Chapter 298 - Captured Alive

Chapter 298 Captured Alive.

Chapter 298: Captured Alive

“Could you tell this one where you intend to go?”

Without waiting for them to take out their flying magic tools, a cold voice suddenly came from the sky.

This ice cold voice chilled them to the bone, causing this masked group of four to become completely pale from fright. They all cast defensive magic almost simultaneously and then scattered, not daring to turn their head.

About a hundred meters up in the sky, Han Li was standing on his Divine Wind Boat with fluttering clothes. He was expressionlessly looking at them with a gaze containing a ghastly chill.

Their hearts similar sunk as they all thought the same thing. ‘When did this person return? Why didn’t we sense him in the slightest?’

“Scatter!” Their leader, the Eldest Brother, shouted without hesitation.

He then took the initiative to fiercely retreat. At the same time, he threw out a disk magic tool from his bosom and stepped on it, flying away.

The other three scattered in different directions and flew off.

These people clearly understood that they fundamentally couldn’t resist a Foundation Establishment cultivator and that it would be better to immediately fly off since their chances of survival would be a bit higher.

The young woman had the weakest magic power among them. Thus, even though she quickly flew on her flying magic tool, she couldn’t help but turn her head to look at Han Li in the sky.

As a result, she was surprised by what she saw.

Han Li was standing on the small boat without moving in the slightest. He didn’t appear to be taking any actions in pursuing the four. Along with the woman’s amazement, she was also secretly delighted to no end, thinking there should be a good chance at escaping unscathed.

But at this moment, she suddenly heard an extremely frigid and sharp hiss come from her front.

With alarm, the woman hastily turned her head around and saw a blinding red arrow of light shoot from the sk, heading aggressively straight toward her.

Aghast, the masked woman raised her hand and threw out an ice spear technique just in time.

When that lustrous ice spear touched the red light, it shattered into white mist. It was unexpectedly unable to obstructing the red arrow of light in the slightest, allowing it strike against the water-attribute barrier protecting her body.

Blue light and red light then filled her vision.

Her body vibrated and was forcibly pushed back by over ten meters, but seeing that her barrier remained intact, the woman sighed deeply from relief.

At this moment, she took a glance in front of her with fright and anger. Could it be the Foundation Establishment cultivator had comrades lying around in ambush for them?

After she clearly saw ‘who’ was in front of her, this masked girl‘s black eyes went blank as if she couldn’t believe what she saw.

In front of her were two floating soldier figurines dressed in armor. One of them held a large bow and was currently drawing back the bow with a red light arrow. The other one was holding a broad long saber emitting yellow light as it slowly flew toward her.

Although the woman was shocked by the fact that these rigid objects could attack her as true people could, she knew that if she didn’t deal with these figurines’ attacks, she wouldn’t be able to smoothly escape.

With this thought, she clenched her flawless teeth and took out a blue lustrous throwing knife from her storage pouch.

The high-grade magic tool she held in her hand had cost her all of her savings. Normally, she would absolutely hate to use it, but right now she had to urgently escape and didn’t have much choice.


The girl softly shouted. That throwing knife then turned into a streak of blue light and shot toward the figurine that was approaching her.

The blue throwing knife arrived in front of the figurine in the blink of an eye, fiercely chopping at its head without the slightest hesitation.

Against the masked woman’s expectations, a soft “Dang” sounded out. The figurine had raised its long saber with surprising speed and struck the blue throwing knife before continuing to fly mechanically towards the woman.

The masked woman’s expression greatly changed. Pointing to her magic tool, she commanded it to fly out for several meters and loop in a circle, striking the figurine on its return.

But what happened next left her dumbstruck. As if the figurine had eyes behind its head, it struck the magic tool approaching from behind.

This time, the woman was truly panicking!

Just as she thought to come up with something else, a sharp hiss could be heard as the bow figurine shot out an arrow.

With no better option, the masked woman hastily flew to the side, wanting to dodge the arrow.

But much to her surprise, this red streak of light seemed to be manipulated; it mimicked her movements and followed her, catching her off guard. She could only brace for another impact and hope her barrier could hold up once more.

