Chapter 639: Nascent Soul (3)

With a light bang, the translucent ball brightly flashed, surrounding itself in a mist of rainbow light that was three meters wide. It quickly flew down and bore into the mountain in an instant. At that same moment, the dark storm clouds up above instantly disappeared, restoring the sky to normal.

This sudden change of events left the surrounding cultivators at a loss.

In the following moments, a series of dragon-like roars cried from the mountains, shaking the very heavens and earth. A three hundred meter tall silhouette of light then emerged from the mountain.

This silhouette sparkled with four-colored light and its limbs were incredibly thick, but because of the radiance that surrounded it, none were able to clearly see its true features. They were merely left with an impression of immense awe, causing the onlookers to turn their gazes away in deference. But most astonishing of all was when the silhouette nodded its head, sweeping two beams of dense light across the cultivators present, causing them to lose their breaths in an instant.

With the sound of several thumps, these cultivators felt their bodies grow heavy and they immediately knelt down. They weren’t able to move in the slightest as if Mount Tai itself were pressing down upon them. Although a few of the cultivators with deeper cultivations were able to force themselves to stand, their legs were trembling and the veins on their forehead throbbed. It appeared to take a rather strenuous effort.

As these cultivators became filled with apprehension and inwardly cursed, the huge silhouette smiled and its body suddenly scattered, filling the sky with countless specks of starlight.

This scene has left the observers dumbstruck.


Han Li sat cross-legged at the center of the quiet room with his eyes shut. But at the very top of his head, there was foot-tall infant that was amusing itself with his hair.

This infant had delicate skin, an azure barrier of light surrounding its entire body, and a face entirely like Han Li. However, the happy excitement on its face was entirely different from Han Li’s usual calm and taciturn manner.

As for Han Li’s main body, his complexion was rosy and his expression was serene as if he were soundly asleep.

A short moment later, the infant apparently grew tired from its playing and yawned. With an azure flash of light, it entered through the top of Han Li’s head into the body. Han Li’s expression then began to stir and his eyelids trembled. They eventually opened to reveal a hidden warmth contained in his bright, clear gaze.

He didn’t immediately stand up after awakening. Instead, he wore an expression that contained a trace of wild joy. He extended his palm and began to look across it several times. He then raised his hand and rubbed the top of his head with complete puzzlement.

After the time it took to finish a cup of tea, Han Li’s excitement eventually faded away from his face, only to be replaced with his usual calm.

He swept his gaze past the silent room and stretched himself before eventually standing up. He then extended his finger and shot a beam of azure light towards the stone door. With a flash of light, it silently opened.

Having stood guard outside Han Li’s room, Silvermoon transformed into the form of a gorgeous young woman upon spotting Han Li. She immediately lowered her head and respectfully saluted him, “Congratulations Master on forming your Nascent Soul!” Her careful and deliberate attitude somewhat surprised Han Li.

Han Li rubbed his chin and casually said, “Master? It seems that Fellow Daoist Silvermoon now truly recognizes me! However, that was to be expected. Before I formed a Nascent Soul, my cultivation was around the same level as yours. How could you have fully accepted me then?”

With complete respect on her face, Silvermoon said, “Master’s words are true. Now that Master has condensed a Nascent Soul, he has now entered the highest realm in the cultivation world. Your lifespan has been lengthened to over a thousand years, but you’ve only lived around two hundred years so far. With just a bit of luck, I believe it is possible that Master will be able to cultivate to the Deity Transformation stage.

Han Li shook his head and tranquilly said, “It is a bit too early to speak of Deity Transformation stage; it is still so far away.. Most of the Nascent Soul cultivators I’ve met were stuck at early Nascent Soul stage without any way to progress forward. You shouldn’t be too hopeful.” 

“Still, I hold much confidence in you, Master.” Silvermoon pursed her lips and sweetly smiled, revealing a particularly alluring charm. Regardless, Han Li still disapproved of her words.

As of current, over a thousand cultivators had gathered nearby. They surrounded the mountain on their magic tools and were whispering to one another. With their inexperience and ignorance, they naturally didn’t know what the recent omen had signified. They could only make a few wild guesses. But from what had just happened, they couldn’t help but reveal giddy excitement.

