Chapter 1045 - Exterminating a Divine Tribulation Realm Existence Once Again

Chapter 1045 - Exterminating a Divine Tribulation Realm Existence Once Again

Yun Che didn't continue to retreat any further. He looked fixedly at the Feathered Ice Spirit Flower for a long while and then actually began to slowly walk forward. He approached the extremely dangerous giant ice armored ape step by step but his eyes were still looking in the direction of the Feathered Ice Spirit Flower.

Mu Xuanyin clearly understood his intention when she saw him act in such a manner. She felt angry in her heart, "You scoundrel! You're risking your life for a moment of greed? This brat never learns his lesson!"

"Especially, why is he behaving like this for a mere Feathered Ice Spirit Flower!? In the Heavenly Netherfrost Lake, you can easily find a variant flower, which would be far better than that one!"

Yun Che gradually drew closer, making his way ahead at an extreme slow pace. The aura emanating from the giant ape grew increasingly fearsome as he got closer and closer to it.

Although he was taking a great risk by doing so, Yun Che was still quite confident in achieving his goal. Using Moon Splitting Cascade to conceal his figure, along with Hidden Flowing Lightning which concealed his aura, he was confident that unless the giant ape released his spirit sense and proactively looked around vigilantly, it'd be very difficult for it to discover his existence, even if he was only around thirty meters away from it.

Furthermore, it was currently in slumber.

Amidst the ice-cold silence, Yun Che continued to walk forward while maintaining his extremely slow pace and quietly arrived before the Feathered Ice Spirit Flower. He didn't experience any surprises or danger on his way to the flower. Yun Che was only ten meters away from the giant ice armored ape at present. He could faintly sense it letting out a heavy breath in its sleep.

But, there was no unusual change in the giant ice armored ape's aura. It was evident that it hadn't sensed his presence.

Yun Che was even more surprised when he looked at the Feathered Ice Spirit Flower from up close. It was only the size of an adult's palm and its seven petals looked like tail feathers. Each petal was disseminating a distinct aura, as if all of them were independent lifeforms.

The flower was emitting a cold, white light, giving it a particularly magnificent and beautiful appearance. However, when Yun Che slowly brought his palm closer to it, he didn't feel the chilliness characteristic to the ice-attribute flowers. Instead, he felt a warm and comfortable feeling, that made people feel at ease.

"Alright..." Yun Che lightly touched the Feathered Ice Spirit Flower with utmost carefulness. The Sky Poison Pearl glowed with a faint light, after which the flower was plucked off the stem.

Watching the whole process from high above in the sky, Mu Xuanyin frowned slightly, "Let me teach you a lesson!"

One should risk their life when it was required to accomplish their objective but it was certainly a great taboo to do so just to satisfy your greed for an unnecessary thing. What made her especially angry was that even though he knew that the Heavenly Netherfrost Lake had countless spirit flowers and all kinds of herbs, he still took the risk of getting closer to a profound beast in the Divine Tribulation Realm in order to obtain a mere Feathered Ice Spirit Flower. His action was totally ridiculous!

She lightly pointed her finger. A blue light burst out at once, with a tip as sharp-looking as a needle.

Yun Che deeply glanced at the Feathered Ice Spirit Flower while holding it between his palms. Just when he was going to place it inside the Sky Poison Pearl, an abrupt change happened in his surroundings. A sense of fatal danger immediately pricked at the nerves throughout his body.


The calm airflow in the place grew intensely agitated like a tsunami. The giant ice armored ape got up and let out a sky-shaking bellow. Yun Che, who was only ten meters away, nearly vomited blood due the shockwaves generated by it. As the giant ape crazily unleashed its power, the ice and snow in the surroundings burst apart because of the impact. Yun Che's figure was also exposed in no time and the eyes of the giant ice armored ape, that were releasing the light of madness and wrath, clearly caught sight of the Feathered Ice Spirit Flower in his hand.

"...?!!" Yun Che paled in fright. He quickly stored the flower in the Sky Poison Pearl before dashing away like a thunderbolt.

No matter what creature, all of them would need some time to fully sober up after awakening from their sleep. Therefore, even though the giant ice armored ape woke up the moment he plucked off the Feathered Ice Spirit Flower, he was confident in safely leaving the place.

But, the giant ice armored ape seemed so violent, as if it had been firmly stabbed with a knife. It was in deep slumber just a moment ago, releasing an incomparably calm aura. And now, it appeared to have gone completely berserk, right after awakening from its sleep.

Damn it... Yun Che gnashed his teeth.

How did things turn out this way? Could it also be a characteristic of the violent profound beasts living in Mist End Valley?

It was naturally no coincidence that the giant ice armored ape was sleeping in the vicinity of the Feathered Ice Spirit Flower. It chose the location because the aura of the flower had an extremely strong attraction power to it. Even if it wasn't awakened in such a startling way, it'd have soon woken up on its own due to the absence of the aura from the Feathered Ice Spirit Flower—though Yun Che would have safely left by that time.

