Chapter 603: Affiliation

“Many thanks for Martial Uncle Yu’s guidance!” Although Han Li found it somewhat awkward, he wore a respectful expression as he uttered his thanks.

As for the fully bearded man, he merely grinned, appearing as if he weren’t one for words.

Already knowing that there was something amiss about his past, Han Li felt dumbfounded. The large man’s acting skills had already reached perfection. Could it be he truly didn’t know about the oddities of his own body?

While that Senior Martial Brother Miao also noticed something odd, Han Li was certain that a late Foundation Establishment cultivator wouldn’t be able to see through the person’s cold Qi. There was certain to be something amiss; it was quite thought provoking.

Cultivator Yu seemed pleased by the two’s reactions and spoke a few words more before bringing them to a pavilion located at the center of Dayspring Mountain.

They landed on a limestone platform where two young teenagers were chatting about something. When they saw Cultivator Yu appear, they immediately stopped talking and approached them.

The doll-faced girl chuckled and asked, “Well if it isn’t Martial Uncle Yu! Did you come to visit Martial Ancestor?” Knowing the strictness of seniority in the cultivation world, Han Li felt shocked at the girl’s casual attitude.

Cultivator Yu smiled and said, “That’s right. These two are external affair disciples that our mountain received from this selection. I am here to report to Martial Ancestor and see which Senior Martial Brothers to give them to.” It appeared he was quite familiar with the girl.

The girl then turned her gaze to Han Li and the large man. She sweetly smiled and said, “So they’re newly arrived Junior Martial Brothers. If you have an opportunity in the future, please don’t forget to pay me and Junior Martial Brother Xin a visit and tell me a bit about the mortal world. I’m looking forward to it.”

The dark-skinned teenager at her side meekly muttered, “If Senior Martial Sister wishes to hear them, don’t drag me in. I would prefer to cultivate.”

“You can cultivate anytime you want, but having new disciples enter Dayspring Mountain from the mortal world is something that is hard to come by. Naturally, we should listen to a few interesting tales from the outside!” Although the she was quite young and dainty, she chided the boy with a bold attitude, leaving him at a loss for words.

Cultivator Yu revealed a wry smile and shook his head before bringing Han Li and the large man into the courtyard.

As they walked, Cultivator Yu warned, “Keep note of those two. Junior Martial Sister Ma and Junior Martial Brother Xin may appear young and hold the same seniority as you, but they are the Martial Ancestor’s descendants from the mortal world. Although they haven’t yet been accepted as official disciples, it is a matter that will occur sooner or later. Do not offend them no matter what; nobody will protect you from the Martial Ancestor.”

When Han Li heard this, he nodded his head with a forced smile. As for the large man, he rubbed the back of his head and silently smiled.

When Cultivator Yu saw their reactions, he smiled and consoled them, “Junior Martial Brother Xin is a sincere person. He won’t do anything inappropriate. Although Junior Martial Sister Ma has always been somewhat mischievous, she doesn’t bear any malice. There is no need to be too worried about them; you just have to pay a bit more attention to them.”

Of course, Han Li and the large man repeatedly nodded their heads in response.

After that was said, the three had already passed through three courtyards before appearing in front of a secluded side wing.

As soon as the three appeared at the side wing, they faintly heard a man’s voice. “Is that you, Jun’er?”

When Yu Jun heard this, he immediately stopped in place and solemnly replied, “Disciple pays his respects to master!” 

“Your Third Martial Brother and your Fifth Martial Sister also happen to be here. Go ahead and bring the two behind you inside.” From the liveliness of the voice, the owner seemed to be in a good mood.

“Yes!” Yu Jun didn’t dare to delay and called to Han Li and large man before hastily entering the half closed door of the side room.

Apart from several pots of various unknown plants, the elegant and refined hall only had a black wood table along with a set of chairs. A middle-aged man in scholar robes sat at the side. He had an incredibly old fashioned appearance with a long, thin mustache and a beard that reached to his chest, giving him a sagelike appearance with otherworldly poise.

To his side stood an old man and a young woman.

With a wrinkle-filled face and pure white hair, the old man was by all means someone that appeared to have nearly reached his end. He was silently smiling. As for the woman, she appeared to be in her late twenties and possessed a fair, elegant appearance. She was currently expressionless.

Yu Jun hastily stepped forward and saluted them in a kneel, “I pay my respects to Master! Greetings, Third Senior Martial Brother, Fifth Senior Martial Sister!”

