Chapter 794: Sovereign Devil Corpse

The Cadaver Demon didn’t appear any different from when he last saw it. There was green fur on its body and it was completely bound in silver chains, not to mention that it still only had a single arm.

Han Li took the time to carefully examine the entire stone room once through. After recognizing that it was exactly the same as he had left it, he felt at ease and tossed a jade box onto the floor. He then slapped a spirit beast pouch at his waist and summoned a streak of black light before him.

The Weeping Soul Beast had just appeared in its miniature foot-tall form. As soon as the beast appeared, it immediately saw the Cadaver Demon lying down on the stone platform and began to howl. Before Han Li even gave a command, its entire body glowed in black light and it expanded. Fortunately, the beast knew the area was narrow and only grew to a height of three meters, but it still stared at the Cadaver Demon with excitement nevertheless.

Han Li frowned at this, but while he sank into thought, the Weeping Soul Beast soon calmed down and crouched on the ground in an obedient manner.

“Yi!” When Han Li saw the back of the Weeping Soul Beast, a baffled expression appeared on his face.

The image of the blood ghost on the back of the Weeping Soul Beast was far clearer than before. The ghostly image even began to protrude from its back as if it were alive, much to Han Li’s excitement. It seemed that the last two feasts for the Weeping Soul Beast were almost enough for it to undergo another strange transformation.

A trace of anticipation accompanied Han Li’s surprise, but now was not the time to closely examine the Weeping Soul Beast. The only reason he had released it right now was to protect against any surprises from the Cadaver Demon. Han Li slapped his storage pouch and summoned an antique jade stick into his hand with a flash of yellow light.

Han Li glanced at the jade stick with a raised brow. The item was a hair ornament that he had acquired from the black-robed youth’s corpse after searching through his consciousness. The ornament contained over ten different methods for refining corpses. These methods were something the Yin Sifting Sect had acquired after stealthily fighting for them with other sects.

As for this specific Yin Sifting Sect Elder, he turned out to be particularly knowledgeable about the methods for refining corpses. These dozen corpse refinement methods were all things that came from his own understanding. There were even some alterations that he had made that increased the might of a refined corpse.

However, it was a pity that he had never shared these methods with his fellow sect members. He had always wished to refine a few top-grade corpses to run amok with, but he had never found any suitable corpses to refine.

One of the methods he recorded mentioned the Sovereign Devil Corpse, a top-grade corpse the black-robed youth had always wanted to refine. This method required a ferocious corpse that possessed an intelligence of its own as an ingredient. After erasing the consciousness of the corpse, one would use many kinds of secret techniques to refine it, hopefully turning it into a Sovereign Devil Corpse. Naturally, the resulting power would be even greater than that of other intelligent corpses.

According to what was recorded, it was one of the most optimal methods for refining the Cadaver Demon. Once refined, the ferocity of this naturally formed corpse would become even stronger. As a result, Han Li immediately thought of the Cadaver Demon once he read through this technique. This was a prime opportunity that he couldn’t let slip by.

But before Han Li could refine it, he needed to erase the Cadaver Demon’s consciousness just like with the Wood Spirit Nascent. As a result, he had taken out the jade box that contained the Cadaver Demon’s primal soul.

Han Li looked at the silver stakes in front of him and waved at them, causing the stakes to float into the air. Then with an incantation, they began to glow with a faintly silver light. Next, he rolled his hands together, summoning several arcs of golden lightning from between his palms. Thunder roared with the appearance of the astonishing golden light. 

Han Li then expressionlessly raised his hands, shooting out over ten fine arcs of lightning, striking each of the dozen stakes. As golden and silver light intertwined, the stakes trembled.

When Han Li saw this, his expression sank before uttering the word, “Go,” and striking the stakes with a spell seal. All of the stakes immediately shot out as streaks of silver, quickly surrounding the Cadaver Demon on the platform. They were all aimed at the vital points and limbs of its body, in preparation to strike.

With all of this done, Han Li took a deep breath and looked at the jade box in front of him that was still sealed with a golden talisman. He then opened his mouth and azure light shot, engulfing the jade box. The golden talisman trembled several times and eventually floated off the surface of the box.

Woosh. The jade box immediately flew ten meters forward as if it was struck. Han Li’s pupils contracted as he watched, his lips tightly closed.

A dense green fog suddenly roiled out from the box and a wild laughter sounded from it. “I am finally freed! Who was the fool that released me? Since you’ve freed me, I’ll be consuming your flesh. Yi, a Nascent Soul cultivator?!”

