Chapter 255 - Secret Meeting

Chapter 255 Secret Meeting.

 Chapter 255: Secret Meeting

Han Li glanced at the expert’s pill formula before him and wrinkled his eyebrows, speechless.

This was the second afternoon since Han Li had arrived at Yan Ling Castle.

After participating in a fervent discussion with some newly joined members from morning till noon, the ten or so cultivators from their various sects within the room began to exchange for items that they each needed. Every person took turns listing what items they required and what items they were willing to trade to see whether or not there were other cultivators present willing to exchange.

In fact, even in this kind of a small-scale exchange meeting, there were a few cultivators who took out some high-quality items.

For example: the woman from the Heavenly Imperial Fortress surnamed Fang pulled out a Heavenly Flower Stone. This was the best material to refine a top-grade earth attribute magic tool. It could also be used to refine average earth attribute magic treasures.

Another new addition, a cultivator from Spirit Beast Mountain, pulled out the egg of an advanced grade one demonic beast, Whistling Wind Eagle. After it hatched, it would be a rather useful assistant to a cultivator, capable of both acting as a sentry and searching for objects. 

The items the other people took out, although they were not as impressive as the previous two, were materials and items that would be quite hard to find in a market city.

Among all of these items, Han Li actually did find a medicinal herb necessary to refine the Spirit Gathering Pill; this exceeded Han Li’s expectations, causing him to excitedly exchange it for seven or eight elementary high-grade talismans. Of course, as its age was not sufficient, he would need to return to mature it. However, this trade left both sides grinning from ear to ear.

When it was Han Li’s turn to speak, he bluntly brought out his own elementary high-grade talismans for trade. He mentioned the medicine ingredients he was lacking for the two medicine pills, and after a moment of hesitation, he also mentioned that all sorts of pill formulas were available for trade.

Han Li was not able to acquire all the materials required for the ancient pill formulas, but it was only natural since they were rarely seen. The majority of these cultivators had never even heard the names of the materials Han Li listed. Although a few had heard one or two of those names before, they had none of those materials on hand. As for pill formulas, these cultivators naturally would not exchange them for talismans. They all knew that Han Li had said it without much thought. 

Han Li, seeing that he had talked for a long time, yet no one stepped forwards to make an exchange, knew that he didn’t have much hope. Thus, he disappointedly decided to sit back down when all of a sudden, someone unexpectedly opened his mouth and said:

“Are you accepting all pill formulas? I have a pill formula here, but it’s somewhat strange. Can you take a look and judge how many talismans it can be exchanged for?”

Hearing this, Han Li became happy in his heart, and without thinking any further, he opened his mouth and said:

“Of course it’s fine! As long as it’s a pill formula, I am willing to make a trade.”

After this was said, Han Li took note of the person who had wanted to trade a pill formula. It was actually that cold, reclusive Daoist Priest, Wu Youzi.  

After Wu Youxi heard Han Li’s words, the trace of a rarely-seen smile appeared on his face. Then he took out an azure jade slip and gave it to Han Li. When the other cultivators saw that there was someone who had exchanged a pill formula for talismans, they couldn’t help but whisper for quite some time with astonished appearances. 

Wu Youzi’s Senior Martial Bother Wu Fazi then unexpectedly turned a blind eye and closed his eyes to rest.

After Han Li scanned through the pill formula, he somewhat understood why Wu Youzi had taken it out to exchange with him. 

This was actually an ancient pill formula. Not only that, but a pill used by ancient cultivators specialized in raising spirit beasts, the “Spirit Feed Pill”. According to what was written on the formula, not only did a majority of demonic beasts greatly love to eat it, but after prolonged consumption,  it would have the wondrous effect of promoting the spirit beast’s grade. It was the optimal medicine pill to nurture spirit beasts.

Seeing this, Han Li was startled! How could this cultivator trade such a valuable pill formula? But when Han Li took a look at the materials required for refining it, he suddenly mocked himself. Now he knew why the other party didn’t value this formula in the least. 

For average cultivators, the materials required to refine the “Spirit Feed Pill” were truly astonishing. It required nearly as many precious and rare materials as Han Li’s own “Qi Refining Powder”. 

As for the materials that were hard to gather, even if one gathered enough of these rare materials, who would use them to refine this “Spirit Feed Pill”? Naturally, a cultivator would keep the materials for use on his own body; after all, the progression of one’s own magic power was more important than that of a spirit beast.

“Benefactor, you said that any pill formula is fine. You can’t go back on your word!” Although this lanky Daoist Priest showed a trace of shrewdness, the originally honest and sincere impression he had given Han Li caused Han Li to bitterly smile. 

However, while this pill formula was of not use to others, it held obvious value to Han Li. Naturally he wouldn’t let it slip by. 

