Chapter 45 - Sneak Attack and Bared Teeth

Chapter 45 Sneak Attack and Bared Teeth.

Chapter 45: Sneak Attack and Bared Teeth

Han Li lowered his head as he pondered. It seemed that there was no way he could avoid Doctor Mo’s Inspection.

Doctor Mo had actually given him the antidote without hesitation, showing his clear sincerity. If Han Li still tried to beat around the bush, Doctor Mo’s suspicion would be raised, causing him to think that Han Li had not yet broken through to the fourth layer of the Eternal Spring Arts and instead was lying to him with false words. If that were the case, things would likely take a turn for the worst, causing many unexpected occurrences beyond his control.

Nevertheless, Han Li had long anticipated this moment and made his preparations. Even if Doctor Mo had malicious intentions towards him after taking his pulse, Han Li still had several ways to guarantee that he would be able to escape..

As he thought of this, Han Li raised his head. He glanced at Doctor Mo with both eyes before saying, “Old Mo, seeing how willingly you presented me the antidote, I will trust you one last time. I hope you will not cause me to be disappointed.”

After that, he extended his right wrist towards Doctor Mo while silently observing the the other party’s reactions. If anything seemed out of place, he would instantly retract his arm.

Regretfully, Doctor Mo maintained the false smile on his face. He could not detect any changes in Han Li. The only expression he made was a slight twitch of his eyebrow after Han Li agreed. Swiftly, he regained his original expression. It appeared that Doctor Mo had long expected Han Li to agree to his request.

Doctor Mo made no reply as he silently extended his left hand and placed it onto Han Li’s wrist. The smile on his face was slowly reined in, causing Doctor Mo to exhibit an extremely serious expression, as if he were carrying out an incomparably holy act.

Han Li secretly caused his body to manifest the Qi of the fourth layer. When he saw Doctor Mo’s expression, he raised his caution and alertness to the highest stage while his left hand slowly dipped towards his waist, where he had hidden a recently manufactured short sword.

Slowly, extreme joy broke out on Doctor Mo’s face. From taking Han Li’s pulse, he had discovered that there were unceasing waves of a mystical energy circulating within Han Li’s body, its intensity far exceeding his expectations.

Despite him being a cunning old fox with vast worldly experiences, he could not help but tremble slightly upon seeing that his only hope for salvation lying before him actually had a chance of succeeding. Excitement shone on his face. His smile was extremely radiant and couldn’t be compared to the fake smile he had on his face earlier.

“This is too wonderful! You really broke through to the fourth layer of the Eternal Spring Arts! HAHA! This is too amazing! HAHAHA!…..” Doctor Mo began to laugh uproariously, not bothering to maintain his previous facade in front of Han Li. The sound of his laughter reverberated through the whole house but yet… his hands remained tightly clamped onto Han Li’s wrist, as if he had no intentions of letting go.

“Old Mo, what is the meaning of this? Let go of me.” Han Li’s expression turned chilly; he had expected something of this nature to occur and had attempted to retract his hand immediately after Doctor Mo’s inspection, but Doctor Mo had given him no such chance.

“Let go of you? Sure!” Doctor Mo ceased his laughter. However, expression on his face changed.

He suddenly unleashed a roar: “Tai!”

Han Li felt his ears rumble as the world turned dark before his eyes. His body lost its balance, and he collapsed onto the floor. His left hand, which had been grasping onto the short sword’s hilt, fell limply to the ground.

“F*ck!” Even though his mind was clear, Han Li’s body refused to listen to his commands. Despite all of his precautions, he still suffered from Doctor Mo’s sudden sneak attack, causing him to unable to react in time.

“Brat, you are still a greenhorn. No matter what tricks you have up your sleeves, you have no way to execute them now.” Everything was going as he had predicted. Doctor Mo couldn’t help but grin and appear smug after achieving his objective.

“Come over here!” Doctor Mo’s left hand pulled Han Li over, dragging Han Li’s body towards his legs. Lowering his own body, Doctor Mo extended the index finger of his right hand and jabbed at the paralyzing acupoints located in front of Han Li’s chest region.


A sound rang out. Doctor Mo’s finger met resistance as if it had attempted to pierce into a metal plate. His fingers trembled from the waves of pain that assailed him. For some reason, his acupoints-stimulating technique had failed.

“What is happening?!” He became shocked as his heart shuddered involuntarily.

“Could it be that he wore a layer of metallic armor underneath his shirt?” Doctor Mo wondered, surprised by the resistance.

His gaze involuntarily searched Han Li’s body. However, seeing how thin Han Li’s clothes were, he shook his head and immediately discarded the idea.

In the moment during which Doctor Mo was distracted, Han Li regained control over his body. His recovery abilities were far beyond what Doctor Mo had imagined.

Han Li’s true cultivation was at the sixth layer of the Eternal Spring Arts. He had truly not wasted his time and efforts in cultivating. His recovery rate was extraordinary, far surpassing even his own expectations.

At this moment, Doctor Mo decisively discarded his train of thought, causing all of his confusion and suspicion to dissipate. He began to think of another method to control Han Li, but in that instance, he discovered that Han Li’s wrist, which currently locked firmly into his grasp, suddenly became extremely smooth, as if it were soaked with oil. There was no way for him to forcefully exert his strength and lock onto Han Li’s wrist.

Disbelief clouded his features. He tried again, but Han Li’s hand was akin to an earthworm in the soil, easily slipping out of his fingers. Doctor Mo grew increasingly frantic.

Han Li would not believe him again no matter how much Doctor Mo pleaded. After Han Li was free, he began to roll his body on the floor towards the far end of the room. He only dared to stand up once he was at a far distance away from Doctor Mo.

The current Han Li had no expression on his face. Both of his eyes stared coldly at Doctor Mo.

There was no need for Doctor Mo to say any more nonsense. Although Han Li did not know the reason behind Doctor Mo’s actions, he could tell that Doctor Mo most assuredly had bad intentions.

It seemed like what Doctor Mo had said earlier was all a bunch of nonsense, not worth an ounce of belief.

For the sake of his family as well as his own safety, Han Li drew the short sword, which had been hidden near his waist. This short sword was only a foot long, yet incomparably sharp. Its blade gleamed with a green light. This was a first-rate short sword indeed!

“Today, either you or me will perish. Only one of us can walk out of this place alive,” Han Li coldly stated, baring his teeth in anger was he glared at Doctor Mo.