Chapter 292 - The Powerful

Chapter 292 The Powerful.

Chapter 292: The Powerful

Han Li’s expression didn’t change, so she couldn’t make out any anger from his gaze. However, the old man could clearly feel cold intent coming from Han Li’s body.

Afraid, the old man had yet to pull the young woman behind him when Han Li’s body released a shocking grandeur. The fearsome spiritual pressure that was accumulated actually caused the nearby young woman to fly back seven or eight steps. She didn’t have the slightest power to resist.

Fortunately, the old man’s eyes and hands were swift. His figure flashed behind the young woman, his hands clapping her shoulders to stop the young woman’s body from being pushed further back.

At this moment, the young woman’s face was as pale as paper. After personally experiencing the fearsomeness of Han Li’s cultivation, she couldn’t help but lose herself to fear and look at her grandfather behind her.

The old man’s appearance was equivalently unsightly!

Before this, the old man had a few bits of confidence that with their combined strength, they would be able to escape Han Li’s grasp. But now that they experienced a small demonstration of his true strength, this thought was thrown away.

Foundation Establishment cultivators were fearsome and far exceeded what he had imagine. They absolutely weren't figures that a small cultivator could provoke.

The old man broke out in an endless old sweat. He had actually been planning to carry out a small trick on Han Li with his granddaughter’s help!

The old man had never seen an expert like Han Li before, a foolish cultivator who only knew how to bitterly cultivate! Fortunately, he had accumulated a vast experience, so his response was faster than average.

Could it be this person was an old eccentric who had lived for over a hundred years, keeping his appearance young through some sort of appearance-halting technique?

The more the old man thought about it, the more he felt this was true and the greater the terror he felt in his heart!

After the old man felt the spiritual pressure coming from Han Li’s body grow increasingly stronger as time passed, the old man couldn’t help but gulp and immediately beg with a trembling stomach, “Senior, please let us off leniently. This one’s granddaughter was far too young. She doesn’t know what is high or low. Senior, please calm down!”

After Han Li gave the old man a cold glance, he suddenly stopped emitting the frightening grandeur from his body; it seemed Han Li saw through true meaning behind his words. In an instant,  the pressure had become completely hidden as if entrenched in deep water.

With hands trembling from fear, old man Xiao took his hands off the shoulder of the young woman who had become well-behaved long ago. After taking a stealthy look at Han Li, she immediately turned her gaze away, not daring to directly look at him.

Her current behavior was as different as Heaven and Earth from the fearless expression she had shown before.

However, this dainty young woman was now extremely startled pale. much like a frightened small bird. It was a truly a lovingly heart-stirring appearance.

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Seeing this, Han Li felt something being revealed before his eyes. This was the first time he had discovered a woman who held such a fragile beauty; it truly moved the heart and soul. Her overall appearance gave him a breathtaking feeling, and he couldn’t help but glance several times.

After carefully looking over the young woman’s appearance, although he made out that she wasn’t very old, only fourteen or fifteen years of age, she was a rarely seen beauty. Given a few more years, she would most likely mature into an extraordinary beauty that would drive men mad.

Because Han Li’s gaze toward the young girl was a bit too strange, the old man’s heart furiously sunk when he saw this.

‘Could it be he had us come here because her appearance was to his liking? Did he take a fancy to my granddaughter’s beauty? That isn’t good at all. With this person’s great magic power, we won’t be able to resist him!” The old man’s imagination ran wild with deep worry.

“Since you two aren’t willing to reveal your clan, you are probably clanless rogue cultivations. I won’t make it difficult for you. I had you come here for a trade, after which you may leave.”

After a long moment of silence, Han Li eventually spoke.

“A trade?”

The old man blankly stared. He faintly felt that he had been thinking incorrectly.

“That’s right! I took a fancy to something you possessed and wanted to propose a trade with you!” Han Li replied with a dull expression.

When the old man heard this, he couldn’t help but look at the young girl and think, ‘Does he want to me to trade away my own granddaughter?!’

But when he thought about it more, it seemed truly unlikely, because apart from the several glances he took a moment ago, he hadn’t taken another look at his granddaughter.

With this thought, the old man relaxed a bit and said with solemn respect, “I don’t know what caught Senior’s eye, but since we are only juniors, we will naturally offer it to Senior! However, this small old man doesn’t know what item this Senior wants.”

The old man’s last words revealed the misgivings in his heart.

