Chapter 1017 - Sovereign of Myriad Realms

Chapter 1017 - Sovereign of Myriad Realms

Mu Bingyun slightly moved her brows as she said, “Since that’s the case, it’s best to select an elder to go along with him in order to protect his wellbeing. After all, his cultivation level is truly too low.”

“Let’s not do that.” Mu Xuanyin shook her head. “I’m preparing to send him there alone.”

“Alone?” Mu Bingyun was slightly stunned and she pondered about it right after.

“If he can’t come back alive or fails to retrieve the Qilin horn, then I won’t be bothered to spend so much effort to help him any longer. After all…” Mu Xuanyin’s eyes seemed to carry a little resentment. “The price is simply a little too huge. Haaah, I’m the almighty Snow Song Realm King, yet I’m being so troubled by such a little brat. I just don’t feel content enough.”

Seeing Mu Xuanyin’s seemingly childish attitude, Mu Bingyun lightly smiled and shook her head. “Though Yun Che’s profound level is low, he is already your direct disciple. The news should have already spread by now, so basically not a single person in the Snow Song Realm would dare touch him. How could he possibly face any danger?”

“That might not be certain.” Mu Xuanyin slightly narrowed her eyes. “The guts of a few people might even be larger than the sky itself. No matter how that little brat is going to retrieve the Qilin horn and come back alive, it will all be based on his own capabilities.”

“...” Mu Bingyun did not pursue this matter further. After a short while, she turned around and said, “Since that’s the case, let Xiaolan go along with him then. Xiaolan has not seen her parents ever since she entered the sect. Her parents will definitely make an appearance in the thousand year birthday celebration of the Emperor of the Ice Wind Empire. Let’s make use of this opportunity to have their family come together for once. Her longing for her hometown can be eased as well.”

Mu Xuanyin lightly pursed her lips and then, she suddenly said sheepishly. “You sure are treating that little one especially well. Haah, what if there comes a day you don’t want your big sis anymore…”

Mu Bingyun said with a helpless look, “Fooling around again.”

Mu Xuanyin lightly giggled and then, she tenderly said. “But, you must tell your Xiaolan’er to be careful. This little brat that your big sis has just taken in is especially dangerous for women.”

“...” Mu Bingyun nodded in agreement. “Indeed.”

“So you noticed as well. Mn… Even Feixue’s mind has been unsettled by him, your Xiaolan’er…” A mischievous fog swirled within Mu Xuanyin’s watery eyes. “She might become a lamb that enters the tiger’s den. When that happens, she will be thinking of him all day and night and she might not have the time to care about her master anymore.”

“Feixue?” Shock filled Mu Bingyun’s eyes but she firmly shook her head immediately after. “Impossible. Feixue’s personality is close to mine and it’s basically impossible for her heart to be moved by men. She might harbor a bit of gratitude when Yun Che rejected the dual cultivation proposal but it’s definitely impossible for her to stir up feelings for him because of this matter.”

“That’s why I said that he’s really dangerous for women.”

When she recalled Mu Feixue’s dazed look and misty eyes when she left back then, the corner of Mu Xuanyin’s brows slightly curved.

Mu Xuanyin lazily rose from the ice chair. Following the wiggling of her slender waist, her snowy breasts lightly trembled and the ice phoenix mark on them shook up and down, squeezed by the overflowing plumpness.

“Mmm…” Mu Xuanyin let out a light sigh from her fragrant lips, when heard, it was as if it was a sexy moan. “It’s time to peek at that little brat again. I locked him in the Heavenly Netherfrost Lake and instructed him to obediently cultivate the Moon Splitting Cascade, yet he has been sneakily training on the Golden Crow’s Record of the Burning World. Haah, I have beaten and scolded him so many times, yet he’s still this disobedient. It’s so frustrating.”

Mu Bingyun, “...”

On the fourteenth day Yun Che was locked in the Heavenly Netherfrost Lake.

Though he was said to be locked in, entering a place like the Heavenly Netherfrost Lake even once was the wish of many Ice Phoenix disciples. Yun Che used seven days to comprehend and familiarize himself with the last three realms of the Golden Crow’s Record of the Burning World but he had yet to train in them. In the remaining time, he spent them all at training the Moon Splitting Cascade… After all, Mu Xuanyin had ordered him to train the Moon Splitting Cascade with all his might before she left and that she would even personally assess him later on.

