Chapter 266 - Fierce Battle

Chapter 266: Fierce Battle

Han Li’s side had nine Foundation Establishment cultivators and over sixty Qi Condensation disciples. Although they were a bit weaker than the opposition, they had the Four Fiend Formation, so it wasn’t as if they were completely defenseless.

As a result, Xuan Yue called out, having Han Li and the other cultivators hide near the Four Fiend Formations and observe the enemy’s movements.

At this moment, Han Li was able to take a distinct look at the Devil Dao attackers.

They were all wearing either red or yellow robes. It seemed they were cultivators from two sects.

Standing at the forefront were an ordinary-looking red-robed young woman and an old yellow-robed man  who appeared to be sixty to seventy years old. Their cultivation wasn’t particularly special, one being at early Foundation Establishment and the other at late Foundation Establishment. They were talking to each other with slight smiles on their faces.

“Be careful. These people are from the Devil Flame Sect and the Heavenly Fiend Sect.” Lu Tianmeng, being the only one who had experienced multiple encounters with the Six Devil Dao Sects, said this to the other cultivators with great caution as if he felt great fear towards the people from these two sects.

When the Han Li and the other cultivators heard this, their expressions naturally grew increasingly serious.

At this moment, the young red clothed woman stopped chatting, turned her head, and insipidly said a few words.

Because Han Li and the others were too far away, they weren’t able to hear very clearly what she said, but her words made the red-robed cultivators behind the young woman move forward before slowly flying down toward the canyon’s four offensive formations.

At this moment, the yellow-robed old man also silently waved his hand, and his yellow-robed cultivators became streaks of yellow light that headed toward the Four Fiend Formation. Within the formation, Han Li and the others unknowingly held their breaths and impatiently revealed their magic tools.

These yellow-robed cultivators naturally didn’t foolishly charge straight into the formation. Instead, they stopped about a hundred meters away from the Four Fiend Formation. Then, magic tools flew out, aggressively throwing themselves at the great formation.

The collisions of the magic tools’ wondrous light and the Four Fiend Formation’s azure, red, blue, and yellow-colored restrictions released waves of thunderous explosions, causing the expressions of the Seven Sect cultivators underneath to slightly change.

“Half of you will go out to deal with those Heavenly Fiend cultivators. Do not let them break the great formation! The other half, be on guard against the Devil Flame Sect cultivators!” The Masked Moon Sect’s Xuan Yuee muttered to himself for a moment before decisively giving his orders.

Then a small pure white sword flew out of the formation and turned into a streak of white light, obstructing a flying saber as well as bead magic tools.

Hearing those words, a team of cultivators followed Xuan Yue and also released several of their own magic tools, obstructing most of the opponent’s offense. Han Li was naturally one of these people. With flawless proficiency, he released his “Golden Beetle Swarm Blades” to form a net of golden light, trapping a long azure spear magic tool.

Because Han Li had chosen to battle the owner of the magic tool, who had the same level of cultivation as he did, the battle seemed extremely tense as golden light and azure streaks danced about. But in fact, Han Li was easily in control and had the time to take a look at other areas of the battlefield.

The situation appeared to be handled!

The cultivators at Han Li’s side were mostly Qi Condensation disciples. Their magic tools could not compete with their enemies’. Only with the cooperation of five or six members would they barely be able to resist the attack of a single Foundation Establishment cultivator. But because they were underneath the protection of a great formation, these cultivators were able to dodge into the formation during a time of crisis and avoid death. As for the other Foundation Establishment cultivators, they naturally were the same as Han Li, each blocking a yellow-robed cultivator in a dazzling light show.

“So this is the strength of the Six Devil Dao Sects.”

Han Li felt this was a bit strange. If their enemy’s strength were as such, then how could defending the spirit stone mines prove to be such a problem!

Just as he thought this, the red-robed cultivators from the Devil Flame Sect eventually arrived beside the Four Fiend Formation. This caused Lu Tianmeng and the cultivators that had yet to act to diligently pay attention to them. A few of the younger Seven Sect cultivators were somewhat eager to act.

The red-robed cultivators didn’t immediately enter the fight. Instead, they stood in a strange formation.Following a command, they all took out a fiery red banner with a Golden Crow on a scorching sun, releasing a brilliant red light. From a single look, one could this this was no ordinary object.

“Not good! These people are Wild Flame cultivators! They want to release an Azure Sun Devil Flame. Quickly block them!”

When Lu Tianmeng saw these red-robed cultivators act so calmly, he felt an ill premonition in his heart. As they stood in a battle formation and each took out a banner, he suddenly recalled an astonishing scene he witnessed from the day he fought in a great battle against the six sects. He couldn’t help but shout with a whitened complexion.

This Spirit Beast Mountain cultivator then instantly rushed out of the formation and hastily reached for the storage pouch at his waist, immediately releasing two flying centipedes about a meter long.

