Chapter 632: A Plot Unfolds

The others didn’t perceive Du Dong’s small movements, but Han Li did. He had spread out his spiritual sense earlier to observe his surroundings in case of any contingencies.

Although Du Dong appeared to be meditating, his lips trembled. He was clearly speaking through voice transmission to a conspirator in the room.

Fearing that he would alarm Dong Du, Han Li didn’t forcefully eavesdrop. Instead, he swept his spiritual sense for any hidden cultivators and ended up finding nothing out of the ordinary.

Han Li’s mind quickly stirred and his gaze swept past several people. For a while, he was unable to determine who the suspect was. But Han Li then heard Silvermoon’s voice in his mind.

“Brother Han, the Spirit Well Tree’s light barrier reaches underground as well. Although I have a way for forcing through it, I cannot guarantee that it won’t disturb the Core Formation cultivator within the barrier. Should I break through?” Silvermoon softly said.

Han Li replied without a moment of thought, “Don’t rashly take action! Force will only be used as a last resort. I reckon that in the chaos soon to come, there will be an opportunity to take action. Come back for now.”

Silvermoon obeyed and silently returned into Han Li’s body. He then closed his eyes and did nothing else apart from taking note of Du Dong’s actions.

After an unknown amount time had passed, Du Dong ceased speaking and he raised his hand while glancing around with a strange expression.

Han Li’s heart trembled. Just as he wondered whether or not he was about to take action, Du Dong unexpectedly lowered his head once more. Nothing seemed to have occurred, leaving Han Li baffled.

At that moment, a huge quake violently reverberated throughout the cave. All the meditating cultivators suddenly opened their eyes in alarm and they glanced at each other in astonishment.

The grey-clothed old man and the other two Core Formation cultivators revealed a trace of astonishment, but the yellow-clothed cultivator frowned and hastily walked towards the stone gate. However, before he even arrived the door opened to reveal the long-faced cultivator Hu walking in with a sullen expression.

“Senior Hu, what happened?” The yellow-clothed cultivator hastily asked.

The long-faced old man replied with a blood-thirsty tone, “This place was attacked! A group of concealed cultivators attacked the spell formation outside the valley. Not only are they all Core Formation cultivators, but there also seems to be a Nascent Soul eccentric among them. It seems they aren’t from the Righteous Dao Alliance, but the Six Devil Dao Sects. The other powers wouldn’t take such bold, heavy actions. Senior Lan has already left to take charge of the spell formation, you must follow me and support the defense. Leave behind Senior Martial Brother Wei. As for these disciples, postpone the matter of the Brightsight water for now. Fellow Daoist Yue, bring these disciples to a safe room. Senior Martial Brother Wei, if anyone dares to enter the cave during this time, kill them without hesitation.”

Old Man Wei calmly replied, “I understand. Brother Hu, go ahead and take them. I’ll stand guard here.”

When the long-faced old man heard this, he nodded his head with a relaxed expression and immediately brought the grey-clothed old man and the middle-aged man out.

The yellow-clothed cultivator ran to Han Li and the disciples, ordering, “You heard him. The eye cleansing is postponed. I will lead you to a safe room.” He then turned around and left the cave in large strides.

The young cultivators didn’t dare to delay and hastily followed after him. 

Han Li calmly followed after them and inwardly sneered upon seeing Du Dong sincerely follow them out of the cave without taking any action. 

Du Dong had acted calmly until now and didn’t reveal the slightest worry. Han Li found this particularly suspicious. This had all occurred at far too perfect a time for Du Dong to be uninvolved.

A short moment later, the ten disciples followed the yellow-robed cultivator west and entered a large stone room. After giving them several orders, he departed, clearly heading towards the battle above.

At that moment, a large eruption occurred in the distance, causing the ground to violently tremble. It seemed to be a result of the bitter fighting outside.

Seeing that the yellow-clothed cultivator had departed, the disciples began to gather together into their own sects and whisper.

Han Li, Du Dong, Mu Peiling, and Sun Huo stood together.

