Chapter 257 - Blood Sacrifices and a Glamorous Male

Chapter 257 Blood Sacrifices and a Glamorous Male.

Chapter 257: Blood Sacrifices and a Glamorous Male

The Yan Clan Ancestor and Confucian Scholar both waited for a while before the Ghost Spirit Sect’s young master and Yan Ruyan walked into the debate hall.

“Since my Yan Clan has already agreed to an alliance with your esteemed sect, does young sect master have any other comments?” When the Yan Clan’s Martial Ancestor opened his mouth again, he was obviously much milder; clearly, he was avoiding the fact that the Yan Clan would be a subordinate of the Ghost Spirit Sect in the future.

“Why does Elder Yan need to act so ceremoniously? Since Ruyan and I are now under a life and death oath, this can be considered our wedding contract! Elder Yan, in the future you can just call me Wang Chan; you don’t have to call me young sect master!” Wang Chan said as gracefully as the wind after gently bowing in greeting.

“How can this be allowed? You and Ruyan’er have yet to wed each other, so how can I be so disrespectful to the young sect master? After all, the Yan clan now is about to become a branch of the Ghost Spirit Sect,” the Yan Clan Martial Ancestor expressionlessly refuted, shaking his head and twirling the short beard hairs on his chin.

Hearing the Yan Clan’s Martial Ancestor speak like that, the Ghost Spirit Sect’s young master knew that the other person’s wariness towards him had not been completely dispelled yet; thus, he didn’t force the issue and laughed, then said:

“In reality, the reason why Wang Chan asked Martial Ancestor to come with Miss Ruyan and meet again was because I wanted to ask how Martial Ancestor was preparing to fulfill the arrangement. After all, in five days our six sects are going to officially attack the State of Yue. At that time, if the Yan Clan doesn’t promptly leave, it will become somewhat complicated.”

“Young sect master can rest assured concerning this matter; although our Yan Clan appears to have many clan members, in reality we will abandon a few outer clan members who are too far removed from the bloodline, as well as commoners with no magic power. After all, transferring all the clan members at once is not quite realistic! The Yan Clan is very clear about this matter!” said the Confucian scholar first.

“Since Yan Clan is prepared to sacrifice, this junior now can rest assured. After all, if the Yan Clan were to move all at once, it would be impossible to not be noticed by the Seven Sects; at that time, your leaked reputation won’t be good! This individual should be the Yan Clan’s Master Xuan Ye, the ‘Hundred Untold Secrets’. It’s an honor to meet you at last!” the young sect master of the Ghost Spirit Sect gently laughed and said as the eyes behind his mask sized up the Confucian Scholar.

The Confucian Scholar’s heart couldn’t help but tremble upon seeing that the other person had called out his name and title with one glance. However, his face still wore a calm expression.

“Junior wanting to find Martial Ancestor was not just this; I also want to know how Yan Clan is planning on handling the two hundred Foundation Establishment cultivators currently inside the castle. Many of them are the backbone disciples of the seven sects! Since the Yan Clan must immediately leave within two days, running into them at that time would be extremely unfortunate!” said the Ghost Spirit Sect’s young master without changing expression; however, the meaning in his words caused the Yan Clan’s Martial Ancestor and the Confucian Scholar’s expressions to change.

“Young sect master’s meaning.......” The Yan Clan’s Martial Ancestor said somewhat gloomily.

“What about this? To cultivate the Great Blood Spirit Arts requires the blood sacrifice of cultivators’ souls in order to smoothly begin cultivation. What about giving us these cultivators to allow our Ghost Spirit Sect’s Shadowflame Great Formation to refine their physical bodies and leave the souls for Miss Ruyan to begin establishing her Foundation? So many thick souls of Foundation Establishment cultivators should definitely be enough for Miss to easily cultivate the first layer of the Great Blood Spirit Arts.” The Ghost Spirit Sect’s young sect master indifferently proposed an incomparably vicious idea, causing the hearts of the Confucian Scholar and Yan Clan Martial Ancestor opposite him to feel a chill.

“Absolutely not! If it were just the people of the Seven Sects, then maybe it would be fine! There are only so many people gathered here because cultivators from other states received word that we would choose a paired cultivation partner for Ruyan. Our Yan Clan definitely cannot do something that would offend everyone!” After the Confucian Scholar’s shock, he hurriedly opened his mouth and spoke, as if he were afraid that the Yan Clan’s Martial Ancestor would actually agree to the proposition.

“Xuan Ye, you don’t have to be agitated! I haven’t become confused to that stage yet!” the Yan Clan Martial Ancestor said, waving his hand at the Confucian Scholar as his face darkened.

Then, he said coldly to the Ghost Spirit Sect’s young sect master:

“Young sect master’s idea really is a good one! But if we truly did it your way, although the world is large, there will be no place for our Yan Clan to appear ever again. The Yan Clan will not take the initiative to make a move on the invited cultivators; however, I can send someone to gather the cultivators of the seven sects in one location. As for how to deal with them and whether we can gather that many, that will depend on your ability.”

The Confucian Scholar, upon hearing the Yan Clan’s Martial Ancestor say this, let out a sigh and repeatedly agreed.

When the Ghost Spirit Sect’s young master heard this, an unhappy light flickered through his eyes, and he slowly opened his mouth to speak, somewhat dissatisfied, “These cultivator’s souls are to be used for Miss Ruyan, and the people who profit are the Yan Clan’s members, yet the Yan Clan is unwilling to provide any assistance? This behavior is too unjustifiable!”

