Chapter 54 - Soul-Lock Talisman

Chapter 54 Soul-Lock Talisman.

Chapter 54: Soul-Lock Talisman

“Han Li, you are really flexible, knowing when to make compromises and concessions. However, letting you go? Do you think it’s even possible?” Doctor Mo sneered. Han Li was shocked at the sound of Doctor Mo’s voice

When Doctor Mo spoke, his voice contained faint traces of charisma, anyone who listened a sense of attraction and contentment. Compared to his previously bitter and insipid voice, this was totally different. It appeared that in comparison to his current looks, the beauty of his voice was not any worse off.

Surprisingly, this was the first time Doctor Mo ever called Han Li by his name. Although it does not mean anything much, it allowed Han Li to feel slightly appreciated as it was much much better than being called “little brat” every single time.

On the surface, one could not really sense any imperfections from the current Doctor Mo. Every single one of his movements was graceful beyond comparison. A handsome man indeed, there was no trace of the senile old geezer from back then. Han Li was sure that back in his youth, Doctor Mo relied on that face of his to dazzle countless females.

“So what on earth do you intend to do to me, just tell me directly.” Han Li was not a female and thus he was not affected by Doctor Mo’s handsome face. Furthermore, Han Li could tell from the previous conversation that Doctor Mo seemed to have no intentions of sparing him, and as such, there was no need for Han Li to leave him with any pretense of cordiality.

“What do I intend to do? HAHAHA!” Doctor Mo leisurely stretched his recently revitalized body, coldly smiling without any intent to answer Han Li while taking out another unknown object.

The unknown object was revealed to be a small holding pouch made from extremely fine silk. The glow reflected off of the silk was extremely radiant, just like the blazing flames of a phoenix. It was extremely eye-catching. Furthermore, the embroidery was exceptionally exquisite. One could certainly tell that this was no ordinary object.

What could this small holding pouch contain? Could it be another bizarre artifact just like the sinister blades from before? Asking himself these questions, Han Li felt curiosity grow within his heart.

Doctor Mo cut Han Li’s silent speculations short by quickly opening the pouch of holding. Following this, he cautiously drew out a rumpled piece of yellow paper.

Han Li was somewhat disappointed. However, he knew that the more ordinary looking an item is, the more difficult would it be for him to anticipate its uses. Caution arose in his heart as he became extremely focused. Thinking back to the incomprehensible events that happened earlier and seeing this seemingly ordinary piece of yellow paper, Han Li was sure that there were bound to be countless enigmatic mysteries behind it.

Doctor Mo gently held the piece of wrinkled paper between two of his fingers, carefully smoothing it with a serious demeanour. Han Li was now able to see that the piece of paper was not large, about the size of a palm and yellowish with a hint of mold, giving the appearance that this talisman had been created many years ago.

The most noticeable thing was that the piece of paper was shining with a silvery light, materializing silvery wisps of lines in the air. The lines slowly formed into many strange symbols in the air. Han Li had absolutely no knowledge of these foreign symbols.

The moment he saw them, however, his heart started to feel as if there were an unfathomable and mysterious energy pulsing within the floating symbols. Even the qi he obtained from the Eternal Spring Arts was moving in his body erratically as if it sensed immense danger, leaving Han Li stupefied.

Sensing that something was wrong, Han Li quickly focused all his attention on the strange symbols, hoping to understand the mysteries behind them.

The symbols twisted here and curved there, zigzagging around the air, yet there seemed to be something miraculous hidden within the strangely shaped symbols that he was unable to grasp. It was a pity that there was insufficient time for him to figure them out.

In this instance, Doctor Mo arrived in front of Han Li. When he saw Han Li concentrating exclusively on the yellow paper in his hand almost to the point of being obsessed, a slight hint of mercy involuntarily flashed in his eyes.

He gently lowered his head, moved his lips closed to Han Li’s ears and slowly said in an extremely low pitched voice:

“Don’t blame me Han Li, I am also left with no choice, so you best willingly submit to your fate and await reincarnation. I am going to take over your shell of a body now.”

“What did you just say? What is the meaning of this?!” Han Li was shocked awake by Doctor Mo’s words. He was so terrified by them to the point where his soul almost scattered and flew out of his body. He could sense that a fate worst than death will happen to him momentarily.

Han Li no longer cared about the threat of the giant fellow behind him and fiercely struggled for his life. Hidden within his clothes, he still had a few items that may proved helpful in creating a distraction, thereby giving him a path of escape.

“Iron Slave, suppress him fully, don’t even give him the chance to flail about.”

Doctor Mo’s orders destroyed his last chance for freedom. Two gigantic palms, akin to small mountains, were securely pressing him down, not giving him a chance to move.

Rivulets of sweat flowed down Han Li’s face all the way down to the ground. He opened his eyes wide, gritted his teeth and listened to Doctor Mo’s incomprehensible muttering.

Once Doctor Mo began chanting, the piece of yellow paper, wedged between Doctor Mo’s finger, started to flutter intensively at the sound of the spell incantation despite the lack of wind.

Meanwhile, the silver symbols in the air started to shine with a mysterious silvery glow.

Even though Han Li’s movements were sealed, he was still clear headed. He understood that the mysterious silvery glow signified that Doctor Mo was about to make his move.

Doctor Mo looked solemnly at the talisman, and when the last of the symbols glowed with that mysterious silvery light, he roared in delight. Using various special methods, he waved the yellow paper wildly in the air, writing the word for “seal”.

After the word “seal” was completed, a thunderclap noise rumbled out.

At the same time, the talisman was pressed firmly onto Han Li’s forehead, staunchly sticking there.

As the talisman came into contact with his forehead, Han Li lost control of his bodily functions. He couldn’t even blink. Despite this, he was still able to see with his eyes and hear with his ears.He was currently the same as a normal human, unable to circulate his internal energy, akin to a walking zombie.

(TL: “walking zombie” refers to a person who is unable to cultivate internal energy. In other words, a regular mortal)

This type of feeling was totally different from that of his acupoints being sealed. After one’s acupoints are sealed, although one could not move, they are still able to feel numbness and itchiness. The current Han Li, however, was not able to feel anything.

Waves of terror assaulted Han Li. He did not know how Doctor Mo was going to control his body and steal his identity. Was this considered a successful attempt?

“Don’t rush, your body should still be able to sustain this state for a little while longer.“ Doctor Mo muttered, although Han Li was unsure about whether he was talking to Han Li or to himself.