Chapter 287 - Immortal Master

Chapter 287 Immortal Master.

Chapter 287: Immortal Master

Han Li, as a Foundation Establishment cultivator, naturally wouldn’t pay any attention to the medicinal pills of mortals. However, at this moment he definitely could not refuse the other person’s goodwill; thus, he hesitated slightly and then received it with a bashful expression.

“Haha, Honorable Nephew Han! This Heart Protecting Pill was refined from Brother Hua’s secret recipe; it isn’t easily given to other people. Bringing it out today as a welcoming gift is being quite generous!” Qin Yan knew that Han Li wouldn’t place much value on this item, but he still tried to say a few pleasant-sounding sentences for his good friend, hoping that the elder surnamed Hua would leave a good impression on Han Li.

The elder glanced at Qin Yan strangely a few times, not knowing what he and Han Li meant by saying these things in front of him.

He had only given such a precious medicinal pill to this youth in order to give Qin Yan some face! How could this extremely expensive pill otherwise be given to a stranger he had just met?

Just as the elder was hesitating about whether or not to ask, a sharp sound entered the room:

“Prince Xin has arrived!”

The servant’s transmission immediately caused all of the clamor in the room to immediately subside; all of the people glanced respectfully towards one of the side doors in the room.

Four maidservants first walked out of that door, standing on both sides of the head seat. Then, a man and a woman leisurely walked out.

The man was a forty year-old middle-aged man with a beard a few inches long. His square face and tiger-like eyes exuded a natural dignity and power. The other was a twenty-three year-old beautiful woman dressed in palace attire, her long dress trailing on the ground.

Seeing them walk in, all of the people sitting stood up and paid their respects to the male and female:

“Prince, Madam, greetings!”

Because this young woman was not Prince Xin’s original wife—she was only the concubine he most recently favored—these people could only call her ‘Madam’.

“Everyone is a good friend of this Prince; there’s no need to be so courteous. Come, everybody sit down.”

The way that Prince Xin spoke was very different from the impression that his face gave; it was very mild and straightforward, causing people’s favorable impression of him to rise! The beautiful concubine next to him naturally did not say anything. She simply stood there with a charming smile.

When the others heard these words, they all glanced at each other and smiled before sitting down.

“This Prince has a straightforward personality. If I have something to say, I will just say it to everyone!” Prince Xin spoke with a smile a moment after he sat down.

This sentence caused all the people facing him to begin to speak animatedly.

“Prince, if you have anything to say, please say it.”

“Yes, we have known Prince for many years now. Everyone knows the kind of attitude that the Prince has.”


It was obvious that while there were some who spoke genuinely, there also others who spoke simply to flatter Prince Xin.

“The reason why I’ve invited everyone here today is because my beloved Qing’er’s sickness has been completely healed. This Prince’s joy dictates that I have some excitement and celebrate without restraint! In addition, this Prince has an enormous piece of good fortune that I want to give everyone. As for whether one has enough karma to obtain it, that will depend on individual luck.”

Prince Xin’s words greatly exceeded everyone’s expectations; they couldn’t help but glance at each other.

Had the Prince gathered these people together solely to give them a piece of good fortune? This was too inconceivable!

“Hehe, Qing’er, look. Isn’t everyone somewhat surprised just like this Prince had expected?” Not only was he not angry, Prince Xin actually gave a light laugh as he addressed the beautiful concubine by his side. 

Hearing this, the beautiful woman called Qing’er chuckled gently and then responded with a lovely voice:

“Prince, perhaps anyone who heard these words would feel somewhat surprised! Everyone’s response is only natural.”

Prince Xin laughed and stroked the short beard on his chin after hearing this woman’s words. Then, he turned around and explained to the shocked gathering:

“There’s no need for everyone to be puzzled! It’s like this; Qing’er’s strange illness was actually cured by a newly arrived expert. This expert can call the wind, summon the rain, breathe in fire, and spit out ice, a true and genuine Immortal. In addition, after curing Qing’er’s illness, this living Immortal was actually able to immediately recognize that this Prince’ young son has spiritual roots and can comprehend Immortal techniques. He thus accepted this Prince’ inferior son as one of his disciples; not long from now, my son will embark on the path of cultivation.”

Having spoken up to this point, Prince Xin couldn’t help but reveal a delighted expression on his face.

A potbellied person in the crowd immediately called out:

“Immortal cultivator, could this person be an Immortal cultivator from lore?”

This sentence instantly sparked a commotion amongst everyone in the large room.