When Han Li saw the other party’s tact, his appearance eased up and he revealed a slight smile.

“What cultivation technique did you use inside the hall? You were actually able to conceal your Spiritual Qi so well that the Qi Condensation Daoist Priest wasn’t able to see through your identities.” Han Li didn’t directly reply to the old man. Instead, he asked him a question with a mild tone.

After revealing such a strong face, he naturally used a slightly appeasing tactic. Using both hard and soft methods was the ideal strategy!

When they heard Han Li’s question, the two of them couldn’t help but look at each other with doubt before saying with some hesitation, “Senior, this one also doesn’t know what cultivation technique he used.”

Surprisingly, Han Li didn’t get angry. Instead, he continued to look at the old man with an stoic expression. He knew that since the other party mentioned this, they would give him a fair explanation.

Sure enough, the old man then cautiously continued, “The cultivation technique this one used actually came from a badly damage, nameless Daoist book. It didn’t even mention the name of this Spiritual Qi restraining magic technique. We only casually practiced it!”

‘Nameless Daoist book?’

“As for where it came from, don’t tell me it was passed down within your clan!” After Han Li heard this, his face revealed interest, his words carrying a profound meaning.

If this magic technique was passed down within a clan, every great cultivation sect would have madly fought to get a hold of this technique. However, Han Li had never heard of such a cultivation technique before!

“Senior sees clearly. This Daoist book was something my granddaughter found inside a cave while exploring an uninhabited mountain. Apart from this Qi Restraining chant, we didn’t understand anything else from the book. If Senior wants it, Junior will go back to his residence and offer it to you!” the old man promised with a compensating smile.

When Han Li heard the old man’s words, he revealed a satisfied expression and said, “Be at ease, I won’t take your items for nothing! You two return first and wait for me at your residence! Make sure you consider what you want in exchange for it.”

Han Li’s voice was extremely calm. But after he said these words, he suddenly extended his finger, whereupon two soybean-sized green lights shot out from Han Li’s finger. In an instant, it flew into the bodies of the old man and young girl without leaving a trace.

“Senior, you...” The old man was frightened and angry. He didn’t think that after he finished speaking, Han Li would suddenly act against the two. Although he didn’t know what happened, he was certain it wasn’t anything good. The young girl also went pale with fright.

“There is no need to worry! These are only tracing marks. With these, I can accurately find you and eliminate you and your grandchild at any time should the need ever arise,” Han Li explained indifferently.

After hearing these words, the old man let out a breath and bitterly laughed in his heart many times!

This Senior truly didn’t leave any holes, not even the slightest opening for them.

With this on their bodies, if they tried to take advantage of the situation and escape, it was likely they wouldn’t make it very far.

However, the old man Xiao clearly understood the reason behind Han Li’s action!

If the other party didn’t do this, it was likely that the old man would take his granddaughter and immediately slip away.

After all, to trade with an expert that could easily kill them was far too scary, especially when the stronger party seemed moody! While there were enormous benefits, the old man would normally require time to think it over and see whether it was worth the risk.

However, it seemed that now he must carry out this trade whether he wanted to or not.

He could only hope that after the other party wouldn’t eliminate them after receiving the book.

In the short time he made contact with Han Li, he truly wasn’t able to make out Han Li’s temperament in the end.

He only knew that not only was this figure’s magic power profound, but that he was also extremely troublesome! He would use every opportunity and method, and there was nothing he wouldn’t do.

“Very well! These juniors will wait at their dwelling for Senior to arrive.” The old man could only pretend to act as if nothing had happened and say this with great respect.

“Very good. I will come to take the item at night. You two had best behave!”

As Han Li said this, his body gradually became indistinct. He disappeared without a trace once the last word “behave” left his mouth, leaving only air in his place.

Seeing that Han Li revealed this extremely mysterious skill, old man Xiao could only give up with a deathly pale face.

He dispiritedly called out to the young girl and slowly walked back home.

However, the old man didn’t realize that when his granddaughter saw Han Li using those ghostlike movements, great envy flashed in her eyes. Even when the old man called out to her, she reacted as if she had woken up from a dream.

As the young girl followed after the old man, she turned her head to look at the place where Han Li had disappeared with surprising reluctance.

‘That child is truly mischievous!’ Hiding in a nearby tree, Han Li coldly looked at the two as they departed and shook his head.

(TL: “mischievous”, originally 小鬼大: although the body is small, the craftiness is great.)