Chapter 691: Wind Riding Chariot

Han Li followed after Marquis Nanlong and company, flying through the sandstorm for tens of kilometers. During this time, not one spell warrior had appeared before them. It was clear that a warning was given. Han Li then recalled what he had unintentionally discovered when he broke through the restriction.

It had been quite the coincidence. Because he was incapable of using his spiritual sense to see through the sandstorm, his only option was to channel spiritual power through his eyes and use the ability granted by the Brightsight Water. Since he had already used the Brightsight Spirit Water several times to cleanse his eyes, he may as well use this opportunity to test if it had any effect.

The results had greatly surprised him. His spirit sight was able to clearly see through the dense sandstorm, much to his delight. However, he was also astonished to see a circular shadow within the sandstorm that was forty meters away.

In his shock, the spiritual power faded away from his eyes and the shadow could no longer be seen. His naked eyes could now only see the sandstorm.

He channeled his spirit sight once more and the shadow appeared once more in its original position. But this time, Han Li channeled even more spiritual power into his eyes. He was able to see the shadow slightly more distinctly and he could see silhouettes faintly swaying inside.

Even after pouring in additional spiritual power, this was the limit of what he could see. But still, it was enough for him to clearly see through their nearby concealment. Although he didn’t know what amazing ability was being used, only spell warriors would be capable of concealing themselves from Nascent Soul warriors in these parts.

It seemed the enemy also knew that their party was quite powerful and didn’t wish to fight to the bitter end, instead opting to keep watch on them. As such, Han Li didn’t reveal their location and left in feigned ignorance. Since these people weren’t brave to begin with, they wouldn’t obstruct him later on.

Once Han Li’s party left the yellow sandstorm, they immediately flew off in bursts of light and tore through the skies at their top speed. Although they had managed to shake off the spell warrior vanguard, their main force would soon be arriving. If they didn’t make it out of the sandy wasteland, their lives would be put at risk.

Not only would there be high grade cultivators from the main army to match them, but there would also be countless spell warriors wearing them down. Therefore, Marquis Nanlong and the others were all wordlessly flying as quickly as possible.

With their deep cultivation and fantastical speed, they were able to spot a faint trace of green off the horizon in less than half a day of flight. They had finally reached the edge of the Moulan Plains.

Marquis Nanlong let out a long sigh and smiled, “Good. We can finally relax. We’ve managed to make it through without any mishap.” 

He slowed his speed. After such a long period of prolonged high-speed flight, they had consumed large quantities of magic power. Even if he could manage to bear through it, the others certainly wouldn’t fare any better.

The tan cultivator sighed with relief, “Yes, since we’ve managed to reach so far without any mishap, they shouldn’t be able to catch us no matter how desperate they may be.”

“Don’t lower your guard! There are formidable characters amongst the spell warriors, who possess unfathomable abilities. We... Yi!” The white-haired old man cut off his own words with a yelp and he suspiciously glanced behind him.

Han Li felt his heart thump. Just as he was about to ask the old man a question, he faintly heard a piercing crack from behind them.

In an instant, the odd sound grew louder, attracting the attention of everyone in the party.

They saw white light flickering on the horizon behind them. There was a small sphere of light that was speeding towards them with unconceivable speed.

The white-clothed old man recognized what it was at a glance and wore an expression of furious alarm. “Not good! That’s the spell warriors’ Wind Riding Chariot. They wouldn’t dare to chase us unless that had a similar number of Nascent Soul grade spell warriors.”

After sweeping his spiritual sense past them, Wang Tiangu gloomily said, “There are five Nascent Soul stage spell warriors sitting inside it. It seems they don’t wish to defeat us, but to tangle us down and stall for reinforcements.”

