Chapter 635: Acquiring Roots

“Shameless!” Seeing that the possessed Cultivator Wei dared to attempt to kill someone in his presence, the scarlet light python in front of the boy trembled and split into countless translucent strands as it shot towards Truelord Heavenfiend.

At that same moment, Old Man Jiang’s expression greatly changed. He hastily spat out a yellow flying sword to protect himself and he flusteredly ran backwards. He didn’t dare to meet the sect master’s strike.

Truelord Heavenfiend strangely smiled and his direction suddenly changed, appearing at the side of the white-clothed woman. His purple claw suddenly moved to grab onto her arm.

The white-clothed woman had been at a loss ever since realizing the scholarly man was a spy. But in a face of Truelord Heavenfiend’s sudden attack, her complexion paled and she tossed the long-faced old man onto the ground without a single thought. Her hands then formed an incantation gesture and an azure streak flew out from her sleeve, attempting to block the incoming attack to the best of her abilities.

Truelord Heavenfiend wildly laughed in response and blurred once more, grabbing onto the long-faced old man that was tossed away. He then formed a fist with his free hand and covered it in turbulent purple light, striking against the incoming fiery red sword threads.

With a muffled groan, the old devil couldn’t help but recoil from the strike. However, he used its momentum to carry the long-faced old man back to his original location.

Though some unknown method, the long-faced old man was somehow roused. He leapt up and said, “Many thanks for Truelord’s rescue!”

“Humph! Don’t be mistaken! If we weren’t currently short on manpower, I wouldn’t have saved a Righteous Dao junior like you. You’ll have to preserve your life with your own skill.” Truelord Heavenfiend coldly snorted and shot towards the boy surnamed Lan in a blur.

This time, he was truly going to tie down the Child Fire Dragon and allow Du Dong the opportunity to escape.

“Go! The outside restrictions have already been sabotaged by me. Its power should only be a tenth of its original. We will be able to easily break through.” The long-faced old man appeared to also be a decisive character. After shouting to Du Dong and Cultivation Bai, he took the initiative to charge towards the Core Formation cultivators guarding the exit.

Du Dong and the scholarly man were delighted by what they heard. With one taking out two white swords and the other enveloping his body in black radiance, the three changed towards the cave exit.

The three sects’ Core Formation cultivators weren’t about to easily allow the three to escape. They all summoned their magic treasures to give them a painful welcome. The cave suddenly erupted into battle between the two sides. With furious shouts and sounds of explosions, various colored lights filled the cave.

When Han Li saw this, he felt that his opportunity was drawing near and decided to take action. With the jade scepter in hand, his body flashed in yellow light. He burrowed into the ground and hastily used an earth movement technique to silently draw close to the Spirit Well Tree’s roots.

Busy with their own battles, the cultivators in the cave hadn’t taken notice of Han Li’s opportunistic actions. As a result, Han Li arrived before a faint golden barrier blocking his way.

A spirited glint appeared in Han Li’s eyes. He raised his hands, releasing a torch of azure light from each of his fingers, and silently pressed them against the barrier. The golden light intertwined with the azure light for a moment and the light barrier began to tremble.

If it were peacetime, the golden barrier’s trembling would’ve long been perceived by the cultivators guarding the Spirit Well Tree. But in the middle of fierce combat, this small movement hadn’t aroused the slightest notice.

A short moment later, his hands had forcibly pierced through the golden light and a trace of joy appeared on his face. The light from his hands surged and he fiercely pulled his hands apart, creating a slender gap in the barrier for an instant.

Woosh. Han Li’s body blurred, reappearing inside before the light barrier mended itself.

Seeing that the Spirit Well Tree’s roots were before him, Han Li wore a rarely seen grin.

Although the trunk of the Spirit Well Tree greatly differed from ordinary trees, it roots were ordinary apart from its exceptionally jade-green color.

A huge explosion erupted from above the ground, followed by the sound of shards of falling earth along with a series of trembles. It seems a fearsome attack had just been used.

In the following moment, Old Man Fu flusteredly said, “Quickly, chase after them. We cannot allow them to escape.” The sound of rustling wind was followed by Truelord Heavenfiend’s hearty laughter.

