Chapter 716: Preparing an Ambush

Chapter 716: Preparing an Ambush

Han Li smiled and confidently said, “No matter. Let us first see how it goes. If it doesn’t succeed, we can make our escape. With me around, I’ll be able to bring you out regardless of the restrictions on your body.”

After studying at Han Li for a while, she seemed to understand that there was no changing his mind. She bit her lips and said, “This... Fine! Although I don’t know how vast your abilities are, you should be somewhat skilled given your confidence. But there is no need for you to take the initiative to go find her. My senior martial sister’s residence is layered with restrictions, so I’ll draw her here instead. Afterwards, we’ll be able to draw assistance from the restrictions to capture her while her guard is down.”

After a brief moment of thought, Han Li smiled and said, “That is method is truly more reliable. However, can you still use the restrictions on your cave residence? When I arrived, it appeared that the restrictions were shattered.” 

Nangong Wan quickly replied, “No worries. Although a few of the surface restrictions have been shattered by my senior martial sister, there is still one very formidable hidden restriction that she has yet to discover. It can still be used.”

Han Li rubbed his chin and said, “Good! Since we can use that, I also have several spell formation tool sets. Although they aren’t powerful, after they are placed, they will be able to provide a certain level of impedance.”

Having heard Han Li, Nangong Wan became more confident. “You have formation flags? All the better. We cannot delay. I will need half a day to remove the restrictions on my body and restore my magic power. You should start placing down the spell formations during that time.”

After a moment of thought, Han Li puzzlingly asked, “If we manage to restrain your senior martial sister, can’t you take control of the Masked Moon Sect? That way, we wouldn’t have to flee.”

After a moment of surprise, Nangong Wan shook her head, “That won’t be possible! Apart from our senior martial sister, there is one other Nascent Soul cultivator. Although my relationship with him is good, he certainly won’t allow me to take the title of Grand Elder illegitimately. I also have no desire for a power struggle. I only want a peaceful place where I can quietly cultivate.”

Han Li shook his head and coldly smiled, “If that’s the case, then leave it be! If this succeeds smoothly, you can follow me back to the Drifting Cloud Sect. Even if the Nine Nations Union were stronger and Wei Wuya heavily doted on Wei Lichen, he wouldn’t dare to rashly offend the Heavenly Dao Alliance along with two Nascent Soul cultivators during an invasion of spell warriors.”

Soon after, he slapped the storage pouch at his waist and flipped his hand, summoning a pile of formation flags and formation plates.

When Nangong Wan saw this, she faintly smiled and sat back down. With her eyes closed, she formed an odd incantation seal with her hands. A short moment later, her snow-white clothes began to emit a scarlet-red flame. It reached a meter tall and enveloped Nangong Wan.

Han Li then set into motion. His body blurred and circled around the hall, placing down formation flags and plates all over the hall. Radiance of various colors briefly shone before sinking deep into the hall and disappearing from sight.

Arranging the formations took little time, but in order for the spell formations to display as much power as possible, Han Li had the spell formations cover only the area of the hall. Additionally, he also placed the spell formations so that they would remain hidden unless they were meticulously searched for.

These formation flags and plates were all something Han Li had refined during his time as a Core Formation-stage cultivator. They lacked even the power to deal with Core Formation cultivators, let alone Nascent Soul cultivators. Han Li didn’t have much hope for them. After placing down all the spell formations, he muttered to himself and suddenly sweeped his sleeve. A streak of white light shot out from his buff and flew a circle around Han Li before dropping down in front Han Li, revealing itself to be small white fox.

Silvermoon beamed and said, “Master, are you not scared that you’ll make Mistress Nangong jealous by summoning me?”

Han Li raised his brows and glared at the small fox, “Humph! Who’d get jealous over an artifact spirit like you? I will be facing a mid Nascent Soul stage cultivator soon, and I cannot allow her to flee. Although I have some restrictions assisting me, I will also need you to help. A mid Nascent Soul cultivator is incomparable to an early Nascent Soul cultivator. It will be difficult to overcome her even while using all my power.”

