Chapter 778: A Huge Ape

The Yin Yang Devils turned their gaze and suddenly stood side by side before turning into a gust of green wind, a rotting stench left in their wake. It appeared they were heading in the direction of the Moulan Sacred Bird.

The cultivators immediately sighed in relief. They felt more confident with these blood-sucking monsters at their front.

The corpse devils’ green winds appeared to travel slowly, but in reality, they were amazingly quick. In the blink of an eye, they had already traveled halfway and gradually disappeared from sight. The others glanced at this with astonishment and they couldn’t help but turn their gaze to draped-haired old man controlling the two corpses. He appeared entirely calm, much to the relief of the many cultivators watching him.

On the spell warrior’s side of the battlefield, the huge azure bird was calmly releasing its demonfire to rigidly suppress the Seven Great Truths Cultivators.

Able to take advantage of the world’s spiritual Qi, the bird was able to easily gather all the fire spirit power within a five kilometer radius into its body, easily transforming it into azure demonflame without the need to consume spiritual power from its body. Additionally, as time went by, it was able to draw in even more fire spirit power. This was the difference between Deity Transformation stage and what is lower. It was for reasons like this that whenever a Deity Transformation stage cultivator appeared in the Heavenly South, they were able to sweep across the continent without fear of anything else.

From the very beginning, the Seven Great Truths cultivators were only able to tangle down the beast with the might of their magic treasures. But as time passed by, not only was the Devil Isolating Formation broken, but the surging flames that were trapped had escaped as well. As of current, it took them all their might to preserve their own lives.

It was then that the demon bird ceased its flame and bewilderedly glance around as if it had felt something strange. With a sudden cry, the bird spread out its wings and an azure ring of light surged around it covering an area of over three hundred meters.

With a crackle, a nearly indiscernible cloud of green smoke appeared amidst the light. Afterwards, the Yin Yang Devils appeared from within.

With their concealment broken, the two devils harshly shrieked and shuffled about before undergoing to transformation. With red hair and green skin, their bodies grew to six meters in height. Their fingers trembled, launching several tens of threads of grey light towards the huge bird.

The azure bird paused before screeching in fury. When it saw the devils’ attacks, it opened its mouth and shot out a pillar of azure flame from its mouth. At that same moment, it spread out its wings and engulfed its body in a storm of azure flames, sweeping up a forty-meter-tall wave of azure flame to the two devils.

Through some unknown technique, the Yin Yang Devils were able to overcome this attack by emitting threads of undead Qi, allowing them to withstand the attack of demonflames and continue their assault.

With the focus from the Sacred Bird being taken off of the Seven Great Truths cultivators, they were able to join their treasures together in renewed spirits and display their strength once more.

Just as the two corpse devils and the Seven Great Truths cultivators were dealing with the Moulan’s Sacred Bird, the two corpse devils suddenly flashed with grey light and darted behind the huge bird, making its way past the sea of flames and directly towards the ancient lanterns not far away.

When Spell Warrior Le saw this, she calmly struck one of the lanterns with a spell seal, suddenly stirring the lanterns to release an ember of flame. In the blink of an eye, nine embers began to twirl around one another before suddenly transforming into nine azure firebirds. They spread their wings and met the two devil’s charge.

The two devils met them in a fierce display. Grey undead Qi drifting from their mouths, their fingers turned into claws before tearing apart the firebirds as they blurred from sight, their claws pulsing with grey light. 

But in that moment of delay, the huge bird suddenly turned its head to the two corpse devils and spouted a huge azure cloud from its mouth, sweeping them inside it. In the blink of an eye, the Yin Yang Devils were caught inside another sea of flame.

When the Seven Great Truths Cultivators saw this, their hearts sank. 

At that moment, the shriveled old spell warrior saw this in the distance and smiled before speaking to the black-robed woman. The woman then turned her eyes to the battlefield and nodded, noticing that both spell warriors and cultivators appeared equally exhausted.

Her lips moved, giving the command. A group of black-robed men flew out from the spell warrior camp, arranged in a single row. Each of them carrying seven bulging bags at their waist. With this, the black-robed woman opened her mouth and spat out a small exquisite flag. It was only two inches large and shined with faint black light, but as it traveled through the air, it expanded to the size of three meters.

The woman coldly pointed at the treasure and soon, the black flag trembled and shined with black light as it streaked through the sky, disappearing from sight in the blink of an eye. A short moment later, the entire battlefield was enveloped in a dark wind as black clouds began to cover the sky, spreading darkness throughout the battlefield.

When the cultivators in battle saw this, they couldn’t help but look up in alarm.

