Chapter 767: Battle at the Border (1)

Master Sunreach explained, “If it were that Restriction Breaking Bead, it definitely wouldn’t have an effect on a high-grade restriction. Brother Long may not know this, but the Restriction Breaking Beads that have spread are only half-finished goods. True Restriction Breaking Beads not only require many precious materials, but they are also difficult to refine. As a result, they possess great efficacy at breaking high-grade restrictions. Of course, since my sect hadn’t used them often, we hadn’t refined many of them. But for those Fellow Daoists that will be fighting in the wagered battles, my sect has managed to gather together ten Restriction Breaking Beads. So long as they have this on hand, they will be able to break the barrier and escape, given that they aren’t immediately dealt with. As such, there is no need to worry about the future.”

Devil Concord glanced at Master Sunreach and added on, “I did wonder why Master Sunreach was so calm about the wagered battles tomorrow. So it turned out he had a trick up his sleeve. With these Restriction Breaking Beads, we will have no need to fear the enemy’s tricks.

But to be safe, our Devil Dao’s Heavenfiend Sect has refined a medicine pill for the occasion, the Death Return Pill. The pill will stimulate one’s true essence, having most of their magic power to instantly replenish and increasing their cultivation slightly as well. However, once the effects ended, their vitality will be diminished. I will be able to give these Fellow Daoists a pill each. If they reach a critical moment of danger, they will be able to take the pill and use it to great effect.”

“That is great. With these two fallbacks, I feel much more relieved about the wagered battles.” Long Han smiled and then he changed the subject. 

“These people cultivate Devil Dao techniques. Why not have some Fellow Daoists from the Righteous Dao deal with them. After all, the Great Truths Sect, as well as several other sects, have many techniques that specialize in restraining devilish arts. They should be quite suitable in dealing with these black-robed men.” Long Han glanced at Master Sunreach and waited for his reply.”

Master Sunreach openly replied, “Of course. These Devil Dao cultivators will be handled by our Righteous Dao Alliance. However, you all will be putting most of the effort into handling the Moulan Sages.”

“This is only natural. The spell warriors will be dealt with the other three superpowers. Specifically by...” The others had been quite happy to see that Master Sunreach has agreed to deal with the devil cultivators of the Jin Empire. They began discussing the matter thoroughly until sunset before feeling at ease. With negotiations coming to an end, each party began to make their own preparations.

At early dawn the next day, the patrolling cultivators caught sight with shining light and heard earth-shaking trembles from the Moulan war camp. Squads among squads of spell warriors calmly flew out from the war camp on their magic tools that they flew towards the center of the sky.

At that moment, the patrolling cultivators hastily sent back word through voice transmission talismans. A short moment later, the Heavenly South war camp began to sound with drawn-out bell rings, sending countless streaks of light to fill the sky from the opposite direction.

For a time, various-colored light filled the skies as clear rings and long whistles continuously sounded out. And with the overbearing advance of the spell warrior army from the other side, it appeared as if two huge waves were about to clash against each other in the sky. But when they reached about five kilometers apart — when they were able to catch sight of one another —  both sides came to a sudden stop and began to observe one another from the distance.

Neither army retreated, resolved to fight until the other was wiped out. On one side were natives who lived on this land their entire lives.  Their morale was soaring, unwilling to allow the enemies to invade their homelands. However, neither side moved despite the pervasive killing intent filling the air.

At that moment, Han Li was above a division of over a thousand cultivators. He was watching the spell warrior army from the distance. There were bright lights reaching out as far as the eye could see. Each light was a concentration of several hundreds of spell warriors, a continuous glow spanning over five kilometers. 

It was clear that both sides have brought out their main forces. Although one couldn’t precisely count their numbers, there were at least seventy thousand cultivators present. Additionally, rarely-seen high-grade cultivators were now a common sight.

Although their numbers were vast, the differences between each army were clear to see. While the Moulan spell warriors were all differently dressed, their low-grade cultivators all possessed simple magic tools. They either used bowls and fist-sized beads, or even various colored flags. Blade-type magic tools were extremely sparse in number.

As for the Heavenly South cultivators, their low-grade cultivators possessed a myriad of magic tools, with blade magic tools being in a majority. However, these magic tools were each sparkling with light, possessing astonishing spiritual Qi. It was obvious their magic tools were superior to those of the Moulan.

Although the Heavenly South cultivators were better equipped, the spell warriors were better disciplined. As they flew in the air, they continued to maintain a mysterious formation. They were all silent as they watched their enemies with hostility.