These two centipedes were covered in sinister black and yellow stripes and sprouted dark green translucent wings. Under Lu Tianmeng’s hurried whistles, they charged toward the red-robed individuals with an ominous light emitting from their eyes.

Upon hearing these words, although the other Seven Sect cultivators that had yet to act did not know what “Wild Flame cultivators” and “Azure Sun Devil Flame” were, they knew that since it was able to cause their late Foundation Establishment captain to become bewildered, it was no small matter, so they did not hesitate to follow his orders.

The other Foundation Establishment cultivators followed closely behind Lu Tianmeng and also sent their magic tools after the two centipedes towards the red-robed cultivators.

At this moment, more than ten Wild Flame cultivators were still chanting as they held the large banners without moving in the slightest, turning a blind eye to the attacking cultivators. This caused Lu Tianmeng and the other cultivators to grow greatly excited.

The very first to arrive in front of the Devil Flame Sect cultivators were one of the two flying centipedes. It opened its mouth and ruthlessly sprayed out dark green poisonous gas.

But at this moment, something shocking had occurred.

With the green poisonous gas having not yet left the huge centipede’s mouth, several slender streaks of silver light flickered from its body. Its body then suddenly fell to pieces, having been cut by the streaks of light.

WIthout waiting for the Seven Sect cultivators to recover from their shock, the same scene immediately occurred to the other centipede. This caused Lu Tianmeng’s expression to greatly change, and he hastily stopped moving. He then took out a small shield and placed it in front of his body.

Overwhelmed with shock, the several cultivators behind him also took out defensive magic tools and defensive talismans, fearing they would meet a similar end as the centipedes.

However, something even more outrageous occurred!

Just as the few magic tools that had closely followed behind the centipede began their attack, an abundance of fine silver strings appeared in front of them, tightly wrapping around them without allowing the slightest of movements.

The Seven Sect cultivators that had just left the great formation looked at each other in dismay. In a moment, they no longer knew what to do!

“Quickly use the Spirit Light Technique. There are others in front of those red-robed cultivators, hidden by some sort of secret concealment art!” After a flashing blue light from his eyes, a cultivator who had experienced a loss of a magic tool shouted this out with shock.

These words caused the other cultivators to suddenly come to a realization. However, only Foundation Establishment cultivators could use the Spirit Light Technique. Qi Condensation disciples could only helplessly watch!

Han Li also used the Spirit Light Technique to look at that location!

He had seen the entire previous scene and was shocked by no small amount! Now that he was reminded to use the Spirit Light technique, he saw several indistinct white silhouettes in front of the Devil Flame Sect cultivators that were holding the banner. These figures held a long slender sword-like weapon in one hand and controlled a thin silver thread in the other, restraining the magic tools.

At this moment, after Lu Tianmeng and the other cultivators had discovered the white silhouettes, they did not hesitate to attack with all sorts of magic tools and magic techniques, suppressing the white silhouettes. However, those white silhouettes held on tenaciously. Regardless of what magic tool or Daoist magic was used, they seemed to cause no large injuries to the white silhouettes as if they simply had immortal bodies.

But fortunately, the white silhouettes could only use one hand to slice and the other to tangle. With a bit of careful dodging from the Seven Sect’s side, the silhouettes only method of attack was neutralized!

“What sort of crafty thing is this?”

Han Li exclaimed in great surprise! These silhouettes obviously weren’t those of ordinary humans. Could they be refined sacrificial ghost spirits?

As he thoughtfully pondered this, he commanded the golden blades in front of him. This careless attitude finally offended the middle-aged Heavenly Fiend cultivator!

As the cultivator commanded the azure spear to tangle with Han Li’s golden blades with a darkened face, he noiselessly patted his storage pouch. A continuously spinning white bead suddenly flew from it.

After this bead charged out, it grew to the size of a room as it flew, fiercely striking toward Han Li’s head.

Even though Han Li wasn’t paying much attention, how could he not notice such large movements from the enemy?

He calmly chopped his hand through the air, and an azure sword streak several meters long flew from his hand towards the bead. The sword streak chopped against the bead and was unable to advance for the moment.

Then, Han Li took out his “Black Dragon’s Gasp from his storage pouch. As the sword streak was on the verge of collapse, it took its place and formed a deadlock with the bead. This caused the Heavenly Fiend cultivator to become extremely angry, but he had no other option at the moment!

“Not good!”

Lu Tianmeng’s extremely anxious shout caused Han Li’s heart to tremble. He hastily looked to the side and noticed that the red-robed cultivators had stopped chanting. At the same time, they lifted their banners into the air. The top of the banner began to faintly emit an azure flame.

“So that’s the Azure Sun Devil Flame.” Han Li widely opened his eyes and rigidly stared at the azure flame, feeling a bit restless.

Seeing the opponent finish casting their magic, Lu Tianmeng’s heart completely sunk! However, he wasn’t even close to breaking through the white silhouettes before him!