But now, not only was it awakened in such a crude and startling manner, it also saw the Feathered Ice Spirit Flower falling into Yun Che's hands. As such, its initial berserk aura immediately became even more turbulent, like a volcano erupting two times in a row. The giant ape leapt high into the air as it pounced towards Yun Che and firmly smashed down his huge fist in burning rage.


As though the air had been shaken by a sudden clap of thunder, the entire area several kilometers ahead was enshrouded by the terrifying might of the fist attack launched by the giant ice armored ape. All the ice stones, huge trees, and glaciers broke and were destroyed in an instant, causing the layer of snow to cave in at an astonishing speed.

Sensing a fatal, oppressive feeling from behind, Yun Che, who had no means to evade the attack, immediately activated "Rumbling Heaven," and unleashed Sealing Cloud Locking Sun with all his might.


As though he had been struck by a heavy hammer, Yun Che suffered a hard fall, which again produced a very loud sound in the surroundings. A huge pit, with a depth of tens of meters, appeared around the place he had fallen.

"Sss..." Yun Che quickly got to his feet inside the huge pit. His whole body was feeling intense pain as well as numbness. The moment he got up, blood flowed out of the corner of his mouth, his nostrils and ears—if not for the fact that he had immediately activated Rumbling Heaven and opened the Heretic God barrier, he would be as good as dead, even if he survived the attack.

That was the might of a being in the Divine Tribulation Realm!

Although he somehow resisted the attack, it didn't mean that he was out of danger. On the contrary, he didn't even have the time to pant. Before he could calm down his agitated profound energy, he found himself enveloped in a scarlet, eye-piercing light that was being released by the other party's eyes. The thick and heavy arm of the giant ice armored ape again moved down to attack from above his head, bringing along the might of death and instantly shrouded his field of vision.

Yun Che instantaneously moved at an extremely fast speed, before opening the Heretic God barrier once more with all he had.


The ground split apart and sank down and even all the small mountains several kilometers away crumbled and collapsed. As if he had been struck by a heavy hammer again, Yun Che was sent flying high into the sky. Despite the fact that he was only hit by the remnant shockwaves of the attack, the Heretic God barrier shattered into pieces after persevering for a brief while. However, he did succeed in barely escaping the great danger due to its help.

Yun Che's aura and blood were thrown into disorder and he had to give his all just to steady his posture in the air. He spit out a mouthful of blood and gnashed his teeth so hard that they almost broke apart…

Running away won't work! It's basically impossible to flee from that profound beast. If I were to get hit by his attack once more, I'd be in danger for real.

He had almost reached his limit by using all of his strength to execute Sealing Cloud Locking Sun two times in succession within the Rumbling Heaven state.

If he wanted to get out of here alive, there was only one method left at his disposal...

To kill the giant ice armored ape!!

While he was thinking of the means to deal with his current predicament, the blood-red light emitting from the eyes of the giant ice armored ape had enveloped him again. It had locked onto Yun Che's aura, effectively rendering him unable to evade its attack. The giant ape whirled its arm, preparing to shroud the surroundings with the might of the Divine Tribulation Realm.

A gloomy expression appeared in Yun Che's eyes but he didn't show any evasive intentions. Instead, he took the initiative to charge toward the giant ice armored ape. Just when it was about to strike down with its huge arm, a blue figure flashed over his body and let out a world-shaking dragon roar.


The giant ice armored ape shook intensely under the influence of the Dragon Soul Domain. The berserk look in its eyes quickly turned into that of fear and his movements also came to a halt. Not intending to hold back anything, Yun Che unleashed all his profound energy at this moment, as he directly aimed for the head of the giant ice armored ape.

He was holding the Cloud Butterfly Blade in his right hand.

As he placed his left hand on the Cloud Butterfly Blade, a green light flashed across it.

Back when he poisoned Mu Hanyi in the Ice Wind Empire, he had only used half of the horned dragon’s breath, which was given to him by Mu Xuanyin. At this moment, the remaining half had been sprinkled on the Cloud Butterfly Blade.

After all, the only thing in his possession that was able to kill the giant ice armored ape, was none other than the horned dragon’s breath!

He had to inject the poison into the body of the giant ice armored ape to effectively use the poison of the horned dragon’s breath against the latter. But the giant ice armored ape not only had an incomparably thick ice-armor, its body was also being protected by the power of its Divine Tribulation Realm cultivation. Even if he had the Cloud Butterfly Blade and was also using the Rumbling Heaven to its ultimate extent, he didn't have absolute confidence in breaking open the ice-armor of his foe and stabbing right into its body.

Since he only had one opportunity to carry out his attack, he didn't want to bet on something so uncertain.

