Chapter 645: Copulative Essence Arts

Mu Peiling blushed and softly said, “As you bid, Lord!”

Han Li withdrew his wanton gaze from her body. He took a purple jade medallion out from his robes and placed it on the table. He said with a cold voice, “Return and handle your affairs. Pick a mountain for your cave residence as well. This is a restriction medallion for the surrounding formations. If you wear it on your person, you will be able to leave my spell formations as you please. Once everything is prepared, I will place down a soul restriction on you and have you officially become my concubine, but let's get the ugly talk out of the way first. I don’t care if you have an ideal husband or a beloved. Cleanly sever ties with them; you are my concubine now. If you still have feelings of longing for them and still possess relations with them, don’t blame me for being ruthless. Now is the time to withdraw if you still possess any second thoughts.”

“Since I was small, I’ve dedicated myself to walking the path of immortal cultivation. How could I have a beloved? Besides, I have steeled my resolve. I won’t back down when the matter has already been decided.” Without a further thought, the woman nimbly took the jade medallion.

Han Li nodded his head and said no further. Soon after, he summoned a huge ape puppet and had it guide Mu Peiling outside.

Mu Peiling revealed a trace of surprise upon seeing the puppet. The puppet fearsomely held a level of spiritual Qi similar to her own. She was also puzzled as to why the white-clothed woman wasn’t there as well.

However, she knew that it was best to avoid probing too deeply and obediently kept quiet, following the puppet out from the cave residence.

Once the woman left, a white fox walked out from what appeared to be an empty corner of the room. “Since Master planned on taking this woman as a concubine for her punishment, why did you agree to wait thirty years? Could it be you have other plans?”

Han Li calmly admitted, “Of course I do. To tell the truth, I have no plans to touch her before she reaches Core Formation.” 

 Silvermoon hopped onto the table in front of Han Li and gazed at Han Li in a puzzled manner, “Huh? Why might that be?” 

When Han Li saw her adorable appearance, he couldn’t help but smile. He took out a pink jade talisman from his waist and placed it on the table.

“Do you recall the storage pouch I looted off the disciple of Archsaint Six Paths? This jade slip was in his storage pouch. It contains many Devil Dao pair cultivation arts.”

Silvermoon looked at the jade slip and then glanced at Han Li with a trace of suspicion. Since Han Li took this out, she knew that Han Li would continue his explanation.

As expected, Han Li lightly stoked the pink jade slip with his finger and unhurriedly said, “There are many secret techniques contained inside this jade talisman. Although they are more powerful than ordinary pair cultivation techniques, the difference can’t be considered much. However, there were two secret techniques among them that were particularly exceptional. One of them, the Dragon Guiding Arts, are particularly suitable for Core Formation males, allowing a Core Formation cultivator to unceasingly draw on the vital Yin essence of a woman with a special constitution, greatly raising their cultivation. 

“However, this secret technique was certain to cause great harm to the woman’s origin Qi. As such, any male cultivators using this technique would best have many concubines. Considering the many Foundation Establishment women at Archsaint Six Paths’ disciple’s side, he should’ve cultivated this technique. Otherwise, there would be no way he could’ve cultivated to late Core Formation stage at his young age, no matter how amazing his aptitude. After all, he didn’t have a miraculous bottle that could age plants.

“As for the other technique, the Copulative Essence Arts, its a secret pair cultivation technique that is specialized for Nascent Soul men. Unlike the Dragon Guiding Arts, it requires a woman to possess cultivation at Core Formation stage. Once a woman cultivates this technique to a deep enough stage, the male cultivator would be able to forcefully break through a cultivation bottleneck in an instant by seizing her vital Yin. It is only natural that I wish for this woman to cultivate with all her might. This technique requires a woman possessing deep cultivation after all.”

“Dragon Guiding Arts! Copulative Essence Arts! Isn’t it an exaggeration for a pair cultivation technique to be so fearsome?!” The small fox blinked and revealed disbelief.

Han Li sighed and said, “I had similar thoughts to you at the beginning, for a pair cultivation technique to be so fearsome; its simply unprecedented. However, I discovered the name of the person who established these pair cultivation techniques inside the jade slip, and my doubts were immediately dispelled.”

Silvermoon seemed to have thought of something and couldn’t help but softly shout, “Yi! Could it be...”

Han Li said with a deep voice, “That’s right! These two pair cultivation techniques were personally established by Archsaint Six Paths. Since he is a late Nascent Soul cultivator and is renowned as the number one figure in the Scattered Star Sea’s Devil Dao, these two techniques should be greatly effective. Otherwise, Archsaint Six Paths’ disciple couldn’t have kept it so closely on his person.”