Although cultivators were regarded as extremely mysterious by mortals in the secular world, all of the people sitting here were not ordinary individuals; naturally, they had all more or less heard of something along those lines. Some of their ancestors had even made deals with a few cultivators.

Even nowadays, there were always rumors circulating in the outside world that there were cultivators standing guard inside the imperial palace; this caused all the people to revere cultivators even more.

Now that the visitors in the room had actually heard that a living Immortal had come to Prince Xin’s mansion, most of the people in the room instantly revealed extremely excited expressions.

Hearing this, Qin Yan was initially shocked in his heart, and he couldn’t help turning his head to glance at Han Li.

However, the Han Li in his sight expressed nothing, and his face appeared to be normal.

Seeing this, Qin Yan did not dare to ask more questions; he could only turn his head back and listen to Prince Xin’s next words.

At this time, Seeing that everyone had been stunned by his words, Prince Xin laughed and continued to speak:

“Naturally, this Prince has also asked this expert, and he confirmed that he is an Immortal cultivator. In addition, under this Prince’s earnest urging, he is willing to stay a few more months here and teach this Prince ways to maintain good health. This Prince also discovered that this Immortal came specifically to accept some disciples with the karma to be an Immortal. Upon knowing this, this Prince immediately thought of all of you. Not only this, but I even asked all of you to summon all of your younger relatives because this Immortal master is willing to accept both female and male disciples. In a moment, I will invite this Immortal Master Wu to step out and introduce him to everyone. As for whether or not they have this good fortune, it will depend on their karma.”

If the words he had spoken before were only meant to arouse the envy of everyone present, the Prince Xin’s following words were naturally like a huge meat bun that had just landed on everyone’s heads, surprising them all. Instantly, the sound of people expressing their deep gratitude began to sound out.

An Immortal cultivator! This was a real Immortal walking on the earth. As long as one succeeded in cultivating, he or she could live a few hundred years and would even know how to use Immortal magic and techniques. If these important figures’ own offsprings were lucky enough to become a disciple, how great a backing would that be?!

When Han Li heard this, a strange feeling rose in his heart even though his expression appeared to be wooden.

He initially thought he had found the trail of the Devil Dao once Prince Xin spoke of the living Immortal.

But upon hearing that the Immortal wanted to wantonly accept disciples, something didn’t seem right. How could cultivators who infiltrated other countries to cause trouble draw attention to themselves in such a way? Wasn’t that setting themselves up as a target? Unless this cultivator was......

Just as Han Li was thinking about this, in the midst of all the excitement, the living Immortal finally appeared in the room with an arrogant expression.

He wore a gray Daoist robe, and his hair and beard were completely white. His face was ruddy like an infant’s, appearing completely like a legendary expert. This kind of image caused the majority of the people present to instantly believe his identity despite him having yet to use any sort of magic.

However, when Han Li saw this “Immortal master” who looked like he came straight out of a painting, he was speechless for quite some time.

This was but a mere fifth- or sixth-layer Qi Condensation cultivator; if Han Li were to stretch out a finger, perhaps he could easily pinch him to death.

But this kind of “expert” was enough to cause high-ranking mortals to crowd around him, incessantly flattering and fawning over him. They hoped that this old Immortal would grant them a favor and accept one of their sons or daughters as a disciple.

When Qin Yan saw this, couldn’t help but feel somewhat restless; the elder behind him displayed an even more anxious gaze. They were both worried that if they were to act too late, all of the karma would be completely taken away by the other people.

Just as Qin Yan was hesitating, Han Li’s voice suddenly came from beside him.

“Relax, this person is not of the Devil Dao! As for whether or not you want your descendants to take him as their master, that’s entirely up to you! I am only here to ensure the safety of your Qin Clan! However, the cultivation of this “Immortal master” is...... Ha ha!”

While laughing coldly, Han Li’s voice suddenly disappeared.

Qin Yan was shocked; he hurriedly glanced at his surroundings only to discover that apart from himself, no one seemed to have heard what was spoken to him. That old Brother Hua was still asking him incredulously why he didn’t also head towards the Immortal master to allow his descendants to try out their karma.

At the same time, Elder Hua realized that this was why the strange illness that he had no way of curing was instantly cured by that person. It was because he was a cultivator!

Having said this, the elder couldn’t be bothered to convince Qin Yan anymore; similarly, he also drew near to the white-haired elder. His grandson and granddaughter naturally followed closely behind him.