Han Li lowered his head in thought. He then took out ten elementary high-grade talismans from his storage pouch and gave them to the Daoist Priest. This should be enough to satisfy him; after all, common cultivators would have regarded this recipe as trash, else this Daoist Priest would have long traded it with Spirit Beast Mountain instead of keeping it among his possessions to this day. 

As expected, Wu Fazi took the talismans and did not speak further, satisfied.

After Han Li sat down, a cultivator immediately stood up and said somewhat impatiently, “I have iron wood, aged a few several hundred years. This...”

The trade for this item caused the room’s atmosphere to become even more fervent!

Meanwhile, inside the Yan Clan’s Wind Cloud Pavilion’s official hall, a secret clan assembly had convened. 

All of the stewards and elders who held power all sat down in two rows, attentively listening to the Yan Clan Ancestor. Beside the Yan Clan Ancestor stood an absolutely peerlessly stunning woman who appeared seventeen or eighteen years of age, beautiful as a fairy should be.

“The Ghost Spirit Sect raised conditions for the Yan Clan’s return. They are rather generous. Not only will they lend us the 《Thousand Spirit Sutras》 to the Yan Clan, but they will also promise that a person from our Yan Clan will serve as their deputy sect master. Their only request is that Yan’er must marry their young sect master and pair cultivate the Great Blood Spirit Arts with him. Furthermore, the position of the Yan Clan Master must be succeeded by their children. Naturally, the position of the Ghost Spirit Sect Master must also be succeeded.similarly.” The Yan Clan Ancestor calmly said this. Although his voice wasn’t very loud, it had clearly reached everyone’s ear, as if he were speaking right next to them.

(TL: The Yan 燕 of the Yan Clan and the name of the girl Yan’er 焉 have the same sound but are written differently.)

“Everyone, speak. What path should our Yan Clan proceed? You should all know that our late Yan Clan ancestors were originally cultivators from the Ghost Spirit Sect who were at discord with other cultivators within the sect and established our estate in the State of Yue. The current Ghost Spirit Sect Master can be regarded as my Martial Nephew. Because of this, everyone shouldn’t have any misgivings on those sentiments. Focus and consider only the benefits and losses to our Yan Clan.”

“Furthermore, the Ghost Spirit Sect’s Young Master brought some information. The Six Devil Sects of the State of Tian Luo will invade the State of Yue in five days. The States of Jiang and Che Ji already surrendered half a month ago, and most of the two country’s sects have been extinguished. The small portion that surrendered has become subordinate sects to the Six Devil Sects. Thus, even if our Yan Clan doesn’t agree to the Ghost Spirit Sect’s conditions, we must consider what happens after the Seven Sects of the State of Yue are extinguished and how our Yan Clan will survive. This is the problem that should be at the forefront of our consideration.”

Without waiting for the rest of the Yan Clan to address the previous question, the Yan Clan Ancestor threw out an even more astonishing matter, causing everyone to madly comment on it.

“What?! The cultivation worlds of the States of Jian and Che Ji have already been taken over? This is impossible!”

“The strength of those two countries isn’t weak at all! How could they fall against the Six Sects of the Devil Dao without years of resistance? How could you speak of them falling?”

“How could they have won so quickly? Could it be there is something greater at play? A secret?”

Clearly, those who held power in the Yan Clan found it hard to believe this information. 

“Enough! Those with questions should ask them one by one. How could we possibly move forward with all this ruckus?” When the Yan Clan Martial Ancestor saw this, he answered with a cold expression.

After these words were spoken, the ruckus in the large hall was immediately silenced. Then all the gazes focused onto a middle-aged Confucian Scholar sitting to the right of the red haired-elder. 

When the Yan Clan Ancestor clearly saw the situation, he wrinkled his brow and amiably said to the Confucian Scholar, “Xuan Ye, how do you see things? You are the source of wisdom for our Yan Clan. These matters relate to the life and death of the Yan Clan; please analyze them with all your heart!”

“Yes, Venerable Ancestor!” The Confucian Scholar didn’t dare to be negligent and hastily replied.

“However, can this descendant first ask a few questions before saying anything else?”

“Yes, of course you can! Do not hesitate to ask any questions you have! I will say all that  I know,” the Yan Clan Ancestor solemnly pledged.

After receiving the Yan Clan Ancestor’s reply, the Confucian Scholar nodded his head and solemnly asked, “First of all, is the might of this Great Blood Spirit Arts very great? Also, how will niece’s heavenly spiritual roots affect the cultivation of this technique after she pair cultivates with their young master? Secondly, how did they find our Yan Clan and know that we originally came from the Ghost Spirit Sect? Lastly, were they the only ones who informed Venerable Ancestor of the occupation of the Six Devil Dao Sects in the States of Jiang and Che Ji? If this is true, shouldn’t the Righteous Dao Alliance of the State of Feng Du be hurrying to respond?”

In a single breath, the Confucian Scholar asked three questions…