Silvermoon tilted her furry head and hesitantly asked, “So Master plans on using this woman to cultivate...”

“That’s right. Once this woman reaches late Core Formation stage, we will both cultivate the Copulative Essence Arts. And once I reach a bottleneck, I will use this technique to breakthrough it. After all, there are few medicine pills that are capable of assisting in the cultivation of a Nascent Soul cultivator. From now on, my cultivation speed will be pathetically slow. Since a vast majority of Nascent Soul cultivators are stuck at the early stage, it can be observed that it is extremely difficult to breakthrough the bottleneck to mid Nascent Soul stage. As such, I must make an attempt, regardless of the validity of the technique’s effects.

“It is only a pity that according to what was described, the bottleneck breakthrough will only occur for the first time the technique is used. It will have longer have this effect once the woman's vital yin is taken. Of course, this technique also benefits the woman involved as well, but not nearly to the extent of the male cultivator. Tell me, did you think that I truly thought I acquired a concubine merely because I could?” Han Li glanced at the white fox at the side and coldly smiled.

Silvermoon appeared to sigh with relief and smiled, “At first, I did! I had thought that Master has grown proud after forming a Nascent Soul and thought to take in a concubine as a result.”

When Han Li heard this, he wore a vague expression. He then expressionlessly said, “Although I will place the woman underneath a soul restriction, it is better that she doesn’t learn of all the secrets in the cave residence. I will be able to control this woman’s very life, but I cannot control her thoughts. Just because I treat her well doesn’t necessarily mean she will be grateful. I will first treat her with great caution so I may avoid being betrayed from a moment of carelessness.

“This ‘Martial Aunt’ Mu is rather intelligent, but it would be best to keep watch of her. If she truly wishes to follow me and is unswayed by the wills of others, I will not treat her unfairly and will assist in her cultivation. After all, I have an abundance of low grade medicine pills. Silvermoon, keep an eye on her for me when you’re free. It should be a trivial effort given your skills.”

Silvermoon obediently agreed, “Yes, Master! When you are in secluded cultivation, I will particularly pay attention to her.”

“That will do. These thirty years should be enough for me to read her. I hope she doesn’t disappoint me!” During that final sentence, Han Li’s tone became sullen.

Several days later, Mu Peiling returned to the mountain and was subjected to a soul restriction by Han Li. Afterwards, she was gifted with a few bottles of medicine pills effective for Foundation Establishment cultivators. This gift had amazed her and caused her face to blossom with beauty from her delight. She eagerly expressed her thanks with adoring respect. It appeared this woman had truly thought of herself as his concubine.

After the silver-haired old man and Cultivator Lu were notified that Han Li had taken her in as a concubine, they expressed their congratulations and each gifted a top grade magic tool to Mu Peiling.

Han Li smiled in response and politely thanked them.

From then on, Mu Peiling began to dedicatedly cultivate at one of the smaller mountains surrounding the main cave residence, provided both with Han Li’s guidance and medicine pills. 

During this time, Han Li would occasionally pay a visit to the cave residences of the other two Nascent Soul cultivators in the sect, humbly asking for cultivation instruction. Since the two Drifting Cloud elders intended to sincerely accept Han Li into their fold, they hid nothing from him, much to Han Li’s benefit. In hindsight, Han Li felt his choice to stay was extremely wise.

Several months later, Han Li was delighted to discover the Spirit Well Tree in the medicine garden started to shed Wine Nectar. He hastily began to refine the Brightsight Water according to the instructions that the dishevel-haired cultivator left behind.

With Han Li’s grandmaster-level skills in medicine pill refinement, he quickly grasped the knack of refining the spirit water and found it easy to concoct despite his first few failed attempts. 

Currently inside the pill refinement room, Han Li was holding onto a small bottle of Brightsight Water that he concocted earlier. His gaze flickered when something suddenly came to mind, and his expression soon became determined. He opened the bottle with one hand and caused his hand to flash with azure light in the other. A ball of translucent blue liquid flew out from the bottle and slowly made its ways towards Han Li’s forehead.

By the the time the water arrived in front of Han Li’s forehead, it suddenly stopped and became completely still.

Han Li looked at the water with narrowed eyes and remained silent. A short moment later, he opened his mouth and breathed out a small mist of azure light and enveloped the water. Then as the water sparkled, two fine strands of water suddenly shot out and entered Han Li’s eyes.

Han Li felt his eyes warm up, but a moment later, the warmth turned into a bone-chilling cold. He shut his eyes and trembled from the sensation.