Chapter 1032 - Invitation Card from the Moon God Realm

Chapter 1032 - Invitation Card from the Moon God Realm

Ice Phoenix Region, Bingyun's Thirty-sixth Palace.

Mu Bingyun was sitting with her eyes closed lightly and heart calm as still water. There was no one other than some pure ice spirits around her, flying in circles without making any noise.

Mu Bingyun opened her eyes as she suddenly sensed a subtle change in her surroundings. She glanced down the coral beside the window, catching sight of the reflection of a fairy-like figure that was standing silently and looking out the window.

Surprise appeared on Mu Bingyun's face as she stood up gently, "Elder Sister, didn't you go to the Ice Wind Empire? Why are you back so soon?"

The woman beside the window turned around, revealing a face that instantly made both the heaven and earth lose color. She combed up the hair on her forehead, as she spoke in a warm and soft voice that carried a sense of helplessness, "The two of them have already arrived the Ice Phoenix Realm. Your Xiaolan'er will be coming to meet you in a short while."

"Didn't you say that Yun Che has to rely on his own ability to bring back the Qilin horn? Why have you returned this early...?" Mu Bingyun's eyes faintly moved all of a sudden, "What about those two?"

"That brat has obtained the Qilin horn and also killed Mu Hanyi."

A slight disappointment could be perceived in Mu Xuanyin's voice.

"Then, does that mean Elder Sister still helped him out in the end?" Mu Bingyun looked pensive.

"Not really, he took care of it all by himself."

"By himself?" Mu Bingyun was deeply surprised.

"Yun Che knew all about Mu Hanyi's thoughts. Instead of being tricked by him, he used Mu Hanyi's shrewdness to bring up the matter of Qilin horn and provide him with a superb opportunity to carry out his plan. As Mu Hanyi was anxious to deal with Yun Che as soon as possible, he easily fell into his trap and led him to the treasury where the Qilin horn was kept. Mu Hanyi wanted to take advantage of the opportunity and kill Yun Che but didn't think that he would be the one to be killed by Yun Che; after all, he had the breath of horned dragon that I gave him before his departure. And so, he naturally took away the Qilin horn when he set off to get back here."

"He single-handedly killed Mu Hanyi?" Mu Bingyun found it difficult to believe. She couldn't be criticized for such a reaction as no one would accept such a turn of events. "The horned dragon’s breath can definitely take Mu Hanyi's life with ease but how could a person of his ability let himself be contaminated by the breath in Yun Che's possession?"

Mu Xuanyin narrowed her beautiful eyes, "This brat has a lot of secrets. If even you find it difficult to believe that Yun Che can kill Mu Hanyi, it's no wonder that an intelligent person such as him was easily fooled by Yun Che."

Mu Bingyun, "..."

"Hah..." Mu Xuanyin sighed slowly. There was a faint look of grievance on her face, "Here I was worried that he might get tricked and die prematurely at Mu Hanyi's hands and followed behind them covertly to assist at the time of need. However, it turned out to be a trip made in vain. I thought that this experience would be a very big trial to him but he accomplished it in such a simple and direct way that I just can't accept it. To increase the difficulty of the trial by a bit, I took away Mu Hanyi's corpse, hoping to have some fun looking at him panicking. Who would've thought that he would be able to deal with it easily."

Mu Bingyun, "..."

Mu Xuanyin brought her hands before her curvy and bulging chest, as she said in a bitter tone, "He was fully confident in killing Mu Hanyi but was still carrying a Profound Imagery Stone with him. This brat is... even more sinister than Mu Hanyi. It seems the one I selected as my disciple is an extremely ominous star."

"Profound Imagery Stone? You mean to say that Yun Che used Profound Imagery Stone against the unmasked Mu Hanyi before killing him? But isn't it impossible for Mu Hanyi to be unable to sense the aura of the profound formation when the stone is activated? Could it be that he was so sure of ending Yun Che's life that he didn't bother about it?" Mu Bingyun felt surprised.

"Of course not. That brat has a special profound art to conceal auras. Not only the aura from the Profound Imagery Stone but he can also conceal his own aura to such an extent that even I find it shocking. On his way back to imperial palace after killing Mu Hanyi in the treasury, no one was able to sense him going past them."

"There's such a profound method?"

"That's why I said that this brat has a lot of secrets. If not for the fact that I quietly followed behind them, even I wouldn't know about the many strange things he has kept hidden."

