Chapter 731: Purple Apex Flames

Han Li sat cross legged in the meditation room on the building’s second floor. His eyes were tightly shut and azure light flowed from his body. With hands forming a strange incantation gesture, an egg-sized ball of purple flame floated from his palm — gently wavering without end.

This devil flame was something that Han Li created from the Celestial Ice Flames and the Six-Winged Frost Centipede’s glacial Qi. This flame’s power was an entire stage higher than that of the Celestial Ice Flames, causing it to become Han Li’s greatest killing move at the moment.

This purple devilflame was something that Han Li gradually created after he refined a sliver of the Celestial Ice Flames. And in order to differentiate it from the Sacred Asura Flames, he named it the Purple Apex Flames.

He was convinced that if this flame caught onto the body of even a late Nascent Soul cultivator, they definitely wouldn’t be able to resist it. As for whether or not it could actually kill them, there was no way of guessing.

However, it was pity that although the flame’s true might was inconceivable, it was limited on the quantity of Celestial Ice Flames he could refine. If he somewhat managed to gather together several times his current amount, he may find himself capable of openly contending against late Nascent Soul cultivators.

Han Li heard Silvermoon click her tongue in astonishment from the back of his mind, “Congratulations Master! I seemed to have underestimated the Purple Apex Flames. They appear quite a bit more powerful, and there will be even greater potential in the future.”

He silently smiled in response and simply took a breathe, turning the Purple Apex Flames into a strand of flame and breathing it inside him. He then released the incantation gesture he was holding and ceased his casting.

Han Li opened his eyes and slowly said, “Although the Purple Apex Flames were potent, the quantity is just far too little to be reliably used. What I am hoping for the most is that I will be able to open the Heavenvoid Cauldron. If what you said about it being a divine spirit treasure was true, I’ll be able to sweep across the entire Heavenly South with it in hand, and reach a realm of power where I will have no worries.”

Silvermoon sweetly chuckled and confidently said, “Please don’t worry, Master. The Heavenvoid Cauldron is as powerful or even greater than what I’ve said.”

Han Li nodded his head and thought to say something else when a streak of white light suddenly flew inside his room. Yingning’s clear voice suddenly echoed through the air, “Martial Senior Han, quickly hurry to the main hall! Senior Ma has returned and the Moulan are about to arrive!” Once that was said, the streak of white light flew back outside.

With a sullen expression on his face, a cold glint shined through his eyes as he flew out.

When Han Li arrived inside the main hall, Gu Shuangpu, Old Man Ma, and the large bald man were already present, along with a hunchbacked embroidered-robed cultivator with a pale complexion. He was currently walking with the others. As for the Core Formation cultivators, there were two unfamiliar additions to the four from before. They were currently standing by at the side with solemn expressions.

But when Yingning saw Han Li enter, she sweetly smiled at him.

The large bald man forced a smile and spoke with feigned ease, “Fellow Daoist Han has arrived. Let me give introductions. This is Fellow Daoist Bu Yunhe, the one who was in charge of Sky Terrace Valley. Fellow Daoist Bu, this is Fellow Daoist Han of the Drifting Cloud Sect.” 

When Han Li saw this, his mood sank. It seemed the situation was worse than he had imagined!

Wearing a kind expression, Han Li politely said, “I have long heard of Fellow Daoist Bu’s grand reputation from Brother Lu. I admire you for being able to safely escape.”

Already informed of Han Li by the others, the cultivator surnamed Bu didn’t reveal any surprise by his appearance. Rather, Bu Yunhe bitterly smiled and said, “I’ve made a sorry display of myself and have earned Fellow Daoist Han’s mockery. It was only thanks to Fellow Daoist Ma’s assistance that I was able to escape danger.” He then turned towards Old Man Ma with a grateful expression.

The old man chuckled, “It was nothing but a slight effort. However, those pursuers took the initiative to retreat before I even had the chance to test my ancient treasure. It was quite disappointing!” 

With trepidation on his face, Bu Yunhe said, “Fellow Daoist’s ancient treasure possesses truly astonishing might. The pursuing spell warriors naturally didn’t wish to encounter you as they felt uncertain of their victory. But it must be said that the current Moulan invasion is far different from the ones in the past. Not only do the spell warriors have far better training, they are supported by ancient, ferocious beasts. These beasts are incredibly huge, with dense rough flesh clad in battle armor. There are also many strange restrictions that are placed on their bodies. When these creatures charge into any grand formations, the grand formation’s destruction will only be a matter of time.”