The green mist condensed to form a woman’s face, exactly the same as Silvermoon’s human form apart from the fearsome green light glowing from her eyes. She appeared stunned upon seeing Han Li.

Han Li was also surprised to see such a familiar face, but soon all emotion disappeared from his face. The transformation of Silvermoon’s demon fox body had been something that the Cadaver Demon originally created, so this appearance was to be expected from the primal soul of the Cadaver Demon.

The green ghost face was stunned for a moment before coldly laughing. She opened her mouth and blew out strong Yin winds. The ghost face soon grew three meters tall and it charged towards Han Li in an attempt to enter his body. However, Han Li had already prepared for this. No matter how powerful the Cadaver Demon had been when it was alive, Han Li had no fear of it since it was now just a primal soul that had been trapped for many years.

As he watched all of this happen, a cold glint flickered in his eye. Without receiving an order, the Weeping Soul Beast snorted and shot out a mist of yellow light. The light swept past half of the ghost face and immediately prevented it from moving.

“What’s this?” In a display of quick wits, the ghost face felt that something was amiss and struggled to break free. But unfortunately for it, the Weeping Soul Beast’s ability was specialized in restraining souls. Not only was the ghost face unable to escape, it was also slowly being absorbed by the mist of yellow light.

The ghost face was now filled with fear, but in a display of decisiveness, the green mist violently swayed and split off the portion of it that was trapped in the yellow mist of light. It then took advantage of this opening to roil and form a smaller ghost face.

At the same time, it hastily turned around and shot towards the Cadaver Demon at the center of the stone platform. Knowing that Han Li couldn’t be trifled with, it planned to return to its original body and then tear Han Li apart.

Han Li smirked upon seeing this. He calmly pointed to the ten or so stakes revolving around the Cadaver Demon, and they fell upon it as quick as lightning the moment the ghost face entered the Cadaver Demon’s body. 

With gusts of wind, the Cadaver Demon suddenly found all of its vitals and limbs had been struck by the silver stakes. Although its limbs were incredibly hard and hadn’t been harmed by the silver stakes, the golden lightning from the stakes attacked without compromise, instantly forming a golden net around the Cadaver Demon.

Suddenly, a fishy scent filled the air from the direction of the Cadaver Demon’s body. Just as the Cadaver Demon’s primal soul had entered its body, the stakes had actually knocked it back out. Green ghost mist then surrounded the body where a large and a small ghost face could be faintly seen inside the mist.

The two ghost faces were doing their utmost to enter the body of the Cadaver Demon’s body. However, the golden arcs of lightning sparking off the silver stakes warded them off, each strike resulting in a pained scream.

“As expected, there was a fragment of consciousness hidden inside the body. It seems these preparations wasn't done in vain.” Han Li appeared delighted at the sight of this. With his last trace of worry now resolved, he promptly commanded the Weeping Soul Beast. It instantly snorted, puffing out two mists of golden lights towards the ghost faces, both far brighter than the one from before.

The two ghost faces weren’t as lucky as they were before. When the mists of yellow light swept over, the two ghost faces released cold screams before being swept into the Weeping Soul Beast’s mouth. 

The Weeping Soul Beast swallowed several times and pounded its chest with excitement while appearing quite satisfied.

Han Li smiled at the sight of this and returned his gaze to the silver stakes. He then walked towards the Cadaver Demon’s body.

When Han Li arrived at the stone platform, he looked at the silver chains surrounding the Cadaver Demon. Then after a moment of thought, he flicked his finger and chopped at them with a golden swordstreak. With a loud ring, the silver chains remained unharmed.

Han Li appeared to have anticipated this and spat a small golden sword from his mouth. With a hand seal command, the small sword glowed with brilliant light and silently streaked past the chain. With a brittle clang and a flash of golden light, a rice-sized hole appeared through the chain.

Han Li’s expression stirred. Although he knew that the silver chain was extraordinarily strong for it to be able to restrain the Cadaver Demon, it was still greatly surprising that the Auric Essence-infused Bamboo Cloudswarm Swords were only able to harm it to this degree.

During his amazement, Han Li continued casting incantation seals from his hands and ordered the flying sword to continue striking the same location on the chain.

Only after a long while was the silver chains eventually severed by Han Li. He then curiously beckoned to the two pieces of cut silver chain and it marvelously slid off the Cadaver Demon’s body as if it were a snake and flew into Han Li’s hand.

After stroking the silver chains in his hands, he discovered that its surface was exceptionally smooth and was densely covered in small talisman characters. There were so small that they could barely be seen by the human eye.

Han Li’s expression stirred, shock appearing in his eyes.