Chapter 727: Ancient Flame Toad

Marquis Nanlong blinked and calmly said, “It’s very simple. Fellow Daoist Master Jadepearl, Fellow Daoist Han, and I will act as one and seize the treasure inside Devilfall Valley. Once we find the treasures, our strength will greatly increase, and there will be no need to fear from anyone.” 

Han Li didn’t immediately respond. Rather, he narrowed his eyes at he stared the two. Having heard that the black ring were one of the Heaven-Earth Rings from legend, he immediately recalled the other ring that he had acquired from Nangong Wan’s Senior Martial Sister.

If his guess was correct, that should be the Yang ring of the Heaven-Earth Rings. He truly didn’t think that the two rings would be related to each other in this way. Han Li felt that the world was truly mysterious for such a coincidence to occur and couldn’t help but laugh in his mind.

He sighed and wore a hesitant expression, “From what you’ve said, Fellow Daoist Nanlong seems to already have a means to enter Devilfall Valley. With the assistance of the Heaven-Earth Ring, what are the chances of leaving alive and with treasure. Devilfall Valley is known to be the most dangerous place in the Heavenly South. It is no laughing matter, and I have no wish to meeting my death there and becoming feed for any passing animal.”

When they heard Han Li’s words, the two glanced at one another. A short moment later, Marquis Nanlong spoke with a deep voice, “Since Fellow Daoist Han asked, I don’t conceal this from you. According to what Master Cang Kun left behind, Devilfall Valley is still an extremely dangerous place. If one is not careful, they will be absorbed into a shifting spatial tear or find themselves in a remnant of an ancient restriction.

“To tell the truth,  there will be no problem entering. We have a an almost certain chance of safely entering, but if it’s hard to say when we’re searching for treasure. The more dangerous the area, the higher likelihood of getting treasure. Even Master Cang Kun is unsure what we will find within these areas. Because Master Cang Kun suffered extensive damage to his cultivation at the time, he didn’t treat deep into the center of Devilfall Valley. He simply found a few treasures around the outer area. However, this also illustrates there are truly treasures within the valley that had been left behind from times of desolate antiquity. By braving these dangers, we will be certain to return with vast rewards.” At the end of his words, his voice seemed to carry a tone of temptation. 

Master Jadepearl then said, “Of course, if Fellow Daoist is truly unwilling to brave the danger, you can simply give the ring to us. However, we’ll only be able to give you a few spirit stones. But I must say that the medicine pills of ancient cultivators are many and their effects are beyond imagination. If you acquire them, it will only be a matter of time before you breakthrough mid and late Nascent Soul stage. Perhaps you may even be able to find some lost secrets that have to do with Deity Transformation stage cultivators. After all, we have no idea what truly happens after they enter Deity Transformation stage as to whether they truly ascend to the spirit realm of whether they undergo some other transformation. Could it be that Fellow Daoist doesn’t wish to find the truth?”

Han Li’s eyes glinted and he muttered to himself for a moment before saying, “If I am not mistaken, you two wish for me to enter Devilfall Valley for some reason. After all, you have plenty of Nascent Soul allies, and have no need for me.”

Once that was said, their faces immediately froze before revealing a trace of embarrassment.

Marquis Nangong pursed his lips in a wry smile and chuckled. With a helpless tone, he said, “To tell the truth, I would’ve mentioned this even if Fellow Daoist Han hadn’t raised the point. Not only are there spatial tears and remnant restrictions, there are also a few ancient beasts that had remained since ancient times. Among them is the Ancient Flame Toad that have gone long extinct. Although this flame toad still hasn’t become intelligent, it has lived for countless years, and has grown incredibly powerful with scales of otherworldly demonfire. According to what was left behind by Master Cang Kun, its demon flames are several times more intense than our own Nascent Flames. With the blue ice flames that you used to instantly freeze a Nascent Soul cultivator,  you should be able to restrain the flame toad. “

Han Li blinted with surprise before revealing an odd expression, “Are you saying that the flame toad is blocking your route into the valley?”

Master Jadepearl calmly answered,“Not at all. Rather, the beast has something to do with an ancient cultivator’s remain. While there are no restrictions or spatial tears nearby the body, the Ancient Flame Toad happened to place its nest nearby.

Master Cang Kun planned on acquiring the remains, but he quickly retreated after battling with the Flame Toad. However, he still suffered from its flame venom afterwards and nearly died as a result.”