Sun Huo sighed and vented, “I truly didn’t expect that the Ancient Sword Sect’s Martial Uncle Bai was a Righteous Dao spy. I previously felt quite a bit of respect from him, thinking that he was a vagrant cultivator that managed to reach Core Formation!”

Mu Peiling coldly glanced at the youth and emotionlessly said, “Junior Martial Brother Sun, did you truly believe that a vagrant cultivator would be able to form a core so easily? Without the support from a large backer, how could someone possibly acquire the ability to enter Core Formation? However, Junior Martial Brother Sun is a genuine vagrant cultivator that has already been scouted by many clans. Would it not be better for Junior Martial Brother Sun to join one of them for greater assistance in the future?”

The determined youth wryly laughed and said, “I am still unconvinced that I must join a cultivation clan to form a core. I still feel it beneath my dignity to join one.”

His gaze then unconsciously wandered onto the woman’s beautiful face and revealed a trace of passion. However, Mu Peiling seemed unaware of this and didn’t continue speaking.

Du Dong then suddenly said, “However, Martial Uncle Bai does seem to be a pitiful individual.”

Mu Peiling’s bright eyes glanced at the large man in surprise. Sun Huo was also surprised by his words and wore an expression of doubt, asking, “Pitiful? Martial Nephew Du, what do you mean?”

Du Dong smiled in his ordinary, simple manner and paid them no heed. His gaze then turned to Han Li and he mysteriously said, “Junior Martial Brother Han, do you think my words make sense?”

Han Li didn’t reveal the slightest surprise that Du Dong turned the conversation towards him and indifferently replied, “No, I don’t know much about Martial Uncle Bai. I’m afraid I can’t say!” 

“Is that so? However, I feel that...”

Just as Du Dong thought to say something further, Sun Huo angrily rebuked him for ignoring him, “Martial Nephew Du, you are far too impudent. Did you not hear my words?”

A cold glint flickered through Du Dong’s eyes as he glanced at the youth. With a sinister expression he said, “Why are you speaking so loudly? I heard you, but I have no interest in replying to such rubbish.” 

“What?! You...”

Mu Peiling discovered something was amiss and her face grew sullen. With her hand on her storage pouch she icily asked, “Just who are you?”

The other disciples noticed that something was odd and couldn’t help but look at them with astonishment.

A man’s voice suddenly echoed from outside the room. “Hehe! He’s a direct bloodline disciple of the Devil Dao’s Thousand Illusions Sect. I hope that answer is to your satisfaction!” 

Bang! The doors to the room suddenly shattered.

The sect disciples were greatly shocked and hastily took out their magic tools with vigilance. However, a familiar man had emerged beyond the shattered door.

“Martial Uncle Bai!” An Ancient Sword Sect disciple couldn’t help but shout out upon seeing him. His expression soon changed while his face was filled with disbelief.

When the other disciples saw this azure-robed cultivator appear before them, they were at a loss. They had clearly seen him restrained not long ago, yet he still appeared here. And from his lively spirits, it appeared as if his magic power wasn’t restricted in the slightest.

Du Dong didn't appear surprised by Cultivator Bai’s appearance in the least and coldly asked him, “Why did you arrive so late? Any longer and we would’ve taken action first.” 

Cultivator Bai bluntly replied, “Humph! You don’t know how fearsome that old eccentric’s sword thread is. Although I had prepared for it, it still restrained me at the time. If it weren’t for your continuous guarantees that he wouldn’t have dared to take my life, do you think I would’ve cooperated with your side?”

“Hehe! We didn’t expect that the old eccentric would personally come. However, it had gone mostly as expected. Martial Uncle Feng and Senior Qin should’ve bought us enough time.”

After hearing their conversation, the other disciples knew that things were far from good. One of the Ancient Sword Sect disciples was particularly quick to react and immediately flew off on his magic tool towards the door in an attempt to escape.

But as soon as this disciple flew by Cultivator Bai’s side, a sinister expression appeared on his face and a dazzling white light flashed.

With a miserable scream, the disciple and the sword were split into two. With a clang, the corpse fell onto the ground.