Chapter 792: The Far West

Han Li took a seat on a chair and wryly smiled as he answered, “The Yin Sifting Sect Elder only knew the method to cast the curse, not dissolve it. According to what I found out from the Soul Searching Technique, only the Yin Sifting Sect Master and the sect’s great elder know it. All the other elders wouldn’t know the method to dissolve it either.”

“He didn’t know the method to dissolve the curse?” Senior Martial Brother Cheng frowned and spoke with a tone of disbelief.

Han Li’s wore a gloomy expression, “That’s right! It seems that the removal of the Soul Seal Curse involves an incredibly powerful technique belonging to the Yin Sifting Sect. Only the Sect Master and the Great Elder are ever taught it.”

Senior Martial Brother Cheng’s expression turned grave. “Without the method to dissolve the curse, Little Sister Nangong will...”

Han Li’s gaze flickered and he continued, “Although there is no way to directly dissolve the curse, it's not as if there are no other methods in this world. From what I managed to discover by searching the soul of the Yin Sifting Sect elder, there is a method to forcefully break the curse with the assistance of a few particular items.”

With roused spirits, the old man asked, “What items are able to dissolve the curse? Please tell me.” 

Han Li sighed and said, “These items are all incredibly difficult to find in this world. I fear I may not be able to find them.” He then muttered the name of the items, leaving Senior Martial Brother Cheng alarmed.

The old man muttered, “Not to mention the Heavenly South, but I fear that the entire world might not have these items.” 

Han Li’s mouth twitched and he calmly replied, “This might not be certain. I just so happen to know the whereabouts of one of the items but it will be difficult to acquire. I must carefully prepare to even have a chance at it.”

The old man was shocked by what he heard, but seeing that Han Li didn’t intend to give any further details, he didn’t ask further. Instead, he sincerely said, “Is this a matter that the sect can help with? Please do not restrain yourself!”

After a moment of silence, Han Li shook his head and said, “No. This isn’t a matter that can be solved with numbers.”

The old man twirled his beard. “Since Junior Martial Brother seems to be well aware of the situation, I won’t ask about it. But if there is anything that you need, please don’t hesitate to use the sect.”

Han Li smiled and said, “Thank you, I appreciate your kindness. I’ll be going to visit Wan’er now.” 

Senior Martial Brother Cheng bid Han Li farewell and remained alone in the hall. After a moment of thought, he sighed and flew towards his cave residence.

The hidden room was untouched as well as the block of ice that laid within. Han Li stood in front of it and looked at the girl frozen inside with a confused expression. 

It was unknown how long Han Li stood there before a complicated expression flickered over his face. He softly muttered, “Wan’er, your courage is truly great. To grasp the chance for life, you refined the most dangerous technique of your incarnation arts, the Youthful Celestial Moon. Could it be that you didn’t know that this technique would cause you to be reborn? If I truly dispelled your Soul Seal Curse, it could trigger something from your technique. How could I not be worried!” His voice grew softer as he spoke. He then touched the thick and dense block of ice and caressed Nangong Wan’s face.

“You couldn’t have known that the cultivator who placed the curse on you didn’t know how to dispel it, but there isn’t too much to worry about. From the soul search I found another method to dissolve the curse by using some items. Although these items are extremely rare in this world, it is fortunate that Devilfall Valley happens to contain one of them.

“While the inner core of an ancient flame beast would normally be impossible to find, it just so happens that an Ancient Flame Toad is currently within Devilfall Valley. I will not hesitate to enter the valley in several years time. Bit it was said that this method can only dissolve the curse halfway. And even if it isn’t successful, it will greatly weaken it and give me enough time to pay a visit to the State of Jin. When that happens, I will return with the method to rid you of this curse, regardless of what must be done.” As Han Li spoke those last words, his voice grew frigid. 

After speaking to Nangong Wan, gloom filled his heart. After staying inside the hidden room for a moment more, he walked out and flew back towards his cave residence.


In the main hall of his cave residence, Han Li sat down with his head lowered in thought. Silvermoon obediently stood by his side, her eyes continuously shifting toward Han Li’s with a trace of playfulness.

Without turning his head, Han Li indifferently asked, “What is there to look at? Did something break out on my face?” 