A strange expression appeared on Han Li’s face, “Don’t tell me that several Nascent Soul cultivators wouldn’t be able to slay this beast together?” Although he already knew the spell warrior armies brought along huge beasts, he had no idea they would be as unfathomably formidable as this.

After a moment of thought, Bu Yunhe’s expression relaxed, “With the full might of a strike from my magic treasure, I was able to wound a beast. However, I was jointly attacked by two high grade spell warriors, and was too occupied to slay the beast before it destroyed the grand formation. Fellow Daoist Lu should be able to easily hold this formation with reinforcements from Fellow Daoist Ma and the others. It shouldn’t fall as easily as Sky Terrace Valley.”

Gu Shuangpu gloomily said, “Fellow Daoist Bu, how many sage level spell warriors are there in this army? If there are few, our force of five Nascent Soul warriors should be able to catch them unprepared. Even if we can’t slay one or two of their Nascent Soul grade spell warriors, we should be able to gravely injure them.”

Bu Yunhe sighed and said, “I’m afraid I must disappoint Brother Gu. I spotted one of the strange spell warriors that had been earlier described together with two of the sage level spell warriors. While that strange spell warrior didn’t attack, his body carried an extremely strange aura, perhaps due to some transformation. Moreover, I suspect there were more high grade spell warriors hidden amongst their army.”

The large bald man nodded, “So its seems that we still have much to ponder if they’re hiding their strength. If they are too powerful, we will have to drag them into the grand formation. In any case, our main objective is only to stall for time.”

Gu Shuangpu frowned, appearing dissatisfied with this decision, but he didn’t press the issue. Neither Han Li or Old Man Ma raised any objections as well.

As a result, the large bald man had Chong Xuzi lead Bu Yunhe to a meditation room to recover, and had Yingning and the others make arrangements for the routed Sky Terrace Valley cultivators as well added them to the garrison.

The large man’s thorough arrangements were much to Han Li’s approval. The Nine Nations Union had sent this man to guard this location for a reason.

At that moment, the rumbling sounds of a drum could be heard from a distance. Additionally, the sounds began to echo like rolls of thunder. Those in the hall grimaced at its appearance.

Suddenly, a layer of frost seemed to exude from Old Man Ma’s face. With killing intent contained in his voice, he said, “It seems the Moulan have arrived. They were only a step behind us.”

The large bald man cupped his fist to Han Li and the other two Nascent Soul cultivators, “That’s fine. Let us test them first and see if the army of spell warriors have any formidable characters to speak of. For now, I’ll have to trouble you three Fellow Daoists.” He then turned his head to the two Core Formation cultivators that had arrived with Bu Yunhe, “You two, come and follow us out. As you’ve already fought them before, you should know of a few sinister tricks up their sleeve, and be able to give us a warning.”

One of the Core Formation cultivators had thick eyebrows and tan skin; the other had a gloomy, horse-shaped face. When they heard the large bald man, they both glanced at each other before promptly saluting him and acknowledging his orders.

Han Li then turned his head in the direction of the beating drums and expressionlessly gazed into the distance.

To the south of the Yellow Dragon Mountains, a large number of Moulan spell warriors made their approach. They densely filled the horizon with dots in an orderly arrangement as they flew above the green mist down below them.

At the very front of the spell warrior army, there were over a dozen people standing side to side. With various spirit lights and treasure auras flickering from their bodies. They were the high grade spell warriors of the Moulan army. Among them, there were three that were particularly eye-catching: a man enveloped in red light with a thick, malevolent flame snake twisting all over his body; a shriveled man as tall as a bamboo pole, appearing as if the very wind could throw him to the ground; and a figure enveloped in black robes. This black-robed figure had covered their face, but a black demonic Qi exuded from their body along with the faint sounds of ghostly wails. This was enough to inspire fear from those around them. Despite this, there were two others that were escorting the black-robed figure. However, the black-robed spell warrior flew alone at the very front of the army as if he didn’t belong to it.

The other spell warriors turned their eyes away from the black-robed figure as if possessing both fear and awe of him. However, if one were to closely examine them, they could also see a trace of hatred as well.