The cultivators, on the other hand, could barely maintain formation and were in complete disarray. It was clear they didn’t have enough training. Not only were they whispering incessantly to one another, but they would occasionally separate from their ranks to do other things. The high-grade cultivators in charge had no choice to rebuke their troops, much to the commanders’ frustrations.

When Han Li saw this, he frowned. This came as no surprise. In only a few month’s time, how was it possible to properly train so many unruly cultivators. 

In comparison, the Moulan Tribes were often at war with the Soaring tribes. As a result, it was a common occurrence for them to be arranged in army formations; they were constantly trained.

This matter was obvious to the higher echelon of cultivators, but there was little they could do. Fortunately for them, this wasn’t as crucial a factor for victory unlike in mortal armies. As such, they turned a blind eye to these problems.

As Han Li thought about this, he examined the Moulan army. What was most eye-catching about them weren’t the spell warriors, but the dozen of enormous huge beasts that laid amongst their ranks. They appeared almost like small mountains amongst them. Many Nine Nations Union cultivators had personally witnessed the ferocity of these huge beasts, and look at them with a trace of fear as a result.

Han Li raised his head upwards to see clear skies completely clear of black clouds. He then looked down at the chaotically organized cultivators and shook his head with a sigh. He soon flipped his head and glanced at the two items in his palm — a thumb-sized black bead and an almond-sized medicine pill with a pungent and colorful scent. 

These two items were sent to him by Master Sunreach on the day before. Han Li was given an explanation of them and it was said that every cultivator participating in the wagered battles were given them. He accepted them with surprise. It seemed in order to win this war, the three great cultivators were sparing no expense, taking out the treasures that they were keeping hidden.

However, the three great cultivators weren’t the only ones taking out their reserves. Han Li couldn’t help but glance at an adjacent division of cultivators below. They numbered about a thousand and had sixteen cultivators that wore red and green clothes. They were carrying two huge coffins together, one black and one white, side by side. Several tens of various-colored talismans were covering it.

Han Li easily recognized these cultivators. They were disciples of the Harmonious Bond Sect, the top Devil Dao Sect. This had aroused much of Han Li’s interest in these coffins. It was only a pity that the formidable restrictions on the coffin blocked his spiritual sense to looking deeper inside. 

Apart from the two coffins, there were also a few other eye-catching objects amongst the rank of cultivators. There was a Righteous Dao sect that was carrying a twenty-meter-tall copper platform with a huge three-meter-wide gong on top. The surface of the gong shined with sparkling golden light and would occasionally reveal white talisman characters floating above it. There was a large bare-chested man that was sitting cross-legged at its side with his eyes closed.

Amongst a division of cultivators farther away, there were many black sculptures that were nearly ten meters tall and were being pulled by a few flying carriages. They appeared to be modeled vicious beasts from antiquity and were carved with vivid, lifelike details. It was unknown what they were used for. Every division of cultivators seemed to have a strange item within it.

When Han Li saw this, he felt more at ease. The various sects knew that this battle was extremely important and they brought out their own sect protecting treasures. As a result, the odds of victory were far greater. And in addition to these treasures, there were also countless other formidable items hidden inside storage pouches.

As for the spell warrior armies, they didn’t have anything obvious to see apart from the huge beasts. However, Han Li still felt uneasy. The spell warriors were certain to have hidden schemes, certain to be deadly as they lay hidden. It was truly difficult to say who would win the battle.

At that moment, an unending stream of cultivators and spell warrior armies had finally all gathered together. Then apart from a select few, both armies dropped to the ground, and silence filled the air.

An uproar was raised amongst the spell warrior armies as three people flew out from its ranks, the three Divine Sages: a shriveled old man, a very short man, and a scholarly man. Three streaks of light also emerged from the cultivator’s side, revealing Master Sunreach, Wei Wuya, and Devil Concord. They were each stopped tens of kilometers apart.

The scholarly man surnamed Zhong glanced at the cultivators and coldly said, “There is still time for you to come to an agreement. So long as the Heavenly South hands over half of their land over to our Moulan Tribes, we will cease hostilities and become friends. Otherwise, your Heavenly South cultivation world will be certain to suffer a great loss of strength, regardless of the outcome!” 

Wei Wuya raised his chin and said, “What a joke. We may suffer a great loss in strength, but if you lose this war, you will face extermination. I should be cautioning you spell warriors instead.”