If he were to disappoint her… the consequences would be severe.

Probably because he had the matured Star God’s Broken Shadow as foundation, Yun Che’s progress on the Moon Splitting Cascade was extremely quick… After he grasped the basics, the speed of his progress grew even faster. After exhausting his strength from his training, he would submerge himself in the Heavenly Netherfrost Lake and very quickly, his spirits and profound energy would completely recover… Much, much faster than sitting on the Starpicker Stone.

His profound strength was also rapidly growing during this process… However, this rate of growth, when compared to his goal of reaching the Divine Tribulation Realm in two years, was still far from being attainable.

High up in the sky, Mu Xuanyin was silently looking down, watching Yun Che constantly breaking into afterimages amidst the flashes of cold light. Though he was still far from reaching the “Within Shadow” realm, his instantaneous speed and intervals were already especially seasoned. They could barely be used for actual battles.

This rate of progress was definitely unprecedented in the history of the Snow Song Realm.

Once again having exhausted his strength from the training, Yun Che let out a long sigh. Just as he was about to dive into the heavenly lake, the moment he turned around, he suddenly realized a snowy figure was presently standing next to him. Her eyes were ice-cold, emitting endless, chilling might.

Yun Che hurriedly stepped forward and kneeled. “Disciple greets Master.”

A long while after he knelt, Yun Che did not receive a response, merely an icy bone-piercing might was coldly pressing onto his body and soul. It was as if countless thorns of ice were pointing right at his throat, causing his entire body to stiffen, not daring to make a move.

She couldn’t be… settling the scores from back then, right? Yun Che thought as he coughed out a chilling breath.

“Progress is acceptable. It seems like you indeed do not require me to instruct you at the side. That sure saves some worry.”

However, there was not a single angry intention in her ice cold voice and the meaning behind her words could be considered praise as well. Yun Che instantly heaved a sigh of relief. "Thank you teacher for your praise… This disciple is dumb and slow. In the future, if I have anything I do not understand, I will still need to trouble Master for a solution.”

“Dumb and slow? Hmph! Rise.”

Mu Xuanyin coldly snorted and then, her brows suddenly sank. “Che’er, give Master an honest reply to the question that’s about to be asked. Why do you have the aura of a True Dragon!”

Yun Che’s heart skipped a beat, yet, he did not dare to reply right away.

“Furthermore, that’s not a typical True Dragon aura.”

Mu Xuanyin stared at him, her ice cold eyes making Yun Che clearly feel as if his own consciousness and soul had already been penetrated through. He hesitated for a few moments, before deciding to speak the truth. “In reply to Master, other than the Phoenix and the Golden Crow, this disciple once obtained… the inheritance of the Dragon God.”

“Dragon God!?” A moment of shock flashed within Mu Xuanyin’s eyes. “The Dragon God you speak of, could you be referring to the sovereign of ten thousand beasts during the Era of Gods? The Primordial Azure Dragon, leader of the dragon race?”

“Yes.” Yun Che nodded.

“...No wonder.” Though still shocked, some of Mu Xuanyin’s suspicions were alleviated. “The anomaly of your profound strength is related to the power of the Heretic God, while your comparably abnormal physique actually originates from the Dragon God bloodline within you.”

“Hmph, speaking of which, the planet you’re born in sure is extraordinary. There’s actually this many god legacies residing on it. Putting aside the Phoenix and Golden Crow, the legacy of the Dragon God is actually there as well!”

Yun Che, “...”

“It’s even the Dragon God’s legacy. In other words, the Dragon God bloodline within your body is the primordial bloodline, the first generation bloodline of the Dragon God.” Mu Xuanyin’s icy eyes narrowed, a chilling light condensed within them. “If the Dragon God Realm knew of this matter, they would definitely be extremely interested in you.”

“Dragon God Realm?” Yun Che softly muttered… He clearly remembered this name. The Primordial Azure Dragon had once mentioned it to him.

“Among the eastern, western, southern, and northern four divine regions of the God Realm, the Western Divine Region is the strongest,” Mu Xuanyin indifferently explained. “Out of the seventeen King Realms of the four divine regions, the Western Divine Region alone takes up six of them, with the Dragon God Realm at the head of the six King Realms. It is the unrefuted ruler of the Western Divine Region and it’s also… established as the strongest star realm of the God Realm!”

“God Realm’s… strongest?” Yun Che’s eyes slightly widened.

