Chapter 710: Information on Nangong Wan

Han Li had a deep impression of the young girl he had recommended to join Yellow Maple Valley. But soon after, he recalled the small old man that had accepted her as a disciple, Senior Martial Brother Ma. When Han Li recalled him, he felt a trace of sadness.

That small old man couldn’t have formed a golden core given his age, but he was the one who Han Li shared the deepest friendship with at Yellow Maple Valley. Odds were that he already passed away. 

With both feigned annoyance and delight, she faintly smiled and said, “Little girl! Junior Martial Sister Xiao is no longer some little girl. She is already married and entered Core Formation stage several tens of years ago.”

Once Han Li recovered from his surprise, he smiled and said, “Oh, she also entered Core Formation? Now that is surprising.”

Nie Ying gently said, “I have heard Junior Martial Sister Xiao speak several times about how Senior drew her into the sect. Junior martial sister Xiao always felt deep gratitude and concern for Senior Han.”

Han Li’s smile faded away and he insipidly said, “At the time, I simply introduced her to Senior martial brother Ma because her aptitude was good, nothing more. It is now only a matter of the past.”

Nie Yan and Lei Wanhe could only bitterly smile at each other in silence at her failed efforts in an attempt to make Han Li rejoin the sect.

As for the reason why Han Li was unwilling to rejoin, the two could guess. During the year the core disciples joined the Nine Nations Union, since Han Li wasn’t amongst them because he was but a minor Foundation Establishment disciple, he was grouped up to be bait and was abandoned. It was no wonder why he felt so detached towards Yellow Maple Valley and had no intention of returning. 

As the two had nothing better to say, Han Li suddenly asked the middle-aged Masked Moon cultivator, “Did you have a female cultivator by the name of Nangong Wan? How is she now?” Han Li’s voice suddenly grew gloomy.

The middle-aged man named Tang Minghua was surprised and he soon respectfully replied, “Ah! Senior knows Martial Aunt Nangong? She is currently overseeing the sect and is doing well.”

In Han Li’s shock, he wasn’t able to conceal a trace of joy, “Martial Aunt? She already entered Nascent Soul stage?”

“Martial Aunt Nangong successfully entered Nascent Soul stage over a hundred years ago, and she is now an elder of our sect. Is Senior an old friend of Martial Aunt Nangong?”

Han Li sighed and his eyes became dim, “Old friend? It could be considered so. I received great kindness from your Martial Aunt in the past, and I’ve always wanted to meet her again. It’s a shame that I was occupied with so many matters over the year and I’ve never had the opportunity.”

“Hehe! Although Martial Aunt Nangong rarely sees guests, Senior should be able to easily see her. In three months, Martial Aunt Nangong will marry the Flowing Mind Sect’s Elder Wei, and their Dao Companion Ceremony will officiallize them as pair cultivators. This celebration originally only invited high grade cultivators of the Nine Nations Union, but since Senior is her old friend, he will certainly...”

Han Li felt his mind buzz and he couldn’t hear anything else the middle-aged man said. He suddenly faced the Masked Moon Sect cultivator and coldly asked, “Dao Companion Ceremony?”

“Yes, she plans on marrying Elder Wei Lichen of the Flowing Mind Sect, who formed a Nascent Soul three hundred years ago and possesses profound abilities. He is a cultivation genius who didn’t come from the Heavenly South. Both of our sects spent much effort to make this matter possible.”

Han Li’s icy expression frightened the middle-aged cultivator. All kinds of strange thoughts began to well up inside him but under Han Li’s freezing gaze, he couldn’t help but continue to speak.

Lei Wanhe and the others revealed an odd expression. Even an idiot could tell that the relationship between Han Li and Nangong Wan wasn’t so simple! Why else would Han Li have such a strong reaction upon hearing this? 

Must to the others’ surprise, Han Li’s icy expression lasted only a moment more before suddenly disappearing. With a gentle tone, he said, “There is no need for Fellow Daoist Tang to be afraid. I have no evil intentions. I merely heard that an old love of mine is about to become someone else’s woman and I became somewhat restless. Now that I know of this matter, I will naturally have to celebrate my good friend’s ceremony.”

The middle-aged cultivator sighed in relief at seeing Han Li so calm and repeatedly uttered words of welcome.

However, Han Li only replied with a slight smile.

