Chapter 707: Encountering Old Acquaintances

Han Li opened each of the remaining boxes one by one. One had a small green bottle while another had a fist-sized chunk of something that glowed with purple light.

Han Li casually opened the green bottle and took a whiff of it. An extremely sharp and caustic scent assailed his nose, causing Han Li’s to grimace. He hurriedly closed the bottle of what seemed to be venom and glanced a the small bottle with an odd expression before cautiously putting it away.

In the end, his gaze fell onto the purple object. He squeezed it with his fingers and found it to be extremely soft. Strands of light occasionally shimmered from the purple object, creating a dazzling sight.

“Yi!” Han Li yelped with astonishment. He then concentrated his spiritual sense onto the object and deeply examined it.

A short moment later, his hand suddenly trembled and the purple ball turned into a purple cloud. It circled once above Han Li’s head before dropping into Han Li’s hand in its original form. It appeared to be layered like a net of glistening purple threads that were as thin as could be. It appeared to be a rare treasure of some sort.

When Silvermoon saw the purple net, she spoke with amazement, “Isn’t this a Purple Cloudlace? It is an ancient treasure that was renowned even times of antiquity.” 

Joy flickered from Han Li’s eyes and he excitedly asked, “You know what this is? Since it was renowned, could it be a divine spirit treasure?”

Silvermoon enthusiastically said, “No. Although the Purple Cloudlace is a top grade ancient treasure, it is far lacking compared to divine spirit treasures. But with regards to its defensive abilities, it is incredibly flexible and malleable. Depending how well it was refined, the treasure can be used to cover an area of several hundred meters to several kilometers. It is a truly rare large scale defensive treasure. It is said that the greatest Purple Cloudlace could protect everything within fifty kilometers. Though, I don’t know how true this is. Of course, it is also incredibly effective at trapping enemies. As for offensive abilities, it is capable of releasing Jadesun True Fire to extinguish foes.” 

A trace of disappointment appeared on his face, but soon he wore an odd expression, “Silvermoon, you seem quite knowledgeable of this Purple Cloudlace. Could it be that you’ve seen it before?” 

When Silvermoon heard this, she grew silent for a moment. A while later, she wryly smiled and said, “Now that Master mentioned it, I recalled a fragment of my memory before I was refined into an artifact spirit. There seemed to be one particular Purple Cloudlace that I knew off quite well.”

As Silvermoon spoke, her expression appeared pensive. She then shook her head and gave up as if the memory was out of grasp.

“Since this Purple Cloudlace is so fearsome and I’ve never heard of Master Cang Kun making use of this treasure, this was most likely something that he had acquired from Devilfall Valley. It is a pity that none of the jade boxes that were acquired possessed any information on Devilfall Valley. It should be contained in Marquis Nanlong’s two jade boxes. How truly unfortunate.” Han Li laughed at himself but he didn’t truly appear dejected.

He clearly understood that he would have the opportunity to acquire more treasures if he acquired the secrets of Devilfall Valley, but at the same time, he would become a huge target. So long as information of this was divulged, who knew how many great powers and eccentrics would come knocking on his door. It was hard to say whether or not the advantages would outweigh the detriments.”

Silvermoon couldn’t help but ask, “Master, did that jade slip not contain them?”

Since Silvermoon asked, Han Li answered her with an insipid tone, “The jade slip contained the cultivation art and techniques of Master Cang Kun. Although I cannot cultivate the main cultivation art, the Whole Moon Arts, there are several secret techniques and a few cultivation insights that I am able to make much use of.” 

When SIlvermoon heard this, she sighed and appeared dejected.

At that moment, Han Li put away all the items and boxes. After giving Silvermoon a brief word, Han Li closed his eyes and began to meditate. Silvermoon then drew close to Han Li’s body and curled up. She then opened her bright black eyes and began to mindlessly stare at an empty corner of the cart.

As the army of Moulan mortals slowly advanced, two days had passed. During that time, two groups of spell warriors had conducted a search of the army. However, Han Li was awakened by Silvermoon each time and he was able to easily conceal himself from these low grade spell warriors.

Since the cart Han Li chose contained insignificant items, none of the Moulan mortals had bothered to check it.

