Chapter 700: Splitting the Treasure

The three shelves of treasures were placed in rows at the center of the first floor. They were clearly seen by everyone.

The first row had sixteen brilliant ancient and magic treasures. The second row had rare materials or all shapes and sizes, from a fist-sized chunk of iron to a blood-red crystal. The third row had the fewest materials. It only consisted of several inch-large bottles They seemed to contain medicine pills.

Han Li expressionlessly swept his gaze past the treasures and maintained a calm appearance.

Although the others had maintained a calm appearance as well, none dared to fiddle with the treasures as they pleased. They only appraised the value and uses of each of the magic treasures with their eyes. They would be dividing up the treasures soon.

A short moment later, Marquis Nanlong stepped forward and began to examine the treasures on the party’s behalf. As for the others, they began to friendly discuss the treasure’s origins and applications, but who knew what they were truly thinking.

At that moment, Han Li glanced around the room. In addition to the shelves, there was a praying mat and a small, emerald-green plant placed at the window.

Han Li’s heart stirred. Just as he thought to walk over to them, the white-clothed old man had appeared before the praying mat in a blur.

The praying mat flew into his grasp with a wave of his hand and he began to look over it.

Han Li frowned and instead walked over to the small plant by the window, closely examining it.

After he began looking over it, he suddenly heard a sweet voice from behind him, “Is Senior Han interested in this Yinfocus Herb? Although it is rarely seen, it is an optimal ingredient for refining Yin type medicine pills. It is able to increase medicine power without any drawbacks.”

With an odd expression, he slowly turned around and saw Yan Ruyan standing behind him.

Han Li calmly replied, “The Yinfocus Herb is different from other herbs. Its medicinal properties is strongest only when it is a hundred years old. Now that it has reached such a vast age, it no longer has a use.” Han Li’s gaze swept over the room and found that Wang Chan was closely following after Wang Tiangu. He was excitedly whispering something with his second uncle, and wasn’t paying any attention to what Yan Ruyan was doing.

Yan Ruyan smiled and gazed at Han Li with bright, wandering eyes, “I didn’t think that Senior Han was proficient not only in spell formations, but medicine pill refinement as well. You truly have my admiration!” 

Han Li grew greatly vigilant from the woman’s eagerness to chat. He bluntly replied, “Pill refinement? Only to a minor degree. However Fellow Daoist Yan, do you know of my relationship with your husband? Do you not fear arousing your husband’s resentment from speaking with me?”

Yan Ruyan’s smile faded away and she said with a helpless tone, “Of course I am aware. But I still vainly hope to dissolve the hatred between Senior and my lord husband.”

Han Li raised his brow and a sneer flickered on his face, “Dissolve? Your Devil Dao Sects and my Heavenly Dao Alliance always had a hostile relationship. What is there to dissolve?”

Yan Ruyan bitterly smiled in response and began to speak when Marquis Nanlong suddenly called out, “Come over Fellow Daoists. We will first be distributing the treasures of this floor before heading up.”

Once this was said, Han Li paid no more heed to Yan Ruyan and walked over. Yan Ruyan’s beautiful face flickered with several emotions in response before gracefully following after him.

When Wang Chan saw that Yan Ruyan was following after Han Li, he appeared slightly bewildered. But after giving Yan Ruyan a deep glance, he shrewdly decided to keep silent on the matter. As for Wang Tiangu, he turned a blind eye to the matter.

Marquis Nanlong had already gathered all the items onto one shelf and calmly said, “Alright, let us make clear of the contents. There are six ancient treasures, ten magic treasures, and eight shares of materials and medicine pills that are organized in accordance to their value. Of course, what everyone wants the most will be the ancient treasures. After all, their full strength can be displayed without any refinement. However, these magic treasures aren’t common items either. They were all magic treasures left behind from Master Cang Kun’s formidable opponents. Their might should be great.

Even if only seventy percent of their might can be displayed after spending some time to refine them, it will certainly be worth it. As such, you may pick them in accordance to your desires. Fellow Daoists Wang Chan and Yan Ruyan, you will only be allocated one share.” 

