Chapter 282 - Transformation

Chapter 282 Transformation.

Chapter 282: Transformation

When Han Li heard Qin Yan’s words, although he appeared shocked, he rather disapproved. He felt that most of the time, these pitiful women were led astray by tales of noble women who didn't remarry.

When the young masters within the hall heard that Young Madam Biao was coming, they all incessantly whispered with happy expressions as anticipation appeared in their eyes. This surprised Han Li, but he soon came to the realization that this Young Madam Biao must be a beauty as delicate as a flower and as refined as jade.

Just as Han Li thought this, a young maid and a young woman dressed in white arrived at the guest hall.

Although this woman had beautiful long and light eyebrows and seemed extremely gentle and quiet, she also emitted an indescribable fiery charm from head to toe, giving her a lovely and emotionally stirring bearing. When a majority of men looked at her, they all felt an urge to hold her in their embrace and show tender love for her.

As immature and inexperienced youngsters, they continuously gave her fierce gazes with wide eyes.  

It seemed that this Young Madam Biao had been the target of the Qin Clan young masters for quite some time!

However, when Han Li clearly saw this woman’s appearance, shock flashed through his eyes. The foolish and dull expression on his face suddenly disappeared. Fortunately, Han Li was able to suppress his heart a moment later and restored his original appearance.

Because this transformation happened in less than a second and everyone in the hall was gazing at the young woman, his secret hadn’t been revealed. 

At this moment, Han Li’s heart resembled constantly broiling storm.

The appearance of “Young Madam Biao” had greatly changed from before, and the young woman’s grace had slightly changed as well. However, from the intelligence flowing through her eyes and her delicate oval face, Han Li recognized this “Young Madam Biao” with just a single look. She was one of the few faces he had seen at the Mo Estate several years ago, the graceful young woman who lived to research the art of healing, Mo Fengwu.

When Mo Fengwu entered the room, everyone saw her face slightly redden, and she lowered her head as she walked. Naturally, she did not see Han Li, who sat next to Qin Yan.

When Qin Yan saw his juniors acting unbecoming of themselves, he grew extremely annoyed!

Cough, cough.

His face tightened, and after coughing several times more, the young men who were absorbed in Mo Fengwu’s beauty woke up and retracted their gazes one after another, assuming the appearance of upright gentlemen. They feared they had angered their clan master!

“Ping’er! Sit next to your aunt.” The third wife thought to hurriedly call out, having Mo Fengwu sit at her side.  

“Thank you, Third Aunt!”

Mo Fengwu gently said a word of thanks and neatly walked to the side of the third wife, sitting down upright. 

“Ping’er, don’t stay in your room all the time. It’s bad for living people. It’s much better to walk around outside!”

It was obvious Qin Yan found Mo Fengwu very pitiful as his tone was very mild.

“Many thanks to Uncle. Ping’er understands!” Mo Fengwu docilely replied without raising her head.


When Qin Yan saw this, he softly sighed.

Although this adopted daughter obediently responded every time, once she returned, she would continue as always. Qin Yan was helpless. Then he thought to continue on with proper business and introduced Han Li to Mo Fengwu, “Ping’er, I’ve had you come here to introduce you to someone! This is Han Li, my dear nephew Han. He is the descendant of a Senior who has done our family a great kindness. Come take a look at him! In the future, make sure to get along with this Elder Brother of yours!” 

Han Li was fully focused on Mo Fengwu’s movements. When this woman heard the words “Han Li”, her body slightly trembled, and her heart immediately beat faster.

After a long while, Mo Fengwu slowly raised her head, revealing her beautiful face. At this moment, that the emotionally touching sereness of her beauty and her almond lips touched together, leaving a faint reply, “Hello Dear Brother Han!”

It seemed as if Mo Fengwu truly did not remember Han Li.

After hearing her pay her respects to Han Li, it seemed as if he were stunned by her lovely appearance. He finally said “Hello dear sister” with much difficulty.

This caused the young spectators to the side to smile and laugh without end.

Qin Yan coldly swept his eyes past them, and it immediately grew quiet. Han Li then dimwittedly scratched his head and appeared at a loss of what to do.

The following matters were much more simple.

Qin Yan coldly proclaimed to the many people of his household that Han Li would be staying at the Qin Residence for some time. During this time, he would assume the role of a young master of the Qin Residence, making it forbidden for others to slight him, else there would be heavy punishment.

When those words were spoken, those of Qin Residence started looking at Han Li with a peculiar gaze. At this moment, it wasn’t just the third wife who was guessing at Han Li’s and Qin Yan’s true relationship.


At night, Han Li was lying down on his room’s bed without sleeping. He was looking at the roof, as if he were worried about something.

