Chapter 626: Harmonic Mind

Three months passed by in the blink of an eye while Han Li remained in bitter cultivation in his cave residence.

During this time, Kui Huan’s group had paid a visit to Han Li to apologetically tell him that they had informed the sect elders of Han Li’s skills in talisman refinement, hoping that he wouldn’t take offence.

Because Han Li had already planned on using his talisman refinement techniques as a cover, he didn’t mind in the slightest. After giving a few words of forgiveness, he sent the group of Qi Condensation cultivators on their way.

As for Dayspring Mountain, because Han Li had unexpectedly made it into the twenty-four finalists, Mu Peiling had made a trip to the medicine garden and gave Han Li a long explanation on the intricacies of the Profound Ice Arts. This surprising action had left Han Li at a loss for words.

Apart from those two times, no one else disturbed Han Li during his cultivation.

One day as Han Li was strenuously cultivating the Azure Essence Sword Arts, he abruptly frowned and stood up. By the time he left his cave residence and entered the medicinal garden, a voice transmission talisman knocked against the medicine garden’s restrictions.

When Han Li saw this, he opened the garden’s restrictions and waved his arm. A moment later, the sound transmission talisman flew into his hand in a streak of fire and soon disappeared.

Han Li expressionlessly muttered, “White Phoenix Mountain’s Martial Ancestor Song. Isn’t that the number one beauty in the Drifting Cloud Sect? Will that woman be instructing me? If that’s the case, these coming days shouldn’t be too boring!” He then released a flying sword magic tool and directly flew in the direction of White Phoenix Mountain.

White Phoenix Mountain was at the eastmost side of Drifting Cloud Sect and was particularly distant from the other five mountains as if it were standing proudly in solitude. Although this mountain was the shortest of the Six Marvelous Mountains, it was by far the most verdant and beautiful.

Not long after leaving the garden, Han Li appeared near White Phoenix Mountain.

Because this mountain was made up of mostly female cultivators, White Phoenix Mountain had a few strange rules. Ordinarily, any male cultivators arriving at the mountain were required to land at the base of the mountain and receive permission to enter. Otherwise, they would only have themselves to blame for falling into White Phoenix Mountain’s restrictions.

Naturally, Han Li had no intention of forcing his way through and obediently landed at the base of the mountain.

There were currently three Qi Condensation female cultivators at the mountain gate happily chatting. When they saw Han Li drop down, they couldn’t help but curiously examine the unfamiliar male cultivator.

Han Li saluted the three female disciples and said, “I am Dayspring Mountain’s Han Li. I’ve come to accept cultivation guidance from Martial Ancestor Song. I hope Senior Martial Sisters can make a report.”

A young, freckled female cultivator smiled and promptly said, “So you’re Han Li. The Martial Ancestor has already notified us of you. Junior Martial Brother Han may directly head to the Phoenix Court Pavilion at the top of the mountain. Martial Ancestor is waiting for you there.

Han Li uttered a word of thanks before immediately flying up the mountain.

However, not long after he departed, the three female disciples began to gossip without restraint once they believed Han Li was out of earshot.

“Is Junior Martial Brother Han truly a disciple that will be participating in the Sword Trial Assembly? His cultivation doesn’t seem very high.”

“He doesn’t appear to be anything special.”

“Hehe! So you two don’t know. I’ve seen all of Junior Martial Brother Han’s fights. Let me tell you...”

Having heard all of that, Han Li recalled his spiritual sense with a wry smile. After shaking his head, he fly towards the mountain peak.

White Phoenix Mountain wasn’t very tall. After only a moment, Han Li managed to reach the top of the mountain, a flat plateau that spanned three hundred meters. It was surrounded with white clouds with abundant spiritual Qi as if it were an otherworldly realm.

Within this fantastic scene stood a sole pavilion that was only sixty meters tall and was divided into three stories. The building was constructed from a unknown white wood. Its natural untouched form produced an air of simple elegance.