The old woman bluntly rushed to take advantage of her age and lay a claim, “As old as I am, how do I have the time to refine a magic treasure. It will be an ancient treasure of course!”

The others didn’t respond to her words, but they wryly laughed in their hearts.

At that moment, Wang Tiangu spoke with Marquis Nanlong with a heavy tone, “Will Fellow Daoists Nanlong and Yun not be taking first pick? There might not be any items you want on the second floor.”

Marquis Nanlong’s expression grew sullen and he coldly said,“Brother Wang, what do you mean?”

The white-clothed old man stared at Wang Tiangu with an unfriendly expression.

Wang Tiangu turned a blind eye to this and chuckled, “It’s nothing, I felt it would just be a pity if you decided to not take first pick with these treasures.”

With an icy expression, Marquis Nanlong snorted, “There is nothing here that Fellow Daoist Yun and I wish to take using first priority. As for Fellow Daoist Han, it will be his choice to decide whether or not he will use his privilege.” He seemed to be greatly displeased with Wang Tiangu’s words.

Han Li rubbed his chin and casually said, “I also don’t wish to use my privilege. I’ll be keeping it for the second floor.” 

Wang Tiangu spoke without reservation, “Since that’s the case, we will divide the treasures evenly amongst us. If you want an ancient treasure, then you renounce the right to pick a magic treasures afterwards. Fellow Daoists, do you agree?”

“That method is fine, I agree!”

“That’s fine!”

The others felt this to be fair and each of them agreed.

Of course, Han Li choose to renounce the magic treasures. As for the white-clothed old man and the tan man, they chose to renounce the ancient treasures. Instead, they each took two magic treasures and a share of the materials and medicine pills.

As for the others, they each took took a single ancient treasure.

Han Li acquired a bamboo tube. Although he didn’t know the level of its power or its abilities, he placed the item into his storage pouch without much care. He also took a share of the medicine pills and materials.

Once Han Li and the others each took a single magic treasure, they finished distributing the items on the first floor.

As for the praying mat, Han Li noticed that the white-clothed old man had already tossed it to the floor without paying it any further attention. It didn’t appear to be valuable. As for the Yinfocus Herb, it seemed that many had recognized it, but none were interested.

Han Li wryly chuckled in his mind. It seemed no one was fool enough to take it. These Nascent Soul eccentrics had examined everything present. After all, it was quite possible there were hidden treasures. 

Once these Nascent Soul eccentrics searched through the first floor once more, the party climbed up to the second floor without any unexpected discoveries, but when they arrived they were stunned by the sight.

As soon as they entered the second floor, they were hit with a wave of incense. There was a small offering shine at the top of the second floor stairs with a golden statue of a ferocious single horned demon with six arms. It appeared aggressive and lifelike.

There was a fire-red cauldron in front of the shine that was emitting spirals of white smoke. It was the origin of the incense in the air.

Marquis Nanlong and the others were shocked to see that Master Cang Kun had enshrined a demon beast.

But when Han Li saw the statue, Han Li felt his his heart jump. The statue seemed to exactly the same as the demon beast in the Sacred Provenance Plate. It even had the same fierce glare and six arms that were all raised to the heavens.

Han Li then turned his gaze toward everything else on the second floor.

About ten meters away, he saw a common desk and chair. There was an ink slab, a brush, bamboo slips, and many other items. On the side opposite to the shrine, there was a blue jade bed.

Although it was far away, he could faintly sense it emit a frigid aura as if it were carved from glacial jade. On top of the bed, there were three jade boxes that appeared rather eye-catching.

It seemed the second floor was Master Cang Kun’s bedroom.

In a blur, the white-clothed old man appeared at the side of the cold jade bed and took one of the jade boxes into his hand.

“Wait a moment!” Soon after this was said, another silhouette appeared at the side of the bed. Their hand began to shine with black light and they pointed it at the old man’s back.

The white-clothed old man withdrew his wrist and avoided the sneak attack. In his alarmed fury, he glared at his attacker with hostility, “What are you doing? You wish to exchange blows with me?”