Chapter 96 - Flaw

Chapter 96: Flaw

While practicing his control over the talisman’s flight, Han Li discovered that using the “Telekinesis Technique” to propel the talisman would turn it into a gray streak of light. Although it was incomparably sharp, there were some major limitations when it was put into full use even though it could cut through nearly everything and attacked according to his will.

First of all, propelling this gray light cost too much magic power!

Once Han Li cultivated to the eighth layer of Eternal Spring Arts, he could continuously use Fireball Technique one hundred times.  However, when controlling the gray light, his magic power could only persist for a short quarter of an hour before it was completely exhausted.

He currently remembered that earlier, Monk Golden Light had not immediately made use of the gray streak. His magic power was far too limited and could only control the talisman for a pitiful amount of time.

This explained why he had put up such weak resistance when Han Li seized the gray streak. While the the dwarf was controlling the gray streak, the dwarf had probably expended more than half of his magic power. In addition, Han Li’s magic power was originally far greater than that of the dwarf’s. When contesting in magic power with the dwarf, it was natural for the dwarf to be completely and utterly defeated.

In addition, another problem with the gray streak was that its attacking distance was quite limited. The gray streak could only be easily controlled within a radius of about seventy meters. Outside of this range, his control would become rigid and sluggish. Occasionally, he would lose control. When flying outside the range of about a hundred meters, the grey streak would completely change back to its true form as a talisman and drop to the ground.

With regards to those two flaws, Han Li believed that once his magic power advanced, those problems would gradually be alleviated. However, there was one last problem: the talisman’s fatal flaw.

After using the talisman several times, Han Li became aware that the cold light emitted from drawing of the small gray sword slowly grew weaker the more he used it. It seemed that its lifespan was gradually reduced. In other words, this talisman had a limited number of uses. When the number of times it could be used passed the limit, it would be completely exhausted and die a ripe death.

Once Han Li had somewhat learned to control this gray light, he immediately stopped practicing. After all, he wanted to be able to use this talisman during a crucial moment of dangerous situations. Perhaps in a later crisis, this item would be able to save his tiny life.

In the same way, Han Li believed that the golden talisman that could transform into a golden barrier also had a similar restriction. However, for the time being, he didn’t know the incantation to use it. He could only store it away and prepare it for future use.

After Han Li had rested, he investigated the triangular command medallion and the Qin Clan’s manual. Unfortunately, he gained nothing from these objects.

Five days passed in this manner. The moment when Han Li removed the sign saying that he would not see others, Li Feiyu rushed in like a fart. When he saw Han Li, he told him about the rumor of him turning into a demon.

These rumors left Han Li speechless, not knowing whether to laugh or to cry. He could only harden his face and give Li Feiyu an unhappy look. Li Feiyu was obviously making fun of him.

Li Feiyu finally stopped laughing heartily and slowly restrained his smile. He said to Han Li with a solemn voice, “You should be able to guess the reason why I came here.”

“En! Is it not because the sect’s many elders did not feel at ease with me and sent you to scout out my attitude?” Han Li dully replied with indifference.

“Hehe! As long as you know.” As if he were burdened by the elders’ great trust, Li Feiyu let out a sigh.

“However, what do you plan to have me, your close friend, report back to those fellows? In order to bribe me, they have already promised to promote me from my position as the External Blade Division’s Division Head.” Li Feiyu immediately smiled  mischievously once more.

Han Li wrinkled his brows. After thinking about it, he gently said, “It seems that the great Sect Leader Wang and those previously mentioned elders are uneasy. Let’s clear up this matter; otherwise, they won’t be able to feel relieved.”

“Then it will be like this! Return and tell Sect Leader Wang that at noon tomorrow I will personally go to Setting Sun Summit to see him. Let him know that he does not need to be uneasy.” Han Li said with a smile.

“Good! With these words, I can report back.” Li Feiyu shrugged his shoulders with a noncommittal answer.  

After that, Han Li and Li Feiyu wildly chatted for a moment. It had even gone as far as Han Li showing Li Feiyu the Fireball Technique at close range, greatly opening Li Feiyu’s perspective and leaving him envious for the rest of the day.

This continued for a short while more before Li Feiyu took his leave and left the valley to report back to Wang Juechu.

Han Li stood at the room’s doorway and gazed at Li Feiyu’s departing figure from a distance, lost in thought for a long time. He suddenly smiled mysteriously and entered the room, closing the door behind him.

The next morning, as the sky grew brighter, Han Li climbed Setting Sun Summit with the utmost secrecy. He continued stealthily until he had entered Sect Leader Wang’s room.

When Wang Juechu woke up, he saw the silhouette of a person standing upright next to his bed. His complexion became unsightly, but he managed to squeeze out a stiff smile. Somewhat unnaturally, he asked, “Doctor Han Li, why did you come? I hope you’ll forgive me for not welcoming you! But didn’t we agree to meet at noon? Why has your venerable self come so early?”

Han Li coldly glanced at Sect Leader Wang. This glance made all the hairs on Wang Juechu’s body stand on end. Sect Leader Wang’s face was as if had he suffered the pain from being cut with a knife.

Seeing Wang Juechu look frightened, Han Li could not help but be secretly pleased with himself. He looked at Wang Juechu after executing the Heaven’s Eye Technique, giving himself some particular effects. A few days ago, his research discovered a new use for the Heaven’s Eye Technique: he could use the Heaven’s Eye to cause the spirits of ordinary mortals to be in awe.

“There is no reason. I simply felt that if I were to come earlier, everyone’s minds might be a bit more clear-headed. That way, they wouldn’t force any unpleasant affairs upon the other party.” The slightest expression could not be discerned from Han Li’s face, although his tone seemed somewhat ill-intentioned.