With the sky blackened, the black-robed men tossed out the storage pouches from their waist. Incantation leaving their lips, dense black fogs and eerie winds spouted out from the bags. In the blink of an eye, the land was covered in a black mist with vague, shuffling silhouettes emerging from within it. Scales glittered from them as if they were armored troops.

This astonishing scene was to the dread of the cultivators who watched it. Long Han in particularly had frowned tensely as he inwardly sighed.

Soon, the bags finished emitting the mist with armies slowly emerging from within. The silhouette’s true appearance finally became clear. They were fleshless corpses armored in copper.

Although these refined corpses swayed as they walked with their armor clanking as they moved, each of these corpses had eyes shining with green light, exposed fangs, and a cultivation at Foundation Establishment stage. There were even three larger corpse lords that possessed Core formation cultivation, their shifting eyes displaying a deeper intelligence.

A cultivator from behind Long Han screamed with alarm, “Copper-armored Corpses! How can there be so many of them? There are thousands of them!” 

Long Han coldly said, “Its nothing! With a Devilish Sect from the Jin Empire assisting them, these armored corpses come as no surprise. If this were the start of the battle, we would have nothing to fear. But now that we’ve exhausted ourselves with the spell warriors, the Copper-armored Corpses will certainly defeat us. All we can do is head out and deal with them.”

When the others heard this, they glanced at each other and bitterly smiled. Even if they were to leave their posts and attack, the spell warrior would release their reserves as well. The battle would be already lost.

As for the three Great Heavenly South Cultivators and the Moulan Sages, the battle was yet to be concluded; the sounds of their battle could still be heard from up above. In this fierce battle, it was unknown which side had the upper hand. They couldn’t be relied upon.

Just as Long Han and these other cultivators found themselves in a moment of helplessness and were preparing themselves to fight, they suddenly heard explosive howls from a distance. Silver light shined upon the entire battlefield when a huge beast appeared amidst the light: a seventy-meter-tall ape with hair as black as ink, fur as sharp as arrows, eyes as lit like crimson flames, and a horrendously-shaped nose.

When the huge ape appeared, it turned its head to look at the Copper-armored Corpses down below. It hammered its chest before excitedly roaring and smashing its limbs on the ground, chasing towards a nearby group of Copper-armored Corpses.

When the Copper-armored Corpses saw the huge ape growing closer, they each rose into the air without warning and spouted threads of black Qi, enveloping the ape in a huge black cloud.

While the refined corpses didn’t possess very high cultivation, when such a great number simultaneously spouted out undead Qi, even a Nascent Soul cultivator wouldn’t dare to receive the attack.

However, the huge ape didn’t have any intention of dodging out of the way. Instead, it snorted at the black Qi, and spouted a dense beam of yellow light from each nostril, transforming into a yellow cloud that swept away at the black mist with lightning speed. It was quickly absorbed before being absorbed back into the huge ape’s mouth.

As the refined corpses possessed little intelligence, they remained still as this happened.

Taking advantage of this situation, the huge ape continuously snorted and yellow mist surged on, absorbing the black threads of Qi into its folds.

The undead Qi from the refined corpses disappeared and each of them fell to the ground, reverting back into ordinary corpses. As for the clouds of grey Qi in the air, they had slowly scattered. A short moment later, several hundreds of the refined corpses had been swept clean by the huge ape. It then licked its lips and gazed at the other refined corpses with a trace of desire.

The ordinary refined corpses knew no fear and remained motionless at the side. However, the three Core Formation stage corpse lords became restless at the sight and their eyes revealed a trace of fear and hesitation. Both armies were in complete awe of the abilities that the huge ape had displayed.

The black-robed woman was particularly aghast. She gave the shriveled old man a quick word before personally shooting towards the huge ape in a streak of yellow light. When she saw the huge ape opened its mouth and was on the verge of releasing yellow light, she flusteredly waved her arm, forming a ten-meter-long blade of purple light that chopped down toward the huge ape.

But before the blade could strike at the huge ape, thunder rang, and silver light appeared. An azure-robed youth abruptly appeared on the huge ape’s shoulder and he also waved his arm, summoning forth a blue light shield in front of it.

With a loud clank, blue and purple light intertwined. An instant later, the blue shield and purple blade recoiled from one another. The azure-robed stumbled, his face in shock. 

The youth glanced at the black-robed woman and indifferently asked, “A devil cultivator?” He then twisted his hands, summoned forth various-sized arcs of golden lightning all around him. They jumped all over his body, emitting a blinding golden light.

Han Li had appeared!