Chapter 260 - Trap

Chapter 260 Trap.

Chapter 260: Trap

The cultivators beside the Ghost Spirit Sect’s young master accepted their orders, transmitting a message to the Li Brothers while still under disguise. But with a startled expression, they turned their face to the Ghost Spirit Sect’s young master and further asked for directions, “Young Sect Master, the two elders said there are three cultivators who are too far away from the spell formation. If we start, they will not be restricted by the formation spell. Please instruct us on how to draw those three closer!”

The Ghost Spirit Sect’s young master eyes showed some amazement. He inwardly wrinkled his brow.

These circumstances were beyond his expectations. It could be said that the range of the last-minute Yin Fire Great Formation restriction range was not small, but there were still people that weren’t within scope. This was quite strange. 

With this thought, the Ghost Spirit Sect’s young sect master Wang Chan first raised his head and took a look. Sure enough, he discovered three people who weren’t within range of the spell formation. 

Two of these people were a man and a woman from the Masked Moon Sect. They were kissing outside the northeast corner of the formation and whispering sweet nonsense underneath a large tree. The feeling of love was dense there, and they kept away from the crowd. 

In the west, next to some mountain rock over thirty meters away from the formation boundary, stood a yellow-robed male youth who looked rather ordinary. The one who was insipidly observing the mountain peak was Han Li, who valued carefulness above all else.

“So it's those three!” Wang Chan said to himself thoughtfully. 

After he muttered to himself, he quietly said a few words to the Ghost Spirit Sect cultivator next to him. The subordinate who heard him incessantly nodded his head in agreement.

This Ghost Spirit Sect cultivator dressed in Yan Clan attire walked onto the earth platform and into the mist. Then he stood not far away from the spell formation and started loudly shouting, “All guests that have come to participate in the assembly, come forth to register your name. After everyone has been accounted for, the Treasure Seizing Assembly will formally start...”

This person’s shout immediately attracted the attention of the other cultivators. They couldn’t help but draw closer to the spell formation one by one. The couple from the Masked Moon Sect somewhat unwillingly walked forward into the range of the spell formation’s restrictions.

Seeing this scene, Wang Chan couldn’t help but faintly smile underneath his mask. However, when his gaze turned to Han Li in the west, his cold smile immediately ceased.

That was because Han Li actually didn’t move in the slightest. He didn’t have the slightest intention of registering his name. He had unexpectedly folded his arms and was engrossed in watching the crowd of cultivators gather together.

“What sect is that disciple from?” After a while, Wang Chan coldly asked this.

“From his clothing, he should be a cultivator from Yellow Maple Valley!” A Ghost Spirit Sect cultivator seemed to sense that the young sect master was in a bad mood. He carefully replied.

“Tell the two elders to start! This Yellow Maple Valley disciple seems to have some idea. To have me make use of myself is pretty impressive.” Wang Chan insipidly said. However, a faint blood-red color could be seen from his eyes; it seemed to be releasing a faint scent of blood.

“Yes, Young Master!” The several Ghost Spirit Sect guards shivered and respectfully answered.


Watching from a distance, Han Li was leaning against a mountain rock. He seemed to be watching the group of cultivators register with a smile on his face. However, if one were to look at him closely, one would discover that his smile was forced and stiff. Furthermore, his forehead was covered in a thin layer of sweat.

“Those Yan Clan members are actually Ghost Spirit Sect cultivators!” A moment ago, Han Li made this shocking discovery.

Originally, when these Ghost Spirit Sect members had disguised themselves as Yan Clan members, Han Li hadn’t the slightest suspicion. When he heard was required to go up to register, he had intended to comply.

However, the moment when the person in the back raised his hand and called out to the crowd of cultivators, Han Li frighteningly discovered that Yan Clan member actually had dark green fingernails about half an inch long, exactly the same as the fingernails of the yellow-haired Ghost Spirit Sect eccentrics!

Han Li was extremely shocked and immediately felt as if cold water was poured on his head. His heart felt extremely cold. 

“There's no way an ordinary person could have such dark green fingernails. Could it be they are....”

After Han Li made some incredulous conjectures, he was naturally unwilling to step forward. 

At this time, he did his utmost to preserve a slight smile on his face as his eyes whirled in every direction, quietly observing. However, his surroundings seemed to be very ordinary. There didn’t seem to be anybody lying in ambush. Could it be that person’s fingernails were just a coincidence?

Han Li immediately refuted the thought that this was a coincidence! In this world. how could there be so many coincidences? Furthermore, even if it were truly a coincidence, he still wouldn’t take such a risk, especially with such a suspicious-looking spell formation. 