The most fragile part of a creature... was its eyes, without a shadow of doubt.

Confronting the giant ice armored ape, which was temporarily in a frightened state due to the coercion of the Dragon God, Yun Che's profound energy and speed rapidly increased to their limits. Moving like a shooting star, he shot a formless blade of light that was a foot long in length and pierced right through his opponent's head...


The Cloud Butterfly Blade firmly stabbed into the right eye of the giant ice armored ape that was as big as the size of an adult person's head. But unexpected, the sound issuing from it getting torn was similar to a tough and tensile rock being cut apart.

"Rooa... Woo...!!!!!!"

The giant ice armored ape suddenly raised the upper-half of its body and let out a furious roar of pain. A muffled sound escaped from Yun Che's mouth as he got sent flying into the distance from the shock. The next instant, his vision turned dark all of as sudden. Amidst the pain and rage it was feeling due to the destroyed right eye, the giant ice armored ape swung around his huge arm in a disordered manner, which just happened to hit his body.


As he lost his consciousness in an instant, Yun Che didn't feel even the slightest pain. He could only sense his body drifting away in a blank world, like a dead leaf getting swept up in a hurricane...

"Oh no!" Mu Xuanyin's expression changed when she saw the scene and immediately flew down in his direction.


Yun Che got heavily smashed to the ground and his body only came to a halt after digging out a gully that was several hundred meters long. His completely dulled consciousness had finally started to recover, ruthlessly exposing him to more and more intense pain that he could feel from every part of his body.

During the previous two attacks he received, he was using the Heretic God barrier with all his might in the Rumbling Heaven state, which was his ultimate defensive state. Besides, he only had to withstand the remnant shockwaves. However, he still suffered internal injuries despite it all.

This time, he didn't have the protection of the Heretic God barrier and was directly struck by the giant ice armored ape.

Since he could feel an intense pain, it meant that he had regained his senses. Yun Che slowly opened his eyes and faintly moved the fingers of his right hand. Then, he lifted his arm with difficulty and brought it behind him in order to grab a broken ice stones. He seemed to have the intention to get up to his feet. But upon lifting his arm to some extent, he noticed that his whole arm was dyed with fresh blood...

The bones of his left arm were completely broken. He couldn't feel a thing from it.


Despite exerting his all power to lift it up, the arm ended up drooping down heavily before he could succeed in lifting it to a sufficient height. There was nothing except severe pain left in his body and it was difficult to move even a bit. Not only his left arm, he also felt that his left rib cage and breastbone were mostly broken. His internal organs had dislocated by a great margin and there were countless cracks all over them.



He could hear the deranged roars of anger and pain coming from the distance. In the midst of his blurred line of sight, he saw a huge figure crazily writhing around and struggling, while covering its right eye.

Starting from the pierced right eye, a bizarre layer of crimson hue began to quickly spread across its thick ice-armor. In the blink of an eye, the entire body of the giant ape got covered in the layer, after which the crimson color deepened at an extremely fast rate.

Very soon, the ice-white body of the giant ape turned crimson. Its roars and struggling movements became increasingly powerless before it fell heavily on the ground, wiggling and twitching in despair.

"Heh... hehe..." Lying paralyzed on the ground, Yun Che laughed despite being extremely injured. He had actually killed a Divine Tribulation Realm existence once again, after having done the same to Mu Hanyi three months ago. Although he relied on the Dragon God Domain and horned dragon poison both times, it was definitely a miracle only he was capable of creating.

He might be extremely injured right now but it was only him alone who could survive after being hit by a power of the Divine Tribulation Realm in a head-on clash. If it was any other profound practitioner, including the ones at the Divine Soul Realm, they would have instantly been smashed to a pulp. Let alone being on their last breath, even their bones wouldn't be left intact.

It was just that he was so heavily injured this time that his condition was somewhat miserable. He hadn't been injured to such an extent even when he had a fierce battle with Xuanyuan Wentian in the past.

Although the giant ice armored ape had died, the danger was far from over. He was still in Mist End Valley, after all. A brutal profound beast could appear before him at any instant. Forget about hiding himself, he was unable to stand up at present. Even a Winterfrost Direwolf, the weakest profound beast in the valley, could easily put him to death.

It was at this time that a profound light started to glimmer around his chest all of a sudden. The profound light swiftly activated a small-sized profound formation, which released enough rays of light to cover his entire body within them. Soon after, he instantly disappeared from the place.

At this moment, exactly seventy-two hours had passed since he entered Mist End Valley. Hence, the spatial profound formation, which Mu Xuanyin had left on him, was triggered because the condition had been met. And thus, the severe punishment given to him by Mu Xuanyin had finally come to an end.

"He truly is a lucky fellow," Mu Xuanyin mumbled, as she stood high in the sky, far-off from Yun Che's location. Afterwards, she turned around and vanished without making a sound.