The others in the chariot were also relieved. After all, the Six Sects of Yue were now practically one united existence. They didn’t wish for anything to happen to one another. 

Following this, Han Li casually asked a few more questions related to the Six Sects of Yue. Since the matters weren’t important, the five were able to answer all of them. But when he heard that the Yellow Maple Valley Ancestor Lingu had reached the end of his lifespan, Han Li frowned for just a moment and quickly unfurrowed his brow as if he hadn’t heard this. 

Han Li suddenly recalled something and asked, “Ah yes, your Martial Aunt Nangong should have a younger cousin by the name of Nangong Bing. She should also be a cultivator of the Masked Moon Sect.”

The middle-aged cultivator seemed confused and asked, “Nangong Bing? Senior must’ve heard wrong! Martial Aunt Nangong was always a solitary figure. I’ve never heard of a younger cousin. Is Senior not mistaken?”

When Han Li heard this, he was dumbfounded. After taking a deep breath, he urgently asked, “Nangong Bing should’ve been a female Core Formation cultivator of your sect! Could it be that you don’t remember?” 

Tang Minghua wryly smiled, “If this person truly belongs to our sect, this Junior would definitely know of it. I can pledge with certainty that there is no such woman in our sect.”

With an astonished expression Lei Wanhe couldn’t help but interrupt, “Fellow Daoist Tang speaks the truth. We would know if such a Core Formation cultivator existed in the Masked Moon Sect. Where did Senior come to learn of this person?”

“It’s nothing! I merely had a misunderstanding!” Although Han Li said this, he was flabbergasted and appeared to be at a loss.

Han Li now knew that Nangong Bing wasn’t the cousin of Nangong Wan, but was Nangong Wan herself with the use of some appearance alterations. It was no wonder why she hadn’t treated him so ruthlessly or why she had such a queer expression when they departed.

After that, Han Li completely lost interest in further discussion and simply dropped the chariot forward with a gloomy expression. When the others saw that this Senior Han wasn’t in a good mood, they didn’t dare to carelessly chat. 

For a time, the Wind Riding Chariot was completely silent.

Less than half a day later, Han Li stopped the Wind Riding Chariot at some nameless mountain.

Han Li stood up and calmly said, “We will have to part here. This place is only a day away from the border of the State of Fengyuan. It should be safe here. I have matters that I must attend to and I cannot continue to keep you company.”

Lei Wanhe and the others didn’t dare to say anything else and simply thanked Han Li once more for saving their life before flying out of the Wind Riding Chariot.

Han Li didn’t say a single word more and promptly turned the chariot before disappearing off the horizon in the blink of an eye.

The older Heavenly Imperial Fortress cultivator surnamed Qian saw that the Wind Riding Chariot had disappeared from sight and couldn’t help but ask, “Fellow Daoist Lei, is it true that Senior Han was once a disciple of your Yellow Maple Valley and was your Martial Nephew in the past?”

Lei Wanhe frowned and annoyedly said, “What, do you think I’m someone who speaks empty words?”

Although his life had been saved by Han Li, his past junior’s cultivation now vastly exceeded his own and he became a genuine Senior. Given how careful he had to be, he couldn’t help but be in a bad mood.

“Hehe! There is no need for Brother Lei to be angry. I simply found it odd. If Fellow Daoist spoke truthfully, Senior Han should be around the same age as Fellow Daoist Nie. Fellow Daoist Nie, how long have you been cultivating?” Cultivator Qian asked earnestly.

As if realizing what he asked, Nie Yan answered with a changed expression, “I cultivated for two hundred years before reaching early Core Formation stage.”

Cultivator Qian rubbed his chin and sternly said, “It seems Senior Han spent only two hundred years before condensing a Nascent Soul. Do you know what this means?”

The Giant Sword Sect cultivator couldn’t help but shout in surprise, “Could it be Brother Qian means...”

Cultivator Qian solemnly said, “That’s right. It is quite possible this person may reach Deity Transformation stage. It had been tens of thousands of years since this last happened.

Although cultivators who reach Deity Transformation stage soon disappear from this world, each of them were unrivaled in the short time they were here. The entire Heavenly South, be they Righteous, Devilish, or even neutral, all unite during this time as there is none capable of withstanding an early Deity Transformation stage cultivator.