Chapter 290 - Young Prince

Chapter 290: Young Prince 

Prince Xin looked at the cheering crowd with a smile, feeling content in his heart.

With regards to cultivators, they used to appear before great noble and influential clans. But for some unknown reason, they gradually stopped, not making much contact with the mortal world. As such, people such as the Immortal Master quickly became the stuff of folklore. Even as a kin of the royal family, this was the first cultivator Prince Xin had seen with his own eyes.

The shocking display of magic techniques that the old Daoist revealed naturally caused Prince Xin to feel great face.

Of course, Prince Xin did not know that during the period when cultivators still appeared in the secular world, the cultivation world had yet to establish the Great Immortal Ascension Assembly.

During those times, low-level rogue cultivators as well as those from cultivation clans with no hope for Foundation Establishment gave up their aspirations and wished to live out their lives in the mortal world in wealth and splendor. However, with the appearance of the Great Immortal Ascension Assembly, cultivators could fight for their hopes of reaching Foundation Establishment. With this assembly, why would they choose to appear in the mortal world ever again? Naturally, they would be bitterly cultivating in seclusion deep within the mountains.

Of course, those without the heart to cultivate like Yu Zhitong, who became a depraved cultivator in the secular world, were an exception, and their numbers were quite few. They would become honored guests of great, affluent noble clans and enter complete seclusion, not daring to allow outsiders to know of their presence.

After all, to become a guest of some mortal clan was a matter that would cause extreme loss of face in the cultivation world.

As such, although it wasn’t rare for cultivators to appear in the secular world, those willing to associate with influential nobles and become their esteemed guests were extremely few in number.  Also, the cultivators who mingled with mortals kept all knowledge of their actions extremely concealed in order to prevent their fellow cultivators from looking down on them.

This crowd of guests truly hadn’t seen other cultivators before. Naturally, they drew the frightening conclusion that the old Daoist was a celestial being from his beautiful fire-manipulation technique.

Under everyone's gaze, the white-haired old man returned to the large hall with a proud appearance.

At this moment, these people couldn’t wait to be tested and impatiently called out to him as  “Immortal Master”. They immediately crowded about him, wanting Immortal Master Wu to examine them for spiritual roots.

With vigorous spirit, the old white-haired Daoist looked through everyone who remained without refusing anyone.

Unfortunately, the juniors of the Hua Clan and the Qin Clan didn’t have any spiritual roots; they were only but common mortals.

This information dealt a heavy blow to those who stepped forward to be examined. They could only dejectedly leave the old Daoist’s side.

It seemed Immortal karma was truly not so easily come by!

As such, people began to look at that increasingly prominent young fatty “Tong Jing’s” rare spiritual roots with envious glares. This caused the father and son standing at the old Daoist’s side to smile widely, unable to contain their emotions.

Han Li’s expression remained the same as he saw Qin Yan bring back the dejected young masters and madams of the Qin Clan. When they looked at Han Li, they had a somewhat wretched appearance.

“I am still unconvinced! Why does that good for nothing have spiritual roots and we don’t? Aren’t we a hundred times better than him!” A dainty Qin Clan young madam mumbled to herself with disbelief.

“Enough, don’t speak nonsense! With the life you have now, what’s there to complain about?” Qin Yan’s expression darkened as he turned his head to rebuke the young woman before sitting down.

These words caused the Qin Clan’s well-known pungent loudmouth to pout; an unsatisfied expression still remained on her face.

At this moment, Old Man Hua brought his grandchildren over. Without saying a word, he sat at Qin Yan’s side.

After they looked at each other, they suddenly wore bitter smiles as if they were fellow brothers sharing a mutual pain.

“Dear Little Brother Qin, it seems that the Fatty Tong suddenly made it in this world!” Old Man Hua said jokingly.

“Sigh! This is quite normal. Anyone that has good children would’ve immediately become a patron of that Immortal master!” Qin Yan sighed again and said this with a begrudging tone.


Old Man Hua and Qin Yan began to have a chat.

But while they were chatting with each other, they were also diverting their attention toward the actions of Immortal Master Wu and Prince Xin.

At this moment, Prince Xin was looking at the juniors being tested for Immortal roots. He then turned his head towards a young maid and whispered something to her.

The young maid immediately went out the side door to carry out the mysterious order given to her.

