Chapter 221 - The Heavenly Star Sect and Spell Formations

Chapter 221: The Heavenly Star Sect and Spell Formations

Spirit well objects were quite miraculous. They would naturally be pursued by all cultivators who pursued the Heavenly Dao to even the point of madness! Whenever a spirit well object appeared in the cultivation world, it would cause a storm of blood at that location.

In the present cultivation world of the State of Yue, the Seven Great Sects had already acquired a few spirit well objects, but if a small clan or sect were to acquire these treasures, they’d only be inviting a calamity upon themselves.

Yellow Maple Valley had a spirit well stone, three spirit springs, and several other spirit well objects, all of which were bluntly distributed among the Core Formation experts and higher. Even the great Sect Master Zhong was unable to possess one.

Naturally, the great Nascent Soul Martial Ancestor possessed a great number of them.

Han Li absolutely didn’t expect with just a common Twin Pupil Mouse, he would have been able to find a nearby spirit well object so easily within the span of a day!

Although this spirit spring was the lowest among spirit well objects, the spring’s mouth was pathetically small, and its efficacy was probably limited, a spirit well object was still a spirit well object. At the very least, he would cultivate faster than those at common spirit well locations. So long as it sped up his cultivation even the slightest, it was still good.

However, even though he was surprised and extremely happy, Han Li still felt a bit puzzled.

Weren’t spirit well objects only able to take shape within areas with the densest Spiritual Qi? The Spiritual Qi at this mountain peak wasn’t particularly thick, so how was it able to form?

Even so, since the Heaven had dropped him such a great meat pie, Han Li would not let it go.

Although a spirit well spring was able to be moved, only a Core Formation expert would have the means to do so. Anybody on a lower stage of cultivation would not yet have the ability to do so, let alone Han Li. Since he couldn’t move it, he decided to establish his Immortal’s cave at this location. Thus he planned to make the spirit spring cave into his own secret training room and keep it well concealed.

Han Li immediately chopped open a passage and carried out an expansion.

With one hand waving the silver sword and the other controlling several gold blades, Han Li undertook the great task of establishing his Immortal’s cave. Meanwhile, the Twin Pupil Mouse had plunged itself into the spirit spring and was unwilling to come out. The sounds of its snores could be heard afterwards.

Relying on the silver sword’s sharpness and the quantity of golden blades, Han Li labored for half a day, creating a somewhat large premature layout for his Immortal’s cave. He carved out thirteen rooms of various sizes and three halls a sixth of an acre large.

Although the cave walls of his rooms were still very coarse, not having undergone any meticulous work, at the very least it could be considered a home! This caused Han Li to let out a breath and relax.

He now suddenly recalled the Twin Pupil Mouse and hastily took advantage of this moment to return to the spirit spring. He picked up the still sleeping small mouse by the nape and flew off a few hundred kilometers before dropping it off, letting it return to Qilin Pavilion by itself.

For the time being, Han Li’s Immortal’s cave had only one exit. That was why after he returned, he immediately took out several tens of low-grade spirit stones and the five small flags, setting up the small scale trace bewildering formation in accordance to the jade slip and completely concealing the exit with a formation spell. Thus, if someone were to look from the outside, they would see an intact mountain wall. They would essentially be unable to see the cave opening.

After finishing the most basic defenses, Han Li used the silver sword to carve out a simple stone bed. Then he hurriedly lied down, falling asleep. He was truly tired!

For the next several days, Han Li was busy without end.

He found an area of flat earth near his concealed Immortal’s cave and planted a few spiritual medicine seeds.

Among these seeds were a few common medicine seeds from the mortal world as well as rare seeds he had gathered from Hundred Medicine Garden after spending several years there. This place was on the verge of becoming Han Li’s personal medicine garden, where future spiritual medicine seedlings would sprout and flower.

In the time he had left over, Han Li looked for few solid slabs of bluestones on the mountain, cutting them off and sculpting them into stone tables, desks, and other tools. He then placed a set in each of the rooms. Finally, he meticulously cut smooth the walls and embedded them with a few moonlight stones, causing the inside of the cave to be as bright as day.

Han Li’s Immortal’s cave was finally established!

Even so, it was clear that the defenses of this Immortal’s cave could be easily be destroyed with a single blow. It was truly incapable of allowing Han Li to cultivate with an easy heart. According to his thoughts, he would need a similar comprehensive restriction spell as the one protecting Hundred Medicine Garden, at the very least. Otherwise, if an enemy were to invade as he was cultivating, the consequences would be more than terrible!

Han Li was an amateur at formation spells. He fundamentally couldn’t arrange even the most basic of formation spells, let alone the more difficult restriction spells.

However, he also didn’t plan on learning! It should be known that the Dao of Formation Spells were as vast as the sea. If he were to learn it halfheartedly, he wouldn’t have any small success even with ten or twenty years! He absolutely couldn’t let it interfere with his cultivation in the slightest, since any wasted time was an intolerable loss!

