Chapter 703: The First to Act

The meager wisp of blue flame was able to pass through the light barrier unobstructed, much to the surprise of the stern-faced cultivator. Lacking any time to dodge, the wisp of flame struck his neck. With a crackle, the stern-faced cultivator was entirely consumed by blue ice, forming a glistening ice sculpture.

Much to the stern-faced cultivator’s misfortune, Han Li had particularly directed the Celestial Ice Flames to strike at his neck as a result of his experience from fighting the spell warrior. With his head frozen over, he had no opportunity to cast any techniques and change the outcome.

In the same moment Han Li turned the stern-faced man into an ice sculpture, the blue lightning from the gourd struck Han Li before its thunder could sound out. But before it could strike Han Li’s body, a net of faint gold lightning suddenly appeared on Han Li’s body. In a flicker of golden light, the blue lightning was absorbed and disappeared from sight.

Han Li then hesitantly reached forward and quickly snatched away the blue gourd.

Han Li’s use of the thunderstorm wings, the icing of the stern-faced cultivator surnamed Long, and the acquisition of the treasure took place in a mere instant. Just as Wang Chan had thought to step forward and assist the stern-faced cultivator, he witnessed his instantaneous defeat. Wang Chan could hardly believe what he just saw.

When Han Li coldly glanced in his direction, Wang Chan responded without a thought. With fear in his voice, he yelled, “Cast together! Use the Blood Spirit Arts to restrain him!” Once that was said, he grabbed onto Yan Ruyan’s hand and hurriedly uttered an incantation. Crimson mist suddenly spread through the air.

Yan Ruyan didn’t resist, merely displaying a trace of disgust deep within her eyes. After a moment of hesitation, she followed suit and uttered an incantation. The blood mist from both of their bodies combined as one and condensed into a mist of violet blood light.

After Wang Chan and Yan Ruyan disappeared into the violet mist, it began to release ghostly howls as if monsters truly laid within.

When Han Li saw this, he faintly smirked.

Marquis Nanlong suddenly sent Han Li a voice transmission, “Good! I didn’t expect for Fellow Daoist Han to possess such heaven-defying abilities. If we join hands, we may be able to match them.”

When Han Li heard this, he swept his gaze to the other side.

Marquis Nanlong and the others had yet to fight, but the others were staring at him with absolute shock. Marquis Nanlong appeared delighted by Han Li’s recent display and his hopes of escaping grew stronger.

Marquis Nanlong immediately said, “So long as you join hands with me, I am willing to give you another jade box!”

‘Join hands? Haha...’ Han Li coldly laughed and said nothing. He carried no such desire.

He clearly understood that he was able to easily dispatch of the stern-faced cultivator because he was unaware of the deadly Celestial Ice Flames. Else, the battle would’ve taken far longer, even if he ended up victorious.

There were still three early and one mid Nascent Soul cultivators on the opposing side. If Marquis Nanlong was uninjured, they might’ve stood a chance, but as gravely wounded as he was now, Han Li would only be dragged down alongside him. Regardless of whatever it may contain, the jade box’s contents wasn’t worth his life.

Before he fled, he needed to have them start fighting and have their focus be on the Marquis. Otherwise, their attentions would be focused on him, and it would be difficult for him to escape. With that thought, Han Li paid them no further heed and flapped his wings, leaving only thunder behind.

When the white-clothed old man saw this, he immediately shouted, “Not good! He’s about to run! Block him! Don’t let him escape with the jade box!” 

With the scene of Han Li instantly killing a similar grade cultivator still fresh in their minds, the old woman and the tan man ignored his words entirely. Even Wang Tiangu appeared hesitant. He couldn’t decide whether to take action.

After all, if Han Li truly left, they would be able to deal with the Marquis with complete certainty. The two jade boxes may as well be theirs. But if they were to forcefully detain Han Li, with his strange abilities, even the mid Nascent Soul old man might not be able to prevail over him. It was far too risky. 

However, the jade box in Han Li’s grasp might contain the secrets of Devilfall Valley that they all so deeply desired. As shrewd and cunning as Wang Tiangu was, he found himself wavering between two extremely difficult choices.

When the white-clothed old man saw their hesitation, he understood them perfectly. He also felt some fear towards Han Li’s Celestial Ice Flames. Moreover, if he were to leave this place to deal with Han Li, the Marquis may escape. Although Marquis Nanlong’s injuries were severe, three early Nascent Soul cultivators didn’t have much hope of remaining steadfast against his formidable secret techniques.

He also found himself hesitant as to what to do.

In a flash of lightning, Han Li appeared at the top of the stairs. He strangely smiled at Wang Tiangu and company before pointing to the black mountain. The black mountain trembled and disappeared in an instant, only to appear above them and dropping down with all its might.

None had expected that Han Li would launch such a sudden attack, to their fury.

However, even the white-clothed old man didn’t dare to take on the mountain’s might alone. They could only helplessly dodge out of the way as the mountain fell down.

This was finally the moment Marquis Nanlong chose to strike. His eyes brightened and he transformed into a blinding streak of golden light, charging directly towards the old woman. In her fright, the old woman’s body flashed with yellow light, summoning a small yellow shield to block the Marquis’ approach. In an instant, gold and yellow light intertwined, but eventually the golden light engulfed the old woman.

When the others saw this, they instantly struck without any further thought and attempted to restrain the Marquis.

But through some unknown secret technique, the golden light on his body became increasingly dense. At that same moment, he released several powerful ancient treasures to enter the fray. He didn’t appear to be at the slightest disadvantage in this chaotic battle.

The others were completely occupied in their alarm and couldn’t pay any attention to Han Li’s actions.

When Han Li saw this, he was satisfied and pointed once more to the black mountain. It shrunk to several inches in a gust of wind and shot back into his hand. He then turned his gaze towards the violet blood mist with a stern expression on his face.

With pupils glowing with blue light, Han Li gazed at a certain portion of the mist. He raised his hand without any hesitation and black light began to surge through it. A dense mass of black-red light shot out from his palm towards the mist, discharging the Yin Devil Execution.

A wretched scream came from the blood mist, but Han Li had already disappeared with a flash of lightning.

Even if Wang Chan somehow managed to survive the strike, his injuries would be grave. While he did wish to take advantage of this opportunity to ensure Wang Chan’s death, he was certain that Wang Tiangu would come to Wang Chan’s aid. When that moment came, he would be tied down in a battle against Wang Tiangu, attracting much danger onto himself.

In any case, Han Li would always have the ability to kill a trifling late Core Formation cultivator like Wang Chang, so he had no need to risk his safety now. As such, he immediately fled after making his attack.

Han Li’s figure appeared at the exit of the building in a blur, and he flew straight towards the hall’s entrance. Along the way, a white streak of light flew into Han Li’s sleeve from the corner of the hall. It appeared to be a small white fox.

“Master, I” Silvermoon spoke with an excited tone.

Han Li flew straight out the hall and gloomily interrupted, “Now is not the time to talk. Leave it for when we’re out of danger.” 

When Han Li broke through the Wondrous Soul Restriction, he deliberately used a flash of dazzling light to hide a gap in the restriction that he created. In that instant, he had Silvermoon go through. Afterwards, he deliberately stalled for time as he dissolved the formation. It was for this reason that Han Li had taken such efforts to break through the Wondrous Soul restriction, not on the mere basis of priority selection.

From how excited Silvermoon appeared, it seemed she had reaped quite a bit of profit from the pavilion.

Having taken the initiative to seize the treasures, Han Li had refused Marquis Nanlong’s proposal to fight together and simply chose to prioritize his own escape.