The strongest of the God Realm… also meant that it was the strongest existence in the entire Primal Chaos Dimension!

Mu Xuanyin continued. “In our Eastern Divine Region, the human race make up more than seventy percent of the people here, while the other races do not even take up thirty percent. However, seventy percent of the residents of Western Divine Region are demons. The people in Dragon God Realm were all True Dragons in the first place, so their physiques and aptitudes far surpassed all of the other races. Furthermore, they even received the legacy of the Primordial Azure Dragon.”

“As long as one is born a True Dragon, they would possess unparallelled strength at the moment of birth. Adding their close compatibility with the divine power of the Dragon God, it’s only natural that they’re powerful! The Realm King of the Dragon God Realm is also known as the strongest individual of the present God Realm. The Brahma Monarch Realm King, strongest in our Eastern Divine Region, isn’t his match either.”

Yun Che’s heart trembled as he heard these words. The dragon was the sovereign of countless beasts, so it would make sense that they were the sovereign of countless living beings as well. Humans were extremely weak at the moment of their births, while a young dragon which had just been born could shake the earth and split the seas. If they were to add in the divine power of the Primordial Azure Dragon, taking the top spot of God Realm was indeed only natural.

Wait a minute, Dragon Emperor? Then...

Seeing Yun Che suddenly frown, Mu Xuanyin shifted her eyes to his and said. “You’ve heard of the Dragon Emperor?”

“Ah?” Yun Che shook his head. “I did not. However, this disciple did hear of someone called ‘Dragon Queen’ from Senior Sister… ahem, Junior Sister Xiaolan and she seemed to be titled along with the ‘Goddess’. Is she perhaps someone from Dragon God Realm as well?”

Dragon Queen and Goddess… Mu Xiaolan mentioned then that they were peerless women whose beauty were converged from the entirety of God Realm and that every single person of God Realm knew of them.

Mu Xuanyin lightly stared at Yun Che for a moment. “Goddess refers to the Brahma Monarch Goddess of our Eastern Divine Region, while ‘Dragon Queen’ is the wife of the Dragon Emperor.”

“...As expected.” Yun Che nodded. Indeed, since the Dragon Emperor was publicly recognized as the sovereign of the God Realm, then, other than his wife, no one else would dare refer herself as the Dragon Queen.

If the beauty of “Dragon Empress and Goddess” of rumors truly were the convergence of all the elegance and beauty of the God Realm as told by Mu Xiaolan, then the only person who could match such a wondrous woman would be the God Realm’s strongest person who stood at the peak of the Primal Chaos Dimension.

“But, there’s no need for you to worry,” Mu Xuanyin said. “Though the Dragon God Realm is mighty and tyrannical, they have never acted imperiously, nor are they conservative. They have never restricted themselves from having marriages with other races and have always been respected by the countless realms of Western Divine Region. Though they might be curious about your bloodline, they would not take any sort of drastic action. There might even be a possibility that they would invite you into Dragon God Realm because of your primordial bloodline. If you didn’t accept their offer, they wouldn’t force it upon you either.”

“...This disciple understands now. Thank you, Master, for the information.”

Compared to those sects and star realms who were afraid of their bloodlines leaking out, the Dragon God Realm indeed possessed the demeanour of one which stood at the top of God Realm, the sovereign of countless beasts. However, Yun Che still firmly imprinted the three words Dragon God Realm in his soul… Because not only did his body carry the Dragon God bloodline, he even possessed the Dragon God soul and Dragon God marrow.

When the Primordial Azure Dragon bestowed him these back then, he had clearly mentioned this to him… His Dragon God soul and Dragon God marrow were the only ones in existence!

In other words, he was the only person who possessed the Dragon God soul and Dragon God marrow! The Dragon God Realm might not be too sensitive in regards to his bloodline but… there was no guarantee that they wouldn’t have any reaction towards the one and only Dragon God soul and Dragon God marrow.

Though he was presently in the Eastern Divine Region and would never step into the Western Divine Region in his lifetime… It was still best to be careful and he should not make the same mistake of exposing “Star God’s Broken Shadow” back then.

Mu Xuanyin sternly said, “Since you’re presently in the God Realm and you’re bent on heading to Eternal Heaven Realm, there’s a need for you to understand a little more about the God Realm. However, before that, there’s an even more important matter for you to attend to.”

“What matter… Master, please pass me your instructions.”