Her brows slightly moved upwards as she thought of the weird blaze Yun Che had formed by fusing ice and flames.

"...It's wise not to easily expose one's hidden cards. Elder Sister shouldn't blame him for hiding them from you," Mu Bingyun said in a light tone.

"Bear in mind not to tell anyone that I accompanied him to the Ice Wind Empire. Speaking of which, he has already guessed that someone from the sect was following him. But no matter how sly he is, it's impossible for him to suspect me as the one."

Mu Xuanyin lowered her arms. Her fairy-like body turned around as she looked to the North, "They should be arriving here at any moment. Bingyun, after seeing the things he possesses in the Ice Wind Empire, I'm thinking of changing my initial plan. From tomorrow onwards, I'll be giving him personal training."

Mu Bingyun was startled. Soon after, she responded with a surprised look, "You mean... But I remember that you've never trained your direct disciples in the past."

"There's too many extraordinary things in his possession, far more than just Sky Poison Pearl and Heretic God's inheritance." Mu Xuanyin's voice gradually turned flat. "The more such secrets one possesses, the easier it becomes to lose one’s life. He must raise his strength as soon as possible."

Mu Bingyun was about to reply when she suddenly discovered the faint change in Mu Xuanyin's eyes and at once turned around to look backwards... The next moment, a resonant shout resounded throughout the sky.

"Envoy from the Moon God Realm, asks to see the Snow Song Realm King..."

The voice was like a sudden thunderclap. In an instant, it traversed across the entire Ice Phoenix Region. The profound beasts in the sky were so frightened that they started roaring and crying disorderly.

"Moon God Realm?"

A doubtful look surfaced on Mu Xuanyin and Mu Bingyun's faces. All the people in the Ice Phoenix Realm seemed surprised as they blankly looked at the sky. They were unable to believe their ears.

The Moon God Realm, one of the four Great King Realms of the Eastern Divine Region, was a realm above the upper star realms. It was the King Realm governing the entirety of the Eastern Divine Region!

Why would the Moon God Realm, a mighty King Realm... send their envoy to visit the Snow Song Realm, a mere middle star realm?

It was an unprecedented event in the history of the Snow Song Realm.

"People from the Moon God Realm? A lot of strange things have been happening lately."

Even if it was just an envoy from a King Realm, the aura emanating from him was still terrifying and matchless. The aura contained the loftiness of a being from a King Realm but yet no hostility. Despite feeling odd, Mu Xuanyin stayed still, "Bingyun, go and see what is he here for."

Mu Bingyun nodded slightly before flying up into the sky. Her icy figure reached extremely far away in the blink of an eye.

After the short period of a hundred breaths, the aura of the envoy from the Moon God Realm became more and more distant. Mu Bingyun returned to Mu Xuanyin's side, traveling through the chilly wind. In her hand was a black jade with a full moon carved on it.

Mu Xuanyin's spirit sense swept over it, "An invitation card? Oh? Grand marriage of the Moon God Realm King? How strange! How could we, from a middle star realm, get an invitation to the grand marriage of the distinguished Realm King of a King Realm?"

"Could it be because Elder Sister is a Divine Master Realm practitioner and everyone knows about you in the Eastern Divine Region, that they especially invited you?" Mu Bingyun asked.

Mu Xuanyin pondered for a short while but eventually shook her head, "I didn't receive any invitation thirty years ago, when I reached that realm."

Mu Bingyun, "..."

"It's quite likely that not only us but all the middle star realms received the invitation. If my speculation is correct, then there could be only one reason behind the invitation."

Mu Bingyun thought for a moment before nodding lightly. She said in agreement to Mu Xuanyin's words, "Certainly, that could be the sole possibility."

Mu Xuanyin took the black jade in Mu Bingyun's hand, "There's still twenty-seven months until the Profound God Convention, which will be held for a period of around three months. Since the grand marriage of the Moon God Realm King is planned to be held just after thirty months, it's quite convenient to go and attend it at the time."

Outside, an ice boat was approaching them at a fast speed, making whistling sound as it traveled through the sky. Very soon, Mu Xiaolan's excited voice could be heard from the distance, "Master, I've come back!"

"Sigh, just look at how spoiled your Xiaolan'er is. She has no idea how to show respect. That brat of mine doesn't even dare to raise his head before me without getting permission."

Mu Xuanyin gave a fascinating smile as her gently caressed down from Mu Bingyun's face to her chest. "My younger sister, don't forget about me, alright?"