Naturally, the medicinal garden Han Li was assigned to had attracted quite a bit of attention. The bystanders had already forced their way through the restrictions to take a look. However, they only found it to be an ordinary medicinal garden that didn’t have a soul in sight.

Mu Peiling were among those that had rushed to the scene. Her expression wavered as she witnessed all that had happened. She had a faint feeling that this fantastical display had something to do with Han Li.

At that moment, several streaks of various colored lights suddenly arrived. The lights faded away to reveal six Core Formation cultivators with heavy expressions. They were headed by the late Core Formation cultivator surnamed Feng. At his side stood a red-robed old man, the beautiful woman surnamed Song, as well as several other unfamiliar cultivators.

Old Man Feng raised his brow at the sight of so many low grade cultivators and icily said, “All disciples, listen well. The area five kilometers away from the mountain has temporarily become a restricted area. If anyone is to violate this, they will be punished severely.”

When the disciples heard their Martial Ancestor give his orders, they could only obey despite the great curiosity they all held and promptly departed.

A Core Formation cultivator with an ordinary appearance suddenly sent a sound transmission to Old Man Feng and pointed to the medicine garden down below. The old man’s expression stirred and he called out to a woman nearby, “Martial Niece Mu, stay behind for now.”

“As you command, Martial Uncle!” The woman was startled for a moment but she immediately flew before the Core Formation cultivators with a respectful expression.

Old Man Feng’s expression relaxed and he said, “Martial Niece Mu, I heard you were in charge of this medicine garden.”

“Yes! This medicine garden is being cared for by a Qi Condensation cultivator by the name of Han Li.”

“Qi Condensation disciple? Where is he now?”

Mu Peiling hesitated for a moment before replying, “I do not know. Several Senior Martial Brothers charged into the medicine garden to take a look, but he was nowhere to be found.” 

The red-robed old man’s expression stirred and he asked with surprise, “Han Li? Was it that external affair disciple that made it to the top ten in the last Sword Trial Assembly? The twenty year old youth?”

“Martial Uncle Duan is correct. It is that disciple.” The woman wasn’t surprised that he knew this, given that he had led them to the last Sword Trial Assembly.

“It was truly odd that an external affair disciple was able to make it into the top ten. Could it be the omen of a Nascent Soul formation came from him?” Old Man Feng muttered to himself with a complicated expression. The other Core Formation cultivators wore a solemn expression when they heard him.

The woman surnamed Song had a particularly noticeable shift in her expression. The omen of a Nascent Soul. Could it be this person who formed a Nascent Soul?

While the others had taken it well enough, when Mu Peiling heard his ludicrous words, she felt completely shocked.

The red-robed cultivator slowly said, “Senior Martial Feng, from what has happened, it seems this person had already condensed a Nascent Soul. How should we respond to him?”

“Although they are a newly formed Nascent Soul cultivator, we are by no means their match. I reckon that the two Martial Uncles will soon personally come to deal with this matter. As for now, we must avoid all means of angering him.” Just as he finished uttering his orders, his expression suddenly replaced and he shouted, “Yi! The Martial Uncles have already arrived.”

When the others heard him, they felt relief and turned their heads towards the sky, spotting two glints of light in the distant skies. The glints of light soon turned into a streak of white and yellow light that approached them.

When Old Man Feng and company saw this, they immediately separated into two rows and wore a respectful expression.

An instant later, the grey-haired old man and the sallow-faced middle-aged man appeared before the Core Formation cultivators, and the old man indifferently said, “This matter may be passed onto us to deal with. You may do as you wish, but don’t remain here.”

When the others heard this, they each acknowledged him and left the vicinity of the stone mountain.

Of course, Mu Peiling didn’t dare to stay behind and hastily flew off after saluting the two Nascent Soul Ancestors. However, she couldn’t help but take one last look at the medicinal garden before she departed.

‘Could it truly be Han Li that had formed a Nascent Soul?’ The woman’s heart grew turbulent at the thought and her expression grew vacant.

At that moment when Silvermoon was speaking with a relaxed expression, the long-winded and aged voice came from the outside, “Congratulations on Fellow Daoist’s successful Nascent Soul Formation. I am the Drifting Cloud Sect’s Cheng Tiankun. Could my Junior Martial Brother and I enter your residence for a chat?”