Chapter 724: Linghu's Request

After Lady Qi pondered for a moment, she said, “Although Fellow Daoist Han’s words are very likely, they are still only a guess. I hope you Fellow Daoists will discuss these matters only among other Nascent Soul cultivators in order to prevent an unnecessary chaos. However, if the Moulan truly wishes to have a grand confrontation, their Divine Sages will be certain to take action. These late Nascent Soul stage spell warriors aren’t something we are able to contend against. I will be informing Elder Wei Wuya of this, and see whether or not the three great cultivators can gather together and deal with this matter.”

A shriveled old man worriedly nodded his head, “Lady Qi makes sense. This matter is urgent. When we return, we will immediately inform our sect of this matter.”

The other cultivators also agreed, all knowing that the matter was grave.

Afterwards, the cultivators began to discuss about a few particulars and decided to first send some reinforcements to slow down the Moulan, buying the various powers the time they needed to prepare.

Han Li, Senior Martial Brother Lu, and the Child Fire Dragon walked out of the hall side by side. When they arrived outside, Han Li frowned.

Elder Lu caught sight of Han LI’s expression and asked with surprise, “Is there something wrong Junior Martial Brother?”

“It’s nothing. There is just an old acquaintance that wishes to see me. I’m afraid that it will take a moment. Senior Martial Brother Lu, Brother Lan, please go ahead. I’ll quickly return!”

Elder Lu nodded his head and smiled, “Yes, of course. We’ll first head back to have a discussion amongst the cultivators of the Heavenly Dao Alliance and then send information back to our Senior Martial Brother. We’ll see how each of our alliance’s sects will handle the matter.”

The Child Fire Dragon also responded with a smile.

Han Li saluted in response before slowly walking away.

Elder Lu stood at the hall’s entrance and glanced in the direction that Han Li had taken.

“Is there something that Brother Lu is worried about?” The Child Fire Dragon asked with a mysterious smile.

Although Elder Lu’s heart was uneasy, he maintained a calm exterior, “Worried? What is there to be worried about?”

The Child Fire Dragon smiled and said, “Brother Lu should have already guessed. Fellow Daoist Han was originally from Yellow Maple Valley and that Eccentric Linghu is nearing the end of his lifespan like your Senior Martial Brother. As Eccentric Linghu is the only Nascent Soul cultivator in Yellow Maple Valley, he may already be burning with anxiousness. While this might not matter to a smaller sect, to a sect as large as Yellow Maple Valley, the absence of the protection of a Nascent Soul cultivator could likely lead to a sect’s extermination. It would be odd if Eccentric Linghu wasn’t the one who had given Han Li the voice transmission.”

Brother Lu didn’t immediately respond. Instead, he pondered to himself for a moment before asking, “How does Brother Lan know of Junior Martial Brother Han’s origins? I do not recall mentioning them.”

The Child Fire Dragon bluntly explained, “There was no need for Brother Lu to speak of it. Since your sect suddenly acquired a young newly ascended elder, our Ancient Sword Sect naturally felt the need to investigate.”

Elder Lu had nothing to say in response. But after a moment, he shook his head and said, “Junior Martial Brother Han simply said that he was going to see an old acquaintance. If he originally intended to go back to Yellow Maple Valley, he would’ve already done so. He wouldn’t have waited until now!”

The Child Fire Dragon shook his head, “That may be true, but Eccentric Linghu is a cunning old fox. Since he invited Han Li over, he should have some confidence of convincing him.”

Elder Lu grew silent for a moment. Eventually, a troubled expression appeared on his face and he sighed, “Let’s leave it to fate. If Junior Martial Brother Han truly wishes to return to Yellow Maple Valley, what can my Senior Martial Brother or I do to stop him?”


Han Li stood in a small remote street and began to continuously observe his surroundings. He then caught sight of a two story pavilion. It was only about twenty meters wide with a small banner at its entrance that wrote ‘Tea’ on it. There were two yellow-robed Foundation Establishment cultivators standing there.

