Chapter 657: Profound Nascent Formation Arts

Han Li appeared annoyed as he coldly snorted, “Drivel! I am neither suspicious of the woman nor do I hold malice towards her. However, it would be better for me to erase any memories of meeting me today. If any rumors were to leak, not only would it trouble me, but it would also attract calamity upon herself.”

With nothing else to say, his face glowed with azure light and he pressed his fingers against the woman’s head, employing the Profound Yin Art’s Dreamtear Technique. It would seal a few related memories and falsify them, causing this woman to believe that she managed to luckily acquire the medicine pills from a magnanimous expert. Any memories relating to Han Li would be completely sealed.

This soul altering secret technique was comparable to the Soul Control Technique and the Worryfree Needle [1], given that they were used by someone with far greater cultivation than his own.

However, this technique required that the user possess far greater cultivation than their target. Otherwise, the target would suffer great damage to their soul. As for Han Li, he had no problem using this technique on the woman as her cultivation was far too shallow.

A quarter of an hour later, Han Li was finished and the woman remained asleep.

After placing the woman back in her chair, Han Li took the opportunity to properly pay his respects to Qi Yunxiao and Xin Ruyin. He then turned the Fu Clan Ancestor’s head into ash and secretly left.


Back in her artifact spirit form, Silvermoon curiously asked, “Master, what does the jade slip contain? Master seems to view it with great importance.”

Han Li quickly flew into the sky as he leisurely said, “It is a spell formation record from the age of antiquity that describes many grand and profound formations. Even with my current attainments in spell formations, it would take me quite some time to comprehend them. In addition to spell formations, there is a truly peculiar secret art I am quite interested in.”

“Secret art? With Master’s current knowledge and the entire set of the Profound Yin Arts, what secret arts could provoke your interest?” Silvermoon softly smiled, but her voice possessed a heavy curiosity.

Han Li smiled and said, “Have you ever heard of the outstanding reputation of the Three Truths Severance?”  

Silvermoon’s laughter instantly ceased and her voice trembled with excitement as she asked, “Could it be that it holds the greatest Daoist Profound Art?”

“Of course not.” Han Li flatly denied.

“Oh? Then why did Master mention this divine art? Are you deliberately teasing me? Of course the Daoist Sects couldn’t possibly allow this heaven-defying art to leak! They themselves don’t even know if this technique is extinct!” Silvermoon grumbled.

“Although the jade slip’s secret technique isn’t the Three Truths Severance, it is a similar type of ability from the Devil Dao. It is called the Profound Nascent Formation Arts.” Han Li’s originally calm expression began to reveal excitement.

Silvermoon paused and said, “Profound Nascent Formation Arts! What kind of technique is that? It seems I’ve never heard of it before.” 

“I’ve also never heard of this technique before. However, this cultivation art is a genuine secret technique for cultivating a second primal soul. Later, one may even be able to nurture a second Nascent Soul.” Han Li’s tone became solemn at the end.

“A second Nascent Soul! Is this true? If that’s true, it would be considered a great divine technique at the very least, even if it is inferior to the Three Truths Severance!” Silvermoon’s spirits were greatly roused. The greater Han Li’s ability, the closer she would be to her objective.

Han Li’s surging emotions quickly turned calm once more. “I still don’t know if it is true. I’ll have to return to the Drifting Cloud Sect and carefully examine it once through. However, the spell formations recorded in the jade slip are genuine ancient formations. I have a few duplicates of them in a similar jade slip, so they shouldn’t be false.”

“Tch tch, Master’s luck is truly quite good for this technique to be directly delivered to you. However, secret Devil Dao arts may be powerful, but they always tend to favor hasty benefits at great cost later on. The greater the divine ability, the more obvious this becomes. It would be better for Master to have a proper look at this technique and see if there is anything amiss.”

Han Li soberly agreed, “I am aware, and it’s natural that I will be careful. If there is anything amiss about it, then I will forgo cultivating it.”

When Silvermoon heard him, she relaxed but soon appeared baffled as she asked, “Master, it doesn’t seem like you’re flying in the direction of the State of Xi. You aren’t planning to return to the Drifting Cloud Sect?”

Han Li sighed and said, “For the time being, I will not be returning to the State of Xi. I wish to take a visit to the State of Yue. After all, it is my birth country; I have a few secular attachments there that I must sever myself from. Otherwise, there will be worries weighing down on my mind that will interfere with my future cultivation.”