“We cannot allow them to tie us down. We won’t be able to defeat five spell warriors in a short amount of time. Additionally, they will act together to prevent us from escaping. Scatter and use your own abilities to escape them. Here are some jade slips. Each person will take one and remember the area. In three days time, we will gather there once again.” Once Marquis Nanlong finished speaking, he immediately took out a few identical jade talisman and tossed them to each person. In that moment of delay, the crackling from the distant wind chariot became clearer.

“Fellow Daoists, take care of yourselves. I will see you once more in three days time.” Marquis Nanlong then enveloped his body in golden light and shot off without delay.

The white-clothed old man sullenly transformed into a streak of white light, and flew off in a different direction from the Marquis. As for the others, they received the jade slip and each began to scatter without delaying, making use of their own secret techniques to flee.

The tan cultivator emitted meter tall, yellow flames from his body and directly disappeared into the earth. It seemed he was making use of an earth movement technique.

The old woman’s hand flashed with silver light and she summoned a silver crane hairpin. After breathing out a mist of spiritual Qi onto the treasure, a cloud of white crane feathers began to surround her. In a blur, the old woman unsteadily stood on top of a crane. Then with a long shriek, the white crane took off into the skies with the old woman still on its back.

As for the stern-faced cultivator, his entire body glowed with silver light. He formed an incantation gesture with his hands and merged with an unknown treasure, transforming into a silver flood dragon before disappearing into the clouds.

Wang Tiangu, Wang Chan, and Yan Ruyan used some unknown secret Ghost Spirit Sect technique and flew off together into a broad streak of black light. They traveled at an incredibly fast speed. In only a moment, they already became a black speck in the sky.

Han Li was also quick to act. At nearly the same time he caught the Marquis’ jade slip, his body began to glow with red light. A crimson cloak suddenly appeared on his body.

After identifying his direction, he began to pour great amounts of spiritual power into the cloak. Then with a hum, it burst with crimson light, enveloping Han Li in a ball of light and launching him through the air. Travelling at the speed that rivalled the others, he still had the leisure to turn his head and glanced at the Wind Riding Chariot behind them.

Although there was still quite some distance between them, Han Li was able to clearly see it with his immense spiritual sense.

The chariot appeared truly strange. It was a completely white chariot, but there was nothing that was pulling it. In place of its wheels, it had a pair of twenty meter long dark-red wooden wings. There were talisman characters floating on it and it glowed with a rainbow light. After examining it for a moment, he shockingly discovered that the exquisite white body of the chariot was made from the bones of an unknown beast. It carried a faintly vicious aura.

Due to the obstruction of the white light, Han Li could only vaguely make out the people sitting inside. And since he had never fought with a spell warrior before, Han Li wasn’t about to rashly probe the Wind Riding Chariot. Instead, he turned his head forward and focused on controlling the crimson cape, flying directly towards the south of the Moulan Plains.

A short moment later, Han Li and the rest of the party were over five kilometers separated from one another. When the Wind Riding Chariot arrived where the party had slip up, Han Li couldn’t help but take another look at it.

The Wind Riding Chariot had stopped for the moment. In a flicker of white light, four different silhouettes left the chariot, three men and one woman. These four spell warriors gathered together and had a quick discussion before chasing four different Nascent Soul cultivators. Fortunately, none traveled in Han Li’s direction.

Han Li grew relieved at the sight, but he then inwardly shouted, “Not good!”

At that same moment, the Wind Riding Chariot wildly pulsed with white light and fiercely shot in Han Li’s direction, releasing sharp cracks that seem to bore into the mind. As Han Li flew in the crimson light, his expression grew unsightly.

Soon Han Li coldly snorted and his body began to emit blinding light and his speed grew faster. The crimson cloak began to also release low hums. 

A white sphere of light began to chase after the red sphere of light in the sky with a distance of five kilometers between the two. 

While the Wind Riding Chariot was astonishingly fast, Han Li’s crimson cloak wasn’t something to make light of. Both parties had found themselves at a deadlock for a time.

A short moment later, the two spheres of light disappeared from the edge of the plains as they flew deeper towards the heart of the Moulan Plains.