The Yan Clan’s Martial Ancestor was startled slightly. However, the crafty him immediately said, his expression firm, “Ruyan is going to be married to young sect master soon and become young sect master’s wife. If anyone were in your position and made some effort, this is seemingly right and proper! Of course, when our Yan Clan officially becomes part of the Ghost Spirit Sect, naturally we will not have mercy on the members of the Seven Sects. However, no matter how you say it, the Seven Sects’ disciples were invited by us this time. If our Yan Clan were to make the first move, our reputation to the cultivators of other states would be unbearable. Of course, if we were to just let them go like this, it would also be somewhat improper. Thus, it’s best if young sect master’s men make a move; that way, our Yan Clan can excuse ourselves to the cultivators from other states. In addition, I believe that, based on the two Core Formation Experts at young sect master’s sides, would be impossible for you to not capture a few tens of Foundation Establishment Cultivators?”

The Ghost Spirit Sect’s young master glanced deeply at the Yan Clan Martial Ancestor before lowering his head to contemplate. After a long while, he lifted his head and glanced at Yan Ruyan, who had not opened her mouth from the very beginning, then indifferently said, “Since Martial Ancestor says it like that, then our Ghost Spirit Sect will act as the villains this time. All of these cultivators’ souls can be the dowry that Wang Chan gives to Ruyan!”

“Haha! This old man will accept Young sect master’s dowry for Ruyan. Ruyan, quickly pay your respects to young sect master, his dowry is no small matter!” A trace of a smile emerged on the Yan Clan’s Martial Ancestor’s face upon seeing that the Yan Clan would not need to make a move against the cultivators in the castle.

“Thanks for young sect master’s intentions, Ruyan will remember them in her heart!” The stunning young woman gracefully stepped forwards and gently paid her respects as she spoke sweetly. Her face’s seemingly bashful, delicate appearance caused a peculiar expression to flash across the eyes of the Ghost Spirit Sect’s young sect master.

“Miss Ruyan being able to cultivate the Great Blood Spirit Arts as soon as possible is also a good thing for Wang, so there’s no need to be so polite.”

“Please, after Martial Ancestor has thought it through, tell Junior the location you are gathering the Seven Sects cultivators to, and then you can just wait for the good news. Now, Wang Chan will leave first.” The Ghost Spirit Sect’s young sect master politely and elegantly spoke a few sentences, then said his goodbyes, bowing the Yan Clan Ancestor.

The Yan Clan Martial Ancestor and the Confucian Scholar in the room glanced at each other with deep meaning.......


Han Li felt a great headache.

All of this pain originated from the confrontation involving the three familiar people and one stranger in front of him.

The familiar people were Yan Yu and Senior Martial Brother Feng, as well as Dong Xuan’er, who was pressed against the bosom of an incomparably glamorous man.


These two words immediately were attached to this man’s figure when Han Li saw the man’s face clearly.

This man was truly too beautiful and androgynous; no doubt, his ability to hurt both men and women was extremely strong. If it weren’t for the fact that he was wearing male attire, even if one were to treat him as a great beauty, perhaps one would not feel too surprised. However, what surprised people even more was that although his appearance was so exceptional, nobody felt that he was even slightly inappropriate; everything was coordinated and decent.

If it were under normal circumstances, Yan Yu and Senior Martial Brother Feng would not have any ill feelings towards this kind of man. However, today, their eyes were almost spitting fire as they fiercely and relentlessly glared at this cultivator wearing purple clothing.

Not only was it because Dong Xuan’er was being hugged by him—most importantly, Dong Xuan’er was foolishly gazing at this stranger’s beautiful visage, a drunken expression on her face. 

Han Li glanced left and right, his eyebrows tightly knitted. At the same time, he broke the silence in his heart and began to curse loudly. He only wanted to go down the nearby roads to return to the hotel after the meeting. Who knew that in such a remote alleyway he would encounter such a scene of jealousy!

Today, even if he wanted to hide, he would have no way of doing so!

After all, before leaving for Yan Ling Castle, Martial Senior Hong Fu had urged him to control Dong Xuan’er. If he didn’t see her, he could have pretended to not know about Dong Xuan’er’s preposterous behavior. However, now that he had run into her face to face, if he didn’t ask at all, he would have no way to justify himself!

Even more, these two individuals had completely sunk beneath Dong Xuan’er’s dress. When they saw him, they first froze; next, they actually ran over to him happily, wanting him to quickly pull Dong Xuan’er away from that male cultivator.

After all, no matter how they looked at it, the danger Han Li posed to them was so small it could be ignored when compared to that glamorous male. It seemed like they had selected Han Li as their last resort.

As Han Li listened to complaints of the two cultivators who had become completely upset with jealousy, he closely sized up the glamorous male and Dong Xuan’er’s drunken expression.

Based on what these two said, they had accompanied Dong Xuan’er in the afternoon to a few of the most reputable stores to buy some raw materials and talismans, but who knew that in one of the stores they would happen to meet this person?

As soon as she saw that person, Dong Xuan’er immediately became infatuated; she took the initiative to intertwine herself to the other person, and her movements became even more over-the-top. The more they saw, the more their rage increased. What caused them to almost vomit blood was that, when this person saw Dong Xuan’er wrap herself around him, he unreservedly accepted it, even going as far as having the notion of taking Dong Xuan’er away.

How could these two accept this turn of events? Thus, they blocked off this male in this small alley, wanting him to leave Dong Xuan’er behind.

But this male coldly laughed once, then said that as long as Dong Xuan’er was willing, he absolutely would not obstruct her at all. These words immediately caused the two to pitifully stand there in vain. No matter how they looked at Dong Xuan’er’s expression, she had thrown herself into his arms of her own accord.