With this thought, Han Li didn’t further hesitate. With a wave of his hand, his Divine Wind Boat immediately appeared in his hand. Having not yet thrown it out, a lazy voice could suddenly be heard from above him.

“Who would’ve thought that someone at such a young age as yours would have some foresight! You were able to see our mistakes so quickly and wanted to leave! Could it be you didn’t want to save your own sect members?” 

Han Li’s heart sunk. Without thinking, he suddenly stepped on the ground with the tip of his foot, and his figure suddenly leaped away behind him. When he shot out over thirty meters away, he finally stopped. But he then slapped his body and a red barrier suddenly enveloped him. Simultaneously, an azure light barrier appeared behind the red barrier, close to his body.

At this moment, a slightly astonished gasp came from midair. It wasn’t known whether it was a gasp of admiration at Han Li’s quick reaction or his amazement toward having activating two protective barriers at nearly the same time.

After hearing this, Han Li felt slightly more at ease. Then with a solemn expression, he raised his head toward the sky. 

About thirty meters in the air, he saw a person with a silver mask and green robes standing on a huge pitchfork that was about ten meters long. The dark green pitchfork was surrounded by a layer of black Qi, causing those who saw it to feel incomparably cold. 

Having seen this, Han Li’s heart grew cold, and he couldn’t help but blurt out, “Ghost Spirit Sect’s Young Master?”

“Hehe! It seems I don’t need to introduce myself to you. It is great that you know who I am! However, you have best take the initiative to enter that formation and live a bit longer, else I will immediately extract your soul!”

The blood in Wang Chan’s eyes seemed to have grown far more concentrated than when he was on the earth platform. His eyes were now mostly red and faintly released a trace of violence. From a single look, Han Li’s heart continuously stirred. He didn’t know what fearsome secret technique he cultivated.

However, when he heard the words “enter that formation”, Han Li couldn’t help but raise his eyebrows in shock. He turned his eyes and the scene that unfolded before him caused his expression to become dreadfully dark. 

At an unknown time, a huge black light barrier had been created from the center of the huge formation, spanning over three hundred meters in radius. A dense dark red fog filled the barrier. Not only did it cloud the scene within, but not the slightest sound could be heard, as if there was no one inside. 

Surrounding the light barrier stood eight green-robed cultivators. They were attentively staring at the scene within the dark barrier, not a single one of them looking in their young master’s direction. 

It seemed the subordinates of this young sect master seemed to have complete confidence in him! 

After Han Li swept his gaze back, he quickly regained his bearings. He didn’t dare to be further distracted. 

Without a doubt, although this Ghost Spirit Sect young master was only of mid Foundation Establishment, he was an extremely fearsome opponent. If Han Li was careless for even a moment, he would remain at this location for eternity. 

With this thought, Han Li held out a talisman in his hand and a white light emerged from his palm. He held his hand out to the wind, and in the blink of an eye, it turned into a shield of white scales that covered his front. With his other hand, he threw out his Divine Wind Boat about thirty meters behind him, where it gently floated in the air.  

The next step of Han Li’s plan was naturally to board the Divine Wind Boat and immediately escape. Only an idiot would stay here and resolutely risk their life against the Ghost Spirit Sect’s young master!

Let alone fighting the young master of an outstanding sect, even if he was able to defeat this young sect master, there would be many assistants waiting afterwards! He had no plans to meet his end in a crowd of enemies! 

Thus, Han Li thought to hurriedly return to Yellow Maple Valley and report to his superiors of the cooperation between the Ghost Spirit Sect and the Yan Clan as his utmost priority. As for that Dong Xuan’er and that Senior Martial Brother Feng, they could only hope that their masters would come and save them. 

Seeing Han Li’s movements, Wang Chan wildly howled with laughter, causing Han Li to feel a violent chill. 

“Thinking of running? How about you let me send you to the other side!”

Having said this, this Ghost Spirit Sect young master suddenly spun around on his pitchfork, and in an instant, a scarlet, blood-red fog raced forward, aggressively sweeping toward Han Li in the form of a bloody cloud over thirty meters wide.

When Han Li saw this, he didn’t dare to further hesitate. He leaped into his Divine Wind Boat and used its maximum output. In the blink of an eye, the boat with its passenger turned into a streak of white light, rushing toward the sky to escape.

“Hehe! Boy, you know nothing! My Great Blood Spirit Arts’ evasion methods are truly more than just fast; you won’t be able to escape!”

Wang Chan’s wild laughs continued to follow behind Han Li.

Although he didn’t turn his head, Han Li felt that the other party’s voice was getting closer and closer.

This person’s evasion technique was truly a bit quicker than his Divine Wind Boat’s top speed! Han Li’s complexion became slight dark green!