Silvermoon swiftly replied, “Master, how do you plan on having this servant assist you?”

Han Li took something out from his storage pouch and handed it over to Silvermoon, “It’s simple. Use this treasure during a suitable moment. You cannot allow her to escape.”

Silvermoon clasped the item with her claw and incredulously said, “You’re letting me use this?” 

Han Li calmly said, “Right! If you’re controlling this item, you should be able to display even more of its might than I can. And I would consume magic power by using this item, so it’d be better to let you use it. Of course, you will only be able to use this for a short time. After all, artifact spirits aren’t able to control other treasures for a long period of time.”

Silvermoon lowered her head and dejectedly said, “Silvermoon understands.” At the same time, she rubbed the object several times as if she were fond of it. When Han Li saw this, he felt his heart stir.

After Silvermoon grasped this item, her entire body flickered with silver light and she disappeared into the ground.

Afterwards, Han Li walked several circles around the hall, and suddenly raised his head to look at the ceiling with sudden inspiration. After muttering to himself for a moment, he tossed his spirit beast pouch into the air and summoned a large swarm of black-tainted Gold Devouring Beetles. They revolved above him as a three-meter-wide cloud.

Han Li took a deep breath and blew an azure mist onto the cloud. With his two hands in an incantation seal, he softly uttered an incantation, and the insect cloud buzzed for a moment before transforming into specks of starlight. The specks of light then floated up to the ceiling and disappeared with flickers of azure light, completely masking their aura.

Han Li narrowed his eyes and stared at the ceiling for a moment more. Having sensed nothing obvious, he nodded his head in satisfaction.

Having laid this all down, Han Li turned his gaze to Nangong Wan. At that moment, the flames on her body wandered and shifted until they took the shape of a round red disk that strangely pulsed with light.

The changes in the flame also influenced the spiritual Qi in the hall, causing it to grow restless.

Han Li frowned at the sight. After some thought, he struck a nearby stone pillar with a spell seal and caused a layer of azure barrier to suddenly appear with Nangong Wan at its center. Soon, the spiritual Qi around the hall returned to normal.

When Han Li saw this, he smiled and extended his arm, summoning a straw chair into his grasp. He then casually took a seat across from Nangong Wan and silently stared at her.

With such a good opportunity to glance at her captivating face, he naturally wanted to take a good look at the woman he yearned for many years.

Not long after, Han Li became entranced and his expression grew lax. But soon, Han Li’s figure abruptly disappeared without warning. 

The woman who had been spying from outside the hall was alarmed by this. Cursing inwardly, she immediately attempted to flee. But she was too slow as she heard Han Li’s calm voice from behind her, “Why are you spying on us? Are you not scared your martial ancestor will rebuke you?”

Not daring to turn her head, she stuttered, “I— I wasn’t spying. It was just that Martial Ancestor hasn’t emerged after such a long time, so I grew worried.” This was the yellow-robed woman who had led Han Li into the hall.

At that moment, she already sensed a huge pressure appear behind her, compelling her to give her apprehensive explanation.

With his hands behind his back, he stared at the young woman emotionlessly said, “Oh, really? Since you only wished to take a look, why is it that you’ve hid yourself so thoroughly? You even used a such a rare high-grade talisman as a Concealing Spirit Talisman. How did a meager Foundation Establishment cultivator like you get your hands on that?”


In the young woman’s alarm, Han Li coldly said, “There is no need for any further explanation. You will obediently follow me back. Once your martial ancestor finishes, she will decide how to deal with you.”

Once the yellow-robed woman heard this, she grew fearful and instantly squeezed the talisman in her other hand. Her body flashed with yellow light and she shot down the corridor in an attempt to escape.

Han Li coldly stared at her but made no move to pursue her. Once she traveled about thirty meters, a nearby wall suddenly spat a cloud of pink mist which enveloped her.

The light surrounding the young woman’s body scattered, and her body swayed several times before falling to the ground.

In a flicker of yellow light, Silvermoon emerged from the wall and gracefully shook her tail several times before walking up to the young woman with a smile.