Chapter 262 - Escape

Chapter 262: Escape

After a few more moments, the blood cloud remained hazy without the slightest noise coming from it. When those little ghosts approached the densest area of the fog, they would immediately be cut into shreds; no activity could be discerned.

At this moment, Wang Chan could sit still no longer. His two hands formed a seal, and the skulls floating on the surface of the blood cloud opened their mouths wide. Ten or so black columns of light as wide as a bowl shot out, heading directly towards Han Li’s original location from all directions.

“Peng” A light tremor sounded out.

Within the dense fog, a faint white light flashed and moved about; in the fierce collisions between the black and white colored streaks, a white screen of light became faintly discernible inside the dense fog, slightly startling the Ghost Spirit Sect’s young sect master. However, immediately afterwards he recalled the white scale shield that Han Li had tossed out from the very beginning.

Wang Chan knit his eyebrows; after hesitating for a moment, he still began to speak to himself:

“Since there are so many high-quality magic tools to be obtained, I am willing to lose some blood essence! Otherwise, this brat may use some deceptive technique to escape.”

Having said this, Wang Chan suddenly reached out his right index finger and placed it on the corner of his mouth. Then, he gently bit it, squeezing out an extremely dense drop of fresh blood from the wound, and gently dripped it on the blood cloud below him. Next, his two hands reached deeply into the blood cloud, concentrating on hastening the magic technique.

Following Wang Chan’s slow uttering of the incantation, the red cloud originally enshrouding Han Li slowly began to revolve faster and faster, gradually extruding towards the center. Those blood ghosts automatically disappeared without a trace.

The azure-red dense fog, following the increased speed of revolution of the blood cloud, was very quickly swept away and absorbed into it, causing the center to slowly to become clear, revealing a huge, white light barrier. This light barrier, with a white scale shield as its center, was like a bowl that was flipped upside down.

Near the center of the light curtain, Han Li was holding a strangely-shaped dagger in one hand, letting out astonishing yellow streaks. In the other hand, he held a folded, sparkling talisman, wanting to unleash its offensive power. Two spheres, one azure and one red, were floating next to him, continuing to emit dense dark red fog. Wang Chun saw all of this very clearly.

“You.....” Seeing this, the Ghost Spirit Sect’s young sect master coldly laughed a few times and wanted to continue sneering at him.

However, he had just spit out one word when he saw the Han Li below him suddenly open his palm; that small dagger gently shook and became a yellow blade many tens of feet long, shooting directly towards Wang Chan.

At the same time, the folded talisman in his other hand was tossed out, unleashing ten or so raging fire dragons that flew over all at once.

“Brat, magic tools can not break through my Great Blood Spirit Arts, unless......”

Wang Chan was originally moving the skulls carelessly about and causing them to spit out more black Qi, but as soon as he contentedly said the word “unless”, he suddenly thought of something, and his expression immediately changed as he rocketed into the air like a crane, flying away from the blood cloud.

At the same time, that yellow blade, with a few “pu pu”s, attacked and broke into pieces numerous skulls blocking the way. Next, it broke a gap through the blood cloud along with the fire dragons, charging ferociously towards where the young sect master was originally sitting. Next, a streak of white light rapidly flew out from the gap, closely followed by the yellow blade, which had turned around.

“Treasure talisman!” Wang Chan yelled, both surprised and outraged.

In his moment of negligence, he did not expect that when Han Li had used the dense fog, it was actually just to buy time to use a treasure talisman. Otherwise, even if his opponent had treasure talismans, the young master definitely would not allow the other person to have time to activate it. However, the probability of an early Foundation Establishment cultivator possessing a treasure talisman was truly very small, leading to his oversight on this matter.

But even if the other person had a treasure talisman, based on his identity as the Ghost Spirit Sect’s young sect master, how could he fear them? He had also brought along two treasure talismans, and one of them was actually an extremely rare treasure talisman with a particular attribute. Naturally, he would not Han Li let escape just like that.

The furious Wang Chan leaped into the blood cloud, once again causing this blood cloud to roll together and rise up; he controlled it so that it was as fast as a shooting star, catching up to Han Li.

Standing on the Divine Wind Boat, Han Li coldly watched the blood cloud drawing near in the time it takes for a stick of incense to burn. He suddenly waved one hand. Immediately afterwards, the yellow blade suddenly thrusted out, directly shooting towards the Ghost Spirit Sect’s young sect master hiding in the blood cloud.

However, Wang Chan had prepared himself much earlier; he tossed out the item in his hand, and a bright, golden skull manifested, then increased in size. Its huge mouth actually clamped down on the yellow blade with one bite, stopping if from advancing even a tiny bit.

Han Li was surprised and hurriedly tried to retrieve it. However, that yellow blade, apart from bouncing around in the skull’s mouth a few times, was unable to release its power.

