Chapter 614: The Wolf's Appearance

“Regardless of whether or not you’re the Cadaver Demon’s incarnation, only one of us will be leaving alive.” With this staunch declaration, Han Li pointed to his flying swords without hesitation and had the azure sword curtain surge with light. It then transformed into a mist as it engulfed the demon fox’s corner of the room in an enormous display of strength.

When the young woman saw Han Li’s attack, she smirked and licked her luscious pink lips. With a bewitching, bone-shaking laugher, she faded away in a flash of white light.

The azure mist ended up striking nothing but the Lapis Stone wall in a series of small rings.

Han Li frowned and quickly swept his spiritual sense across the room but found no trace of the demon fox. Her concealment technique was far beyond his own.

However, Han Li still remained calm. He coldly sorted and slapped the storage pouch, taking a small silver bell into his hand.

“Go!” Han Li shouted. The small bell began to glow and instantly flew to a meter above his head.

Without the slightest delay, Han Li formed an incantation gesture with his hand and opened his mouth, releasing a breathful of azure Qi towards the small bell.

The ancient treasure flowed with light before releasing a loud clang.

Since this room was sealed, the silver bell’s sound attacks should be slightly more effective. As of that moment, the entire Lapis Stone room began to reverberate and the air within twenty meters of Han Li began to distort. Soon after, the naked woman revealed herself in a flash of white as she staggered from the attack.

Han Li rejoiced and was inwardly puzzled. The demon fox appeared weaker than common grade seven demon beasts. Was this because the Cadaver Demon had sustained damage before the incarnation took form?

With that in mind, Han Li flicked his hand without any further hesitation, shooting five streaks of azure sword Qi towards her. The meter long streaks of light penetrated through her body in an instant.

Then with a miserable scream, the woman fell to the ground as a puddle of blood began to form around her.

Han Li felt rather stunned at how easy it had been. While he was at a loss, the jade scepter in his hand suddenly grew hot and pulsed with red light as it surrounded his body in a dark-red light barrier.

Immediately after, several silver strands attacked him from a seemingly empty area. The light barrier’s sudden appearance had managed to just block them just in time.

“What!? No!”

A man and a woman’s voice shouted at the same time.

After recovering from his fright, Han Li opened his mouth and spat out an azure streak in the direction from where the silver strings were launched.

A series of alluring, soul-shaking laughs suddenly sounded out as a flash of white light appeared at another place in the room. The naked woman appeared with her chest loosely held in her arms.

Han Li’s expression became extremely unsightly, and his gaze turned towards where the young woman had previously fallen. However, there was no longer anything there!

Han Li pursed his dry lips and sullenly said, “Illusion technique!”

The young woman widely smiled and didn’t respond. Instead, her gaze dropped down towards the yellow wolf at his side, and her face revealed a trace of astonishment.

When Han Li saw the young woman reveal this expression, his heart stirred and he glanced at the wolf as well. Afterwards, his attention turned to the jade scepter in his hand and his expression began to waver.

The light barrier blocking the fox's cunning strike wasn’t something that he had ordered. Could it be that the artifact spirit had taken the initiative to rescue him? At that moment, the mystery behind the huge silver wolf, the combined form of the red and yellow wolves, was suddenly brought to Han Li’s mind as his heart grew heavy.

The young woman twisted her slender waist and thought to say something when the jade scepter in Han Li’s hand pulsed before a red wolf emerged before Han Li in a flash of red light. As soon as it appeared, both the red and yellow wolves merged together in a dazzling display.

Han Li was deeply shocked by the scene and tightened his grip on the jade scepter, not daring to make any rash movements.

As he expected, a ring of silver light erupted from the converging yellow and red light, revealing a three-meter-tall silver wolf from within it. The wolf floated in the air as it stared at the demon fox with interest.

Although the naked woman didn’t know what the silver wolf was, for some reason she had felt her heart drop as soon as it had appeared, arousing a faint sense of foreboding. Under the stare of the huge wolf, her charming expression unconsciously froze.

It was then that she realized things were far from good for her. With raised brows and a serious expression, she spat out a pink, fragrant mist, concealing her entire body in an instant.

The pink mist quickly spread throughout the air and enveloped most of the room in the blink of an eye. Although Han Li didn’t know what purpose this pink mist had, he didn’t dare to breath it in. His expression immediately grew stern as he grabbed the spirit beast pouch at his waist.

Regardless of how formidable the demon fox’s technique may be, he didn’t believe that it would be able endure the attack of the tens of thousands of Gold Devouring Beetles.

But just as Han Li was about the open the spirit beast pouch, the silver wolf had taken action, much to his astonishment.

The silver wolf suddenly opened his mouth and released countless fist-sized spheres of silver light into the mist in a violent torrent. Then with a howl, the wolf charged forward in a streak of silver light.

Han Li was at such a loss that he stopped summoning his Gold Devouring Beetles.

In the next moment, all of the silver spheres that had entered the mist began to burst.

Silver light intertwined with the pink mist, causing the demon fox to shout in furious alarm.

With that, the silver wolf then entered the mist.

“What are you doing... Impossible... You... No...” As if having seen something unbelievable, the demon fox began to scream out in fright. An instant later, the miserable wails faded away as quickly as they had appeared.

When Han Li heard this, his expression changed as he stared into the mist with narrowed eyes.

Fortunately, the mist began to dissipate from a lack of spiritual power and revealed the previous hidden scene.

Han Li’s face distorted at the sight of the demon fox’s naked form trembling on the ground. Pink and silver light enveloped different halves of the body with the lights intertwined at the body’s center, continuously releasing sparks as if they were in opposition.

“Possession?!” Han Li shouted in his bewilderment. The silver light suddenly gained the advantage and slowly encroached on the pink light’s territory.

“NO!” The young woman suddenly wrapped her head in her arms and screamed in pain. Soon after, her body began to tremble as it body began to change in a series of white flashes. A few seconds later, the woman’s form turned back into that of an exquisite white fox.

By that point, the last remnant of pink light had been consumed by the silver glow and the body’s astonishing cultivation disappeared without a trace. It now only appeared to be the original low grade demon beast.

The white fox sat motionlessly on the ground as if it were completely exhausted, but the silver light enveloping its body only became more radiant.

Han Li tightly held onto the jade scepter in his hand and uncertainty appeared on his face. It was clear that the silver wolf had succeeded in its possession of the body, but he didn’t know if he could continue to restrict or order the silver wolf while it was in the fox’s body.

A long while later, Han Li released a long sigh. Regardless of how it could be seen, the white fox couldn’t pose the slightest resistance with its current cultivation. As such, there was no need to prematurely strike it down. Moreover, regardless of the silver wolf’s actions it seemed to bear him no malice.

Of course, Han Li had always wanted to know more about the history behind the silver wolf, but before he could even ask, the artifact spirit had taken action of its own accord. It was clear that the silver wolf had quite a story behind it as he had long since guessed.

As a result, Han Li sunk into deep thought as his expression began to fluctuate. The white fox’s silver radiance eventually dimmed and it began to stand up on its four limbs.

As if unsuited to the fox’s body, it knelt down after only taking a few steps.

Han Li couldn’t help but chuckle at the sight.

Having heard this, the white fox turned its head to Han Li with a trace of irritation clear in its eyes.

He then heard a woman’s voice, “What’s so funny? I’ve just possessed this body. It is only natural that I’ve yet to adapt to it.” 

Just as Han Li heard this, his smile froze as he rubbed his nose and muttered, “So you’re... also a woman?”