson colored, like a piece of iron that had been heated until it turned red. It was not clear whether it looked so due to its proximity to the God Burying Inferno Prison or was a characteristic of the sky of the Flame God Realm.

Yan Wancang looked toward Yun Che to ask about his condition but before he could say anything, he was taken aback by the sight before him. He thought that Yun Che would be extremely uncomfortable here because he was cultivating ice attribute profound arts and had also stayed in the Snow Song Realm for a long period of time. However, when he noticed his unchanged expression and especially calm aura, he decided to talk about something else while feeling strange inwardly. “We are at the central region of the Flame God Realm. The God Burying Inferno Prison is a short distance of several kilometers to the South.

Yan Juehai continued after him, “Currently, people from our three sects have been stationed at this place so that we could mobilize them at any time. We also made use of this opportunity to bring along some young disciples, in order to have them gain valuable experience. Oh right! Poyun is also here. He will definitely be very happy upon finding out that you’ve come to our realm.

Suddenly, a cold aura passed by them and drove away all the scorching hot air in an instant. At once, the surroundings became incomparably tranquil and chilly. Yun Che clearly saw the bodies of the two great sect masters, Yan Wancang and Yan Juehai, trembling intensely due to the chilliness.

The figure of Mu Xuanyin appeared in front of them. She was looking straight at the God Burying Inferno Prison to the south.

“Snow Song Realm King…”

Just as Yan Wancang opened his mouth to speak, Mu Xuanyin’s chilly figure flashed before his eyes and then she disappeared without a trace. Only her heart-freezing and bone-piercing voice could be heard from afar, “This king is going to take a look at the God Burying Inferno Prison. Che’er, you stay there. You are not allowed to casually wander around or get closer to the God Burying Inferno Prison.”

“Understood,” Yun Che replied obediently.

Once the chilliness in the surroundings faded away, Yan Wancang and Yan Juehai let out long sighs of relief. It was only when he stroked his forehead unconsciously that he discovered it was covered with a thin layer of ice and frost. Immediately, he sighed with emotion. “The profound strength of the Snow Song Realm King has progressed even further compared to the time a thousand years ago… It’s really frightening.”

They had just arrived at the Flame God Realm but Mu Xuanyin didn’t hesitate to straight away leave him in the care of Yan Wancang and Yan Juehai.

The ground was dried up and was emitting quite a strong burning smell, as if it could ignite at any moment. It was completely barren as far as he could see, with no sign of vitality. He caught sight of a large number of human figures in the area. They were obviously from the three great sects, namely Vermilion Bird Sect, Phoenix Sect and Golden Crow Sect. Yun Che used his consciousness to scan the area but didn’t discover anything else other than the fiery aura from the people of the three great sects.

Even Yan Wancang, Yan Juehai, and Huo Rulie were present in the place to carry out a major event such as hunting an ancient horned dragon. It was natural that all those who were allowed to come here were extraordinary people. Each of them was emitting an aura that was several times time more terrifying than that of a volcanic eruption. It was clear that even those young profound practitioners must be the outstanding disciples of the three great sects.

A figure arrived before them, bringing along a scorching gust of wind. It was none other than Huo Rulie, the sect master of Golden Crow Sect. He asked at once, “Mu Xuanyin has already come? Hmm…  Young Yun?”

“Yun Che stepped forward, “Junior Yun Che pays respect to Sect Master Huo.”

“Hoho, the Snow Song Realm King has left to personally examine the God Burying Inferno Prison.” Yan Wancang looked around as he replied with a laugh. “Where is Poyun?”

Huo Rulie gave Yun Che a deep glance. “I didn’t think that she would actually bring along this kid with her. Hmph! It’s nothing surprising I guess. Sect masters, there are things you need to handle, so please go and take care of them. We can’t allow any mishap to happen during this hunt… As for Young Yun, I’ll have Poyun accompany him.”

“Hahaha,” Yan Juehai let out a long laugh, “That would be for the best.”

Then, Yan Wancang and Yan Juehai left to take charge of their duties. Now that he was left alone with the Huo Rulie, the foe of his master, as well as the one who maliciously plotted against Mu Bingyun, Yun Che naturally couldn’t stay as relaxed as he was with the other two sect masters. As if he had seen through his thoughts, Huo Rulie said all of a sudden, “You don’t need to be so tense, Young Yun. I may not get along with your master but… I, Huo Rulie, owe you a great favor!”

Yun Che cast a sideways glance at the other party in surprise… He was astonished to see that the sect master of Golden Crow Sect, who was comparable to a realm king, would actually say such words to a young disciple.

“That day when Poyun lost miserably to you, I felt extremely anxious looking at his dejected state,” Huo Rulie said with wrinkled brows. “Poyun has an extremely high talent and consequently, is a very proud individual. He had never experienced a defeat since he was young and had also never come across anyone with a better ability over elemental laws but on that day, he tasted defeat for the first time and a crushing one at that.”