“Master must be joking. I simply wish to know what Master will decide. It is neither a long nor short time before entering Devilfall Valley. Also, both Violet Spirit and Marquis Nanlong invited you to head in. Who are you planning to head into the valley with?” Silvermoon’s smile faded away and then she hesitantly continued, “Devilfall Valley is known to be the most dangerous area in the Heavenly South. Even if Master’s abilities are great, it will be exceptionally dangerous to head inside. Are there no other methods to save Miss Nangong Wan? Entering there is simply too great a risk to take.”

Han Li shook his head and calmly said, “The other items? You mean the eggshell of the Myriad Darkgold Bird? Or the fruit of the Enlightened Flower? These items have long been extinct in this world. Even if they still remained, they would be concealed in a desolate corner of the world and be impossible to find. The demon core of the Ancient Flame Toad is the easiest option. So long as I follow Master Cang Kun’s route inside and don’t act with greed, I shouldn’t meet my end there. As for which party I will join, I’ll have to decide that later.” 

Silvermoon lowered her head and offered no contest, “If Master has already decided, then there is nothing for me to say.” 

Han Li smiled and rubbed his chin. “Before we enter Devilfall Valley, I must prepare to go to the Far West and acquire the final two layers for the Great Development Technique. I’ll also have to go and see whether or not the Thousand Bamboo School has any designs for high-grade puppets. As for the puppet refinement methods that I acquired from Soaring Heavens City, they can’t be used for some time. The materials used to refine them are far too rare. Additionally, their main ingredient, the Myriad Year Ironwood, requires a large amount of green liquid to mature. They aren’t something that I’ll be able to refine in a short amount of time. The Thousand Bamboo School should have some puppet designs that possess the strength of a Core Formation stage cultivator. With those puppets, it will be safer to enter Devilfall Valley. With only a few years, honing my magic treasures or cultivating my techniques wouldn’t have much effect.” With that said, Han Li narrowed his eyes as if having already thought out his plans.

“Master’s words do hold reason, let us do as you say.” After some thought, Silvermoon smiled and agreed. For a time, a charming expression appeared on her face.

Suddenly, something came to Han Li’s mind and he frowned. “However, it will be somewhat difficult to arrive at the Far West despite it being adjacent to the Heavenly South. I’ll have to pass through the Righteous Dao’s State of Zhu and thousands of kilometers of desert.”

“Desert?” Silvermoon opened her mouth in surprise.

“That’s right. Not to mention that there is something odd about the desert. For some unknown reason, its skies are always plagued by fierce windstorms. If we wish to pass through it, we’ll only be able to walk or our magic power will be exhausted halfway through the journey. Additionally, the Far West is the size of only two medium-sized countries in the Heavenly South and are quite impoverished. As a result, while most of the Heavenly South know of their existence, no one finds it worth the effort to make it past the desert. It is also said that the entire area is ruled by the Thousand Bamboo School.”

Silvermoon frowned and worriedly said, “Since we can’t fly through the desert, wouldn’t it take far too long?” 

“If we walk the entire distance, the round trip would take around a year even if it goes smoothly. That’s why I must make preparations before I leave. While preparations are underway, I must also have you help me and will leave this in your hands. Pour green liquid on it and see whether or not it shows signs of life.” As Han Li said this, he took out a jade box from his storage pouch and handed it over to her.

Silvermoon recognized the contents at a glance and spoke with surprise, “The Profound Goddess Palm! Master, you are letting me handle it?” 

Han Li mysteriously smiled at Silvermoon and said, “Hehe, if this item doesn’t revive, then it will be simply be used as a material for tool refinement. Also, I may as well take advantage of this time to refine the Wood Spirit Nascent. Additionally, I’ll have to go down and deal with the Corpse Demon. I’ve acquired a method of refining a devil corpse suitable for it from the Yin Sifting Sect Elder. After all, leaving the corpse demon alone is like leaving a calamity waiting to happen inside the Dreamcloud Mountains. With so many matters to attend to, I’ll have to hand the matters inside the cave residence over to you.”

“Fine. I’ll follow your orders as I was the one who recognized you as my Master after all.” Silvermoon pursed her lips and agreed with a tone of helplessness.

Han Li grinned and spoke a few words more before leaving the main hall. At that moment, Silvermoon suddenly shouted for Han Li to stay after a moment of hesitation, “Master, there is something that has been on my mind for a while. Can I ask you about it?” She wore a stern expression.