Once the army left the Moulan Plains, Han Li stealthily took off with Silvermoon in his grasp. He took a route different from the army, heading straight in the direction of the Heavenly South.

With his vast spiritual sense, Han Li was able to detect any spell warriors within fifty kilometers, allowing him to easily avoid them as he smoothly made his way through the desert and into the Nine Nations Union’s State of Fengyuan.

The State of Fengyuan was one of the three countries that was closest to the Moulan Plains. The mountains on their border were normally garrisoned with cultivators of the Nine Nations Alliance.

But after Han Li spent several days inside the State of Fengyuan, he hadn’t encountered a single cultivator, but he had encountered many patrols of spell warriors. It was clear that the Nine Nations Unions had found their initial battle against the Moulan spell warriors unfavorable and decided to retreat for the time being. The true battle shouldn’t have started yet.

Without further thought, Han Li hurried his way through a particularly desolate area.

After a smooth eventless flight for four days, he suddenly turned his head to look at a small obscure mountain with an expression of shock. Soon, his face changed between various different expressions.

Just a moment ago, he had detected an area with fierce spiritual Qi fluctuations that faintly contained vicious intent. It was clear that there was a battle between high grade cultivators.

Since a battle was taking place here, it was likely to be a cultivator fighting against a spell warrior.

With some further examination, Han Li discovered that there were five Core Formation stage combatants staking their all against a Nascent Soul eccentric.

Amongst these Core Formation stage combatants, there were a few with auras that Han Li found slightly familiar. After a moment of consideration, Han Li couldn’t figure out who it was. After a moment of hesitation, Han Li wasn’t able to suppress his curiosity and flew over.

With Han Li’s exceptional movement techniques, Han Li was able to cover this short distance in the blink of an eye. Once he arrived, he saw various-colored lights fill the sky along with the sound of harsh explosions. The battle was greatly fierce.

The five variously dressed Core Formation cultivators were currently fighting against an early Nascent Soul stage spell warrior. Although the five Core Formation cultivators were fighting with all their strength and were controlling their magic treasures with perfection, the yellow-robed, bald spell warrior was slowly pushing back the cultivators with circles of yellow mist.

The spell warrior wore a fierce expression. Although he hadn’t released his own magic treasure, his fantastical techniques and deep cultivation allowed him to easily deal with them. Were if not for the fact there was a gorgeous woman amongst the Core Formation cultivators, the Nascent Soul cultivator likely wouldn’t have held back and would’ve already finished them all off.

Although Han Li found this woman familiar, his gaze focused on the fat old man amongst the cultivators. This old man was spirally with silver lightning and was controlling a huge sword magic treasure that repeatedly emitted lightning. He was the strongest amongst the group of five.

Han Li recognized the old man’s appearance and cultivation art, and wore a complicated expression. He muttered, “It’s him? To think that there are such coincidences in this world!” 

After the yellow-robed cultivator battled for such a long period of time, he lost his patience and fiercely glared at the gorgeous woman, “Girl, it seems you cannot recognize my good intentions. Were it not for the fact my cultivation art requires an outstanding cultivation vessel, I wouldn’t have spared you for so long. If you don’t surrender yourself to me, don’t blame me for being ruthless.”

Once he said this, he spat out a yellow feather. It glowed brilliantly and had something faintly drawn on it. The bald cultivator then took it into his hand.

When the fat old man and the others saw this, their expressions vastly changed, knowing that things were far from good. They clearly understood that the spell warrior had been holding back, but they didn’t dare to retreat, else they would easily be picked off by the spell warrior. Their chances of survival would be even worse than fighting him together.

As such, the five bitterly cursed in their minds and could only muster the entirety of their magic power to attack the spell warrior. For a time, the might of their magic treasures were greatly increased and they were able to forcefully beat back the yellow mist and regain some of their momentum.

This infuriated the bald spell warrior. He tossed his feather into the air and spat a mist of yellow Qi onto the magic treasure and began to utter incantations.

The feather trembled for a moment and gently fanned in the direction of the cultivators. Suddenly, a large whistle sounded through the air and a deep yellow gale followed in the direction that the feather had fanned. In an instant, the gale turned into a hundred meter tall tornado and completely engulfed the five Core Formation cultivators.