As her charming voice reverberated around the other party's ears, the fairy-like figure of Mu Xuanyin disappeared, similar to fog dissipating under warm sunlight.

Yun Che saw Mu Xuanyin standing right before the Sacred Hall when he was returning to the place. She still possessed the chilliness and dignity that could even make the heaven and earth suffocate but the magnificence of her exceedingly superb beauty was enough to cause even the boundless snowy region lose its luster.

Yun Che quickly came closer to her and got down on one knee, "Disciple Yun Che pays respect to Master... Fortunately, the task has been accomplished and the Qilin horn has been brought along without a problem."

Mu Xuanyin's face was covered in chilliness, there was simply no expression on it. She said coldly, "I heard that you not only obtained the Qilin horn but also killed Mu Hanyi?"

Her voice clearly carried a harsh and cold tone. Usually, Yun Che's heartbeat would have surely increased due to fear but at this moment no fear could be seen on his face. He nodded straightaway in acknowledgement, "Yes."

However, he didn't explain why he killed Mu Hanyi and instead said all of sudden, "Disciple is extremely grateful to Master for traveling along in order to keep disciple safe from danger. Disciple will definitely be more obedient to Master from now on."

"..." Mu Xuanyin's eyes slowly turned gloomy, "I traveled along with you? What kind of joke is that!?"

"About that..." Yun Che raised his head and looked sideways at his sleeveless right arm. He said with a strange expression in his eyes, "On the journey back to the sect, this disciple suddenly recalled a matter. The ice phoenix robe disciple is wearing at present, was personally bestowed by Master, having the same Ice Phoenix pattern on it as the robe worn by Master. Hence, even Elder Huanzhi, the highest-ranked elder in the sect, would absolutely not dare to tear a sleeve with the Ice Phoenix pattern on it. It would be a great disrespect to Master, after all. Therefore..."

A gust of chilly wind blew past them with a faint whistling sound. Soon after, silence reigned the place for a long while.

Mu Xuanyin turned away and said in a slow and cold voice, "Che'er, Master will again teach you a thing now: a truly intelligent person would know when to pretend to be stupid!"

The ice-cold voice contained a naked and eerie killing intent.

"Yes, disciple will carefully obey Master's teaching." Yun Che promptly nodded, then bent the upper half of his body. "Disciple expresses his thanks for Master's concern. Master let someone secretly protect disciple, making it possible to have smooth sailing on his journey."

Mu Xuanyin, "~!@#¥%..."

Again, several wisps of wind blew past, the whistling sound produced by them spasmodically revealed the strange awkwardness between the two. Mu Xuanyin's whole body was overflowing with chilliness as she stayed silent for a long time. After a few times of glancing at the back of the person before his eyes, Yun Che couldn't help but say, "Master, disciple heard that sound transmission right after arriving here... Is that person really an envoy from the Moon God Realm?"

Ultimately, Mu Xuanyin turned around but her eyes were not looking at him. Her chilly gaze was focused to the horizon, "Get up."

Yun Che prudently got up to his feet.

"Take a look at this yourself." Mu Xuanyin threw the black jade given by the envoy of the Moon God Realm in Yun Che's direction.

Yun Che grabbed the jade and his profound aura swept over it, "Moon God Realm... Realm King!? Grand marriage... Thirty months later..."

Yun Che raised his head, "So it's an invitation card and quite unexpectedly, to the grand marriage of the Moon God Realm’s Realm King."

The Realm King of a King Realm was a being at the peak of the Primal Chaos. They were the highest level existence in the boundless universe... Yun Che didn't have the slightest idea how fearsome such a person would be.

The grand marriage of a King Realm's Realm King was certainly enough to cause sensation throughout the Eastern Divine Region. It could be considered a great event even in the entire God Realm. But, wasn't it a bit far-fetched to invite people from a middle star realm to the marriage of a King Realm's King?

Although Yun Che was thinking as such in his heart, he was obviously not so foolish to voice his thoughts.

"Aren't you thinking that why would we people from a middle star realm be invited to the grand marriage of a distinguished Realm King of one of the King Realms?"

Yun Che nodded before hurriedly shaking his head. "No, no, disciple absolutely has no such thoughts. Even though it's a King Realm, given Master's power, it's truly no surprise that we received the invitation."

"Do you want to hear about a scandal?" Mu Xuanyin narrowed her eyes. "A scandal related to the Realm King of the Moon God Realm."