Pengpeng! The sound of two light knocks came from outside the room. Han Li, who hadn’t fallen asleep, slightly raised the corner of his mouth, revealing a mysterious smile.

Han Li then calmly stood up and opened the room door.

Outside the room stood a woman concealed by a cloak.

When this woman saw Han Li open the door, she immediately dropped her hood, revealing her lovable appearance. This was Mo Fengwu, who had pretended to not recognize Han Li earlier that day.

When Han Li saw this, he silently moved his body to the side. Mo Fengwu then walked in without the slightest hesitation.

Han Li stood at the door and released his spiritual sense. He didn’t discover anybody within the vicinity. It seemed that Mo Fengwu had been careful when she came here.

He softly closed the door and turned his head. He saw Mo Fengwu had silently undone her cloak, revealing her ample and alluring dainty body. Then with no trace of politeness, she sat on the side of the bed, expressionlessly looking at Han Li.

Han Li sighed!

Apart from her appearance, he truly found it difficult to draw a connection between this cold and detached woman and his impression of that gentle young woman who loved the healing. Her experiences these past many years had transformed her into a greatly unfamiliar person.

“Should I address you as Junior Martial Brother Han or Dear Brother Han?” A displeased expression flashed through her eyes as she coarsely asked this.

“Call me Han Li, Young Lady Fengwu!” Han Li leisurely said as he restrained his thoughts. 

After hearing Han Li’s words, Mo Fengwu’s face flashed with disappointment. But soon after, she said with a relaxed appearance, “I don’t know why Young Master Han, an Immortal cultivator, arrived here at the Qin Residence, and I also don’t care to know these secrets! I came here only to ask young master to kill one of Fengwu’s foes out of respect for your relationship with my father as your master.”

When she said this, Mo Fengwu was incapable of maintaining her cold and detached appearance. She nervously looked at Han Li, fearing that Han Li would refuse.

Han Li’s expression had remained the same all along, but he did not immediately decline. Instead he picked up a pot of fragrant tea that had finished steeping and silently poured Mo Fengwu a cup. Then he slowly said a few words that shocked the woman.

“Could it be the person you want me to kill is the Sect Master of the Rainbow Sect?” After Han Li took a seat across from Mo Fengwu and unhurriedly said this, he took a neutral glance at her shocked, beautiful appearance.

Mo Fengwu’s shock quickly faded away.

She look at Han Li with a strange gaze several times; after a long while, she bitterly said, “It seems Junior Martial Brother Han already knew of this matter with the Mo Estate. It’s true that nothing can be concealed from you Immortal cultivators!”

Although Mo Fengwu said these words softly, Han Li heard a trace of hidden resentment within them. Furthermore, this resentment was unexpectedly directed toward him!

After a moment of consideration, Han Li understood why she was like this.

Afterwards, he lightly chuckled and explained, “It seems that Young Lady Fengwu has misunderstood! Regardless of how this one says it, he does have a friendship with the Mo Estate. If I had truly known the Mo Estate was experiencing a catastrophe, at the very least, I would have let the Martial Mothers escape unscathed and allow them to live the rest of their years in peace. As for other matters, it would be hard to say.” As Han Li explained, he became extremely sincere. 

He was not fearful of Mo Fengwu holding grudges against him. However, Han Li couldn’t unload the cause of this obscure injustice onto himself.

When Mo Fengwu heard Han Li’s words, she only said “Oh.” Her face resumed her cold and detached appearance. Han Li didn’t know whether this woman had truly believed his explanation just now.

When Han Li saw this, he shook his head, and after a moment of hesitation, he could only inform her of the truth. Originally because of the truth’s connection with the world of Immortal cultivators, he had been reluctant to tell her.

“In truth, this matter with the Mo Estate’s misfortune was told me to by the girl Caihuan. She is currently together with Fourth Martial Mother.” 

“What? You’re saying that Caihuan and Fourth Mother are still alive?!” After Mo Fengwu heard this, she grew excited and found it hard to believe. Two red blushes appeared on her pure white face from the excitement.

“Of course they’re alive. To say they are currently living at an exceptionally concealed location wouldn’t be wrong!” Han Li softly added.

In truth, after he escaped Yan Ling Castle, he made some inquiries about the circumstances of the mortals at Yan Ling Castle after the Yan Clan left.

In the end, the castle had become deserted, so the mortals took advantage of this, leaving Yan Lin Castle. Afterwards, all traces of that mother and daughter vanished.

TL: The Mo’s Fearsome Flood Dragon Association had two direct competitors: the Hegemon’s Villa and the Rainbow Sect. Han Li was previously sent to kill the Hegemon’s Villa Sect Master for an antidote to Dr. Mo’s poison before he went to the Great South Trade Meet.