This world may have a genius that could gain profound insight into formation spells without hindering their cultivation rate, even to the point where such a monstrous cultivation genius could manipulate the Dao of Formation Spells. But Han Li clearly knew that he absolutely wasn’t such a person.

For him, if he were even the least bit distracted in that field, then even his slightest hopes of entering Core Formation would be obliterated forever.

But fortunately, this world still had formation flags, formation plates, and other magic tools capable of easily putting down a formation.

Although by using such, one generally wouldn’t be able to put down ferocious, large-scale formation spells,  Han Li currently only wanted a standard formation spell to defend his Immortal’s cave so he that could feel mostly at ease. Besides, if it truly wasn’t possible, he would just set several enshrouding formation spells instead. He would make up for the deficiency in defense through quantity.

Han Li planned to go to the Heavenly Star Sect’s market city. They were certain to have restrictive type magic tools there.

Thus in the days ahead, after Han Li’s several medicinal plants budded, he immediately used the green liquid to expedite their maturation. He planned to use thousand year-old medicine ingredients to exchange for the necessary items at the Heavenly Star Sect’s market city. This time, he would only reveal one thousand year-old herb to avoid having others provoke or suspect him, thereby preventing unnecessary troubles.

After a short two months, Han Li matured his medicinal herb by a thousand years.

Then he flew northward with the medicine herb along with some other items he wished to exchange, such as the materials from the Inky Flood Dragon, the hard shell of the centipede as well as other rare materials. If the price was suitable, be it spirit stones or magic tools, he wouldn’t mind exchanging them. In any case, he also wouldn’t halfheartedly learn how to refine magic tools.

As Han Li flew, he wore a cloak to guard against anything unexpected.

With Han Li’s greatly increased magic power, he was able to cover over fifty kilometers in less than half a day.

Entering the State of Yuan Wu, Han Li looked from east to west from up above. He did this not only to look for the Heavenly Star Sect’s market city, but also because he felt rather curious about the State of Yuan Wu. But after looking at the scenery, it didn’t seem any different from the State of Yue!

The State of Yuan Wu and the State of Yue were similar. They were both medium-sized nations nearby one another.

Although these two nations were only a third of the size of the great states of Tian Luo and Feng Du, they were still much larger than the small nearby states of Jiang and Cha Yun.

(TL:天罗国 State of Tian Luo, can mean heaven gathering. 风都国 State of Feng Du, can mean wind capital. Jiang and Cha Yun are just names.)

Although these two were the largest nations in the area, they were surrounded by ten other minor nations. As for the smallest nations, there were several tens of those nearby that were densely scattered. Furthermore, rumors had it that in a land far away, there existed a great supreme nation that was large beyond belief!

In the cultivation world of Yuan Wu, the righteous and demonic sects were equal in strength and were in a state of deadlock. The Heavenly Star Sect was one of the core figures of the righteous sects, possessing no less strength than Yellow Maple Valley.

(TL: Reminder, most states are in a war between righteousness and evil. The State of Yue was taken over by neutral powers.)

While Han Li was thinking about the matters of the Heavenly Star Sect, the leaf magic tool below his feet suddenly sunk, slowly descending to the earth as if it suddenly lost its flight ability.

Seeing these unfavorable circumstances, Han Li not only felt no fear, but he also felt a sliver of happiness. It seemed he had already arrived near the Heavenly Star Sect’s market city. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be a restriction spell prohibiting flight.

Descended onto the ground, Han Li walked north about four kilometers before coming across a group of buildings somewhat bigger than Yellow Maple Valley’s market city.

The Heavenly Star Sect’s market city was very strange, and it differed completely from Yellow Maple Valley’s market city! At its center, there was a huge pavilion about a hundred meters tall. Scattered around it were several buildings only a tenth of its size, causing the city to emit an appearance of order throughout.

Because the sign attached to the center pavilion was truly too large, Han Li was able to clearly make it out from a kilometer away as “Stardust Pavilion”. It seemed there was no need to ask whether this was the personal shop of the Heavenly Star Sect.

In the blink of an eye, Han Li tread the kilometer.

In accordance to habit, Han Li did not move impulsively. Instead, he circled the outer layer of the market city, slowly strolling through once and uncovering the circumstances of the market city.

Needless to say, there were many stores here that widened Han Li’s perspective and made him grow eager!

There was a tool refinement room that would accept a cultivator’s materials at any time and refine them into magic tools at the owner’s request. Furthermore, the store’s sign boards were not humble. They actually professed they were capable of refining even top-grade magic tools. Furthermore, if refinement failed, then they would return the value of the materials two-fold in the form of spirit stones. Naturally, if one didn’t have materials, they would still be able to order a magic tool, but the price was guaranteed to be far from inexpensive.

There was a different store refining talismans. Its details were nearly similar to that of the tool-refining store, and it similarly made custom talismans!

The others were slightly different. There was a spirit beast institute, specialized in the sale of all kinds of trained demonic beasts. They even had a few advanced grade one demonic beasts. If he were to purchase one as a spirit beast guard, it wouldn’t be such a bad idea.