It was at this moment that the saber-wielding figurine finally arrived in front of her and used its long saber to break through her barrier without resistance.

Unwilling to allow the enemy to succeed so smoothly, the masked woman hastily moved to escape.

Thus, the two figurines attacked her from both close range and from a distance. With the cultivation base of the masked woman repeatedly exhausted from her continuous retreats, any kind of escape was out of the question.

But when the sweat-drenched young woman commanded her throwing knife to block the figurine's attack with great difficulty, the figurine that was attacking her in close quarters leaped away from her. At the same time, the archer figurine lowered its bow and no longer attacked.

When the woman saw this, she couldn’t help but be shocked. Then she heard a sigh come from behind her, “Sigh! Fifth Sister, you must come back!”

Having heard this, she stopped and then slowly turned around.

She saw three masked men dejectedly standing behind her. Behind each of them were three or four figurines similar to those that were also next to her. Apart from the soldier figurines, there were also actually several tiger beast figurines among them as well.

As young woman swept her gaze past them with an appearance of despair, she was subconsciously compelled to return to her original position.

Her three elder brothers had spiritless gazes as if they were already under control.

The masked woman raised her head to look at Han Li in the sky and sadly tossed her throwing knife magic tool to the floor. She no longer put up any resistance.

When Han Li saw this, he raised his hands with no trace of politeness and sent several streaks of green light burrowing into her body, causing her to feel as if a ghost had possessed her. Her body’s true essence became obscure, and she could no longer move as she wished.

With this finished, Han Li didn’t make any inquiries. Instead, he waved his hand and pulled them onto the Divine Wind Boat he was sitting on.

He couldn’t stay at this place long. If he didn’t leave, it was likely he might encounter an expert, which would be greatly problematic.

He randomly chose a direction away from Yuejing. Then, Han Li and the four turned into a streak of white light and flew away.

Not long after, two people appeared where Han Li and the four had been. However, these people’s clothes were a concentrated red similar to the color of blood, causing anyone who would’ve seen it to feel uneasy.

The two took a look around before standing in front of a large hole where the large tree used to be.

After a moment of silence, one of the two suddenly sighed and said, “It seems those five friends from Meng were defeated!”

This person’s voice sounded a bit old. Upon hearing it, one would assume the speaker was not young at all.

“Humph, there are no remains! Not only did they fail, they must’ve also been captured alive. As there isn’t the slightest scent of blood here, it seems the newcomer was able to capture those four quite easily.” The other person said this with an appearance of disdain. This person didn’t seem old, appearing to be around twenty years old.

“This is a bit troublesome! The five friends of Meng Mountain aren’t the useless sort, else their lives wouldn’t have been spared and they would have already become blood sacrifices. I suppose they hadn’t been overwhelmed by a large number of Qi Condensation and were instead captured by a Foundation Establishment cultivator,” the first person said with a bit of concern.  

“What? Are you afraid those people will reveal our secrets? They’re only a few cultivators that our school has recruited from nearby. They simply don’t know any of our school’s secrets. Furthermore, before I sent them on their assignment, I had already activated their seal in secret. They will only live half a day more at most.” The youth lightly laughed and said this without paying any mind.

“Oh! That’s good. If it's only half a day more, they won’t be able to leak anything. With their bodies having been subjected to the blood incantation restrictions, by the time they discover something is amiss, they will no longer be able to say anything,” the old man said after letting out a breath.

However, the old man changed the subject and said somewhat darkly, “However, why did this happen? Did we not discuss this? We were supposed to turn that old Daoist Wu into our puppet and have him act as your master so that you can slowly show your face in the cultivation world. In this way, our school will be able to carry out our plan and have the core disciples appear in the cultivation world with an open identity. Why would you suddenly barge into that old Daoist’s room and suck in his blood essence? You shouldn’t be lacking in any magic power supplements!”

After hearing the old man’s words, the masked youth bitterly laughed several times and couldn’t help but say, “You think I did it for a supplement? I had no other choice!”