“Please stand up. There are no outsiders here, no need to be so formal. So these two must be the newly accepted disciples of our Dayspring Mountain!” The middle-aged man waved his arm and had Yu Jun stand up. Afterwards, he examined Han Li and the large man with interest.

When Han Li saw that this person was a mid Core Formation cultivator, he felt somewhat gloomy, but he could only force a smile and call out to him as, “Martial Ancestor.” The large man had done the same.

This Martial Ancestor possessed neither the capability of spotting the peculiarity of the large man’s body nor seeing through Han Li’s true cultivation.

As such, he asked for their names and casually said, “Good, good, good...” He then turned to the old man and young woman at his side and mildly instructed them, “Since you two are here, I won’t have to bother any others. As an expert in talisman refinement and a pill concoction adept, you should be lacking people. Take in these two newly arrived disciples for the time being. Naturally, pick a cultivation art for them along the way. Even if they are external affair disciples, if their cultivation is too poor, they’ll be a target of ridicule by their fellow sect members from the other mountains.”

The white-faced old man replied with a wide smile, “Yes, Master! Junior Martial Sister and I will take a person each.”

The beautiful woman in her twenties hesitated for a moment before nodding her head.

After a moment of thought, the old man proposed, “Since Junior Martial Sister also agrees, how about I take Martial Nephew Du over to my talisman refinement division? I am in need of sturdy helpers, so that will leave Martial Nephew Han to you!”

The woman agreed with an unchanged expression, not bothering to glance at Han Li.

When the middle-aged man saw this, he nodded his head and spoke to Han Li and the large man, “You two are dismissed, wait outside for a moment. I still have matters to discuss with your seniors.”

Han Li and the large man glanced at each other before sincerely acknowledging him. They then headed out of the room and stood about ten meters away from the room as they obediently waited.

Soon after, the large man glanced to the cloudless far away sky and remained still. It was unknown what he was thinking about. As for Han Li, he wore a lazy expression as he eavesdropped on the conversation inside. With his immense spiritual sense, Han Li was able to listen without a problem. Although his expression was unchanged, several odd movements escaped from his eyes.

After the time it took to finish a meal, the door to the side room finally opened, and the three disciples left the room one after the other.

The old man wordlessly raised his hand and released a slender magic tool. After he said his farewells to the woman and Yu Jun, he took to the skies with the large man in tow.

At that moment, the woman walked over to Han Li and coldly swept her gaze over him. She emotionlessly said, “Let’s go. You’ll be coming back with me to my cave residence.”

A faint smirk momentarily appeared on Han Li’s face before he nodded with a indifferent expression.

With a pulse of red light, an expanse of red mist enveloped the both of them.

Four hours later, Han Li had appeared at a strange medicine garden that was over three hundred meters wide.

The verdant medicine garden had many types of medicinal herbs and a thatched cottage with three rooms. When Han Li saw the nameless small mountain nearby, he stroked his chin and revealed a faint smile.

Previously, the cold and elegant mid Foundation Establishment woman had used a red ribbon to bring the two to her cave residence. This “Martial Aunt” Mu Peiling had asked him if he was willing to look after the medicinal garden or if he was willing learn the art of pill refinement.

This had stunned Han Li. After all, so long as a cultivator was right of mind, they would agree to learn without a doubt.

But before the woman waited for Han Li’s reply, she coldly explained that looking after the medicine garden was rather simple. So long as he handed over a fixed amount of medicinal ingredients, he could spent a majority of his time in cultivation. Although external affair disciples also had an opportunity to touch upon the profound path of medicinal pills, the cost of pursuing that path was to refine a certain amount of pills every month, greatly reducing their cultivation time. As a result, each of them had their own advantages.

Without even the slightest deliberation, Han Li instantly chose his old task of looking after the medicine garden. This was a task that may as well have been created for him; it would allow him to cultivate without fear or obstruction.

He had originally thought that he would have to escape from various menial jobs in order to cultivate. But as it turned out, this extremely suitable medicine garden task was brought before him by fortunate chance!

The cold, elegant woman didn’t reveal the slightest surprise at Han Li’s choice.

Since he was brought here, Mu Peiling brought away the original keeper of the medicinal garden and left behind a jade slip that recorded a water attribute cultivation art, the Profound Ice Arts.

This medicine garden had now become Han Li’s domain.