Wang Chan grinned, and the blood cloud next to him began to expand again, causing Han Li to feel a chill in his heart; it seemed like he was about to be bound again. However, at this instant, the blood cloud that had been boiling suddenly died down. The expression of Wang Chan, who was forming magic hand seals, changed even more; not only did the flying cloud’s speed slow down, his face actually became faintly covered with an azure black layer.

Han Li, who was constantly observing the opponent, was greatly startled upon seeing this scene.

He saw that a panicked expression appeared on the face of his opponent, who let out a long howl, not even paying attention to the golden skull that was locked in a stalemate with Han Li. Wrapped in the blood cloud, he flew backwards along his original path like lightning. Puzzled, Han Li stared in a daze, stopping in place.

After some hesitation, he turned both the yellow blade and the golden skull into two talismans, easily retrieving them into his hand. Then, he gazed at the slowly disappearing figure of the Ghost Spirit Sect’s young sect master, still unsure of what to do.

He didn’t have enough guts to give chase.

However, upon hearing the other person’s wailing slowly fade, Han Li immediately realized something and hurriedly urged the Divine Wind Boat into changing directions before disappearing into the horizon.


Not long after, the Han Li who had just escaped from danger began to feel great regret after thinking about it carefully!

He finally knew why the opponent didn’t chase him and instead had turned around. The opponent had been poisoned by the extremely toxic Inky Flood Dragon venom!

This all was because the opponent dared to absorb large quantities of the poisonous fog that the “Azurefire Miasma” released into the blood cloud.

When this dense fog was being refined, according to his requests, the remaining poison from the Inky Flood Dragon’s core was refined and incorporated into the fog as well. Today, this blood cloud, which had absorbed the dense fog and still contained large amounts of toxins, had definitely been reabsorbed by this young sect master when he chased after Han Li. Thus, after he had become poisoned, how could he not retreat in shock!

The more Han Li thought, the more he felt regret in his heart. Since he didn’t realize it until now, perhaps he had some mental illness! He had just let a good opportunity to kill a strong opponent and take even more of the treasure on him slip away; this truly caused Han Li to feel somewhat depressed!

However, as for why the opponent didn’t even retrieve a treasure talisman as powerful as this golden skull and just ran away, Han Li just couldn’t understand it!

Han Li didn’t know that at another location, the similarly extremely prudent Ghost Spirit Sect’s young sect master, who had fled when the situation turned ugly, was also foaming with rage! At his side, the two Core Formation cultivators, the Lishi Brothers, looked at each other.

It turned out that just as Wang Chan had traveled a short distance during his retreat, he ran into the two Ghost Spirit Sect elders who had just dispatched all of the Seven Great Sect disciples at once. Because they were worried about this young sect master’s safety, after considering things carefully, they finally caught up.

Having seen Wang Chan now poisoned, they naturally used their profound magic power to help him force out the toxin immediately.

This young sect master quietly guessed the reason why he had been poisoned, but he mistook Han Li’s unintended actions as purposefully laying a trap for him. This caused Wang Chan, who had never before suffered such large losses, to immediately hate Han Li to the bone, and he quietly began to view him as a formidable opponent.

With these two trains of thought haunting Wang Chan, he didn’t give up hope completely. Disregarding the still somewhat weak condition of his body, he fiercely chased in his original direction along with the two elders for a few hundred kilometers without success. However, the vexation in his heart became like a fish bone that permanently lodged itself in his heart.

As for that golden skull treasure talisman that he had been forced to give up because it was entangled with the opponent’s treasure talisman and he couldn’t retrieve it back then, he did not actually care too much. After all, it had been used many times; at this point, it was most likely a wasted product whose strength was almost depleted. Even if it was retrieved by Han Li, he could only use it once or twice, so it wouldn’t be very useful.

However, what caused his rage to soar was that just when he returned to the small mountain peak where he had set the ambush, a Ghost Spirit Sect guard reported to him that a group of people from the Harmonious Bond Sect, part of the Six Devil Dao Sects, had suddenly launched a surprise attack on them.

Although there were no casualties, two female cultivators whom the guards had subdued had been forcefully seized by the group. Based on the leader’s outstanding appearance, it was the Harmonious Bond Sect’s Sect Master’s second son, Tian Buque, Wang Chan’s junior whose reputation was not smaller than his own, but whose tactics were vicious.

Upon hearing the bad news, although only Wang Chan’s eyes dimmed on the surface, he felt like puking blood! Han Li and Tian Buque could now be considered to have become part of Wang Chan’s must-kill list.

“Let’s go. Notify the Yan Clan Elder to immediately begin our retreat!” After a long while, Wang Chan let out a sigh and finally said this coldly.

At that moment, Han Li flew towards Yellow Maple Valley without the slightest delay. On the way there, he ran into a mixed group of cultivators from Saber Transformation Dock and the Masked Moon Sect. Then the leading late Foundation Establishment Sect cultivator dropped an unexpected announcement: he was being conscripted!