Chapter 680: Devilfall Valley

“Since this ring has yet to recognize a master, I am unable to display its full abilities. Of course, you should all know it comes at quite a price. I intend on trading this Immortal Binding Ring for a bottle of Nascent Soul level cultivation pills. If you’re interested in giving an offer, I’ll be taking a look at them.” 

Although cultivators present each had their own magic treasures, nurturing multiple magic treasures with differing abilities wasn’t unheard of. Furthermore, this magic treasure was masterless so it can be given to disciples. Of course, magic treasures that were created by Nascent Soul cultivators were far stronger than those created by Core Formation cultivators.

A majority of cultivators also weren’t experts in tool refinement, especially so with Nascent Soul cultivators. Since an expertly refined treasure appeared before them, many grew tempted and wished to trade for them. The woman selected one of the bottles of medicine pills offered to her and smoothly concluded the transaction.

Although this Immortal Binding Ring was far less valuable than the Scarlet Essence Mushroom, it was also much easier to trade for.

The next cultivator stood up before Daoist Heavencrystal called out to him, “I am offering Starsteel Sand for trade. It can be used for...”

The trade meeting went smoothly with each Nascent Soul cultivators taking out their own items, each an undoubtable rarity. They were far beyond what Han Li had previously seen offered at markets, and couldn’t be afforded even with the entirety of a common Core Formation cultivator’s wealth.

When a cultivator’s turn arrived, they naturally took out an item suitable for a cultivator of their rank.

But of course, not everyone made a successful trade. There were a few items that were too unfamiliar, along with those that were desirable but had an unfulfillable price. Nevertheless, these Nascent Soul cultivators were each brimming with experience; there was no possibility of trades with a large disparities in value.

The Child Fire Dragon and Lu Luo were both in front of Han Li and each took out their own items first.

The Child Fire Dragon took out a bowl-sized, tri-colored flower, an ingredient for pill refinement. Although it couldn’t be compared with the Scarlet Essence Mushroom, it was still a rare item. However, since there was no one that possessed the item he was looking for, the Poisonmark Wood, he could only sit back down with disappointment.

As for Lu Luo, he ended up with a rather successful transaction. He traded a bottle of something Han Li had never heard of before, Spirit Herb Extract, for a small fire-red sword that hadn’t yet recognized a master. It was unknown who he was giving it to, as there was no possibility of refining it for himself given his age.

With Lu Luo’s successful transaction came Han Li’s turn. Because he successfully traded for the embroidered-robed cultivator’s Scarlet Essence Mushroom at the beginning, there were many that were particularly focusing their attention on Han Li.

Han Li calmly stood up and took out two white jade boxes that he had previously prepared, “I have grade six water attribute demon cores and two stalks of thousand year old spirit herbs. I will exchange them for a piece of Auric Essence. But if I can’t, I will trade one of the boxes for the whereabouts of Auric Essence as well.”

Once Han Li said this, his hands trembled and azure light flickered. The two jade boxes opened at the same time. A red and blue demon core, and two glistening, jade-green spirit herbs were revealed.

‘Auric essence?’ All cultivators around them revealed an odd expression. While these demon cores and the thousand year spirit herbs were precious, they was still a great difference in value in between them.

If he were to truly trade for them, it was quite likely he would only be able to pay for only a small iota of it, nowhere near enough. But if it were information on the whereabouts of Auric Essence, a grade six demon core or a stalk of thousand year old spirit herbs was rather generous. 

After all, everyone knew that information alone wasn’t anywhere near as valuable as having the item on hand. Ancient cultivator ruins and areas of value were known by many, but these areas were extremely dangerous to the point where vastly skilled cultivators would find it difficult to escape even with grave injuries.

The most notable example of this would be the Devilfall Valley at the center of the Heavenly South Continent.

Legend has it that it was ancient battlefield from the time of antiquity where any fantastical restrictions were placed by the Devilish cultivators of long past. Perhaps due to the vast damage from the climax of the battle, there were even slim crevices in space itself, destabilizing the entire valley. As a result, the ancient battle had ended in mutual destruction.

The spacial tears and ancient restrictions caused the ancient battlefield to be extremely dangerous. Over the countless years, it was unknown just how many overly confident entered those ruins seeking treasures only to never return.

Any treasures these cultivators may have acquired were always left behind in the valley. After nearly ten thousand years of this continued, no other cultivators dared to try their luck, earning Devilfall Valley the title as deadliest region in the Heavenly South. Despite the knowledge of many treasures contained deep within the valley, they would only exist in dreams as none dared to seek their own death.

In any case, Auric Essence wasn’t something that was commonly known about. As such, each of the cultivators merely glanced at Han Li without sending him any voice transmissions.

When Han Li saw this, he grew somewhat disappointed. In order to hide his wealth, he didn’t take out any of his more precious items, preventing him from trading for anything he needed. Nevertheless, he was quite disappointed that nobody knew of any related information, despite the many Nascent Soul cultivators present.

He inwardly sighed and swept his gaze past the group of cultivators. He unconsciously frowned before sitting down with an odd expression flickering from his eyes.

The following cultivator immediately took out black tool refinement materials and began to introduce it.

Han Li half-heartedly listened to the cultivator and closed his eyes.

If Han Li wasn't mistaken, Daoist Heavencrystal betrayed hesitation from his eyes despite his calm expression. While Daoist Heavencrystal might not possess any Auric Essence, it seemed he did have information on where he could get some.

Without much thought, Han Li immediately came to a decision. But as one possessing patient temperament, he left the matter alone for now and simply feigned ignorance. He was confident that with just this clue, he will eventually have an opportunity to acquire the information he needed.

A long while later, the last cultivator finished exchanging for the materials they required. 

Daoist Heavencrystal then walked to the center of the floor and smiled, “Fellow Daoists, it appears a majority of you had traded for the materials that you required. Even if you didn’t, it doesn’t matter. Our little gathering is merely a tenth of the Nascent Soul cultivators that have arrived at the city. There will be more opportunities to come. While I can’t say this for anybody else, I may be holding an even larger trade meet. I hope you Fellow Daoists will be able to participate in it. But before we come to a close, I also have a few items I wish to put up for trade.”

Once the old Daoist finished speaking, his hands began to sparkle with white light and he summoned even items from his storage pouch, filling the table.

When the other cultivators saw the items in the table, they were left amazed. Once Han Li saw these items, his expression also greatly changed.

Eight varying monstrous beast puppets were arranged on the table, including a white wolve, azure pythons, and even a red bull.

Although these items were entirely still, they contained astonishing spiritual Qi equivalent to early Core Formation cultivators. They were far more powerful than the huge ape puppets in Han Li’s possession, and they weren’t recorded in Han Li’s puppet sutras either, much to Han Li’s bewilderment.

Could this person also be a cultivator of the Thousand Bamboo School? But the Thousand Bamboo School shouldn’t have any cultivators at Nascent Soul stage. Could there be another group cultivating their own style of puppets?

As Han Li’s mind stirred, he couldn’t help but gaze at these puppets, hoping to make out any peculiarities.

But before he could do so, the fatty from the Harmonious Bond Sect smiled and yelped, “Fellow Daoist Heavencrystal, since when did you start cultivating puppet techniques? Did you plan on abandoning your Crystal Light Arts? If that’s the case, you have my wholehearted admiration!”

Daoist Heavencrystal grinned, “Brother Ju jests. With my weary body, how could I possibly change my cultivation art. These puppets were merely something I found in some ruins with some other Fellow Daoists. As am I embarrassingly short on money as of current, I must use them for trade. Although their might isn’t great, they will be particularly effective in certain situations.”