Chapter 739: Battle to Break the Formation (1)

The green-robed woman smiled with indifference. “Such a wild guess is pointless. Considering the enemies’ cultivation, we have a very high certainty of victory. However, we cannot be careless. A miscalculation could lead to death or capture.”

Ku Yao hesitantly said, “Then, Sage Le means...” 

The woman calmly said, “Regardless of whether or not this is a trap, we’ve come to break the formation. Let’s move in accordance to our original location. It will be worth it to sacrifice a few men to gain an understanding of the true situation, as our most crucial resource is time. We’ve acquired information that the other powers of the Heavenly South are jointly sending reinforcements. It will take two to three months for them to arrive. We must charge our main forces towards Soaring Heavens City for the best opportunity to capture the city. If we allow the Nine Nations Union and the other powers to first join together, we will lose far too much strength even if we won the battle against them.”

“Then let us do as Sage Le proposes.” The shriveled spell warrior hesitated before agreeing. As for Ku Yao, he didn’t particularly care about the lives of the lower grade spell warriors and offered no objections. 

The woman nodded and her lips moved, sending a voice transmission to an unknown party. Then, nearly a hundred similarly dressed spell warriors slowly advanced towards the top of the Yellow Dragon Mountains under the lead of a Core Formation spell warrior.

The nearly hundred spell warriors gradually turned to black dots as they made their way through where the sea of mist originally existed towards the mountain. Their journey was unhindered as the hundred spell warriors arrived at the mountaintop without problem, much to the shriveled spell warrior’s relief. With a smile, he said to the green-robed woman, “It seems this area has truly been abandoned, let us have the others start a search. Since they were in such a hurry, they must’ve left much behind.”

The woman coldly said, “Do not be hasty. Continue the search.”

The shriveled spell warrior was startled upon hearing this and said nothing else.

At that moment, the hundred spell warriors have begun to search through a jade platform as well as a half-burned building, occasionally finding a few spirit stones and other materials. These spell warriors were beaming as they bluntly took these items as their own and placed them into each of their storage pouches.

The spell warrior army was originally comprised of different, various-sized Moulan tribes to begin with. Apart from the resources acquired from spirit stone mines and such, the rest of the spoils in the war were each their own.

When the main force outside saw this, they began to grow restless. They were extremely envious of the opportunity to acquire spoils without life-threatening battles or any hardship. Who knew how many good items were held in the buildings there.

Not long after, the shriveled man and Ku Yao were no longer able to keep still. Ku Yao hesitantly said, “ Sage Le, look...”

Since a majority of the army’s spell warriors came from their tribes, they naturally didn’t wish for the spell warriors from their own tribes to miss this opportunity as they were always lacking cultivation materials. As for the hundred spell warriors already looting, they came from a small tribe that wasn’t particularly powerful. What they already gathered should be enough for them.

The green-robed woman remained indifferent as if she hadn’t heard them. Instead, she unconsciously narrowed her eyes as if puzzled about something. When Ku Yao and the shriveled spell warrior saw this, they hesitantly glanced at each other and ceased talking.

After the time it took to finish a cup of tea, the hundred spell warriors had scavenged about a third of the mountain peak. At that moment, the woman finally said, “The two of you will each send a hundred men into the area, and destroy the remaining restrictions in passing. There is no need to sweep the entire mountain with your spiritual sense. I won’t be allowing any others to enter the mountain.”

“Yes, we will do as Sage Le commands.” Delighted, the two sent words to their own personal disciples in their respective tribes. As a result, two hundred more spell warriors entered the mountaintop and began to rummage through the buildings like ravenous wolves.

“With this much people, my magic power will not be able to hold.” Old Man Ma’s voice suddenly broke the silence in some area of the Yellow Dragon Mountains.

The bald man sighed with regret and said, “It is truly a pity that none of the Moulan grand sages entered the trap.” No long after that was said, a quake began to shake the entire mountaintop.

The three hundred spell warriors currently present were completely shocked. Without the slightest orders, they scattered in every direction. As for the three Core Formation cultivators that were leading each party, they were naturally the fastest, travelling a hundred meters in the blink of an eye. But even if they were capable of mustering further speed, they wouldn’t be able to escape the vast perimeter of the formation.

Lights of all colors suddenly shined from the mountaintop and the green mist began to return, instantly surging through the air, enveloping a vast area around the mountain in a sea of green mist once more with the Yellow Dragon Mountains as its center.