Han Li landed in front of the pavilion and loudly shouted, “Disciple Han Li pays his respects to Martial Ancestor Song!” Once that was said, Han Li felt a trace of spiritual sense sweep over him. He stood in place with a calm expression, feigning ignorance of the matter.

A long while later, a woman’s gentle voice said, “Since you’ve arrived, come up to the second story of the pavilion. I’ll be waiting for you there.”

“As you bid!” Han Li then walked forward and gently pushed open the wooden doors which swung freely.

The first floor of the pavilion was completely empty apart from a spell formation to aid in cultivation.

Han Li swept his gaze past the first floor and directly headed towards the second floor.

The second floor was also quite bare. Apart from a few racks of jade slips and magic tools, there were only a few chairs and a short stone table.

Han Li also saw a blue-clothed woman sitting in one of the chairs. She was looking at a worn jade slip on the table as if she were attentively reading through it. 

After a moment of hesitation, Han Li thought to say something when the woman raised her head, revealing a heart stirring beauty. She appeared to be in her mid twenties and was an early Core Formation cultivator.

“You’re Han Li?” The woman calmly asked.

“Yes, Martial Ancestor!” Han Li respectfully replied.

She stared at Han Li with her bright, clear eyes and said, “Since you were able to come here, then it can be considered fate. I will instruct you as best I can. However, you will only remain at the Phoenix Court Pavilion for three days before you depart. What you will learn during this time will depend on yourself.”

For some reason, although her cultivation wasn’t very high, Han Li felt as if both his body and mind were clearly revealed underneath her gaze, and he couldn’t help but feel alarm. Given Han Li’s immense spiritual sense, it was extremely strange for him to experience this sensation. Clearly, she had used some sort of mind reading divine ability.

Without any further thought, Han Li gave her a polite reply as he stealthily circulated the entirety of his Great Development Technique throughout his body, shielding his true thoughts.

As Han Li became inwardly alarmed and vigilant, a strange expression appeared in the blue-clothed woman’s eyes before closing them with a tired expression.

The woman gently said, “First, recite the chant for your cultivation art and then head down to the second layer. Do not come back up without my command. After I’ve obtained some enlightenment of your cultivation art, I will give you a detailed explanation on any of its intricacies. Now, start!”

“Yes. Disciple cultivates the technique that Martial Aunt Mu had given him, the Profound Ice Arts. This cultivation art...” Han Li began to slowly recite it with a calm expression.

After the time it  took to finish a cup of tea, Han Li had finished. The woman nodded her head and waved an arm, indicating for him to go down. Han Li saluted her and wordlessly climbed down the stairs.

The blue-clothed woman looked at Han Li’s departing figure and motionlessly sat down in her chair with a frown. 

She then took out a sound transmission talisman and calmly said a few words into it. It turned into a streak of fire and flew out the window without a trace.


At the center of the main mountain of the Drifting Cloud Sect where the Core Formation cultivators had last met, a white-haired old man was leisurely standing at the window when his eyes suddenly began to shine as a streak of fiery light flew towards him from across the sky.

The old man wordlessly raised his hand and emitted a mist of white light, catching the fiery light. It fiercely burned, releasing the curt voice of the blue-clothed woman, “Han Li passes, but Du Dong harbors malice.”

With an icy expression, old man coldly muttered, “Humph! Habors malice? I knew something was amiss. The Du Clan had a deep relationship with the Hundred Possibilities Pavilion’s Fu Clan. If he truly was a descendant of the Du Clan, he should’ve entered the Hundred Possibilities Pavilion rather than our Drifting Cloud Sect.”

The white-haired old man thought a moment more before muttering to himself with an expression of admiration, “However, Junior Martial Sister Song’s Harmonic Mind is becoming truly fearsome. I myself am uncertain as to whether or not I can block it. I know only my two Martial Uncles to be capable.”


Two months later, at the western portion of the Dreamcloud Mountains in a deep valley surrounded by mountains, there were several thousands of Hundred Possibilities Pavilion disciples converging at the heart of the valley. They were excitedly talking with each other as their clamor filled the air.

There were many disciples that repeatedly gazed to the skies with impatient expressions as if they were feeling anxious.