Han Li chuckled and said, “I understand now. You two fellow Daoists wish for me to deal with the Ancient Flame Toad and allow you to seize the treasure.”

Marquis Nanlong excitedly added, “Dealing with the flame toad will be far more preferable than dealing with the ancient restrictions and the spatial teras. So long as we use an appropriate strategy, we should have no problems dealing with it given your ice flames. Not to mention that we don’t even need Fellow Daoist to exterminate the beast, only to capture its attention while we acquire the treasure. Once we have the ancient cultivator’s storage pouch, we can simply disengage.”

After a moment of thought, Han Li indifferently said, “According to what you’ve said, it’ll be safer to deal with the Ancient Flame Toad once we’ve enter rather than risk other areas of Devilfall Valley.”

Marquis Nanlong nodded his head, “If luck would have it, the treasures in the ancient cultivator’s storage pouch will be worth the danger.” 

Han Li smirked and formed a mysterious smile, “Even if that’s the case, you should be able to draw from the power of the Heavenpeak Sect and act together. That should be much better than just us three acting alone. I don’t believe the Heavenpeak Sect can’t find other cultivators that have ice attribute techniques.”

Marquis Nanlong sighed and said, “It seems Fellow Daoist Han still doesn’t know the fearsomeness of the Greatnorth Essence Light. Even with the Heaven-Earth Ring, we’ll only be able to use its power to shelter three at most. It doesn’t have the strength for a fourth. As for the Heavenpeak Sect, I’m sure Fellow Daoist should know how difficult it will be for me to trust others after what had happened with the Ghost Spirit Sect.” At that moment Marquis Nanlong’s listless eyes suddenly revealed a cold glint.

When Han Li heard this, he simply smiled without revealing the slightest surprise, “It seems Brother Nanlong trusts me quite deeply. I am truly honored!”

Master Jadepearl took quick breath and stared at Han Li, asking, “Fellow Daoist Han, we’ve already handled our other affairs. Will you tell us your answer?”

Han Li skirted the question and asked, “Could it be that you plan on going to Devilfall Valley soon?”

Marquis Nanlong quickly answered, “No. Although the majority of spatial tears constantly change, every fifty years there comes a year where the spatial teras are comparatively calm. I particularly looked into it before we entered the Moulan Plains. This calm period will become in about four years. During this time, we will have to make a few preparations.”  

Han Li stroked his chin before eventually coming to a decision, “Since it is still a while away, I will have to deliberate carefully. How about I give you a reply a year before the period of calm for Devilfall Valley? Even if I can’t enter Devilfall Valley , I’ll still be able to give you the Heaven-Earth Ring to you.”  

The two weren’t very satisfied with his answer, but Han Li wasn’t about to rashly agree to head into such a dangerous area.

After all, he was different from the two. He could tell from a glance that Marquis Nanlong and Master Jadepearl were far older than he was and were even nearing the end of their lifespans. They were willing to brave the danger as this was likely their last opportunity. On the other hand, Han Li was still young and was hesitant to face such dangers. After all, changes occur quickly in the world. He would still be able to come to a decision after seeing how things have changed.

Fortunately, Han Li had already agreed that he would give the Heaven-Earth Ring to them and the two hadn’t further pressed the issue. After chatting a bit more on matters related to Devilfall Valley, Han Li tactfully took his leave.

Before he left, Master Jadepearl gave Han Li a medallion. He said that so long as Han Li show the medallion to any Heavenpeak disciple, he would be able to contact Master Jadepearl through his disciple. Han Li took the item without any reservations and left the stone room. Once he reached back to the store on the ground level, he made way to the street under the shopkeeper’s respectful farewell.

Han Li was certain that not long after he left, the two would change locations, particularly due to Marquis Nanlong’s heavy wounds. He would surely be anxious to find a safe area to recover. However, it would be incredibly difficult for Marquis Nanlong to completely recover after a sparse few years. It was quite possible that his injuries could cause his cultivation to fall an entire level.

Han Li inwardly shook his head and tossed the matter to the back of his mind before calmly heading back to his residence.

The matter of Devilfall Valley was still quite a distance away, but the invasion of the Moulan spell warriors was happening now. It wasn’t something that he’d be able to avoid. Han Li began to consider this matter as he slowly disappeared from view.