“Hah…” Huo Rulie let out a very heavy sigh, “Watching a person like him, who hadn’t experienced a defeat before, take the initiative to admit his loss, it was easily noticeable that he had suffered a huge blow. There’s no doubt that it would have taken him an extremely long time to recover from the trauma, if not for your words. It was also possible that he might have become unable to recover after the setback. At that time, no one would have the ability to help him get back on track. But, you proactively saving him… not only helped him regain his spirit, he also truly understood the fact that there is always someone better out there. When he returned to the sect, he began to cultivate a lot more ardently and devotedly than in the past. His frame of mind, in particular, underwent a slight transformation, which was immensely gratifying to me.”

“It is all thanks to you.”

Yun Che shook his head, as he said humbly, “Sect Master Huo is praising me too much. Junior was only able to gain the victory after resorting to a trick. As such, I really meant what I told to Brother Poyun.”

“Hmph! Although I find your master displeasing to the eye…” Huo Rulie suddenly slapped his chest, “You’re countless times more pleasing to me than your master. If you fancy anything in my Golden Crow Sect or want to try something, feel free to let me know about it!”

“...” His amazing generousness left Yun Che at a loss for words.

“I called for that Poyun just a while ago. He’ll be here very soon. Let him take you wherever you want to go.”

While Huo Rulie was talking with Yun Che, he suddenly heard the hurried sound of footsteps quickly approaching them from afar.

“Sect Master… Sect… Sect Master!!”

A middle-aged man in Golden Crow robe dashed over with a flushed face. He looked deeply panicked.

Huo Rulie frowned and said in a reprimanding tone, “For what reason are you so flustered!?”

“Young Master… Young Master, he…”

Hearing the two words “Young Master,” Huo Rulie at once rushed ahead and grabbed the other party’s shoulders, as if he had been set afire, “What happened to Ye’er? Hurry up and speak!!”

“All of a sudden… Young Master’s vitality plunged into disorder and he won’t be able to… hold on much longer.”  


A mass of Golden Crow flames erupted as Huo Ruolie let loose his power. Yun Che was blown away into the distance due to the fierce blast and barely managed to avoid vomiting blood. Huo Rulie had already disappeared by this time to some unknown place.

“Such a terrifying force.” Yun Che mumbled with a hand on his chest. Then, he let out a heavy breath.

Young Master… Was he talking about Huo Rulie’s son? The person Master accidentally injured a thousand years ago?

Reportedly, Huo Rulie didn’t hesitate to spend an immeasurable amount of resources during these past thousand years to keep him alive… just as Mu Xuanyin did for Mu Bingyun.

Looking around him, Yun Che immediately felt depressed.

When the two great sect masters personally arrived at the Snow Song Realm to receive them, he thought that perhaps he would be going to Vermilion Bird Sect or Phoenix Sect and could enjoy the treatment of the honored guest of a great realm due to the distinguished identity of his master. Who would’ve thought that he would be brought to the barren land in the vicinity of the God Burying Inferno Prison…

After their arrival in this realm, Mu Xuanyin abandoned him first and then Yan Wancang and Yan Juehai left him behind with Huo Rulie… Soon after, Huo Rulie also disappeared without a trace.

The Flame God Realm deserves criticism… for treating their guest in such a manner!

Left all alone in a unfamiliar land, Yun Che didn’t dare to walk around carelessly and could only wait in place. It was at this time that three young profound practitioners rapidly drew closer from the direction of the God Burying Inferno Prison. Their bodies were releasing extremely active flame auras and it seemed as though they just finished some kind of training in the God Burying Inferno Prison.

“They’re from Golden Crow Sect,” Yun Che mumbled as he sensed the flame auras of the three young profound practitioners.

But when the three of them passed by him, they suddenly came to a halt and their gazes and auras simultaneously locked onto him.

“Who are you? Why have you come to this place?” The voice of a girl called out to him vigilantly, without the slightest hint of politeness.

As it was currently the period when the ancient horned dragon sheds its scales, this whole region had been sealed by the three sects of the Flame God Realm and it had become a prohibited place. No outsider was allowed to take even half a step in here. Yun Che was not only wearing a dazzlingly snow-white robe, his body also didn’t possess the aura that was characteristic to the three sects. Hence, it was natural for them to be immediately on guard.

Yun Che turned around, as he said courteously, “This humble one is Yun Che, from the Snow Song Realm.”

This group of youngsters was comprised of two males and a female, that appeared to be quite young. Their ages were similar to Mu Xiaolan and they were twenty years old at most, but it was astonishing to discover that their profound power had reached the first level of the Divine Soul Realm!

Mu Xiaolan was accepted into the Ice Phoenix Palace with her cultivation of Divine Origin Realm. It was clear that reaching such a realm at her age was deemed as an extremely high aptitude. However, the three youths were around the same age as her but their cultivations had far surpassed hers.

It was just as he expected. Each and every person brought here to watch the horned dragon hunting from the sidelines was an extraordinary disciple of the three great sects..

To Yun Che’s surprise, as soon as he reported his name, the youngsters had a great change in their expressions at the same time.

“Yun Che!? You’re that Yun Che from the Snow Song Realm!?”