Han Li smiled for a moment before approaching it.

When the two saw Han Li walk over, they respectfully saluted him, “Greetings Senior Han! Martial Ancestor is respectfully waiting for you!”

Han Li nodded his head and wordlessly entered.

The entire building was  extremely quiet as if there were no one there. Han Li hesitated before climbing up to the second floor. As a result, he found someone calmly waiting for him. He was wearing yellow robes and had a sallow complexion — he was Ancestor Linghu who he has just seen previously in the hall.

He was currently sitting at the octogonal table in the center of the room, and was currently sipping on a cup of tea.

Han Li’s gaze flickered and he walked forward without hesitation. He silently took a seat across from Ancestor Lingu, noticing that there was a teacup that had already been prepared for him.

Ancestor Linghu said nothing. He simply waved his and caused the teapot on the table to float. It poured some tea in the cup in front of him before floating back down.

Eccentric Linghu narrowed his eyes and glanced at Han Li. He slowly said, “The spirit tea here is good. Will you not give it a taste?”

Han Li smiled and brought the cup up his eyes, glancing at the clear green liquid within.

Han Li then took a sip and said, “It is quite decent. It is truly a grade higher than common spirit teas.”

Eccentric Linghu put down the tea and chuckled. He unhurriedly said, “It seems Fellow Daoist Han is also one fond of tea. It seems I was right to meet you here.”

Holding no intention to speak in circles, Han Li bluntly said, “Surely you didn’t invite me here only to sample this spirit tea! If you have something to say, then say it.”

This Ancestor Linghu clearly recognized him. Han Li could already guess why he was invited here.

“Since Fellow Daoist is so impatient, I won’t speak in circles. Would Fellow Dan be willing to return to Yellow Maple Valley as an elder?” Ancestor Linghu calmly spoke as if he were speaking of a minor issue.

“Return to Yellow Maple Valley?” Han Li didn’t reveal the slightest change in expression and simply looked down at the tea cup in his hand.

A bright glint shined from Ancestor Linghu’s eyes and he slowly said, “Needless to mention how you were treated wrongly in the past, I must tell you that my lifespan is running short. I only have twenty years more at best before I expire. So long as you return, Yellow Maple Valley will be yours. Surely you wouldn’t have held onto some minor grudge for so long!”

Han Li raised his head and stared at Ancestor Linghu. He shook his head, “I no longer care about the matters of the past. If I found myself in your position, I would perhaps do the same. However, I am currently an elder of the Drifting Cloud Sect. I have no intention of joining your sect. Fellow Daoist Linghu, you had best find another cultivator.”

Ancestor Linghu coldly smiled, “Of course I know you’ve joined the Drifting Cloud Sect. However, the Drifting Cloud Sect still has two other elders. Do you not have to share control? Wouldn’t you be happy to be the sole holder of power?

Han Li pursed his lips, forming a faint sneer. “I believe you misunderstand. I didn’t enter a sect for authority. I merely wished to find a suitable place for cultivation. I have no interest in control over a sect.” 

Ancestor Linghu frowned, but he soon regained his calm.

“Fellow Daoist Han doesn’t realize how beneficial is it towards your cultivation to be the sole power over a sect. Not only will you not have to trouble yourself to find rare medicines and materials, you will gain an incomparable status in the cultivation world. Moreover, don’t you have the slightest interest in your past sect members? Many cultivators of your generation are still within Yellow Maple Valley. If there isn’t a Nascent Soul cultivator to protect them, they may as well be extinguished in a single night by a coalition of other sects. Who knows what will happen to them?” Ancestor Linghu had finally begun to appeal to emotion.

Han Li smiled and carelessly said, “I have no lack of spirit medicines and materials as a Drifting Cloud Sect Elder. And how could I care for something as hollow as status and reputation in the cultivation world? As for the death of the sect, it had always been a common occurrence. No matter how long the sect existed, they eventually disappear with their legacy lost. As for my old sect members, I will not be involved with them. May fate treat them kindly.”