After that, Prince Xin turned his head around and coughed several times. He then leisurely said with a smile, “Following the celebration of my favored concubine’s recovery, my son Quanzi and Honorable Nephew Tong will be apprenticed to Immortal Master Wu. Everyone, please celebrate and give them your regards!”

With that said, Prince Xin extended his hands without the slightest of hesitation and fiercely clapped.

Clap! Clap!

Applause soon rang out as pairs of cleanly-dressed maids and servants walked in from outside the hall with trays of fine foods and wine in their hands.

Then with incomparable skill, they walked over to each table. Each winecup was filled to the brim with shining pink wine. The large hall was filled with the scent of dishes and alcohol in the blink of an eye.

“Come, this prince will raise the first cup!” Prince Xin loudly yelled, raising a winecup respectfully given to him by a servant over his head.

“Cheers to the Prince!”


Immediately after everyone drank a cup, the atmosphere of the hall surged.

Not long after, the many guests started toasting cups to one another.

The banquet had finally started!

Prince Xin and that Honorable Nephew he called Jing’er were talking and laughing during the feast, seemingly deepening their friendship. The expected arrogance of a prince wasn’t seen.

It was no wonder that Qin Yan and the others held such praise for Prince Xin!

That Immortal Master Wu didn’t take a seat. Instead, when Prince Xin raised his wine cup, he wordlessly left.

This caused many who thought to suck up to Immortal Master Wu during the banquet to feel greatly disappointed.

However, this kind of thinking was quite ordinary. How could a living Immortal drink, party and lavishly feast like a mortal!

After they thought it through, these people gave up. Letting go of their previous intentions, they went to feast with the others.

Halfway through the feast, Prince Xin called for a group of female dancers to perform an elegant and complicated palace dance to add to the enjoyment. This caused the atmosphere to soar to the climax.

At this moment, a white-clothed youth who appeared about twenty years old entered the hall. He appeared very cultured and had a tall, thin stature. Each and every one of his movements held an elegant poise. This was absolutely the image of an ideal lover that many young women held in their hearts.

“Ming’er, come and greet your uncles!!” When Prince Qin saw this youth, he immediately happily called out to him.

Fortunately, Prince Xin just happened to be at Qin Yan’s table. Thus, the refined youth walked over with a smile.

“It is good to see you again, uncles!” The youth courteously said.

“I don’t dare to be called that! The young prince is too polite.”

Qin Yan and Old Man Hua didn’t dare to overreach themselves and hastily stood to greet him.

“Ai! You two are his seniors. Ming’er should be greeting you with courtesy. Why do you act like outsiders?” Prince Xin interjected with some dissatisfaction.

When Qin Yan and Old Man Hua heard this, they looked at each other and appeared somewhat embarrassed.

Those words weren’t incorrect! However, how could these two treat a member of the royal family as their junior!

However, these two cunning old foxes changed the subject with a few quick words. Afterwards, they introduced the juniors behind them, allowing the exceptionally forthright prince to recognize them. This was a seldom opportunity for the juniors to make themselves known!

Naturally, Han Li was included among those introduced.

When Han Li was introduced, Prince Xin’s eyes brightened as he repeated sized up Han Li several times with great interest. His face wore a mysterious smile. It was clear this person knew a few details of the rumors surrounding Han Li.

This caused embarrassment to surge forth on his face again.

“Ming’er, come over here. Come meet this Honorable Brother Han!”

It was unknown what Prince Xin was thinking, but he unexpectedly had the young prince meet Han Li with a smile.

Having heard his father, the young prince walked over and politely called out “Elder Brother Han”. Then he cupped his hands toward Han Li, maintaining a gentle expression the entire time.

Somehow, each moment carried out by this elegant and graceful young prince enchanted the several nearby young madams of age, leaving them unable free themselves from his charm.

Han Li returned the salute with a lost and foolish appearance, as if he were too nervous. In his heart, however, he felt himself in perilous situation, preventing him from maintaining his calm.

When this young prince moved forward to salute Han Li, he unexpectedly gave him a feeling of danger similar to that of the mansion’s steward. Although it didn’t feel as strongly oppressive as that of the steward, it was undoubtedly the same feeling of danger.

“What’s the matter?”

Han Li became extremely shocked as his heart sank into bewilderment.