After a moment of silence, Silvermoon agreed, “That is also good. At this stage, Master can only pursue the supreme Dao after he severs himself from all worries of the secular world.”

“That’s enough nonsense for now. I am going to travel as quickly as I can.” Han Li ended the conversation with a cold tone. He then enveloped himself in a streak of azure light and increased his speed by several times. In an instant, he disappeared without a trace.

Unknown to Han Li, in a place far away there were many green-clothed cultivators that were secretly searching through a forest. They each wore a terrified expression.

At that moment, a burly man spoke to the others in a tone filled with dread, “What can be done! It’s already been many days and there hasn’t been the slightest information on the Spirit Nascent. If we don’t find the Spirit Nascent within three months, the sect will send enforcers for us.” 

A stern-eyed, middle-aged scholarly man said with an icy tone, “Humph! The declaration to find the Spirit Nascent in three months was merely said in a moment of anger. Everyone knows that recapturing the Wood Spirit Nascent was no longer a matter that a Foundation Establishment cultivator could handle. But if we don’t find even a trace of its whereabouts, I fear calamity will fall upon us all.

A green-robed woman with a common appearance fearfully said, “This matter wasn't even our fault. It was Martial Uncle Ding, the guard of the Spirit Nascent, that sent us away and attempted to merge with the Spirit Nascent against orders. He even died from the backlash.  Let’s hurry, the Spirit Nascent’s tracks have already vanished. Although we have a few magic tools to track and restrict it, the Spirit Nascent was far too quick, and we were unable to chase it down. Now that the Spirit Nascent is isolated from restrictions, we are even more hopeless.”

The scholarly man snorted and said, “Junior Martial Sister should leave those words for when an enforcer comes. Fortunately, Martial Aunt Han and Martial Aunt Liu will come to assist us. Those two Martial Aunts have wood spiritual roots. They should have some way of searching for it. However, I am quite curious how someone could possibly control something as fierce as the Wood Spirit Nascent without a special magic tool. It is truly inconceivable.”

“Enough. Regardless of who restricts the Spirit Nascent, we must find its whereabouts in order to save our own lives. Did you not hear the voice transmission that Martial Ancestor Kuang personally sent?”

The burly man frowned and revealed a trace of anxiety as he said, “Second Senior Martial Brother is right. It would be considered good if we manage to preserve our lives. However, the transportation formation along the way was broken and the two Martial Aunts will need two days to arrive at the next transportation formation. Do you think that the cultivator who captured the Spirit Nascent will have left the State of Yuan Wu during this time? After all, we don’t even know what country this cultivator is from.”

“Hehe! Junior Martial Brothers seems to not know. Martial Aunts Liu and Han were candidates to fuse with the Spirit Nascent. Many years before, they cultivated a secret technique in preparation to fuse with it, and are able to sense the direction of the Spirit Nascent from far away. The cultivator that restricted the Spirit Nascent won’t be able to escape the awareness of these Martial Aunts.” The old man spoke with a sullen tone, but his words seemed to hold confidence.

Once they heard the old man, the other three appeared relieved. However, the scholarly man’s eyes brightly flickered in thought and he asked, “Do you think that the person who captured the Spirit Nascent and the cultivator who exterminated the Fu Clan are one and the same? Could chance truly have it that the Spirit Nascent just happened to be captured several days before the Fu Clan was exterminated? Could this person have realized that we had a relationship with the Fu Clan and exterminated them to prevent them from helping us?”

“Ninth Junior Martial Brother, you think too much. Even with such vast abilities, how could he possibly know that the Spirit Controlling Sect had a relationship with the Fu Clan. It was most likely just a coincidence,” the woman shook her head. But after some further thought, she became doubtful, “However, for there to be two Nascent Soul cultivators to appear in the same place isn’t very likely. Perhaps it truly is the same cultivator that has done this.” 

“Oh! Could you perhaps tell us about this?” A young woman’s lazy voice came from the direction of a large tree. Then in a blur of white light, two beautiful white-clothed women appeared before them.

[1] The Soul Control Technique was used in chapter 293, only usable against mortals. The Worryfree Needle is a mortal technique that Han Li learned from Doctor Mo. Used in Chapter 203 against Han Yunzhi.