When the shriveled spell warrior and Ku Yao saw this, their expression became unsightly and even a bit pale. As for the green-robed woman riding the huge beast, her gaze remained cold as always as well as her expression.

“What a pity.” she said with an emotionless tone, “It was a trap as expected. If we didn’t have Gu Shuangpu take action, perhaps he could’ve remained hidden and displayed an even greater effect.”

Ku Yao formed a fist with both his hands and stared into the mist. The Core Formation spell warrior that he sent inside was a direct descendant that he particularly favored. Not thinking that he would fall into a trap, he anxiously felt the need to rescue him. With eyes lit aflame, he said, “ Sage Le, those inside...” 

The green-robed woman glanced at Ku Yao and carelessly said, “Don’t waste your breath. With those Nascent Soul cultivators’ abilities, dealing with the Core Formation cultivators will be very easy. They are likely already dead.”

After his expression wavered, he wore a fierce expression and said, “If that’s the case, Sage Le, have me lead the charge to break the formation! I am able to release my fire spirit’s essence and destroy the formation in a single breath. Afterwards, let us incinerate the remains of each of the cultivators inside!”

The woman raised her brow and said, “Your fire spirit’s essence? That’s fine. Since you’ve already made up your mind, I will have the Giant Rhino accompany you. However, it is best that you save your fire spirit’s essence and use it during a crucial moment. We must also pay particular attention to that youth that killed Sir Heavenweep. I suspect he is also the cultivator that destroyed the body of the Heavenly Wind Tribe’s Sage Mu. If that’s the case, his abilities are great, not to mention his strange blue flames. If you aren’t careful, you’ll meet your end.”

The shriveled cultivator’s expression stirred and he revealed a trace of fear. “He’s the cultivator that slayed Sage Mu’s physical body? I heard that he was capable of the legendary lightning movement. Is that true?” 

“Sage Wen, your techniques are weakest against cultivators that are able to close the distance in combat. Take particular care of yourself to never fight with this cultivator. It’d be best if you left him to me.” With a cold glint shining from her eyes, she proudly said, “I cultivate the Soft Wind Arts. Its speed should be no less than his lightning movement. Despite how deadly his devilflames and golden lightning may be, if they do not land on me, they cannot cause me harm.

As for his other abilities, he is still only an early Nascent Soul cultivator. How can he hope to compete with me.”

“That is fine. Only Sage Le will be able to handle him. Against the sage that was able to rival Saintess Tianlan of the Soaring Tribe, he will certainly be outmatched.” The shriveled cultivator sighed with relief at the confidence that the green-robed woman displayed.

When she heard this, she immediately grew sullen and coldly snorted. “Saintess Tianlan!”

The shriveled cultivator was alarmed by this. He suddenly recalled that Sage Le considered the battle her defeat and loathed when others mentioned the matter.

“This... really...” The shriveled cultivator muttered in an attempt to change the subject, but the woman waved her arm and restored her calm.

“Enough. We must break the formation. Cease other talks, and order the start of the assault!”

“Yes!” To the shriveled cultivator’s relief, he instantly objected alongside Ku Yao.


In the dark mist, the corpse of a Core Formation spell warrior laid headless. Not far away, a figure flashed with azure light. Han Li glanced at the headless corpse before raising his hand and recalled the streak of blue light from the corpse before flying off.

As Han Li calmly flew forward, he examined the spell warrior’s storage pouch only to reveal disappointment. The storage pouch only possessed junk, nothing of relating to spirit techniques or anything else of value.

Han Li frowned before releasing a long sigh.

At that moment, loud war drums were beating outside the sea of green mist. Several waves of astonishing spiritual Qi fluctuated from the direction of where the drums were beating. Afterwards, a low thunderous howl shook the air and earth, causing even the mist to faintly roil.

Han Li’s expression remained calm as he coldly swept his gaze around and raised his head to look above. After wearing a pensive expression for a moment, he sneered and released a scarlet-red fireball in his hand, turning the corpse nearby into ash. He then turned around and flew towards the center of the mist, disappearing without a trace.

At the center of the mist, there was a strange occurrence. All the damaged buildings had returned to becoming completely intact with cultivators occasionally scattering to various portions of the mist.

Old Man Ma and the bald man were floating about a hundred meters above the buildings. They were standing at each others side as they all gazed in the direction of the spell warrior army, their expressions grave.