“Fellow Daoist Lan, how is the power of my Purple Deepscreen Arts? Although I had to use up this body’s blood essence, I was able to easily tie you down for the time being.”

“Old Devil Heavenfield, do you not care for your disciple? Even if your disciple survives, his cultivation will be mostly destroyed.” Although the boy’s voice was detached and emotionless, Han Li could hear a trace of anger in his words.

“My disciple? This traitor? From what I’ve heard, he already considers himself a Drifting Cloud Sect disciple, so I have far less misgivings in using him. Huh? Old Ghost Lan? Where do you think you’re going?!” Truelord Heavenfiend’s voice was extremely calm as he said this, but his voice suddenly shouted out in alarm.

“Humph! I have no interest in tangling down with your incarnation. Those Devil Children cannot be allowed to take a Wine Nectar out from our Dreamcloud Mountains.” The boy’s voice grew more distant as if he had already left the cave.

“As if I’d so easily allow you to leave!” Truelord Heavenfiend shouted as if chasing after him.

In an instant, there was no one else left behind in the cave apart from Han Li. He grew completely at ease, no longer hesitating to take action. He extended one of his fingers shot out a sparkling beam of light. With a spark, a small portion of the root was easily cut through, causing a white liquid to overflow from the opening, filling the air with a fragrant aroma.

Han Li paid no notice to the white liquid spilling out. With his body shining with yellow light, he directly grasped onto the root segment and climbed to the surface.

He swept his gaze past the barrier and spotted a ten meter large hole in the cave with sparkling rocks that were scattered all around.

It seems this Truelord Heavenfiend had completely broken through the restrictions of the resilient cave walls through a single strike. This impressive display of skill should’ve given Du Dong and the others the opportunity to escape!

Han Li hurried after seeing this. He took out a finely carved jade box from his storage pouch and carefully placed the root segment into the box.

After putting it away with a heavy expression, Han Li revealed satisfaction but something soon came to mind. He may have acquired the Spirit Well Tree’s root, but he had still yet to acquire the refinement formula for the Brightsight Water and the Spirit Tempering Pill. Although that Truelord Heavenfiend managed to possess the body of the dishevel-haired old man, the body couldn’t endure his techniques for long. He would certainly be defeated by the boy before long.

With flashes of light flickering from Han Li’s hands as he stood next to the barrier of light, his expression suddenly stirred. With a trace of astonishment on his face, he frowned and walked around to the back of the Spirit Well Tree.

There was a yellow prayer mat and a foot-wide stone platform. The stone platform had a jade slip on top of it that was glistening with a faint green light.

Han Li swept his spiritual sense past the several items and discovered that there were no hidden restrictions on the items. He raised his hand and shot an azure mist from his palm, sweeping the jade slip into his grasp.

Han Li gazed at the jade slip and remained still as he began to read through the contents of the jade slip with his spiritual sense.

A short moment later, Han Li withdrew his spiritual sense from the jade slip with a bewildered expression. It contained the records of the dishevel-haired cultivator’s techniques and a few pill refinement insights. The refinement formula for the Spirit Tempering Pill and the Brightsight Water were astonishingly among them.

With the jade slip in hand, Han Li’s mind grew vacant.

Could it be that dishevel-haired cultivator had felt his lifespan coming to an end and had prepared this jade slip? From how the jade slip had been hidden behind the Spirit Well Tree, it seemed he had left it behind for a Drifting Cloud Sect cultivator. Could this action hold some sort of meaning?

Han Li pondered a moment more while glancing at the jade slip. He then fetched a white jade slip from his storage pouch and quickly copied over the contents.

At Han Li’s current cultivation, replicating a jade slip took only a moment’s worth of effort.

Han Li placed the green jade slip back in its original place and put the white replica inside his storage pouch before walking back towards the golden light barrier. Since the three sects’ cultivators could come back at any moment, he’d best leave as soon as possible. In any case, he already fulfilled his objective.

Without worry of anybody spotting him, Han Li’s body flowed with spiritual power, cleaving a large hole in the barrier with a spark of azure light.

In the instant the hole was formed, he directly transformed into an azure streak of light and rushed out.